• Published 21st Jan 2016
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Growth of the CMC: For Better or Worse - PrinceUniversa

The Cutie Mark Crusaders, three fillies who joined together with a goal of achieving their cutie marks, finally achieved their lifelong dream. After they received their cutie marks though, their friendship turns for the better or worse

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Repenting Mistakes

Repenting Mistakes

It has been about four weeks since the Crusaders learned about the word herd and of them having feelings for one another. Ever since learning about this, the three fillies have been rather conflicted about whether to accept this now or just continue forward and forget this ever happened. They have tried the latter and it was not working well much to their stubbornness and dismay. Trying the former only lead to them being more conflicted about this now.

From outside of their light of sight, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were watching the three of them as they were being more distant from each other than before. The rich filly let out a sigh. She was the one who bought upon this to the three friends. Had she not bought up them being likely fitting to be a herd, this would not have been happening. Admittedly to Diamond, she found it rather ironic that her being helpful to them caused them more pain than when she was a bully to them. She looked at her friend who shared her sentiments about this, “You were right Silver… they are being too reluctant to accept this so… quickly.”

Silver Spoon put a hoof on Diamond’s shoulder trying to help out her friend, “I know, I can’t blame you for thinking about it and bringing it up, they would’ve learned it even without your intervention.” She looked at the three fillies as they were parting each other. They didn’t even acknowledge each other and just left for their homes. Not even a single wave back or a simple hello. It was hurting the both of them to see those three becoming so distant. Silver let her grip loosen on Diamond’s shoulder, “You know what we have to do right?”

The rich filly looked at the silver earth pony with glasses seeing where she was going from here, “You mean do what I had planned should this happen?” She saw her friend nodding to her question. Diamond looked at the three who were returning home with a sorrowful expression. Seeing that expression etched on their faces, she was determined to bring the three back together. Whether as friends or lovers she would bring them back together. She turned her attention to her friend, a fire burning strong in her eyes.

Silver smiled seeing Diamond ready to bring those two back together. She pulled her up from her sitting position. Her eyes gleamed with Diamond’s as they nodded with each other, “Let’s bring those three back together.” They smiled and left to go inside the school to meet their teacher. Their first goal was to bring this up with their teacher alone. They were doubtful that Cheerilee would not notice them being not their usual selves. She was smart enough to notice something was off about the three quickly and if she did, she probably would’ve asked them out what was bothering them had she gotten the time to do so. The school bell had already rung so at this point, all students left and Cheerilee stayed behind to check out everything was in good shape. Diamond and silver came inside as Cheerilee was finishing the clean up. Diamond cleared her throat trying to get the fuchsia mare’s attention, “Excuse me, Miss Cheerilee?”

The teacher stopped cleaning up the chalkboard and looked down to see the two rich fillies standing there. A warm smile formed on her face as she greeted them, “Diamond! Silver! What brings you two here? I thought you were going to return home…” She pulled up a chair for her to sit in.

“Well, we were but…” She was not so sure on how to word the situation going on with the three fillies. Sure she can imagine the speech over and try to recite it give but actually saying it to a pony was not easy comparing to thinking of it.

Luckily, her gray compatriot came in and took over for her, “We wanted to tell you something about the Cutie Mark Crusaders…”

The fuchsia mare looked at the two of them with concern and worry. The look the teacher was wearing bore into Diamond more so than her friend due to her being the main cause of them splitting away. She looked at Silver first before shifting to Diamond, “Did you do something to offend them Diamond? Because I’d hate to hear that to be true especially since you two were getting along with the three so well…”

Diamond reacted to that almost instantly as she was shaking her forelegs in front of her, “No! I didn’t do anything terrible! I swear, I’ll even Pinkie Promise it for you!”

Within the corner of all three of their visions, a pot was shaking wildly. They looked at the pot as it was shaking back and forth until a pink pony popped out from the dirt. She bore a big smile and looked at the teacher who was surprised to see her here, “She’s telling the truth! She only told those three that they get along so well they may as… well, you can find out yourself.” She managed to push herself into the pot flower as she picks up the dirt scattered on the ground and piled them over herself. After that, the flower bloomed back and nothing happened afterward.

All three looked bore an expression of bewilderment as they looked at each other wondering what just happened. Cheerilee just waved the whole incident off as Pinkie Pie summed up what was troubling the three, “So… if I heard Pinkie correctly and I were to make a guess… you told them they’d fit together as a herd am I wrong?” Diamond looked away from the teacher while rubbing her right hoof over her left foreleg. Silver looked at the fuchsia mare hoping she would understand quickly. Cheerilee did indeed understand quickly but what came out afterward was a relative surprise for both of them, “I’m not mad you for thinking about it, in fact, I could say I’m proud of you…”

Diamond looked at her teacher clearly a bit surprised to hear this revelation from her of all ponies. Okay maybe she was stretching it there but she was still relatively shocked about this. Sliver closed her gaping mouth for her as her mind was still processing this. After a few seconds of processing this information, Diamond spoke, shock still apparent in her voice, “Proud of me? How could you be proud when I caused them to split apart? I’m trying to understand here Miss Cheerilee.”

Cheerilee wore a warm smile, “Be honest with me Diamond, you know as well as I do that they would’ve learned this over time right?” She saw the two nodding to her question, “Well in my understanding, you just told them a bit early and all of what’s happening with those three is rather normal.”

The two looked at each other trying to understand what she was trying to say. They had a small grasp of the idea but they wanted some confirmation before going to accept it, “Okay… but how is the way they are acting normal?”

Cheerilee’s smile never faded from her as she pulled up a picture showing the Cutie Mark Crusaders, their siblings, and ponies of all kind being there for the picture. Diamond and Silver saw the picture and couldn’t help but smile a bit seeing it. The fuchsia mare looked at the picture for a few seconds before responding, “The way they’re acting is normal for almost anypony who hasn’t gotten through love before. They’re conflicted on whether to accept their friendship growing into romantic territory right you two?” They nodded to her answer. She lowered the picture back to her desk as she stood up from her chair, “We all go through this on our first time that is a fact. But if we can push it and remind them that being romantically involved is not such a bad thing, then their friendship will return with renewed vigor.” Diamond and Silver made a mental note to not underestimate their teacher ever, then again, when have they ever underestimated her? They were about to leave and say thanks before Cheerilee cut them off, “So, what are you two going to do to recover their friendship?”

Both of them decided not to hold back on any more of what they had in mind. Before, they had the idea of doing this alone but since their teacher was rather curious and seemingly wants to help, they might as well tell her all the details. Diamond stepped forth as she explained, “We wanted to tell their siblings… er, siblings and role model.” Cheerilee couldn’t help but let a small chuckle escape hearing that, “Right, anyway, we wanted to tell them about their friendship problem. I’m hoping that they might be able to help those three out.”

Their teacher raised a hoof to her chin, her face contorting to an expression of thought. They stayed for awhile waiting on her to finish thinking. A few seconds have passed and Cheerilee lowered her hoof while still wearing her smile, “I can see this working… but…” Diamond and Silver let out an exasperated sigh over hearing that word again. The fuchsia mare found it humorous to see them acting like that with just that one word. Despite that, she continued on, “Perhaps you should let me speak with the adults here.”

This question did not register to the two at first as they begun to open their mouths. The question slowly repeated itself in their thoughts. They closed their mouths suddenly and were looking at their teacher in surprise. Diamond shook her head trying to wonder whether what she heard was just her imagination or not, “Wait, you want to talk with them?”

“Of course, you are not the only one concerned with those three. Me, you two, and possibly their guardians are concerned as well.” The three looked at each other very much surprised by this turn of events. This didn’t actually ruin their plan per say. It actually made it easier for the two of them. They sat down and wanted to facehoof but resisted the attempt. Cheeilee smiled as she passed the two, “I’ll tell their guardians about this Crusaders predicament. Just be prepared for something very important.”

They stood up and looked their teacher in confusion, “Prepared? Prepared for what Miss Cheerilee?”

She still bore her warm smile as she pointed out at a gazebo, “You’ll find out on Hearts and Hooves Day, just meet me there when the day comes. Now are you two going to return home?” They nodded and followed the fuchsia mare outside the school grounds. After saying their farewell to their teacher, the two went to their homes satisfied that things might go well in the end. Something did baffle them though. Just what did Cheerilee had in mind for those three? Whatever it was, they hoped it may help those three in rekindling their friendship.

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