• Published 14th Apr 2016
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Magic is a friend - Blackdust

We all know that unicorns use magic differently, but what if one was to treat magic as a friend? How well would that go?

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Specialty chapter!

Author's Note:


Still not there yet.

Flora and Jackson stared at the words floating in front of both of them. THE END.

"What?" Flora asked extremely confused.

"I... I don't know... But I feel like it's something to do with those fanfics I told you about a few years ago..." Jackson said, referring to when he had to come back to Equestria to bring balance between the two worlds.

"O-oh. So... Do we just... walk into the words?" Flora asked, still a little afraid of what might happen.

"I'd assume so..." Jackson replied in a slightly intrigued and scared at the same time.

And with that they stepped into the words in front of them...

...And onto the cement floor of a warehouse. There was a gray unicorn stallion off to the side with another human staring up at the ceiling. The human raised one hand and- HEY! THAT IS NOT COOL ROSESHIELD! "Bite me!" I can arrange that... "Don't you even dare put a timberwolf behind me." Damn...

"Um... Who are you, and why are you talking to the ceiling?" Flora asked the human, scared for her meager life.

"Well... Seeing as how we can't see the thing he's talking to, my guess would probably be a god or an author since this seems a little too chancy for my tastes," Jackson told her, hoping to calm her down before she made another rain forest by accident.

"Not that far off Jackson. It's the author all right. And everytime we try to same his real name, he changes it to author with a capital 'A'," the unicorn called back to him without even turning around.

"AHA! I knew this was all just a dream!" Jackson exclaimed triumphantly.

"Not a dream kid. Author, give him the sight for a second." And why should I Roseshield? "Because it would be easier for him to understand his situation." True and fair. Ok, I'll give him a few seconds of light.

"Wait, author? Like- OH MY FUCKING GOD!" Good evening to you too Jackson. You won't remember any of this later and neither will any of the others. "WHAT THE HELL IS WITH YOU WRITING ME LIKE I'M AWARE OF THE WALL WHEN I'M NOT!" The humor factor. "...Fuck you." Get in line then.

"Hey, chill. He might just end your story," Roseshield said, trying to calm the pissed-off Jackson.

"And now he's gonna-"

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