• Published 17th May 2016
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I Found Love: Discord and Twilight (Rewrite) - MLP Fangirl

Discord. The Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. He couldn't possibly understand what love is, right? Well, with a little help from a purple princess, he's going to understand it perfectly.

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Dining with Discord

Discord and Fluttershy were having their weekly Saturday tea party - although Discord would prefer calling it brunch.

Despite the fact the Discord had betrayed her, she still insisted on having them, to which he was rather grateful for.

Discord threw a double chocolate cookie into his mouth, "Mmm! These cookies are simply deeelicious. I commend you, friend."

Fluttershy smiled, "Thank you, Discord. I actually borrowed a cookbook from Spike. so I could try out some new recipes. I'm glad these turned out so well. I was afraid they might burn." She grabbed two cookies for herself and Angel.

"I would've eaten them anyway. I love burnt food. My favorite is burnt orange juice." He licked his lips, summoning a glass of black juice, which he claimed to be orange juice.

"Ahh, now that's the stuff right there. I might like this better than chocolate milk."

Fluttershy wrinkled her nose as Discord drank the blackened liquid.

He noticed her uncomfortable state.

Discord placed a hand over his chest, "Oh, where are my manners? I should've offered you some, too. Here you go."

He summoned another glass of black orange juice and offered it to the yellow pegasus.

Fluttershy waved her hooves, "Oh, no - um...that's okay. I'm, uh - lactose intolerant."

Discord raised an eyebrow, "This isn't milk."

Fluttershy hid behind her mane, "Oh...right. Uh, no thank you, Discord. I'm good."

Discord stared at her then shrugged, "Suit yourself." He took the glass he had offered to her and chugged down its contents in no time at all.

Fluttershy cleared her throat then perked up as she remembered something.

"Oh, that's right. I forgot. Discord, Twilight's invited all of us to dinner tonight at her castle. She wanted me to ask if you'd like to join us."

Discord blinked, "Twilight wants me to join you? Twilight?"

Fluttershy nodded, "Yeah, she feels like you should be included."

Discord gave a sincere smile, "Wow, I'm rather touched. I didn't think Princess Sparky actually cared about me."

"Well, of course. You're our friend, Discord."

Discord's sincere smile remained. Twilight actually wanted him to join her for dinner along with the other ponies.

He paused. Why was he so happy about that?

He silently decided to tease the princess the moment he saw her about this, to shake off any fluffy stuff he might have been feeling.

"So, would you like to come?" Fluttershy's voice broke his thoughts.

Discord's smile turned into a smirk, "Why, of course. I'd be a foal to pass up an opportunity like this. The feast is tonight, right?"

A nod from Fluttershy gave him his answer.

"Well, then I'd better get ready. I'll see you later, Fluttershy. Thanks for the cookies."

With that, he vanished in a flash of white light, temporarily blinding poor Fluttershy.

"Oh dear..."


Twilight Sparkle placed a set of candlesticks on the crystal dining table. She lit the candles with her magic, giving the candles a small, but beautiful glow.

Spike walked in, carrying a large silver tray in his claws. He tediously made his way over to Twilight, who nervously watched as he tilted dangerously to one side, threatening to spill the tray's contents onto the floor below.

For caution's sake, she levitated the tray out of his claws, relieving him of his burden.

Spike wiped his brow, "Whew. Thanks, Twilight. It would've been a shame to let all of this good food go to waste."

Twilight nodded in agreement, "Indeed, Spike. Did you make your famous nachos?"

Spike chuckled, striking a proud pose, "Of course, I did. Wouldn't be a real dinner party without them!"

Twilight giggled, "Well, they'll definitely spice things up. Heh, get it? Because nachos are spicy...?"

Spike sighed at his surrogate sister's attempt to be comical, "Well, it's an improvement I guess."

The purple alicorn cleared her throat awkwardly, "Anyway, the girls should be arriving in about half an hour. We have some time to - "

"Oh! A party. This is definitely my kind of setting."

Twilight and Spike jumped at the familiar voice.


In a burst of confetti, the infamous Spirit of Chaos appeared proudly and in no way subtlely. "Ding ding ding! You are correct. You win tonight's special prize."

Twilight raised an eyebrow, "And, what would that be?"

Spike hid behind the alicorn, "No, Twilight! Don't accept any prizes from him. Knowing him, it'll be a rubber snake that actually moves."

Discord landed on the ground, sporting an offended expression, "Twilight, you would do well to teach your dragon some manners. And, to be a bit more creative. I give that idea a 2.75924501389951 - "

"Oh, what do you know?" Spike blew raspberry at Discord.

Discord gestured to Spike with both hands, "You see what I mean?"

Twilight rolled her eyes, "All right, knock it off, you two."

Spike and Discord simultaneously turned away from each other, each bearing pouty lips and crossed arms.

Twilight sighed, "Seriously, stop acting like colts. Spike, you're more mature than that."

Spike relented a bit at that.

She then turned to Discord, "And, you should know better, too."

Discord rolled his eyes, a smirk on his face, "Sure, whatever you say, Mom."

Twilight raised an eyebrow but then gained a smirk of her own.

She lit up her horn, and Discord felt a short electric shock jolt his body.

He jumped as tiny sparks danced across his fur, which began to stick up due to static electricity.

After the sparking subsided, Discord sent a nasty glare towards Twilight. He snapped his fingers, causing his frazzled coat to return to its original state.

"That wasn't funny."

Twilight snickered, "To you, maybe."

Spike hid his snickering behind his claw, "It was pretty funny."

Discord whipped his tail towards them, causing both of them to cease in their laughter.

"You know, Princess Bookworm, if you want lessons on comedy, I'm available Oneday and Someday."

Twilight's eyelids leveled as she gave Discord a deadpan stare, "Thanks, but I think I'll pass."

Spike scratched his head, "I don't get it."

The draconequus patted Spike on the head. "Poor Spike. You've spent too much time with Miss Stick-In-The-Mud here." He floated over to the alicorn next to him and gave Twilight's mane a good, hard rub, much to her dismay.

Twilight broke free from Discord's grasp. She took a deep breath and gave Discord a pleasant smile, doing her best to mask her annoyance and trying to apply what she had said a few days prior.

"So, Discord, how are you doing? I'm glad you decided to join us for dinner." She stopped, suddenly giving him the stink eye. "That is the reason you're here, right?"

Discord placed a paw on his chest, "Oh, Twilight, you wound me. You don't think my intentions are to create mischief and chaos, do you?"

"Are they?"

He let out a chuckle, "Heh, no. Not this time. I mean it. Although, it may just come naturally. You know me." He winked at the princess.

Twilight sighed, "All too well."

Discord grinned, "And, you know, I must say, I am deeply touched by you reaching out to me. Really and truly." He curled around the purple alicorn, wrapping his talon around her shoulder.

"When you knew full well that I may or may not behave myself. Is it possible that you finally trust me?"

Twilight levitated Discord's arm off of her and trotted a few feet away from him.

"I can't say I fully trust you yet. I'm sorry to say that what you did fractured any trust I may have had for you."

Discord deflated as his shoulders slouched. His ears drooped at the reminder of his deeds.

"Well, I suppose there's no need to argue with that."


Discord's ears perked back up at that three-letter word, "But what?"

Twilight offered him a genuine smile, "I believe in giving everypony a second chance. I may not have acted that way when you were first reformed, but I want you to know that I have forgiven you. You made a wrong choice, one that's going to have repercussions. But, I'm not going to hold any ill will towards you. I'm willing to forgive and forget, if you are as well."

Discord raised an eyebrow, "Well, the forgetting part I can do. But, who am I forgiving? You? You didn't do anything."

Twilight was about to respond when her ears perked up at the sound of the front double doors opening.

She turned to Spike, "Spike, could you escort our guests over here please?"

Spike gave a salute, "Yes, ma'am." With that, the little dragon scurried out of the dining hall.

Twilight giggled before turning back to Discord, "I'm guilty of not being a good friend to you. I was always so anxious and worried that you might turn evil again. That one wrong word could set you back. Especially since we had given up the Elements. There was nothing hindering you from taking over Equestria again."

Discord waved a paw at that, "Eh, I've tried twice, and I've failed twice. Of course, my first reign lasted much longer, but that's neither here nor there. You ponies would have figured out some way to defeat me anyway. I didn't want to take any risks."

Twilight smiled, placing a hoof on his paw, "Well, I guess I had nothing to worry about after all. But, now when I say that we're friends, I mean it."

Discord returned her smile, his heart fluttering slightly, for reasons unknown to him.

He bent down and wrapped his arms around the pony. Much to his surprise and satisfaction, she returned the hug.

They didn't notice the arrival of the Element Bearers, who watched the scene silently with mixed feelings.

Rainbow Dash eventually decided to break the ice. She cleared her throat.

Twilight and Discord quickly pulled away, each bearing awkward expressions.

Twilight stood up, walking towards her friends, "Girls! It's so nice to have you."

"We wouldn't miss for the world, darling." Rarity smiled.

"Were we interrupting something?" Rainbow Dash crossed her hooves, looking pointedly at Twilight.

Twilight glanced back at Discord, who gave a wave.

"No, not at all. Discord and I just came to an agreement."

Fluttershy beamed, "Oh, I'm so glad. Hi, Discord." She waved a hoof, and he waved back.

Applejack licked her lips, rubbing her hooves together, "I don't know 'bout the rest of y'all, but I am one hungry pony. Let's eat."


The dining table was filled with foods of all kinds. Spring rolls, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, nachos, corn, apple fritters, dinner bread.

Twilight's friends ate until they couldn't eat anymore.

Rainbow let out a hearty burp, "I am stuffed." She rubbed her full stomach.

Pinkie let out a burp of her own. She giggled, "Excuse me."

Rarity wiped her mouth with a napkin, "Thank you ever so much for having us over, Twilight."

Twilight grinned, "Don't mention it. I'd like to do this more often if you all are interested."

Discord gave a thumbs-up, "I second that motion."

Pinkie raised a hoof, "I third that motion."

Fluttershy raised a hoof as well, "Um, I do, too."

Applejack nodded, tilting her hat up, "I wouldn't mind that. Although, you ain't doin' all the cookin'. We can have it at Sweet Apple Acres next time around."

Rainbow pumped a fist, "Aw, yeah. I call first dibs on the cider."

Everypony rolled their eyes at that.

Spike reached for another dinner roll, "I don't care where we eat as long as there's food."

Twilight giggled, wrapping a hoof around Spike, "Is food all you think about?"

Spike crossed his arms, "No, but it is a good thing to think about."

"Oh, speaking of food, here, Spikey-Wikey." Rarity levitated a large blue sapphire over to the purple dragon.

Spike's eyes widened at the gem, and his cheeks warmed up at that thought of who was giving it to him. "F-for me?"

Rarity flipped her mane, "I just wanted thank you for giving up your time in helping me finish my latest line."

Twilight blinked, "You helped Rarity finish her designs?"

Spike rubbed his tail, his face slightly red, "Well, it wasn't all me. The Crusaders helped out as well."

Rarity nodded, "They did indeed. And, for once, they didn't completely ruin everything. We had a few minor mishaps, but nothing short of fixable. I think Sweetie Belle and her friends are starting to mature. Oh, I'm so proud of her."

A tear nearly escaped Rarity's eye, but she was quick in wiping it away.

Discord held up a claw, "Now, wait just a minute. Spike, you actually endured her for that long?"

Rarity gasped, "And, just what do you mean that?"

Twilight hid her face behind her hoof, "Probably not the best wording there, Discord."

Spike crossed his arms, frowning, "I don't endure her. I do it because I want to. We're friends, and friends help each other."

Discord mused over that comment, unsure of what to make of it.

"You didn't get tired?"

Spike shrugged, "It didn't that long. But, even if it did, I would've continued helping anyway."

Rarity put a hoof to her heart and levitated Spike over to her, "Oh, Spike. You are the sweetest dragon in Equestria." She nuzzled his head, causing him to melt.

Rainbow Dash pointed a hoof at her mouth, "Okay, that's enough sappiness for one day."

Fluttershy gently swatted Rainbow Dash on the shoulder, "Rainbow Dash, there's no need to be rude."

Applejack gave a harder punch to the cyan pegasus's foreleg, causing her grimace in pain.

"Yeah, R.D. Save those comments for afterwards."

Rainbow rubbed her leg, "Ow. Okay, fine. There's no need to get violent."

Pinkie giggled, "Oh, don't be a sour grumpy puss, Rainbow Dash. Let's see a smile on that face." Pinkie stretched Rainbow's mouth to form a crude-looking smile.

Rainbow Dash shook Pinkie off and shot into the air.

She crossed her hooves, "Hey, keep your hooves to yourself."

Before she knew it, Pinkie Pie had her hooves wrapped around the pegasus.

Rainbow tried to shake her off again, but the pink mare wouldn't budge.

"Hugs are fun for everyone!"

Rainbow Dash relented, patting Pinkie's hoof, "All right, all right." She descended back to the floor.

"You can let go now, Pinkie."

Pinkie released Rainbow Dash, but not before giving her a good, long mane rub.


Twilight giggled, "This is what friendship is all about, Discord. Spending time with your friends can be very enjoyable. We're not as boring as you might think."

Discord nodded, "You know, you may be right. Although, a certain group of individuals could stand to loosen up a tad bit more. I'm not naming any names here." He smirked, looking directly at her.

Twilight's ears flattened as so did her eyebrows, "Hey, I've loosened up plenty since moving to Ponyville. Spike can attest to that. Right, Spike?"

Spike shrugged, waving his claw in a so-so manner, "Eh, I guess compared to the old you. But, you still need some working on."

Discord laughed, pointing at Twilight, "Ha! See, even your dragon agrees with me."

Twilight grinded her teeth, "Shows what you know."

Fluttershy walked next to Twilight and gave her a hug, "Don't worry, Twilight. We like you just the way you are."

She turned to Discord, "And, there's no need to tease Twilight either, Discord. How would you feel if we teased you?"

Discord rolled his eyes, "I'd take your insults as compliments most likely. And, it's not my fault she's so easy to rile up."

Twilight narrowed her eyes. But, they quickly softened, and she gained a mischievous expression.

She lit up her horn, little sparks dancing around it. She pointed her horn directly at Discord.

"Would you like an encore, Discord?"

Discord clenched his jaw tight as he realized what she planned on doing.

He huffed, "Oh, fine. I shall keep my comments to myself."

Twilight smiled triumphantly as her horn glow disappeared, "Wise decision."

Discord stretched his arms above his head, "Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I am ready to hit the hay. I had a simply marvelous time. We absolutely must to this again. Ta ta, ladies."

With a flash of light, Discord vanished.

"I'd say that went well." Pinkie grinned.

"I must admit, he wasn't as terrible a company as I had anticipated." Rarity looked at her hoof.

Fluttershy beamed, "See? You just have to get to know him."

"Ah say he still has some work ta do."

Twilight nodded, "Of course."

She smirked, "But, he wouldn't be Discord if he didn't."

Author's Note:

Second chapter! So, Discord's starting to see how great friendship can be.
And, he's unknowingly gaining some feelings for a certain purple alicorn.
Right now, they're just friends. And, they're going to stay just friends for a little while. You can mark the interaction between them in this chapter as romance if you want, by they're not ready for romance quite yet.
I've got plans for them later. :ajsmug:

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