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I'm a guy who writes stuff.Thrill me! :P


Zeke Avery Malroy-sometimes known as ZAM, is a normal guy. He has a job, a roof over his head, and overall a good life. He sometimes questions himself, even when things are really good, but a big thing about him is his imagination.

New worlds, creatures beyond what we could visualize, concepts that we couldn't be able to fathom. One night, he finds something that may change the way he views the world- and his imagination may not be so far off.

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Just stopping by to give some advice. A few things to note, your whole description should be an author's note. I read basically that whole thing and got one vague piece of information off one sentence. Therefore I'm already turned off by the first paragraph and have no want to read the rest, causing you to loose another viewer. Try to write an actual description that makes me and other users curious enough to read it, that's your first step to writing a good fanfiction.

While you may not expect it, people here tend to judge stuff by their covers, so maybe spiff up that description and find a cover art yeah? Oh, and try to get your chapter length up to a thousand per chapter, there's almost no reason it shouldn't be.

7679006 Thanks for the advice! I'll try and work on a cover.

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