• Published 14th Apr 2016
  • 357 Views, 6 Comments

Magic is a friend - Blackdust

We all know that unicorns use magic differently, but what if one was to treat magic as a friend? How well would that go?

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Chapter 3 is upcoming y'all! I'll get back to AGoDL in a bit, but right now, Magic is a Friend is important. And in case nopony noticed, I always stop around 1k words. And I didn't want to last chapter. Trust me. It SUCKED! I had not wanted to stop there, but I had to stick to my rule of roughly 1k or less words per chapter. And that is hard to do. Seriously, you try and write a story with roughly 1k words per chapter when you want to keep on writing. See how well that works for you, and you'll see why I hated cutting Chapter 2 where I did.

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