• Published 5th Oct 2016
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The Lost Friend - Solaris Night

A unicorn filly is shivering in the corner of her jail. She has many questions like where is she, what do they want with her, where is her family, but the one which concerns her the most at the moment is: "What is that thing?"

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Getting To Know You

Author's Note:

Hello fellow readers Solaris Night coming back at you.
There are a few things I want to explain so you don't get confused or what not.
First of all some of you might not get the alphabet part so let me explain in advance. Human and Equestiran alphabet are identical only different symbols and the way to pronounce the letters.
Secondly the (scene?) where Twilight and Eric are communicating with each other (the colured text) they are actually writing to each other.
Also I want to know how to create the letter senteces (you know the letter is written on a grey background, I want to learn how to do that).
That is all for now hope you enjoy and again give me any feedback if there is anything wrong with the story.
I'm signing out.

"It's meal time." yelled the stallion.

Twilight slowly looked towards the door, seeing the maroon coated earth pony with brown mane and a crossbow cutie mark. She watched as he pushed her tray to her through the open slot in the door. Then using a long stick he pushed the creatures meal towards it. Afterwards he left and Twilight jumped towards her food and chowed it down in the matter of seconds.

It has already been three days since she was brought and locked in her cell. During that time the only thing she could do was cry, sleep, talk to herself like a crazy pony and eat her meals. If you could them that. She only got three meals per day and they all consisted of a jug of water and a sandwich, though each one had a different filling.

After she ate she went back to her corner and slumped against the wall. She then proceeded to watch as the strange creature ate its meal. It ate slowly and looked like it savored every bite.

After one day, of being locked up, Twilight slowly gained a bit more courage and began to observe the being more closely. She found out that it wasn't completely furless as she thought at first. It had small patches of fur on the lower parts of its fore and hindlegs as well as a bigger patch on its chest. She was also able to discren the creatures eye color, it was dark green colored. But what really bugged her was that even after all that the insane doctor told her about it, how dangerous it was, she never saw the being lash out at anyone even when she tried to get a closer look at it one time. All it did was growl a bit then it settled in an instant. The only thing that even closely resembled any violent act was that every day it would pick up a nearby rock and began to smash it against the wall behind it.

"Is this thing really that dangerous?" she thought. "If I remember correctly, the doctor said it has shown signs of intelligence."

She directed her gaze towards the thing and it instantly locked eyes with her. She could detect signs of distaste towards her.

"Yeeeeeeah, I don't think I wanna find out. Too risky." she said aloud.

She decided she should go to sleep since it was already dark and she had nothing else to do. She turned her back towards the creature and began to cry herself to sleep once again.

"Mom, dad, brother please come soon." she pleaded to no one.

As she was falling asleep the creature looked at her with a look of concern and pity.

Twilight woke up to the sound of growling. She quickly got up fearing that the thing somehow got loose. As she looked toward the other side of the cell, she saw the creature peacefully sleeping. Then she heard the growl again and realised it was her stomach making the noise.

"Ugh, how do they expect anypony to satisfy their hunger with the kind of food they serve here." she complained.

She averted her eyes towards the window and saw it was still the middle of the night. Realising that she tried to fall back asleep, but her hunger kept her awake.

"How in the name of Celestia am I supposed to sleep like this?" she thought.

Then she felt something hit her back and she heard a soft thud as something hit the floor next to her. She got up and turned around to see what hit her. As she looked her eyes fell on piece of bread lying next to her. She picked it up and ate it with haste. Then something clicked in her mind.

"Who threw this?"

Immediately her eyes went towards the only other occupant of the cell. It was still lying in the same spot as it was before without any sign of movement, the only thing she could hear was its soft snoring.

Twilight only looked towards it then she decided to try and fall asleep again.

"Wake up, it's time for breakfast!" yelled the maroon stallion.

Twilight slowly opened her eyes as she got up. Before her was a small daisy sandwich and, surprise, a jug of water.

"At least I won't get dehydrated." she said sarcastically.

As she began to eat her eyes inadvertently fell on her cellmate. It was eating its meal with its slow pace as always. Twilight looked at her sandwich and ripped off a part of it. Then she slowly made her way towards the creature. It caught her moving towards it and began to growl.

Twilight stopped for a moment, but quickly regained her compsure and continued her way towards it. The being decided to scre her off so it stood up to try and intimidate her. Twilight again stopped, but yet again gathered her courage and proceeded. As she got colse enough she presented her piece of sandwich lifted it up to the creature.

It gave her a confused looked, then Twilight said: "I want to thak you for sharing your meal last night and also to return the favor." She then bowed her head.

The creature seemed to understand the gesture and took her sandwich. But what it did next sort of surprised the filly. It took out all the daisies and ate only the bread, then it gave her daisies back.

"You don't eat those?" she asked.

The creature shaked its head and the unicorn gasped. "Can you understand me?" she asked. It waited for a bit looking a bit confused then it decided to shake its head yet again.

"Oh, then you must have been speculating what I was saying, huh?" she asked. The creature said nothing as it stared at her.

Twilight then got an idea. She pointed one hoof at her and said: "Twilight."

Then she pointed her hoof at the creature: "You?"

It only gave her confused look, so she decided to repeat the notion a few more times. Finally it seemed the creature got the idea and pointed one of its claws to its chest and said: "Eric."

Twilight looked at it with astonishment and confusion. "Ehis, what kind of name is that?" she asked.

The thing chuckeled and shook it's head: "No Ehik, Eric."

Twilight understood she got its name wrong and tried again.


It shook its head again.


This time it nodded and pointed one of its claws upwards. She saw in her books that griffons and minotaurs used that gesture to say good job, ok and few others.

She smiled and squeaked. Then she pointed her hoof at the being: "Now it's your turn. Try it. Twilight."

It narrowed its eyes and made funny faces as it tried to say her name.


She only chuckeled and shook her head.




Again and again she shook her head and got increasingly annoyed.


Her eyes immediately grew to size of plates and she began to jump: "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes."

Eric seemed pleased and happy. Then all of sudden its face turned to one of thought. It turned around and picked up the rock it kept at its side. Then it began to scratch something on the wall beside the one he usually banged on.

Twilight just look at Eric with intrigue and confusion at what it was doing. When it was done she saw that there were 26 different symbols on the wall.

"What are these for?" she asked and looked towards her cellmate.

Eric saw her confusion and began to hum a melody. When twilight heard it it seemed familiar. Then it clicked.

"Twinkle twinkle little star. This is your alphabet isn't it?" she said. It only gave her a blank look. Twilight smacked her face with her hoof.

Then she took the rock from Eric and began to scratch Equestrias alphabet. When she finished she saw that both of them contained the same amount of letters.

"This is amazing. A whole new different way of writing and so familiar to our own." she said with excitement

She was thrown out of her admiring when Eric coughed. She looked at it and it just pointed at the rock it now held. Then it began to scratch some more words on the wall, though this time with Equestrias letters. When he finished the word on the wall read 'rock'.

"No. Way." Twilight gasped: "It can't be real."

She took the rock back and looked at Erics alphabet. She looked for the spots where the letters from her alphabet matched with its. When she found them she wrote out her word. Eric smiled at her and nodded. At that twilight just screamed of joy.

It's been a week since Twilight and Eric found out a way to communicate between each other. At first they tried to write on the wall and the floor, but found out it was very hard. So Twilight begged the stallion who brought them food to bring some papers and something to write with. When he asked why, she lied and said she wanted to have something to do than just lie around all day. She and Eric agreed from the beggining not to reveal him being smart to anypony. At first he didn't comply to her demand, but after two days of asking he finally brought her a stack of papers and crayons.

"Be glad the doctor allowed this, otherwise you would have gotten shit." he grumbled and left.

After that their 'talks' went a lot smoother. Twilight learned a lot from him, like he was from another world, he was from a race called humans, he was male, that he was in his mid thirties and a lot of other things. Eric also learned how to say a few of Equestrian words so he could respond to her without having the need to write and he got used to hearing and understanding some of the words Twilight told him.

They also began to grow very close to one another. Twilight wasn't afraid to go near him anymore and she also slept in his lap when night fell. He was so warm she wasn't shivering when she went to sleep anymore. He also seemed to enjoy her company a lot.

"Alright freak you know what time it is." the voice of Dark Step echoed throughout the room.

Twilight and Eric looked up to the door and saw Dark and doctor with a group of other ponies. They were also carrying rope and weird shaped metal sticks.

Eric quickly got up to his feet and pushed Twilight away from him. She just looked at him and saw his terrified expression.

"What's going on?" she asked as the ponies came into the cell.

"None of your business brat." said Dark.

They cirecled Eric and he got into a fighting stance.

Dark smirked and said: "I see you still have your fighting spirit freak. Good. That will give me some fun."

Eric lunged towards a pony when he got close enough, but right when he grabbed him, one of the other ponies lunged one of their sticks towards him. He could only cry out as he was suddenly shocked. He fell to the floor, shaking from being electrocuted.

"NO, LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!" Twilight yelled as she jumped up on Dark.

He only shook her off and then kicked her so hard she hit the opposite wall. She fell on the floor gripping her side and crying from the pain.

"TWILIGHT!" everypony turned towards the human and looked at him with shock.

"So doc wasn't lying. That thing really can talk." Dark chuckled.

"And you had the gut to doubt me Dark. That is why I like to have you around." said Gene. "But even if he does talk that doesn't make him any better than he was before. All I really want from him is his near immunity to magic and nothing else."

He then turned to the group and said: "Well, what are waiting for? Celestia to come and kick your flanks in gear. Get him to my lab already."

The ponies nodded and began to lift the human. Twilight, when she saw them dragging him out of the cell got up, ignoring the pain, and tried to run towards them. Dark saw that and got ready to give her another kick. But then Eric lifted one of his arms: "Twilight. Stay."

She stopped and looked at him. He pointed towards himself and gave her a thumbs up as he said: "Eric. Safe. Twilight. Stay. Come. Back."

Dark looked between the two and laughed: "Hahahahahahahaha, oh ain't that sweet, the freak is playing the hero." He then turned around and left with the group.

Twilight could only watch as they left her behind in the cell. She then ran up to the door, began to hit them and cry: "Bring him back! Bring him back! Bring him back!" She continued until she had no energy left and she fell asleep.

Twilight was sitting in her corner and was still crying for the loss of her only friend in this place. Then she heard the hoofsteps closing in and she lifted her head. She gasped at what she saw, there were two ponies and they carrying Eric on their backs. She quickly got up ran towards the door. One of the ponies used his magic to freeze Twilight in place while they went to the human side of the cell and locked him up in his shackels. When they left the unicorn undid his spell and Twilight immediatelly ran to her friend and hugged him.

"Eric! By goddesses I thought that you were killed and used for ..." words got stuck in her throat when she got a closer look at him.

He had several wounds which Twilight recognized as injection points, he also had several bandages on him which had blood spots on them.

"What have they done to you?" the filly asked as she yet again began to cry.

She then felt Erics hand on her head as he rubbed her head. "No. Cry. Twilight. Happy. Eric. Come. Back." he said in hoarse voice and then hugged her back.

"Hey Eric can I ask you something?" Twilight wrote.

"Sure thing, what is it Twilight?" Eric replied.

It has been three days since they took Eric away to experiment on him, since then he has recovered enough to move around a little, but he was still badly wounded.

"The doctor said that you are near immune to magic. Is that true?"

"Hmmmm, I might be. They tried to use that weird light from their horns a few times but nothing seemed to happen. Why do you ask?"

"I think I might have a way to get us out of here."

The human looked at her dumbfoundedand wrote "Really? How?"

"See this ring on my horn?" Eric nodded. Twilight then continued "Well this ring prevents me from using any of my magic. And it can't be removed unless you know a certain magical wave to unlock it. But that doesn't mean it can't be forcefully taken off with enough strength."

"Ok so you're saying I can take off by force, but won't that hurt you or me? I mean something like has to have a failsafe otherwise it would be too easy to remove. And also with the current state I'm in I don't think I'll be able to get it off anyway."

"You're right there is a failsafe, if somepony tries to remove the ring by force they will be blasted by a powerful magical blast. Powerful enough to kill anyone in your condition." Eric looked at her nervously and gulped. "But don't worry you are immune to magic so you shouldn't be hurt too badly, as for me The ring is designed so it doesn't harm the one who wears it."

"OK, that solves the failsafe trouble, but there is still the matter of me even being able to remove it."

"You don't have to remove it, just loosen it up enough so I can cast a spell."

"And what spell could get us out of here?"

"This spell won't get us out of here, but it will bring help to us." she explained and Eric just looked at her with even greater confusion then before. "Let me explain. My mentor, Princess Celestia, taught me a spell that allows me to send her letters directly to her. We will send her a letter telling her where we are and to come and save us."

"One problem. We don't know where we are."

"I know where we are and before you ask I know because of the osition of the stars, and before you ask again how I know how to coordinate by stars, remember that I read a lot."

"Alright then lets get to work."

Twilight smiled and began to write her letter to her mentor. When she was done she folded it up and stepped to Eric.

He breathed in to prepare himself for possible pain to come. Then he placed his hands on the ring and began to pull it off. The ring began to glow and it shot a beam at Eric, but it didn't seem to affect him too much.

"Just a little more." Twilight said. Eric began to pull with all of his might and the beam intensified.

Then right before let go off the ring, the letter was enveloped in purple aura and it dissappeard.

They both fell to the ground exhausted, but smiling because they succeded. They then smelt a disgusting stench. Eric looked at his chest and saw a small burn and also most of his chest hair was burned.

"Well there goes the lady magnet." he thought.

But their fun didn't last long. Suddenly down the stairs came Dark and Gene and they headed straight for the duo.

When they came into the cell Dark kicked Twilight as hard as he could so she fell to the floor immediatelly.

Eric then got up and tried to help the filly but was again electrocuted by the doctor.

"What did you two do?" yelled Dark as he hit Twilight again. "How did you remove the ring?" he hit her again. "ANSWER ME CELESTIA DAMMIT!"

Doctor stopped him before he could land another punch. "Now, now Dark no need to be so upset. Look at her," he pointed to the shivering and beaten filly: "she will die if you continue like this and also don't you see she still has the ring on her horn. Whatever they did it quite obviously didn't work or we might have had to chase them around or something. Now come we have more pressing matters to attend to."

Gene turned around and walked out while Dark just looked at both of them and spit in the direction of the human. Then he left with the doctor.

Twilight and Eric slowly crawled towrds each other and once they were in reach they hugged. Twilight began to cry in his chest, while the human also shed a few tears. But they weren't tears of saddnes for himself, but for the little filly in his arms, also they were tears of anger towards the two stallions, but most importantly they were tears of hope.

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