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Shadow of the Underground - KDS-Writingindustries

The young Shadow King is adopted in the underworld of the Underground. He will prepare for the war against the ponies.

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Chapter 2: Moving out

The last few day Sombra had spent with the dreemurrs were fantastic. Asriel, his new best friend, would always wake him up for breakfast. Toriel would answer the many questions he had, like the time he asked about the black heart, Toriel explained that it was a SOUL, the very culmination of someone's being. Asgore would tell him a joke or bad pun now and then, Sombra wouldn't admit it, but the puns were hilarious to him.

It was amazing to say the least, everything Sombra had wanted and more. One day though, it appeared that the dreemurrs were packing their clothes in suitcases, ready to go to who knows where.

Sombra was sitting on the little goat's bed, watching him pack all his clothes up. He decided to ask about it. "Hey, Asriel."


"I was wondering, why are you guys packing up?"

The small monster put on a pair of mittens and a beanie, both having the same pattern as his sweater. "Oh, it's because we're leaving"

The pony cocked his head, still in confusion, "But 'why' are you leaving?"

Asriel finished packing and zipped up the suitcase, "Well, I heard that the monsters had finished building our new home! We would've gone earlier, but dad said that we needed one more bed. You know, for you to have" He answered.

Sombra smiled gratefully, "You guys gave me a bed?"

Asriel was about to say something else, but his mother called out to them. "That's our que. Come on Sombra!" The boss monster grabbed the handle on his suitcase and rushed outside, with the pony in pursuit.

Outside the room, waited Toriel and Asgore, also having suitcases of their own. "Asriel are you ready? Is everything packed?" Asriel nodded, Toriel smiled "Okay, everyone say 'Goodbye house'".

"Bye house!"

"Goodbye house"


As everyone said their goodbyes, Toriel went down the stairs into the basement, Asgore following.

Asriel was about to go down, but he stopped, "Wait! I almost forgot! Sombra stay there!" He rushed back to his room, moments later he reappeared with a small camera. He shoved it into one of the pockets and grabbed his suitcase. "Let's go, I don't want to keep mom waiting" He walked down the stairs, Sombra following.

The young pony found out that the downstairs basement was in fact, not a basement. Rather a long purple pathway leading to a huge purple door. Sombra stared in awe while Asriel fidgeted with excitement.

Toriel turned to the both of them, "Ready boys?"

"You bet!"

"I guess"

Asgore pushed the door open, a chilled wind flowed inside. On the other side was a snowy winter forest, with tall thin trees stretching as far as the eye could see. "Come on now, let's get going" The monsters and pony began to walk through the snowy path.

As they walked, Toriel and Asgore started up a conversation, Sombra wasn't bothered to listen. Said pony heard a 'psst' to his left, Asriel.

"Hey, Sombra! Do you like the snow?" Asriel asked holding the black camera, pointing it in the unicorn's direction. Sombra shrugged, "Sombra that's not an answer!" The little got whined, the pony held in laughter. "Well um, I'm wondering, how are you not cold? It's like, freezing right now, I'd be a Popsicle if if it weren't for my sweater."

Sombra shrugged again, waiting for a priceless reaction from Asriel.

Said monster rewarded him by groaning loudly, "Sombra this isn't funny. Hmm..." Asriel pursed his lips and thought of ideas to make him talk, he snapped his fingers, " I know your weakness~" Asriel reached into his pocket and showed the half eaten bar of chocolate, "I'll give you some chocolate if you answer my question".

Sombra's eyes widened as he grinned, the unicorn yanked the bar from the little goat and took a massive bite.

"Good, now that you'll talk, I got a question. How do you not feel the cold?" The boss monster asked, camera pointed right at the foal.

"Hmm... I guess I don't feel it since there's its always cold in my home town" Sombra answered honestly.

"Ohhhh... That makes sense. Can you answer my other questions too?" Sombra grinned smugly when he shrugged.

"I thought you stopped with the shrugging!?" The goat exclaimed loudly. "I don't want the video to be just you shrugging!"

Sombra looked at the camera and chuckled, "Then it's a good thing that the lens cap is still on".

"What!?" Asriel checked the camera lense, it was covered by the cap lense. "Aww... Oh well" he turned it off and put it back in his pocket. He looked up and gasped, "We're here! That was fast".

Sombra raised a brow and looked where his friend was looking, they were now in a town, it looked small, but brand new, like it was just built a few weeks ago. He caught sight of a sign, it also looked brand new.


The pony followed Asriel and his parents to a large cottage. Sombra stared in awe, he leaned over and whispered to Asriel "Is this the new house?"

"No, it's Dr. W.D Gaster's house" He whispered back.

Sombra was now more confused, "Who's W.D Gaster?" His question stayed unanswered when Asgore knocked on the door.

A rather strange monster had opened the door, the monster had a bipedal skeleton for a body, wearing a grey turtle neck and black trousers. The strangest thing about him to Sombra was that he had no eyeballs, only white pinpricks in each eye socket. The monster smiled when he saw Asgore and Toriel, "Ah, King Asgore, Queen Toriel. Good to see you." He greeted kindly, shaking the hands of said monsters.

"Uncle Gaster!" Asriel pushed past his mother and father to hug the skeleton.

The skeleton, Gaster, merely chuckled and lifted up his nephew. "Good to see you too, Prince Asriel. Come in, come in." Gaster walked back inside, gesturing that the others should follow.

Toriel looked back at the unicorn, who looked anxious to enter the house, Toriel put her hand on Asgore's shoulder, "You do not need to wait for me dear, I will be in there in a moment" Asgore nodded and entered the house. Meanwhile Toriel crouched down to Sombra's eye level. "Are you alright, my child?"

"I'm okay, I'm confused, that's all."

"About what?"

The unicorn took a second to answer, "How can a skeleton be a goat's uncle?"

Toriel giggled, "It is a long story. How about I tell it to you when we are inside?" Toriel walked entered the skeleton's house, with Sombra in pursuit.

The cottage was warm and cozy, Asgore had Gaster were having a nice chat while Asriel was happily petting a snoozing cat, presumably the doctor's pet. On a closer inspection though, Sombra saw that the cat had...dragon wings. The foal decided to sit next to the King and listen in on their conversation.

"-possible that he could not pass through the barrier. Have you consider that?"

"Yes, but the his kind did create it, it wouldn't be a stretch if he could pass though easily."

The foal realised that they were taking about him, it made him a bit uncomfortable. "Um, Asgore?"

The King turned and smiled, "Ahh! Young pony, good timing. I would like you to meet my good friend Doctor W.D Gaster. The Royal scientist" Asgore introduced to the unicorn.

Gaster shook the pony's hood with his bony hand, "A pleasure to meet you..."

"Sombra" The goat monster inferred.

"A pleasure to meet you Sombra" Right as the scientist said the foal's name, the winged cat that was snoozing away shot up and looked directly at the pony. She purred and nudged his hind legs. "Don't mind her, she does that to people she likes"

"Oh" Sombra looked at the cat, the cat looked back. Sombra noticed the black collar, it had the initials 'K.D.#' the last letter was scratched beyond recognition.

The winged feline flew over to Toriel, not giving him or Asriel a second glance. The latter whimpering, heartbroken that the cat had left him so quickly.

The pony looked back at Gaster, "So... Um... If this is your home Doctor, where's our's?"

"Well young pony, our house is farther ahead at the end of the underground, but my dear friend does know, 'shortcuts' as he says it" Asgore explained. "We can depart soon, but first I'd like to learn about that new recipe you've know Gaster. What did you say it was called again?"

"Spaghetti" Gaster answer.

The King and scientist went on talking about spaghetti, the pony grew bored and trotted to Toriel and Asriel. "Toriel? I'd like to hear that story now"

The tall goat raised a brow at first, then understood what he meant, Asriel however, did not "Story? Story about what?"

"Sombra would like to know why you call Dr. Gaster, 'Uncle' Gaster" she explained.

Asriel's eyes widened, "No! Not that story, it's too embarrassing" he covered his face in embarrassment. Sombra could've sworn the cat let out a 'meow' of laughter.

Said pony was grinning wickedly, "It's embarrassing? Well I 'guess' you should.... not leave any details untold".

The small monster pouted, "No..."

Toriel chuckled at their shenanigans, "I will do a quick summary Asriel, nothing else." She assured. "It all began when Asriel was a kid. When he first met Gaster, Asgore told him that he and Gaster were like brothers. It made Asriel think that Gatser was his Uncle. He's been calling Gaster uncle ever since."

Sombra deflated, "You left out the embarrassing part"

"No she didn't" Asriel inferred, "The embarrassing part was.... ThatIthoughtUncleGasterwasactuallymyUncle."

Sombra tried to hold in his laughter, he failed miserably, "Heheheheh...okay that makes more sense".

"Tori, Asriel, get your suitcases, we will be leaving soon" Asgore announced to the others.

"Already!" The young monster whined, making Toriel chuckle.

"Come on Asriel, you want to see the new house, do you not?"

"I do" Asriel grabbed his suitcase as did his parents. Sombra noticed that the winged cat had flew up onto the scientist shoulder, casually purring. Although it seemed to be something more than that.

The pony and the dreemurr's walked up to the skeleton, "Ready to see your house?" Asriel nodded eagerly while his parents smiled in agreement. Gaster opened the door walked out, with the others following. Instead of seeing the rest of Snowdin town, Sombra saw the front of a house, looking relatively the same as their old one.

'How did he do that?'

"Welcome to your new home." The doctor said, giving them a small tour around the house. "Fairly similar to your old home. Your new house is also connected to your throne's." Gaster implied to Toriel and Asgore.

"Psst, Sombra. I'm gonna check out our room, wanna come?" Asriel whispered to his pony friend.

Sombra glanced at the adults, then back to Asriel, he grinned, "What're we waiting for?"

Asriel fist pumped and ran off with Sombra in hot pursuit, they reached a door, "Okay, by what uncle Gaster said about this being exactly like our old home... This should be it." The two friend held their breath and walked in. Asriel was right, the room appeared exactly like his old one, only difference was that their was another bed, Sombra was sure that it was suppose to be a guest bed for himself, but he felt like a guest room should be in another room entirely.

"Geronimo!" The little goat shouted as he flung himself onto the bed on the right, giggling and rolling around the bed. "It's so soft~ I call dibs on this one!"

The unicorn merely rolled his eyes playfully as he walked over and jumped on the guest bed, it too felt soft. "Then I'll call dibs on this one... Say, why do you have a guest bed in your room Asriel? Shouldn't a guest bed be in a guest room?"

"That's not a guest bed, it's your bed." Asriel inferred, then strangely look up in shock and covered his mouth.

Sombra shifted a bit, "What's with the look?"

The boss monster looked around but not daring to meet the pony's eye, "Uh..Well...um.. What's that Mom!? Okay I'm coming!" Asriel ran out of the room at top speed. Leaving a confused foal.

'What was that all about?' Sombra though back on what Asriel had said before, 'It's my bed...? Wouldn't that mean...' His eyes widened a bit, the unicorn rushed out of the room, looking for his friend.

Sombra found Asriel in the lounge room, taking to his parents, "-to say it!! It just slipped out, honest!"

"What do you mean' 'slipped out'?" The unicorn asked, although he had an idea of what Asriel was taking about.

The goat family looked at each other, then Toriel looked at the foal kindly, "Well dear, we were thinking that maybe you could be apart of our family."

Sombra stared in shock, "You...you want to adopt me?"

Asgore smiled gently, "Of course we do! Although we wanted to announce it a bit later, when you would feel happy here with us. It appears that 'someone' had spilled the beans a bit early though." He glanced at Asriel when he emphasised 'someone'.

Said monster sheepishly grinned, "I can't really keep secrets...but still, We want you to be in our family, soooo...what do ya say?"

Sombra slowly smiled with gratitude, he rushed up to the dreemurr's and gave them all hugs, "Yes, yes, yes! I want to stay here! I want to be a family!" Asriel, Toriel, and Asgore hugged him back.

"Welcome to the family brother! Say, would that make you my... Sombro?" Asriel joked, with a playful grin on his face. The pony looked away from Asriel, trying to hide his own grin.

"Well, this is all very heartwarming. But I think it's time that we leave." Gaster said, making himself known again.

Asgore was the first to reply, "Oh right, of course Gaster. We shall see each other soon I hope?"

"Aww.... Can't Uncle Gaster stay for a while?" The little monster whined. Sombra heard that cat meow again, he hadn't noticed it until now, but the feline was sitting quietly on the skeleton's shoulders, looking straight at him.

Gaster chuckled at Asriel's protest, "We will see each other again, prince Asriel." The skeleton walked to the door, but took one last look at Sombra, "We hope to see you again, my friends" With that, he was gone.

Sombra felt that there was something strange about the skeleton and the cat, but it didn't matter to him now. He was in a family now,na family with a loving mother, father, and brother. Sombra was as happy as he could be.

But he didn't know how long it would last.

Author's Note:

Annnnnnd now Sombra's a dreemurr. Would that make him the other prince of the underground? Tell me in the comments below.

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i like it and yes that would make Sombra's dreemurr a prince of the underground too

a prequel huh. this will be interesting for me.

yes that would also make sombra a prince.
also this is what happens to gaster at one point in time.

I already like this, but will Gaster be appearing in "Little ray of Sunshine"?


No. The answer is mostly no.

But still, he will appear in Shadow of the underground.

r u going to use an image for this?


Cover art is in the making, don't worry. :pinkiesmile:

7134656 good to hear.

Gaster made Pasghetti?

You sir, just got a Fav.:twilightsmile:

... I think I know how this is gonna end, and it ain't pretty.

7276339 WELL

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