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In Search of Sunset: The Mysterious Island - Jongoji245

One trip to apologize to Sunset turns out to be even longer than expected.

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Jungle Rumble

Author's Note:

Rebirth of Mothra fans might recognize this.

Hearing the roar further down the jungle got the Rainbooms, shipmates, and Tagatu to stop and turn around.

“Good heavens, what was that?” Asked Rarity, panting like both Spikes.

“I don’t know,” Applejack looks up to flocks of birds flying in their direction in a panic, “but we’d better keep moving.”

Just as they are about to move again, Hayes collapses, trying hard to get up. The bite from the Skedar soaked his shirt with blood and he feverishly looks at our heroines. They look at the Tagatu, who motioned them to continue. Applejack and Pinkie Pie lift the man up and carry him.

“C’mon, soldier!” Pinkie Pie tries her hand at an army general impression, “We’ve been through tighter cracks than this!”

The night sky started giving way to the next morning when they are just a river stream down from the wall protecting the wall. From the top of the wall, Jimmy wakes up and notices another look out waving his spear. The boy stands up and squints, seeing the tiny figures from far away.

“Hey,” Jimmy runs to the village side of the wall, where the Crusaders were trying their hand learning the Tagatu’s culture, “Hey! They’re back!”

The Crusaders immediately run to the wall’s rampart, seeing their siblings and friends running at them. They wave at them, raising their hopes up to continue forward. But the joy is short lived as the valley echoes with thunderous footsteps. Coming around the bend of the riverbank, was a beast far larger than the ones they encountered. Seventy meters tall with a raised head, the bony creature reveals itself to everyone on thick, elephant legs. Along the sides of its white and black body is a pair of red sails ending at the tip of its curled tailed. The creature lets out a loud, trumpeting roar before continuing its slow march. Everyone moves continue to rush at the wall, though Applejack and Pinkie Pie collapse when Hayes began to give.

“Mister Hayes!” Jimmy shouts before running down the rampart.

“Jimmy!” Shouts Scootaloo, running after him though a small break in the wall into the jungle.

“C’mon, Hayes!” Rainbow Dash tries to help Hayes get up, but the first mate pushes her, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack aside.

“Mister Hayes!” The Rainbooms and shipmates turn to see Jimmy and the Crusaders running to them. As the skeletal beast continues its march, they run towards the children, the sailors holding back Jimmy. “Let me go! Mister Hayes!”

“Jimmy…” Hayes finds the strength to stand up, wobbling as the earth shaking monster comes closer, “go… with them. Live… Your-” Before he could finish, he is crushed by a massive foot.

“No!” Jimmy shouts with tears in his eyes. The monster announces itself again with a roar, getting them all to continue running to the wall. Hysterical from what he just saw, Jimmy had to be dragged away. Though it’s clear that the beast couldn’t chase them, it could trap them. Its chest glowed orange, traveling up its elevated neck and the beast upchucked a chunk of lava rock, stopping their tracks with the falling rock creating hot steam in the river. With another upchucked rock blocking their escape, and still powerless, all they can do is wait for their fate.

“Well,” Sweetie Belle gulped, “at least we found Sunset.”

“What, really?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Yeah,” Scootaloo looks around, “I thought she was with-?”

They look up at the beast roaring at them, charging up another shot. Then, the sun eclipses at the same time a loud chirp echoes the valley. Everyone looks up; the same giant, yet colorful, moth has taken flight. With a wingspan of over seventy-five meters, the insect is a spectacle that impressed Princess Twilight as it soared towards their adversary, shooting blasts of magic from its feathered antennae.

Accepting the challenge, the dragon cranes its head and fires several, smaller shots. But even for a flying animal so large, the moth is surprisingly agile. Weaving between the shots and diving so fast that the turbulence made our heroes lost balance. The moth dives behind the dragon and grips it by the neck. The wings glow before shooting out magical bolts that trail up and down the beast. The dragon bucked and brashed, but it did no good to the insect gripping on its hide with an iron grip. Still, the moth releases the beast, swooping back and forth and unleashing its magic. Safe, the group turns around, only to stand face to face with Sci-Twi.

“Hi, guys!” Sci-Twi greeted, though her intimidating form kept them silent.

“Twilight?” Spike the dog whimpered. Princess Twilight noticed that Sci-Twi isn’t carrying the spectrometer.

“You used all of it!?” She shouted.

“That’s right!” Sci-Twi says triumphantly, “And I feel great!”

“But… Dearest…” Rarity looks at the direction from where they came, “What happened to the Dazzlings?”

“Well, at least one is still alive.” Sci-Twi notices her friends shocked and appalled and asks, “What? I only needed one specimen.” But the group is still scared out of their wits, even her beloved pet. Furious, she takes to the air. “Fine, I don’t need you! I’ve learned everything on my own and I can do it again,” She looks at the fighting moth continuing its attack run, “starting with that!”

“Sci-Twi!” They all shout, but the winged scientist is already a good distance away. Just when the moth turns to make another attack run, Sci-Twi unleashes her power and burns a hole in its wing. The insect screams in pain and is caught in the mouth of the beast. The dragon shakes the moth like a rag doll before tossing her far into a section of jungle. Shrugging off the attacks, the dragon turns its attention to the wall.

“We gotta help them!” Twilight starts running towards the crash site of the fallen creature.

“What?!” Rainbow Dash stops her, “Without our powers, she will eat you alive!”

“But I’ll try!” Twilight pushes Rainbow aside and continues to run.

“Come on!” Rainbow Dash motions everyone else to follow.

The moth's eyes glow again when Sci-Twi lands in front of it. Sci-Twi figured that gas can’t be used, but bigger creatures make bigger targets. Her hands glow and she aims her charging power between the moth’s eyes. Suddenly, her ears pick up the sound of rustling bushes and she turns her magic away from the moth. Though dodging the powerful attack, the explosion brings Sunset forward on her knees, the device just a few inches from her hands. Sci-Twi turns attention to the defenseless animal again.

“Twilight, stop!” Sunset picks up the device, staggering to her feet.

“Why should I?” Sci-Twi asks, not even shifting her gaze.

"Because I've been where you are, and I've made the same mistake you're making!” Sunset looks to the east, figuratively where it all started, “I put on a crown and, just like you, I was overwhelmed by the magic it contained! I thought I could get whatever I wanted, but I couldn’t!"

The Rainbooms and the Crusaders reach the clearing just when Sci-Twi cackles.

"Oh you're wrong," Twilight shook her head, then looks at Sunset, "unlike you, I CAN have everything I want!"

"No, you can't!" Sunset continues as she and the Rainbooms start glowing "Even with all that magic and power, you'll still be alone! True magic comes from honesty,"

A ray of light shines from Applejack,


Another ray of light shines from Rainbow Dash


Another from the Human Pinkie Pie


Another light from Rarity


One final light from Fluttershy joins the other rays touching the device. Sunset’s magic, represented in a sea green, joins the others.

"I understand you, Twilight," Sunset groans; losing her magic also made her weary, but she keeps the device high in the air, "and I want to show you the most important magic of all:"

Sunset smashes the device on a rock, releasing the magic after so long. Sunset is devoured in a light so bright, the dragon in the distance stops and turns its attention to them. When the light dimmed down, both Canterlot High and Crystal Prep, student and alumni looked in astonishment. Sunset was in an elaborate dress that even Rarity couldn't describe along with a set of gloves and boots. Jutting from her back are rays of light as well as a glowing "horn" on her forehead.

"The Magic of Friendship!" Sunset finished. Seeing their lost friend in such a fantastic form, the Rainbooms and Crusaders looked up with a grin. Not so much for Sci-Twi; the she-demon spreads her wings and charges at Sunset. But her time as a warrior really pays for Sunset, who just hops aside and lets her crash into the jungle. Before any of the Rainbooms can come out, Sci-Twi bursts through the trees, her fists glowing. Using enough power to lift herself a few inches from the ground, the powered up Sunset became as agile as a professional roller skater. Dodging jab after jab, blast after blast, Sunset grabbed Sci-Twi and tossed her aside.

Now the winged girl became raging mad and fired a powerful spell. Just dodging the attack, Sunset had to reach the innocent girl in Sci-Twi somehow. The gloves are off now when Sci-Twi tries again, this time colliding with a spell courtesy of Sunset Shimmer. At first, it would seem that the two are equally matched, but the years since leaving Equestria has made Sunset out of practice and couldn’t keep up with the increasing strength of Sci-Twi’s magic. Desperate, Spike jumps out from the bushes.

“Twilight!” Sci-Twi looks at the jungle floor again, seeing the sad, open eyes of her beloved pet.

“...Spike…?” Sci-Twi whispers, her eyes looking innocent. Somehow sensing weakness, the moths antennae start glowing again. But instead of blasts, four light tendrils shoot out and lasso the dark angel on the arms and legs, canceling her spell. Taking this opportunity, Sunset charges more of her magic. Seeing this, Sci-Twi struggles to free herself but to no avail. With one good blast of energy, Sci-Twi screams in terror as she is absorbed into the light. She opens her eyes, finding herself in a large, white chamber, still afloat, but no land to be seen. In front of her is Sunset floating towards her.

“Take my hand, Twilight.” When she reaches out to her, Sci-Twi curls back like a scared animal. Seeing this, Sunset places a hand on her chest, “Let me show you that there is another way… Just like someone did for me.”

At first ready to strike back, fear and anxiety slowly gave way to grief and sadness. Her wings relaxing and her eyes no longer glowing, Sci-Twi looks at Sunset with teary eyes before slowly stretching a shaky hand and gripping hers. A spark of magic trails Sci-Twi’s arm, and reaches her glowing, spiraled “horn” before the two are enveloped in another light. When it fades, the two gently float down, unpowered and with messy hair.

“Sunset!” The Rainbooms scream before running out and finally hugging her. Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity cried while hugging her like a lost puppy.

“We thought you would be gone forever!” Pinkie Pie bawled.

“What happened to the Dazzlings?” Asked Princess Twilight. But Sunset didn’t speak a word but still looking at the ashamed Sci-Twi, her beloved pet standing by her leg. She remembers what happened last night; though the Skedar are savage creatures, they are still innocent beings locked in a violent circle of life.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” Sci-Twi sniffled, “I was so scared, I didn’t…”

WIthout warning, Sunset hugs her and holds her tight, saying, “I know… And take it from my experience the first time around, they’ll forgive you.”

Sci-Twi wipes a tear from her eye and looks at the people around her. The Rainbooms, including Princess Twilight and her Spike, look at her forgivingly. She looks down a little, seeing Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo also looking at her forgivingly, having done a similar sin of their own. It’s with Spike the dog jumping into his masters' arms and giving her a couple of kisses that Sci-Twi starts to warm up. One by one, they each join up in a group hug. The giant moth, on the other hand, lifts its head and lets out a resonating chirp.

“Yeah…” Spike the dragon looks up, curling his tail, “now how are we gonna get rid of that thing?”

Everyone opens their eyes and breaks away from their hug. The monstrous, skeletal looking dragon was two miles away from them, trumpeting at them. Just when it prepared another upchuck, several sparks shoot off its neck. As the beast turned around, the band of girls and two dogs shield their heads as several gold pellets rain down. Applejack picks up a pellet, noticing the damaged lead tip.

The group races through the jungle, up a hill, and look down the river. Lead by Celestia, the rescue boats from the Venture fire thousands of rounds at the beast, but that didn’t do much to even slow it down. The Rainbooms have to decide something and decide quickly. But luck is on their side as streaks various colors course throughout their bodies. With each little flash, the Rainbooms, except for Sci-Twi, sprout ears, elongated pony tails, and, for Princess Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy, wings.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Rainbow Dash squeaks, flapping the tips of her wings. Seeing the dragon enter the water, the Rainbooms’ excitement became determination.

“Alright,” Applejack cracks her knuckles, “let’s send that thing back to the stone age.”

Princess Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy lead the charge, swooping, weaving between the dragon. Twilight fires a stream of magic, leaving a long burn mark along the beasts’ hide. For the flightless Rainbooms, a quick trip to the Tagatu village and back, and Sunset, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity come out, armed with long bows and spears.

“You guys know how to handle these?” Asks Sunset.

“Why of course, dearest.” Rarity answers, steadying her arrow. Even being a counterpart to a unicorn, ponying up adds some superior strength and so can fire an arrow at an even longer distance than usual.

Applejack wraps a large jungle vine at the end of one arrow and whistles for Rainbow to pick her up. Aiming so carefully, Applejack shoots an arrow at the dragon’s left foreleg and passes the vine to Rainbow after being dropped off at a riverbank on the right side of the wall. The athlete flies underneath the creature's stomach, wraps around the right hind leg, then the left hind leg, and finally, the right foreleg before Princess Twilight and Fluttershy join her finishing the knot. Picking up Applejack again, the Rainbooms join together and watch the beast topple, landing harder than a full grown redwood. After a long silence, and with a surprising swiftness, the dragon stands up and fires not a fireball, but a stream of energy.

“Oh sh-!” Mutters Rainbow when the giant moth suddenly gets in the way. Flapping its wings, the insect let loose a dusting of old scales, showering the valley like a sandstorm. The blast is dissolved in the mist, turned into a series of lightning bolts that reflect back to the dragon. Enraged ever more, the beast fires another blast of energy, and the result is still the same. The moth turns its head around and lets out a chirp, getting Sunset’s attention and giving her an idea. She takes a few steps back, times the wing beat, and makes a running leap, gripping hard on the left wing.

“Sunset, are you crazy!?” Screamed Rarity when Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash jump on the other wing, “Girls!”

“Oooo,” Pinkie Pie purred, rubbing her fluffy head on the wing, “feels like cotton candy.”

“Well, when in Rome….” Said Applejack, jumping on the left wing.

Seeing the fashionista uneasy, Fluttershy holds Rarity’s hand, calming her long enough to carry her up and place her on the right wing before perching on the left. With a flap of her wings, Princess Twilight flies up and perches on the orange patch of fur on the moth’s head. Making itself horizontal, the moth starts another attack run again, moving so fast that the magic within the Rainbooms streak out as various colors into a rainbow trail. After passing the dragon, the trail mixes into a bright blue and shoots down several rays of light that give the beast such a pounding. Such magic, combined with the insect’s own natural abilities, proved too much for the dragon, and so became motionless under exhaustion. The Rainbooms hold tight as the Moth ascends high into the air, spinning in an aileron roll and sending shockwaves that further harm the villainous creature.

“This! Is! Awesome!” Rainbow Dash screams as the moth now circles the air quickly.

From the combination of loose, reflective scales and magic, the same symbol that the adorns the wall materializes and crashes down. One final roar from the menace and the jungle is silent again. As the victorious moth comes in for a landing at the village, the Rainbooms carefully crawl over to Princess Twilight. As they wait for solid ground, happiness fills them up before they join together in a big hug.

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