• Published 3rd Apr 2016
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The Chrysalling - Fateful Pony

Queen Chrysalis launches an attack on a the day of the Crystalling.

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To the Empire

The train chugged quickly down the tracks as it made its way towards the Crystal Empire. So far, only twenty minutes passed before Derpibra started feeling bored once again. He sat next to Applejack, and she giggled every time he groaned.

“Buck up sugarcube. We’ll be there before you know it.”

“But we’ve been here for an hour already.”

“It’s only been twenty minutes.” Twilight said from the seat across the row.

“Oh my Celestia.”

“Hey.” Rainbow Dash called. “You bored? Let’s hoof wrestle then! Bet ten bits you won't win.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Must we really do this?” Gaffold said from the corner of the train cart.

“Yeah! C’mon Gaffold, don’t be a stick in the mud.”

“Leave me out of this. I’d rather not get dirty.” He laughed.

“Don't be so rough you two.” Rarity waved her hoof disapprovingly. “I didn’t dress you two up for these activities.”

“Oh, fine.” They both grunted.

“Rock paper scissors?” Derpibra suggested.

“Alright, lets go-”

“WAIT!” Pinkie Pie shouted. Everypony jumped.

“What, what!?” Twilight got up from her seat. “Something wrong?”

“How are we going to play rock paper scissors with our hooves?”

Derpibra and Rainbow Dash slumped in their seats.

“Whoopsie… bad time to say that huh?”

“Yeah, no kidding.” Dash said.

“I’m going to the top of the train. It’s stuffy in here.” Derpibra said.

Twilight cocked her brow. “That’s not very safe you know…”

Without second guessing it, he
climbed through a hatch on the roof and planted himself just next to it. This wind tossed his cape about, but he thought it was refreshing. He didn't have to worry of his mane since he had a hat on.

After some minutes, Applejack appeared from the door. “You alright Derpi?”

“Yeah, just needed some fresh air. Those windows weren’t working out for me.”

“You sure there ain’t another reason why you're up here?”


“You get bored way too easily.” She took a seat next to him.

“Yeah, I hate it.” He smiled towards her. “At least I can't be bored when I’m around you though.”

“Aw shucks.” She blushed. “I still never quite understood why you love me so much. I ain’t that special, am I?”

“You are. You're honest, tough, hardworking, and you have no need for dresses and makeup. All you need is just yourself and those cute little freckles on your cheeks.”

“Well, gee, I…” Her eyes strayed from him. “You sure do know how to make a mare feel good about herself.”

“It’s only what you deserve.”

She couldn't conjure a response without second guessing.

Derpibra combed through her luxurious golden mane with his hoof, and scooted closer to her. She swore she could feel his body heat.

“Hey lover boy, you seem a bit excited…” She said through a darkening blush.

He responded by kissing her neck. Applejack closed her eyes and bit her lip slightly.

“Is this… the place to be… doing this? On top of a train?”

“Yeah, you’ll like it.” He laid down and extended his sizable wing, offering her a comfortable place to lie in. She laid down, facing him.

“Never had the chance to feel how soft your wings are… or how strong.”

He smiled before planting another kiss, this time on her firm, natural lips. He caressed her cheeks as the couple intimately touched each other.

“You taste like apples.”

“You ain't even gotten to the fun part yet.”

“Oh? You are a bad mare~” He said through a familiar feeling in his spine.

For the rest of the train ride, they held each other in their hooves. For that time, Derpibra wasn't bored. Maybe the train ride would be shorter than expected.