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The Chrysalling - Fateful Pony

Queen Chrysalis launches an attack on a the day of the Crystalling.

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Concluding on a New Adventure

“Quickly, put the power in the shard!” Sunburst held out another blue shard, and Derpibra charged it completely. Sunburst then place the shard in place while the heart was being held together by four different spells, all being casted by Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Twilight.

The heart flashed, and appeared in flawless condition.

Derpibra, still in his Super state, trotted over to the baby, who still bellowed in everlasting fear. He held her in his hooves, and the baby, comforted by his Light, quieted down and rested. He smiled as her cute, annular eyes closed while biting his muzzle softly. “I hope you grow up to be an awesome warrior.” He whispered. “Someone who can’t be beat by anyone.”

“Derpibra?” Cadence called.

He turned around slowly, so he wouldn't disturb his young friend. “Hey princess.”

“I wanted to thank you for saving us and the baby. We were so worried she… she…”

“Don’t stress yourself. I did this because I care about my friends.” He took care to give her the child with great temperament. “What are going to call her?”

Shining Armor came into the room. “I’m sure Cadence had an idea…?”

“Yes.” She smiled as her eyes beholded her little joy. “We were thinking… Flurry Heart.”

“That sounds awesome!” Derpibra said.

Everypony else nodded.

“Good. Then it’s official.” Shining Armor motioned for everypony to follow him into the royal dining room. “Should we have a royal dinner to end the day?”

Derpibra’s stomach growled, yearning for sustenance. “Yeah, I’m starving.” He reverted to his base form.

The table was lined with cakes, salads, hay- everything to keep a gray stallion satisfied. He happened to have a hayburger on his plate, ketchup and all. He ate with a slight disregard to manners, but he wasn’t outrageous. “Wow Shining, you’re lucky to have a princess that can cook like this.”

“You must learn to cook when you have kids.” Cadence chuckled with a touch of timidness.

“Hey Applejack, I have a question for you.” Derpibra said, Applejack seated adjacent to him.

“Yeah Derpi?”

“Do you think we can have kids later on?”

Everyone looked at him, including Applejack who’s cheeks glowed from the sudden inquiry. “Maybe we can.” She answered feebly.

“You two are… involved together?” Cadence asked.

Derpibra took a bite of his hayburger before answering, “Yeah. She’s the true definition of beauty and toughness wrapped into one orange mare.” His face full of glee as he continued to eat away his food. “Wouldn't you agree?”

Cadence chipped away at her salad. She was never a fast digester of food. “Yes, of course.”

“Princess!” A stallion cried from the other side of the double doors. “We have information for you!”

“Come in.”

A white unicorn wearing pearl white and balloon pink heavy armor trotted into the room. “Scouts have reported sights of ruins in a nearby Crystal Mountain that was destroyed by an overwhelming source of magic, witnesses confirmed.”

Derpibra sat just slightly lower in his seat.

“I see. We will look into the matter once we are done here. Thank you for the information, you may now return to post.”

“Right away princess.” He left the room and shut the doors behind him.

“Derpibra, are you okay?” Shining asked.

He sprung up, and spoke erratically. “What? No, no, everything's fine. Hey princess, can we go look into those ruins?”

“Why not? Well, you all must rest for now. Once you're done eating, the royal guest rooms are upstairs, first door to your left. There will be plenty of rooms if you all sleep separately.”

“Sweet.” He stretched. “I’m kinda beat anyway.”

“Before you go, let's discuss something first.”


“Since you saved the empire, how would you like to be my personal guard?”

“Woah, personal guard? What do they do?”

“They are like my normal guards, except they get more privileges, and more… challenging assignments. You won’t be standing around guarding the place like everyone else.”

“That sounds cool, but I’ll do it under one condition.”


“Yup. Gaffold needs something too, since he was helping me fight Chrysalis.”

“Oh, I see. Gaffold will get the same thing then too, if that is what he desires.”

“Fine by me.” He replied. “I need an income of bits.”

“Then it’s settled. Well, if you need anything, just tell me. I’m in your debt.”

“You don’t owe me anything. You shouldn't have to pay to get your baby saved. That’s crazy!”

She smiled warmly.

Just as Derpibra left the room, the white alicorn appeared behind him, standing at the door. “Hello…”

He whirled around at the sudden voice. “Celestia?”

“I observed your power. I never knew it was possible for a pegasus to cast magic. I’m truly impressed.”

“Ah, it’s nothing.”

“You’re being modest. How did you do it? Did Twilight experiment on you?”

“What? No. I learned it from a dragon.”

“A dragon…? How is that possible? Well, I’m sure you can tell me the tale when you’re good and rested. Until the morrow?”

“Yup, Hey, are you still going to be here tomorrow?”

“Yes. I must return to my castle in Canterlot in a few days. I would be delighted if you were to visit. Maybe we can exchange magical spells and incantations.”

“I’d love that. Alright Celestia, you’ve been put through the wringer yourself, so you should rest.”

“Perhaps. But I have some things to wrap up before I should retire for the afternoon. But, until then.” She walked off, going outside to consult Cadence’s guards.

“Guess it’s time for me to go.” He climbed up the tower to the bedrooms, and took off his duster coat and hat, slightly damaged from the battle that transpired only hours ago. The room itself had a capacious fountain in its center. He dived in, and rinsed himself off. The water was fresh and free of any odor.

After cleaning himself up, he dried off and lied in bed. Before falling asleep, he thought, to himself. “That fight taught me something. Fights like that don’t last too long. If you let your guard down, you can get destroyed pretty quickly. I gotta remember that. That, and… what’s in those ruins I wonder…”

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