• Published 12th Jun 2017
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In Search of Sunset: The Mysterious Island - Jongoji245

One trip to apologize to Sunset turns out to be even longer than expected.

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Aside from the chirping birds and passing cars, there is a long silence among the girls, dragon, and dog. Both pony and person stare at each other, absorbing the differences between them in their academically trained minds. Rarity lets out a cough.

“Twilight Sparkle,” the fashionista addresses to the Princess, waving her hand to the classmate “Meet Twilight Sparkle… Or have you met?”

As much as there is to admire, the alicorn shakes her head, regaining her focus.

“Okay, Twilight, focus.” Twilight mumbles, bringing her fists to her chest. “Have any of you seen Sunset lately?”

The question turned the mood of the conversation a ninety degree turn. The girls slunk their shoulders, Applejack placing her hands in her pockets, Pinkie’s hair deflating quite a bit.

“Well,” Spike the dragon raises his paw, “is anyone gonna say anything?”

Fluttershy picks up the dragon-dog, easing her discomfort while stroking his head. “You might want to come with us.”

Before they could start their walk to the school, another shine lights behind them. What came out from the portal this time brought a shock to everyone except the Princess and the dragon.

“Anyone want to announce this to Principal Celestia?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

Inside the great building, Principal Celestia just finished sorting a set of paperwork. As she prepares to place it in a cabinet, her ears pick up a buzzing sound.

“Principal Celestia, you have guests wanting to see you.”

Hearing “guest” in plural, Celestia walks to the PA and presses the button.

“How many?” She asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Seven, plus a couple dogs.”

Her eyes shifting to her left, Celestia takes a deep breath before sitting on her desk chair.

“Send them in.” Resting her head on her fingers, she watches as each of her best students enter her office. Last but definitely not least, Princess Twilight Sparkle enters, wiggling her fingers nervously.

“Hello.” She greets. The Principal rises from her chair and starts to walk around her desk.

“It’s nice to see you again too, Your-” Celestia turns her gaze to the same unusual sight her native students just saw. Princess Celestia looked just the same as her human counterpart, albeit in a Greco-Roman style dress. The Principal was looking at a living reflection, one who is several times wealthier than her salary could allow.

“Don’t look shocked,” The Princess chuckles, “I imagined myself to be a little bulkier.”

“Ahem,” Now it was Twilight’s turn to introduce the duplicates “Principal Celestia, Her Royal Highness Princess Celestia. Princess Celestia, Celestia, Principal of Canterlot High. Or have you met?”

“Not now.” They order.

“Geeze,” Rainbow Dash leaned into Pinkie Pie, “talk about stereo.”

“I understand that there are many questions for me to answer.” The benevolent ruler lowers her shoulders. “But I have one that needs to be answered. What happened to Sunset Shimmer?”

With another deep breath, Principal Celestia closes her eyes and walks to her desk.

“Cranky Doodle,” Celestia asks with the PA, “are Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo in your classroom?”

“Yes.” He answers, slightly distorted coming out of the radio.

“Can you send them to my office immediately?”


Twilight and Spike became confused; Sunset hasn’t written to them, Celestia appearing at her castle, the rest of the Rainbooms looking worried, and now the CMC? What does all this have to do with Sunset? She hears the door open, seeing three younger, chubbier faces peeking in. This is the first time they see not just two Twilight Sparkles and Spikes, but also their Principal, and the feeling is grim.

“You wanted to see us?” Asked Sweetie Belle, seeing Princess and Principal Celestia give her the look.

“Enter.” The Principal answers. The three Freshmen enter the office, trying to gather what remained of their courage for being in the presence of their siblings and peers. “Want to explain who Anon-a-Miss is?”

The three younger girls gulped, tapping their fingers and looking at each other.

“Uhm… See…” Apple Bloom steps forward, looking at both the Princess’. Waiting too long for an answer, her sister clears her throat. “We’re Anon-a-Miss.”

There are two halves to a person’s mind: a noble side that everyone wants to enjoy. And then there’s a savage anger usually vented in small doses. For the sapient ponies like Twilight, the news of what happened to one of their kind brings despair to them.

“You WHAT?!” Twilight roared. “You’re what Sunset was talking about?! And you!” She points to the others her age. “You didn’t even stop to think that-!?”

“That. Is. Enough.” Princess Celestia put a stop to Twilight’s outburst before turning to the Crusaders. “There is a method to their madness.”

“We… Were jealous.” Apple Bloom continued. “We couldn’t stand being left alone while AJ, Rainbow, and Rarity hung out with Sunset. So we made the account, posted a few things just to, you know, stir things up. But it just got out of control. Then…”

Grim as this is, Princess Celestia keeps herself level before kneeling to their level, placing her hand on the farmer’s shoulder.

“Has anyone seen her since?” She asks, lifting her head to the others.

“We all tried calling her, Your Highness.” Answers Rarity, taking out her phone.

“I sent over fifty!” Pinkie adds, showing her bright screen, however uncomfortable, at the Princess’ face.

“Pinkie.” Princess Twilight mutters.

“But she never called back.”

“We couldn’t even find her journal,” Fluttershy adds, rubbing her arm slowly.

“Journal…?” The human Twilight mutters before flipping and reaching into her backpack. “You mean this one?”

The Rainbooms and Princess Twilight gasped as the sight of the slightly worn, but otherwise still usable journal. Twilight takes a hold of the book, gently rubbing the one clue she has to the disappearance of her friend.

“Where did you find this?” She asks, turning an eye at her duplicate.

“Spike found it last winter.” The duplicate answers before taking off her glasses to rub them. “I started reading it and got confused when I saw my name at the top of every page. Now I know why.”

Rising to her full height, the Princess of the Sun takes the journal from her protege. As she rubs the worn binding, she recalls the memories she had with Sunset Shimmer. Sunset was a toddler when Celestia found her playing in her gardens. Sensing a great potential, and no one to care for her, the Alicorn raised her in her own house, eventually becoming the student she knew before… expelling her. If only she knew of Sunset's intentions, if only…

“Thank you.” She answers softly.

“Now hold on, Your Highness.” Applejack breaks the uneasy silence. “Maybe she wanted to be alone for a while.”

“Oh yeah?” Rainbow Dash crosses her arms. “How?”

“'Cause there's one place we haven't checked.”

“What do you mean she’s gone!?” Rainbow Dash’s exclamation echoes the hollow apartment, stirring a few babies and making dogs bark in protest. Rarity gently pushes the athlete aside.

“Forgive my friend’s brash yell,” She asks before turning away from Rainbow, “but kindly explain where Sunset has gone.”

“Last I heard,” The landlord takes out a file labeled with Sunset’s name on the tab, “she went away on an internship overseas.”

An overseas internship? While they are still in high school? During the school year? The landlord watches the band of girls raise a few eyebrows before he takes a deep breath.

“Singapore.” He adds, though that only made them mumble. With a sigh, he takes out the keys to said tenants apartment. “Look, she paid three months worth of rent before leaving.”

“Thank you!” Pinkie Pie grabs the keys and runs towards the stairs outside the office.

“Pinkie, wait!” Princess Twilight yelps before running after her, the others following soon with Princess Celestia taking her time with a brisk walk.

“Make sure you bring them back! And no running!” The landlord's voice echoes the dorm as the Rainbooms run up the large staircase, make a left turn and make a brisk jog to a room with the number “two hundred nineteen” on the door. In no time at all, Pinkie unlocks the door and jumps inside.

“Sunset! We're here!” The other Rainbooms cover their ears as the shout echoes the hall. The other tenants jeer and curse behind their doors.

“Any louder and you'll wake the whole planet.” Spike the Dragon shakes his head before trotting with his duplicate to the apartment.

While the size of the apartment reminded Princess Twilight of her room while in Celestia’s tutelage, there are several differences nonetheless. The walls are bumpy and eggshell in color, and there is only enough room to fit a full sized bed, a small tv, a restroom, and a small kitchen with a stove, a dishwasher and a fridge for two weeks worth of food if one is a smart shopper. Worst case scenario of rats and cockroaches hiding in the closets and cabinets.

“I’m confused.” The others turn to the human Twilight. “You have to make three times as much rent to stay in an apartment. How can she do that if she lived in a library?” She fidgets her glasses as her brain comes with another question. “Why did she live in a-?”

“With so many questions,” Twilight turns around to Princess Celestia entering the apartment, “you remind me of someone I know.”

Upon looking at her, Princess Twilight couldn't help but giggle before stepping aside for her mentor to take a look around. The tall Alicorn-turned-woman looks inside the bedroom, thinking about how far has Sunset gotten since she left.

“So… Singapore…” With her index and thumbs touching, Rainbow Dash circles her hands. “Any idea how we’re going to go there?”

“I think I have a solution.” Rarity takes out her phone. “Fancy Pants owes me a favor after all.”

Spike the Dragon shuffles his paws before raising one. “What about school? Don't you have finals or something?”

“Nah.” Rainbow Dash flicks her hand at the purple puppy. “We're doing an awesome quest, I'm sure they understand.”

“Says the person with failing grades.” Adds Applejack, getting a scowl from the Athlete.

“I’m afraid Spike is right.” Princess Celestia turns to the humans. “I cannot allow you to come with us.”

“Hey,” Rainbow Dash adds again, “Sunset’s our friend too! We’re going and you can’t stop us!”

While she is in the territory only explored by both proteges, Celestia can tell well enough that the duplicates are as determined as her subjects. At the least, she wouldn’t have to worry about disrupting the balance.

“Then, I won’t.” She takes a deep breath, relaxing her shoulders like she would with her wings. “But please… Consult with your families first.”

As Celestia walks to the window, Rainbow Dash made a jerking motion while mouthing, “Yes!” At the same time, the sun began to set, and Princess Twilight, with the presence of her mentor, pondered where to sleep for the night.

“So,” She eyes her teacher, “you wouldn’t mind if Celestia and I…?”

“Yay!” Pinkie Pie squeezes Twilight. “Slumber party at my place! Sci-Twi included!”

While their spirits are lifted, the Rainbooms are a bit baffled at the nickname, especially on the human Twilight Sparkle.

“Sci-Twi?” She asks, fidgeting her glasses.

“You know because you're Twilight and you're quite a techno-.”

“We get it.” They all respond, stopping Pinkie from getting too far. One by one, the girls leave the apartment. In a short while, only Princess Twilight and Celestia, who continues to look to the West. In her land, she would raise and lower the sun every day. But to her surprise here, the body of ignited gases lowers on its own beyond the horizon.

“Princess Celestia?” Twilight asks, taking a few steps closer.

“It's beautiful and mysterious as so many wonders of our world.” Celestia turns around for the exit. “Come, let us rest.”

While both Twilights and Spikes, Princess Celestia, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash went to Pinkie Pie’s, Applejack is left with dropping her sister and her friends at their own homes. But the drive is silent, for Applejack kept a furrowed brow as she leads the truck to Scootaloo’s foster home. Apple Bloom taps her fingers, trying to find a way to lighten her sister’s mood.

“So… is there anything I can do while you’re gone?” She asks; it will be a long while and apples need to be harvested and livestock cared for. Applejack pulls the car over before turning her glare at her sister.

“There’s something you can do.” Applejack looks at Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, making their skin curl. “All three of you.”

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