• Published 16th Apr 2016
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Shadow of the Underground - KDS-Writingindustries

The young Shadow King is adopted in the underworld of the Underground. He will prepare for the war against the ponies.

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There it was, the bottomless hole.

Although, the word 'hole' may not be the best to describe it. It looked more like a wide chasm, descending into darkness. But enough on descriptions. A small young unicorn blankly looked down into the pit, he had a dark grey coat and pitch black mane with vibrant green eyes.

'This is it, time to end this' He thought coldly, he took one last look at the sun, rising up from the horizon. He sighed, and looked back at the deep chasm. While most ponies would shudder at the mere sight, he was not scared, he was ready.

'Goodbye' The foal closed his eyes and leaned forward, losing his balance and feeling gravity take hold. He felt the wind rushing around his body and nothing below his hooves. The unicorn opened his eyes a little to see the light that was once all around him drastically becoming smaller and farther up. He reclosed his eyes and continued to feel the wind rush past him. Until...





"...uuuggghhh..." Somehow, the foal was still alive. 'Ow...hurts...so...bad...' He tried to move around even if his muscles screamed in protest. He cautiously opened his eyes, the foal saw that he was lying on a patch of grass, not the comfy kind. He was certain of it, he was still alive, although injured.

The pony heard a voice.

"I think it came from over here"

The unicorn tried to look around but he saw nobody, 'Where'd that come from?' the foal heard footsteps, coming closer to him. He looked up and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

A small bipedal goat like creature with short snow-white fur and black eyes wearing a green and yellow-striped woolly jumper and simple dark blue trousers, "Oh! You've fallen down, haven't you?" The creature asked concerned, he wore a kind smile.

The unicorn still started star-struck at him, 'There's a...goat thing standing infront of me. That settles it, I'm dead'

The goat creature shifted uncomfortably at the gaze of the pony, "Um...Are you okay?"

The foal blinked and snapped out of his trance, he tried to get up but one of his forelimbs protested. The foal winced and collapsed, he shook his head at the goat creature.

"Here, get up...but try to limp instead" The creature suggested.

The foal got up again, more carefully this time. He wobbled a bit, but the goat helped him keep his balance. "Th...thank you"

The goat grinned in delight, showing his fangs.

"My name's... Sombra" The foal, Sombra, introduced.

"Sombra, huh?" The goat smiled, "That's a nice name. My name is Asriel, Asriel dreemurr" Asriel introduced, "Come on, I know a place where you can get fixed up" Asriel helped Sombra make his way out of the area, and on their way to get the foal fixed.

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