• Published 16th Apr 2016
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Shadow of the Underground - KDS-Writingindustries

The young Shadow King is adopted in the underworld of the Underground. He will prepare for the war against the ponies.

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Chapter 1: A new place

As Sombra and Asriel continued to walk, the pony noticed other creatures. Some looked like animals, others looked like mismatched animals, and some just looked weird. But they must've thought Sombra was weirder because when they took one glance at him they kept staring, occasionally whispering to one another.

The unicorn decided to talk about it to Asriel, "Um, Asriel?"


"Why are those... creatures looking at me like that?" Sombra asked, uncomfortable at the attention he was getting.

"Creatures? Oh, you mean the monsters?" The goat corrected.

Sombra's eyes widened in fear as he looked around frantically, "Monsters! Where!?"

"Right here" Asriel pointed to himself with a childish grin, "The underground is where all monsters live, like me".

Sombra scanned Asriel, then raised a brow, "So this underground place is filled with non-threatening, not scary, fluffy marshmallows like you?"

The little monster pouted, "Hey, I can be scary" Sombra chuckled under his breath, "I can! Okay, maybe not. But my mom can be scary. This one time, she found out I ate all of her butterscotch-cinnamon pie, the look on her face" Asriel stopped to shudder with fear, "Not a good sight... But hey! Learned my lesson, never eat mom's pie without her permission" They continued walking again.

After Asriel finished his story, Sombra replied, "Your mom seems nice, but you still didn't answer my question" Asriel raised a brow, "I asked why all the monsters were looking at me, you still haven't answered".

The goat monster let out an 'oh' of understanding, "That's probably because you're the first pony to come down here in the underground".

The unicorn scoffed, "Probably because the entrance to this place is a giant dark hole that looks pretty much bottomless, heck, the only thing missing from the entrance is a sign saying 'CAUTION: Giant hole that will lead to your doom; STAY AWAY'".

Asriel laughed at the description Sombra gave, "Heheh, you're funny."

Although Asriel didn't see it, the pony grew a tiny smile, it wiped away before the monster could see it, "Hey, you said you know a place where I can fix my hoof. Where exactly is this place?"

The goat monster smiled, "Actually, it's right around the corner" Asriel helped Sombra make the turn, ahead of them was a purple brick house with a small sapling in front of it. That wasn't what Sombra noticed first, what he first noticed was the giant monster with two gigantic horns sprouting from his forehead, and wearing a pink sweater with golden flower imprinted on it. He was water the tree sapling, not taking notice to the young monster and pony. Asriel smiled, "That's my dad"

"That's your dad!?" Sombra whispered loud enough to get the goat monsters attention, he looked at Asriel with kind eyes.

The big monster drew a soft smile, "Ahh, Asriel. You are done exploring the RUINs one last time I see. And who is..." His eyes widened when he turned his gaze to Sombra, "Who is your friend?"

The unicorn gulped, but Asriel didn't seem to notice his anxiousness, "Dad, this is Sombra. He fell down, I think he broke his leg. Do you think mom can fix him?"

The giant goat monster came closer to the boys, Sombra grew more anxious, but the monster gave him an assuring smile. "I am sure your mother can help Sombra out. Can you get her Asriel?" He asked in a deep voice.

"Okay" The little monster ran into the house, leaving his father and Sombra alone. The unicorn almost lost his balance if it weren't for the boss monster to steady him.

"Well, it is nice to meet you, Sombra. I am Asgore, King of the monsters" Asgore greeted, shaking the pony's non-broken hoof.

Sombra laughed awkwardly, "Nice to meet you too, King of the monsters"

Asgore bellowed a laugh, "There is no reason to be scared pony. Come, you must meet my wife, she can check out your hoof" Asgore helped Sombra into the house.

When the foal walked in, he was bombarded with the smell of freshly baked cookies and pie. His mouth watered, 'What is making that smell, and when can I eat it?'

Asgore emitted a deep chuckle, "I see you already like Toriel's cooking. You can have some when she's finished helping you out" the boss monster helped Sombra make his way to the living room, where he heard Asriel and presumably Toriel chatting.

"Asriel, for the last time, you can not have a cookie you must wait until desert" A gentle female voice spoke.

"Aww come on mom, can't I have a nibble?" The voice of Asriel asked.

The unicorn finally made his way into the room and saw two figures. One was unmistakably Asriel, the other was a tall female goat with a blue robe and small pearly white horns sprouting from her head.

They both caught the sight of Sombra, Toriel gasped, "Oh my".

Asriel ran up to the unicorn "Oh right! I forgot to tell you. This is Sombra, he fell down and I think he broke his hoof. Mom can you heal it?"

Sombra half expected Toriel to disagree, but the boss monster rushed up to him in worry, "Oh dear, you look tired. Quickly now, sit down here" Toriel guided him near the fire place and sat down on the chair while Sombra carefully sat down infront of her. "Now child, let me see your hoof"

Sombra lifted his limb up to let Toriel examine its condition, while she was examining, Sombra listened to the conversation with Asriel and Asgore.

"-and why can I not have any cookies?" Asgore spoke.

"Because I am the cookie guard! I will guard those cookies with my life for 'no reason' beacasue I'm just such a 'great' son. And I don't expect to get 'anything'." Asriel emphasised.

"You are still having any cookies before desert Asriel" Toriel inferred.

"Dang it!" The little monster muttered under his breath, "I mean, what!? Why would you think that I, your 'loving' son, would ever think of wanting a cookie-"

"You are still not getting cookies Asriel" Toriel retorted in a stern tone. It shut the small goat up, but Asriel was still muttering under his breath.

The foal shifted his other hoof nervously "Um... Mrs Dreemurr? Could I have a cookie?" He asked shyly.

Toriel smiled kindly, "Of course you can dear, right after I heal you up ok?" Sombra nodded in agreement while Asriel stared star struck.

"Wha!? Why does Sombra get a cookie and not me?!"

She let out a small sigh and turned towards the small monster, "Remember when I gave you a slice of snail pie when your arm was broken, do you know why?"

"Because I was hurt" The monster answered blatantly.

"Exactly" Toriel shifted back towards Sombra, "Do not worry, my child, it is just a sprain. I can get this healed up in a jiffy" She waved her hand, to the pony's surprise, green flames appeared, the green flames dancing on her hand. "Hold still please"

Suddenly a pitch black heart emerged from the unicorn's chest, saying he was surprise was an understatement. Sombra shifted around uncontrollably, he got more anxious when Toriel tried to move the flames near the black heart. "Wh-what is that?! What's with the fire?!"

"My child, stay calm. It will not hurt, quite the opposite in fact, now hold still" She reassured.

Sombra took a deep breath and waited, the boss monster let the flames dance around the black heart, the heart seemed to absorb the fire and then disseaper into his chest. He felt a wave a relief flowing through his body and around his sprained hoof. In a matter of second, the pain was gone. The unicorn cautiously moved his hoof around, then carefully stood up.

"Well, does your hoof feel better?" Toriel asked, curious about the outcome.

Sombra felt better than even, his sprained hoof had completely healed, "It feels great, thank you. But, I was wondering, what was that black heart that came out of my chest? And what did you do with that weird fire?"

The goat monster chuckled in amusement, "There will be time to explain, but that time is not now. What it is time for is your cookie reward, come on now" Right as Toriel got out of the chair, there was a shout in the kitchen.

"Mom! Mom!" Asriel shouted, running up to his mother, "Dad ate the cookies!"

"Oh my- Gorey!" Toriel shouted sternly, "What is this about you eating the cookies?"

Asgore walked out of the kitchen with a plate of cookies and crumbs in his beard. "So, Tori, how about a cup of tea?"

Toriel pursed her lips and crossed her arms. "How many cookies are left?"

Asgore smiled sheepishly, "There's uh... one two three four... Twelve! Twelve cookies."

Toriel sighed "I made 36 more than that"

Asriel pointed at his dad accusingly, "Hah! Busted! Eating cookies is a crime punishable by... dish washing duty!"

A smile grew on Asgore's face, "But you ate those cookies as well, did you not?"

"Dad! You weren't suppose to tell!" The little monster whined. "I thought we had a deal! Don't tell mom we ate the cookies"

"You broke that deal, did you not?" He remarked.

"But you ate two more cookies than me and didn't let me have any more!" Asriel retorted.

Toriel cleared her throat to get the boy's attention. "So you 'both' ate the cookies I made"

Asgore and Asriel glance at each other, then both took one cookie off the plate. "Cookie?" They sheepishly asked in unison.

Toriel's expression changed from stern, to smug. "I will take these" she yanked both cookies from out of their hands, "As for your punishment, I do like that 'dish washing duty' you have thought of Asriel. Why not after dinner, you both can wash the dishes. Sound good?" They nodded, "Good. Oh, and Gorey, put the cookies back where you left them".

Asgore quickly walked out of the room with Asriel in pursuit, probably to find a way to let his dad to all the work.

Tories took a bite out of a cookie and turned to Sombra, who was silent the whole time. "Here you go dear, eat up". She handed him the non-bitten cookie.

Sombra smiled and used his own magic to lift the cookie up and gave it a vicious chomps. The foal beamed, "It's gud!" He muffled with his mouth full of food.

Toriel smiled, "I'm glad you like it. Well, I should make sure Asriel and Gorey aren't eating anymore of those cookies. Make yourself at home child, if you need me, just call" With that, Toriel walked off into the kitchen, leaving the pony to himself.

Sombra looked around the living room, he lied down on the chair next to the fire place and thought about the what to do next. 'This place is nice. I guess I can stay here for a while'.

"Sombra! Sombra!" Asriel yelled to the pony as he ran out of the kitchen. "I forgot to show you around the house! You gotta see my room first, it's the coolest!"

The unicorn smiled, "OK, sure"

With that said, Asriel grabbed the pony's hoof and raced towards his bed room, determined to give Sombra the best tour.

Author's Note:

So Sombra meets the dreemurrs, and is quite amused by their shenanigans.

Also, just so you know, this is in the past. When Toriel and Asgore were still a thing, You know what that means?

It means I can ship them till my hearts content. SUCK IT SORIEL SHIPPERS :pinkiehappy:

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