• Published 29th Oct 2016
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A Change of Scenery - CrowR

A changeling ends up on Earth and in the hands of a human. What happens as it adjusts to this new world and the concepts within it.

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First Meeting

The creature's eyes fluttered open drowsily, it's mind clouded and foggy. It placed a hoof to it's head in exhaustion, freezing when it saw a blanket around its form. The more it looked around, the more frightened it got. It was sitting in a room of some sort, a few of the objects around familiar to it. In front of the couch it slept on was a dark brown table, nothing much upon it except a few cups. The walls were blue with a horizontal white stripe. To the right was a large window with beige curtains covering them up. It was about to get up when it heard footsteps from the next room.

Through a wall opening a little ways from the table another being walked in. This one was bipedal,sporting long legs and upper appendages. It wore strange clothes, the garment on it's upper body the first creature had seen small glimpses of in the past. Examining the biped more, it had what looked to be tan skin and stark black hair on it's head. When it looked at it's grey eyes, they both locked gazes for a moment. The silence was rather agonizing, as if something was lingering between the two. Both pairs of eyes held slight curiosity with a small hint of fear. The latter was far more prominent in the smaller being, seeing as it was in the presence of something so intimidating. Luckily the silence was broken,but in a surprising way.

"Uh...are you ok?", the biped asked in a slightly deep voice.

The first creature blinked for a second before answering, it's voice rather echoed, "Y-yeah".

A silence consumed the room again, the two not sure of what to say at the moment. It was understandable, of course, as each of them are in the presence of something they've never seen before. Though, as they were both in somewhat the same situation, they each had different ways of going about it. While the biped was rather relaxed, the quadruped was scared and lost. Without a warning, it shot up and sent a green blast from its horn! The tall creature was able to dodge it, luckily, the blast bounding off into the other room and causing a small crash.

"Whoa,whoa!It's okay.I'm not gonna hurt you.", he said gently, putting his appendages up in defense. The quadruped narrowed its eyes, the horn atop its head glowing idly. It looked around, as if anticipating something before letting out a snort and sitting down on it's hind legs. The biped chuckled slightly, finding the smaller creature's behavior amusing. It simply kept a blank expression, the glow on its horn fading out. More silence came until the taller of the two decided to try and strike up conversation.

"Do you have a name?", he asked.

The creature hesitated for a second before answering, "Laivon".

The taller of the two smiled gently, "I'm Zeke,but my friends call me ZAM."

Laivon nodded in response before asking a question, "What are you?"

"I'm a human.What about you?"

"I'm a changeling."

"Hm...not to be rude or anything,but are you a boy or a girl?It's kind of hard to tell by your voice."

The changeling blinked in slight surprise,"I'm male."

ZAM chuckled slightly before speaking, "Well at least we've got introductions down."