• Published 19th Jan 2016
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The Dueling Games - Shadow Kick

This for the Friendship Games, the teachers decide to have a tournament for the popular dueling game, Yugioh. Also, the Twilight from this world wants to learn about the magic coming from the school and unintentionally ends up stealing it.

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Day 1

All the students began dueling immediately, some were doing tag duels, others were doing one on one, and some were even doing one against multiple players.

Rainbow Dash was looking for a good challenge, but so far she couldn’t find anyone who wasn’t dueling, until. “Hold it right there!” said a voice. Three doggish-looking boys jumped out from behind a bush, it was Rover, Fido and Spot. “I challenge you to a duel!” said Spot.

“No, I challenge you!” countered Fido.

“I’m the leader here! So I get to challenge,” said Rover. The boys then started fighting.

“Guys?” asked Rainbow. The boys didn’t hear her. “Guys!” The three still didn’t stop. “GUYS!!!” the boys stopped. “I’ll take all three of you on.”

“Are you kidding?” asked Rover.

“Nope,” confirmed Rainbow. “Or are you three, scary-cats?”

The boys growled and got out their disks and decks. “Nobody calls us cats!” said Rover. “We’ll all wager one medal each.”

“Cool,” said Rainbow. “When I beat you guys, I’ll get three medals for the prize of one.”

“DUEL!” said the four duelists.

Rainbow: LP 4000
Fido: LP 4000
Spot: LP 4000
Rover: 4000

Turn 1: Rainbow

“Since I’m outnumbered, I’ll go first,” said Rainbow. “I draw!” Rainbow looked at her hand and smiled. “I’ll end my turn.”

Turn 2: Rover

“What?” Asked Rover. “Oh I see, didn’t get a good hand. Oh well, too bad! My turn, I summon Guard Dog in attack mode. I’ll place two cards face down and end my turn.”

Turn 3: Spot

“My turn,” said Spot. “I play Flamvell Firedog in attack mode. I place one card face down and end my turn.”

Turn 4: Fido

“My turn,” said Fido. “I’ll summon Mad Dog of Darkness in attack mode. I place one card face down and end my turn.”

Turn 5: Rainbow

“My turn,” said Rainbow. “I play Painful Choice. This card allows me to select five cards from my deck, I show them to you guys, you select card and that card will go to my hand, the others go to the graveyard.”

The dogs looked at Rainbow’s five selected cards, (Crystal Beasts Amber Mammoth, Sapphire Pegasus, Emerald Tortoise, Cobalt Eagle, and Topaz Tiger)

“I think, we should go the Mammoth,” said Spot.

“No, go the Pegasus,” said Fido.

“NO! You idiots!” yelled Rover. “We select the Tortoise.”

“Awesome, that’s my favorite,” said Rainbow. “Reminds me of my pet tortoise, tank.” (Rainbow has Emerald Tortoise, Ruby Carbuncle, and Amethyst Cat in her hand along with four other spell cards) “I play Card Destruction. Now all of us sends our hands to the graveyard and draw the same number of cards. Awesome! I play Pot of Greed so now I get to draw to more cards. Now I play Dark Hole and Heavy Storm.”

“Oh no!” cried the boys.

“Since I have all seven Crystal Beasts in my graveyard, I’ll special summon the Rainbow Dragon in attack mode!” said Rainbow.

“Uh oh,” said Rover.

“Not good,” said Spot.

“Pretty,” said Fido.

“If you like that, you’ll love this,” said Rainbow. “I play the field spell, Advanced Dark. Now all Crystal Beasts on my field and graveyard are treated as Dark monsters. So now I can summon Rainbow Dark Dragon in attack mode!”

“Another one?” asked Rover.

“But that’s not all,” said Rainbow. “Since there’s a field spell out, I will remove another Rainbow Dragon in my deck from play to special summon Malefic Rainbow Dragon in attack mode!”

“Three dragons in one turn?!” asked Fido.

“But wait, only that Malefic monster can attack now,” said Rover.

“Oh yeah?” asked Rainbow. “I play Forbidden Chalice, now my Malefic Dragon’s effects are negated and he gains 400 extra points. Now my Rainbow Dragons, attack all three of them!!”

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” cried the boys as their life points went to zero.

Rainbow: LP 4000
Fido: LP 0
Spot: LP 0
Rover: 0

“OH YEAH!!!!” cried Rainbow. “I am so awesome!!”

“Duel!” yelled Rarity and Suri

Rarity: LP 4000
Suri: LP 4000

Turn 1: Suri

“I’ll set a monster and place two cards face down, okay?” said Suri. “It’s your turn, Rare, okay?”

Turn 2: Rarity

“Very well, I draw,” said Rarity. “I play Anti Magic Arrows, now all of your face down cards are frozen until the end of the turn. Then I’ll play Nobleman of Crossout to destroy your monster.”

“That’s so not cool, okay?” said Suri.

“Well, now we’re even for what you tried to do to me in Manhattan!” yelled Rarity. “Now I’ll play Brilliant Fusion. Now I can send Gem-Knight Monsters from my deck to the graveyard to fusion summon a Gem-Knight Fusion monster, so I’ll send three Gem-Knights to the graveyard to fusion summon Gem-Knight Lady Brilliant Diamond in attack mode.”

“Wow, nice card,” said Suri. “Hey, I’ll trade ya for it, okay?”

“No thanks, I won’t trade these cards for anything in the world. Except for real jewels,” said Rarity. “Unfortunately, because of Brilliant Fusion’s side effect, my monster’s ATK and DEF points go to zero. Luckily, all I have to do is discard a spell card and her points go back to 3400. Next I’ll play Absorb Fusion this card allows me to transfer one Gem Knight Monster from my deck to my hand. Now I’ll summon it, Gem Knight Alexandrite in attack mode. Now I can activate my Brilliant Diamond’s effect, by sending one Gem Knight to graveyard, I can special summon one Gem Knight Fusion monster to the field, and I choose Gem-Knight Master Diamond in attack mode. “Now his ability activates, he gains 100 extra ATK points for every Gem-Knight monster in my graveyard and I’ve got four.”

“Hey, this is like so not fair, kay?” said Suri.

“So sorry darling, but life isn’t fair.” Explained Rarity. “Now my knights, attack!”

“No!” screamed Suri as her points went zero.

Rarity: LP 4000
Suri: LP 0

“My medal please,” said Rarity.

“Duel!” Trenderhoof had challenged Applejack to a duel.

Applejack: LP 4000
Trenderhoof: LP 4000

“Remember, if I win, you go out with me,” said Trenderhoof.

“Ugh, I think I just threw up in my throat,” said AJ.

“Even so, you’re still so beautiful,” said Trenderhoof.

Turn 1: Applejack

“Let’s just get this over with.” said AJ. “Ladies first. I’ll play Goblindbergh and I’ll uses his effect to bring out Infernity Avenger. Now I’ll tune them together to Synchro summon X-Saber Wayne in attack mode. Now when I attack, you activate traps. Then I’ll use Wayne’s effect to special summon Queen’s Knight. Also, since there’s a normal light monster on the field, I can special summon Noble Knight Gawayn. Now I’ll overlay my two knights together to Xyz summon Gagaga Cowboy in defense mode.”

“Wow, pretty and talented,” said Trenderhoof.

Applejack ignored him. “I’ll uses my cowboy effect. By using an overlay unit while he’s in defense mode, you lose 800 life points. I place one card face down and end my turn.”

Applejack: LP 4000
Trenderhoof: LP 3200

Turn 2: Trenderhoof

“My turn,” said Trenderhoof. “I play Dark Core. By discard a card, I remove one monster on your side from play. I choose your Wayne.”

“Dang!” said AJ.

“Now, I’ll summon Scanner in attack mode,” said Trenderhoof. “Next, I’ll activate his effect to select one of your monsters that been removed and my Scanner gets to copy its name, Attribute, Level, ATK, and DEF points.”

“That little card can do all that?” asked Applejack.

“Yes,” confirmed Trenderhoof. “So my Scanner’s ATK points become 2100. Also, I’ll play the spell card Solidarity. If I have one time of monster in my graveyard, all monsters on my field that are the same type as the one in my graveyard gain 800 ATK points. Luckily for me I discarded a machine monster (Shreddder) with Dark Core so Scanner gets even stronger. But before I attack, I’ll play Fissure to get rid of your cowboy.”

“Dang it!” said AJ.

“Now Scanner attack her directly,” said Trenderhoof.

Applejack: LP 1100
Trenderhoof: LP 3200

After Applejack received the attack, she smiled. “An Apple a day keeps the damage away. I activate my trap, The Golden Apples, now I gain back all life points I lost, and I get to summon a token with ATK and DEF points equal to the life points I received.”

Applejack: LP 4000
Trenderhoof: LP 3200

“Wow, nice move.” said Trenderhoof. “I end my turn.”

Turn 3: Applejack

“My turn, I draw!” said Applejack. She then smiled again. “Okay lover boy, you’re going down. I send Quillbolt Hedgehog to the graveyard to special summon Quickdraw Synchron then, I’ll special summon my hedgehog from the graveyard. Now I’ll tune these two together to Synchro summon Junk Archer. Now for his effect, I can remove one monster on your field from play until the end of the turn, so there goes your Scanner.”

“Oh my,” said Trenderhoof.

“Junk Archer attack him directly!” ordered Applejack.

“Aaaah!” said Trenderhoof

Applejack: LP 4000
Trenderhoof: LP 900

“Now I’ll finish you off with my token," said Applejack. "Attack!"

“You win,” said Trenderhoof in a defeated manner.

Applejack: LP 4000
Trenderhoof: LP 0

“So cough up that medal,” said Applejack.

“Let’s duel!” said Pinkie and Royal Pin.

Pinkie: LP 4000
Royal Pin: LP 4000

“Just to make things fun, why don’t you go first,” asked Pinkie.

Turn 1: Royal Pin

“Very well,” said Royal Pin as he drew his card. “I summon Thousand Needles in defense mode. Then I’ll activate Double Summon which lets me summon another monster this turn. “But before I do, I’m going to activate Cost Down. Now by discard a card (Three Thousand Needles) I can down grade all monsters in my hand by two stars. So now I can summon Two Thousand Needles without Tributing in attack mode. Lastly, I’ll play Monster Reborn to bring back the card I discarded, Three Thousand Needles in attack mode!”

“Wow, that’s a lot to take it when you summon em all at once,” said Pinkie.

“Your turn,” said Royal Pin in a polite manner.

Turn 2: Pinkie

“Okay, I draw,” said Pinkie. “I play Madolche Anjelly. Now I activate her ability, by Tributing her, I special summon a Madolche monster from my deck. So I’ll play Madolche Puddingcess in attack mode. Then I’ll play Instant Fusion, which lets me special summon a level five or lower fusion monster, I choose Flower Wolf in attack mode. I overlay my Puddingcess and my wolf to Xyz summon Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-Mode in attack mode. Now I activate her effect, by using an overlay unit, I can return one Madolche monster in my grave, back to my deck, then I can special summon one Madolche monster from my deck. I choose Madolche Chouxvalier in attack mode. Next I play Lightning Vortex, by discarding a card (Madolche Baaple), all your monsters are toast.”

“No!” yelled Royal Pin.

“Yep, sorry,” said Pinkie. “Now just for the fun of it, I’ll the field spell “Madolche Chateau”. I wish this place was real. Anyhoo, first all Madolche cards in my graveyard go back to my deck. Then all my Madolche monsters gain 500 extra points. Now I’ll attack you directly, Madolche Puddingcess and Chouxvalier, attack!!”

“Aaahhhh!!” cried Royal Pin as his points went to zero.

Pinkie: LP 4000
Royal Pin: LP 0

“Victory is so sweet, said Pinkie.

“Here’s your medal,” said Royal Pin.

“Duel!” said Photo Finish.

“O-okay,” said Fluttershy.

Fluttershy: LP 4000
Photo Finish: LP 4000

Turn 1: Photo Finish

“I draw!” said Photo Finish. "Constellar Algiedi! In attack mode. Next, her effect, I, Photo Finish, can bring out Constellar Pollux! In attack mode. I overlay the two to form Constellar Praesepe in attack mode! Now, Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force. It will transform my monster into Number 25: Force Focus in attack mode!”

“Oh my,” said Fluttershy.

“Next, I set a card. Enough! You go,” said Photo.

Turn 2: Fluttershy

“I guess it’s my turn then,” said Fluttershy timidly.

“I activate trap!” called photo Finish. “Light of Intervention, now, none of your monsters can hide.”

“Okay,” said Fluttershy. “I play Fissure to destroy your huge camera.”

“You will pay for this!” called Photo.

“Now I summon one of my favorites,” said Fluttershy. “Rescue Cat in attack mode. Now I’ll activate his ability, by sacrificing himself, I can bring out two level three or lower beast monsters. But they are destroyed at the end-”

“I know what the card does!” interrupted Photo. “Just continue so I, Photo Finish can move on.”

“Fine,” said Fluttershy “I special summon Bunilla and Catnipped Kitty in attack mode. Next I play Premature Burial to bring back my Rescue Cat, and I’ll use his effect again to special summon Outstanding Dog Marron and Rodenut in attack mode.”

“You expect me to be afraid of those vermin?” asked Photo.

“They’re not vermin!” called Fluttershy. “They’re my friends! And now I’ll show you what they can really do! I equip Bunilla with United We Stand, now he gains 800 extra points for all the monsters I control. That gives him a grand total of 3350 ATK points. Then I’ll also play The Big March of Animals, now all my beast cards get 200 extra points for every beast monster on my side. Since In have four, all my beasts gain 800 extra points!”

“What has just happened?” asked Photo.

“You’re about to lose that’s what," said Fluttershy full of confidence. "Now my little friends, ATTACK! Please.”

“Shtop! Hold that pose!” said Photo Finish as her points went to zero. “Ja! You are duelist! Now take the medal! No! Do not take it! Yes! Yes! No. No! Enough! I go!”

Fluttershy: LP 4000
Photo Finish: LP 0

“Duel!” cried Sunset and Trixie

Sunset: LP 4000
Trixie: LP 4000

Turn 1: Trixie

“The Great and Powerful Trixie always goes first!” said Trixie. “I play Dimensional Fissure. Now any monster that goes to the Graveyard will be banished.”

“Huh?” asked Sunset.

“You’ll see,” assured Trixie. “Moving on, The Great and Powerful Trixie plays Graceful Charity. I draw three cards and discard two, Cosmo Queen and Magician's Valkyria, now they’re’ banished. So I play Magical Stone Excavation. By discarding two cards, (Magician's Valkyria and Gemini Elf) I get back Graceful Charity. Now I’ll activate it again, I draw three and discard two.” (Ebon Magician Curran and Magician's Valkyria”)

“Why are you removing all your monsters?” asked Sunset.

“I was trying to draw these two cards,” said Trixie. “Spell Economics and Dimension Fusion, now I can special summon as many spellcasters as I want, so I’ll bring back three Magician's Valkyria’s, Ebon Magician Curran and Cosmo Queen, all in attack mode. Then I’ll play Magical Blast so you takes 200 points of damage for every Spellcaster on my side, altogether that’s 1000.”

Sunset: LP 3000
Trixie: LP 4000

“Dang,” said Sunset.

“Don’t forget,” reminded Trixie. “Thanks to my Valkyria’s, you can’t attack and my Magical Blast comes back next turn.”

“I know, I know,” said Sunset.

“I end my turn,” finished Trixie.

Turn 2: Sunset

“It’s my turn, so I draw,” said Sunset.

“Try to play fair this time," reminded Trixie. "That means no demon tricks.”

“Don't worry. Those days are over," said Sunset. "I activate Onslaught of the Fire Kings which lets me special summon a Fire type Beast, Beast-Warrior or Winged Beast monster from my deck. I choose Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys in attack mode. Then I’ll play Raigeki, which destroys all your monsters.”

“What?!” cried Trixie.

“Now I play the spell card Double Attack," Sunset continued. “By discarding a monster with a higher level than my Phoenix, he can attack twice. I discard The Supremacy Sun because it represents my past, and my past does not define me. Because my past is not today, ATTACK!”

“Noooooooooo!!!!!!” cried Trixie.

Sunset: LP 3000
Trixie: LP 0

“My medal please,” said Sunset.

“I wonder why I’m not getting any more signals,” wondered Twilight.

“Hey Twilight!’ called Flash Sentry.

“Oh, hi,” said Twilight. Her cheeks turned red.

“So, how many duels have you won?” asked Flash.

“Three so far,” said Twilight.

“Alright, I’ve beaten two guys so far,” said Flash.

“Way to go,” said Twilight.

“Thanks,” said Flash. He blushed as well.

“So….Wanna duel?” asked Twilight at last.

“S-sure,” said Flash. “Finally a tough opponent.”

“LET'S DUEL!” said the two of them.

Twilight: LP 4000
Flash: LP 4000

“Ladies first,” insisted Flashed.

Turn 1: Twilight

“Okay, I draw,” began Twilight. “I summon Spellbook Magician of Prophecy in defense mode. Now his effect activates, allowing me to add a Spellbook spell card to my hand. Unfortunately, that’s all I can do, so I end my turn.”

“Oh, okay. Here goes,” said Flash.

“By the way,” interrupted Twilight. “Don’t, go easy on me.”

Turn 2: Flash

“You got it,” said Flash. “I play Instant Fusion. By paying 1000 life points, I can bring out a level 5 five or lower fusion from my extra deck. (LP 3000) I choose Musician King. Sadly, it can’t attack and is destroyed at the end of the turn, so I play the spell Metamorphosis, now I can trade out this king for one that can attack. Next I play Re-Fusion to bring back my other Musician King in attack mode. (LP 2200) Now I’ll equip one of my king’s with Fusion Weapon so he gets 1500 extra points.”

Twilight: LP 4000
Flash: LP 2200

“Wow,” said Twilight.

“Well, you told me not to go easy on you,” said Flash.

“Oh no, I’m okay,” said Twilight. “I’m was just a little stunned, but go ahead. I can take it.”

“If you say so,” said Flash. “First I’ll have my weaker musician attack your magician. Then my stronger one will attack you directly.”

“Agh!” cried Twilight.

Twilight: LP 750
Flash: LP 2200

“You okay?” asked Flash.

“Of course,” said Twilight. “It’s just a hologram, remember?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Flash. “Now I activate Dian Keto the Cure Master to increase my points by 1000. (LP 3200) I place a card face down and end my turn.”

Twilight: LP 750
Flash: LP 3200

Turn 3: Twilight

“My turn, I draw,” said Twilight.

“Hold up!” alerted Flash. “I activate my trap Metal Morph. This card will give my weaker king 300 extra points, plus when he attacks one of your monsters, he’ll gain half the ATK of his target. So basically, he’s now the Heavy Metal King.”

“I see,” said Twilight. “Moving on, I play Spellbook of Secrets. This card lets me add a Spellbook spell card to my hand. I choose Spellbook of Power. Next I summon Temperance of Prophecy in attack mode. Now I play Spellbook of the Master. This card copies the effect of one Spellbook card in my graveyard, so I’ll copy the effect of Spellbook of Secrets to add another Spellbook card to my hand. Alright, the stage is set, I activate my Temperance’s ability. Since I activated a Spellbook spell card while my Temperance is on the field, I can special summon a level 5 or higher Light or Dark Spellcaster type monster from my deck. I choose World of Prophecy in attack mode.”

“Oh boy,” said Flash.

“Now that my monster’s been summoned, his effect activates,” said Twilight. “I can target two Spellbook cards in my graveyard and add them to my hand. Now, if I reveal 4 Spellbook cards in my hand with different names, I can destroy all cards on the field except for my World of Prophecy.”

“What?!” asked Flash.

“I reveal Spellbook of the Master, Spellbook of Fate, Spellbook of Secrets, and Spellbook of Power,” said Twilight. “Now I’ll activate Spellbook of Power on my World of Prophecy, now he gains 1000 extra points. World of Prophecy attack!!”

“AAHH!!!!” cried Flash.

Twilight: LP 750
Flash: LP 0

“Alright!” said Twilight.

“Congrats,” said Flash. “Here’s your medal.”

“Thanks,” said Twilight

“You were really great,” said Flash.

“Thanks,” replied Twilight blushing.

Another reading came up on Twilight’s device. “I'm sorry, excuse me,” she said.

“Okay then, Aw,” Flash groaned.

The reading lead Twilight to Fluttershy who was sitting behind some bushes, feeding her pet cat. Fluttershy noticed Twilight and invited her over. “You wanna to give her a treat?”

“Guess I'm not the only one to smuggle her pet into school,” said Twilight.

“Not just one,” said Fluttershy. She opened her backpack and out came a hamster, bird, and a rabbit.

“Wow,” said Twilight. “All I have is Spike.”

“Does he talk?” asked Twilight.

“Um, not that I know of,” answered Twilight. “How many medals have you won?”

“Six,” answered Fluttershy. “How about you?”

“Eight,” answered Twilight.

“Congratulations,” said Fluttershy.

“Thanks,” said Twilight in a depressed tone.

“What’s wrong?” asked Fluttershy.

“I just wish my brother was here to see me duel,” said Twilight.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Fluttershy. “Here, hold this.”

“Um, why?” asked Twilight.

“Holding a bunny always makes me feel better,” explained Fluttershy. “That’s why I’m here, I just lost a duel, so I decided to take a break and feed my little friends.”

“Ooh, he’s so cute, thank you,” said Twilight.

“You’re welcome,” said Fluttershy.

“Wait, I’m on the opposing team. Why are you being so nice to me?” asked Twilight.

“You looked like you needed it,” answered Fluttershy. Just then, Fluttershy began to glow. She sprouted her ears, wings and ponytail.

“Whoa…,” said Twilight. Her device then opened and began to draw in Fluttershy’s power. Suddenly, out of nowhere, five small portal opened up and a rabbit with antlers hopped out. Spike growled and chased it back into the other world. The two creatures popped in and out Equestria through the small portals, finally Spike jumped back into the human world and got zapped by some of Fluttershy’s magic. “Spike!” Twilight quickly closed her device and picked up her dog. “Spike, are you okay?”

“Um, I think so,” Spike answered.

Twilight and Spike looked at each and screamed. Twilight then ran off.

“Twilight, wait!” called Spike.

“Bye,” said Fluttershy out of breath.

“Twilight come on,” shouted Spike. “Wait for me!” Twilight finally stopped. “Why did you ran away?”

“Oh, I don't know,” said Twilight. “Maybe it has something to do with the glowing girl, or the hole in space. Or my talking dog!”

“Yeah. Weird, huh?” asked Spike.

“Are you okay?” asked Twilight. “How do you feel? What happened? Where did you go?”

Spike licked Twilight nose to silence her. “Hey, one question at a time! This is pretty new to me, too. All I know is I chased that pointy rabbit through the glowy thing and then I was somewhere else. Next thing I knew, I was back in that nice girl's arms and I could talk.”

“Well I’m just glad you’re okay,” said Twilight.

“Duel!” said Applebloom and Babs Seed.

Applebloom: LP 4000
Babs: LP 4000

Turn 1: Babs

“I’ll go first,” said Babs. “I play KA-2 Des Scissors in defense mode. Next, I place one card face down and end my turn.”

Turn 2: Applebloom

“I draw,” said Applebloom. “I summon Kozmo Farmgirl in attack mode.

“Let’s duel!” said Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo.

Diamond Tiara: LP 4000
Silver Spoon: LP 4000
Sweetie Belle: LP 4000
Scootaloo: LP 4000

Turn 1: Sweetie

“My turn, I draw!” said Sweetie. “I summon Aquaactress Tetra in defense mode. Now her effect activates, allowing me to add an Aquarium card to my hand. I’ll add Aquarium Stage to my hand. Next I’ll activate Aquarium Stage and end my turn.”

Turn 2: Diamond Tiara

“It’s about time,” said Diamond Tiara. “I activate Ancient Rules so I can special summon Hyozanryu in attack mode.”

Turn 3: Scootaloo

“It’s my turn,” said Scootaloo. “I’ll also play Ancient Rules so I can special summon PSY-Frame Driver in attack mode. Then I’ll activate Emergency Teleport to special summon the tuner monster PSY-Framegear Epsilon. Finally, I’ll tune my two monsters together to Synchro summon my favorite monster, PSY-Framelord Omega.”

Turn 4: Silver Spoon

“My turn,” said Silver Spoon. “I summon Malicevorous Spoon in defense mode, then I’ll pace one card face down and end my turn.”

“Duel!” Said Snips, Snails, Lyra and Sweetie Drops.

Snips: LP 4000
Snails: LP 4000
Sweetie Drops: LP 4000
Lyra Heartstrings: LP 4000

Turn 1: Lyra

“My move, I draw,” said Lyra. “I summon Spirit of the Harp in defense mode. I place two cards face down and end my turn.”

Turn 2: Snails

“Here goes,” said Snails. “I summon Mechanical Snail in defense mode. I place one card face down and end my turn.”

Turn 3: Sweetie Drops

“I draw,” said Sweetie Drops. “I summon Tactical Espionage Expert in defense mode. I place two cards face down and end my turn.”

Turn 4: Snips

“Alright, my turn,” said Snips. “I summon Brave Scizzar in defense mode.”

“Duel!” said Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Neon Lights and Jet Set.

Vinyl Scratch: LP 4000
Octavia: LP 4000
Neon Lights: LP 4000
Jet Set: LP 4000

Turn 1: Vinyl Scratch

“Ladies first, dude,” said Vinyl. “I summon Morphtronic Boomboxen in defense mode. I place two cards face down and end my turn.”

Turn 2: Jet Stream

“Now it’s my turn,” said Jet Set. “I summon T.G. Jet Falcon in defense mode, then I'll place two cards face down and end my turn.”

Turn 3: Octavia

“My turn,” said Octavia. “I summon The Cello Man in attack mode. Next, I'll activate his effect, which allows me to special summon a level 4 normal monster from my hand, like Hibikime. Now, I shall tune my two monsters together, to Synchro summon Crimson Blader! I place a card face down and that will be all for now.”

Turn 4: Neon Lights

“Alright, my turn,” said Neon. “I summon Aurora Paragon in attack mode, now, none of us can special summon. I place two card face down and end my turn.”

“Duel!” yelled Spitfire and Soarin

Spitfire: LP 4000
Soarin: LP 4000

Turn 1: Spitfire

“I draw!” called Spitfire. “I play Double Summon so I can summon two monsters this turn. I play Mecha Phantom Beast Stealthray and Mecha Phantom Beast Turtletracer in attack mode. Next I activate Star Changer to increase my Stealthray’s level by 1. Then I play Tannhauser Gate to combine the levels of both of my monsters so that both of them equal 7. Now I’ll overlay my two monsters to Xyz summon Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack in attack mode.”

“Oh boy,” said Soarin.

“Now I’ll activate his effect,” said Spitfire. “By detaching an overlay unit, I can special summon two Mecha Phantom Beast tokens. As long as I have a token on the field, my monster can’t be destroyed by battle or card effects. I end my turn.”

Turn 2: Soarin

“My turn, I draw,” said Soarin. “I Summon Blackwing - Breeze the Zephyr. Then I’ll special summon Blackwing Bora the Spear. I’ll tune them together to summon Blackwing Armor Master in attack mode.”

“Duel!” said Fleetfoot and Derpy

Fleetfoot: LP 4000
Derpy: LP 4000

Turn 1: Fleetfoot

“I’ll go first,” said Fleetfoot. “I summon Raidraptor - Vanishing Lanius. Next I’ll his ability to special summon Raidraptor - Mimicry Lanius. Then I’ll overlay them to Xyz summon the rank 4 Raidraptor - Force Strix. Then I’ll activate Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force to special summon a Xyz monster that’s 2 ranks higher, Raidraptor - Revolution Falcon in attack mode. I place one card face down and end my turn.”

Turn 2: Derpy

“Okay, my turn,” said Derpy. “I summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman in attack mode. Then I’ll activate Metamorphosis to transform him into Elemental HERO Neo Bubbleman. Next, I’ll equip him with Bubble Blaster.”

“Yeah!” yelled Bulk Biceps

“Nope,” said Big Mac.

“Duel!” they both yelled.

Bulk Biceps: LP 4000
Big Mac: LP 4000

Turn 1: Big Mac

“I’ll go first,” said Big Mac. “I summon Battlin' Boxer Glassjaw in attack mode. I place one card face down and end my turn.”

Turn 2: Bulk

“Oh yeah?” asked Bulk. “I summon Goblindbergh and I’ll use his effect to bring out Top Runner. Next I tune them together to Synchro summon Colossal Fighter in attack mode, Yeah!”

“Duel!” said Upper Crust and Maud.

Upper Crust: LP 4000
Maud: LP 4000

Turn 1: Upper Crust

“I’ll go first,” said Upper Crust. “I summon Royal Knight in defense mode. Then I place two cards face down and end my turn.”

Turn 2: Maud

“My turn,” said Maud. “I play Painful Choice now I select five cards from my deck and show them to you, you select one and that card goes to my hand. The others go to the graveyard.”

“They’re all Rock monsters,” said Upper Crust.

“That’s right,” said Maud. “Now select one.”

“I choose….Sand Moth,” said Upper Crust.

“Okay,” said Maud. “Now I activate Magical Stone Excavation, I discard two rock monsters, and bring back Painful Choice. Now I’ll activate it again, I pick five, you select one.”

“Okay,” said Upper Crust. “I choose…Guardian Statue.”

“Alright,” said Maud. “Now I remove ten rock monsters in my graveyard to special summon Megarock Dragon in attack mode. This gain 700 ATK points for each rock monster I removed. That’s ten, so that makes 7000.”

“Oh my,” said Upper Crust.

“Next I equip him with Fairy Meteor Crush,” said Maud.

Upper crust gulped.

Suddenly, a blue car pulled up in the Canterlot High parking lot, and out stepped Shining Armor. “Hi Cadence.”

“Shining Armor?” asked Cadence. “What are you doing here?”

“I came here to cheer on Twily,” said Shining.

“Oh, well she’s doing great,” said Cadence. “She’s already won eight medals.”

“Awesome,” said Shining. Shining looked around at all the dueling students.

“All this action reminds me of when you, Twilight and I used to duel,” said Cadence.

“Hey, wanna give it go?” asked Shining.

“Seriously?” asked Cadence. “That sounds great. If you think you can actually win.”

“Okay,” said Shining. “Now it’s on.”

“Duel!” they called.

Cadence: LP 4000
Shining Armor: LP 4000

“You go first, Shining,” insisted Cadence.

Turn 1: Shining Armor

“Okay,” said Shining. “I summon Big Shield Gardna in defense mode. “Then I’ll equip him with Magnum Shield. So if his mode changes, he gains 2600 ATK points. I place one card face down and end my turn.”

Turn 2: Cadence

“Okay, my turn,” said Cadence. “I activate Shield Crush, to destroy your Gardna.”

“Dang it!” said Shining.

“Sorry, honey," said Cadence. "But I know your deck by heart.”

“It’s okay,” said Shining. “Just go ahead and go.”

“Alright, you asked for it,” said Cadence. “I summon Injection Lily in attack mode.”

“Wow,” said Principal Celestia “Watching the kids duel is inspiring.”

“Indeed,” agreed Vice Principal Luna. “A pity we couldn’t compete.”

“What do you mean?” asked Celestia. Shining Armor and Cadence aren’t in the tournament, and they’re dueling. What to give it a go?”

“Hmmm…..Why not?” said Luna. “Let’s get our game on.”

“Duel!” said the two.

Celestia: LP 4000
Luna: LP 4000

Turn 1: Luna

“I’ll go first,” said Luna. “I discard one card to special summon The Tricky in attack mode. Next, I’ll summon Supay. Then, I will tune them together and Synchro summon Moon Dragon Quilla in attack mode. I place two cards face down and end my turn.”

Turn 1: Celestia

“I draw,” said Celestia “Since you have a monster and I don’t have any, I can special summon Oracle of the Sun. Next I summon Fire Ant Ascator. Now, I tune them together to Synchro summon Sun Dragon Inti in attack mode. Get ready, Luna.”

“All this dueling brings back memories of my husband,” said Cinch as she picked up her own deck. “Ah, the Ancient Gears. Oh Crowler, I wonder where are you now.”

As the clock struck 3, the duels stopped. “Attention!” called Principal Celestia over a megaphone. “All of you who have obtained ten medals, please come up to the podium!” Twelve girls walked up.

“Oh my,” said Luna. “This could be a problem.”

“Don’t worry,” said Cadence. “We’ll figure something out.”

“Congratulations to our twelve duelists, said Celestia. “Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer of Canterlot High! And Sour Sweet, Indigo Zap, Sunny Flare, Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest, and Twilight Sparkle of Crystal Prep! Tomorrow you will all face off, in the finals!”

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