• Published 21st Jan 2016
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Growth of the CMC: For Better or Worse - PrinceUniversa

The Cutie Mark Crusaders, three fillies who joined together with a goal of achieving their cutie marks, finally achieved their lifelong dream. After they received their cutie marks though, their friendship turns for the better or worse

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Romantic Worries

Romantic Worries

When did everything come crashing down upon the three of them? None of them wanted this to happen within their growing friendship but it came by so suddenly… They were not prepared for this kind of endeavor to occur to them and it was hurting all three of them more than they expected.

The friendship they made together once forged and burning as bright as the Sun itself was now being torn by one part to their development into adulthood, an unrequited love for one another. It was all thanks to Diamond for bringing this topic up for them. She couldn’t blame her though, she saw it as a possibility and they couldn’t deny it as well.

But even with all three of them acknowledging the possibility of a romantic life, they were all being stubborn and denied it quickly. While they did continue on with their daily life, their thoughts were clouded by the idea of being romantically involved each passing day. They would try to push these thoughts out of their minds but the effect was already etched into their minds. As a result, they were uneasy towards this second step into adulthood.

This denial escalated to the point where it was affecting their very friendship. They would chat with each other true, but each day that passed; their conversations were becoming less. Each and everyday, they would almost try to avoid each other hoping to not continue the second step into adulthood regardless of whether they avoided it or not. They didn’t want their friendship to be ruined because of the idea of romance, but they were stubborn and couldn’t let go of this possibility.

All three of them wanted to just continue on with their friendship and put back the idea of romance behind but now, it looks like their friendship will likely break off and cease to exist and that hurt all three of them a lot. They did not want that but they knew that this will continue to come up every time they meet. What were they going to do about this?

This all started after they achieved their cutie marks…

One Month Ago

The school playground was looking as fabulous as far as the eye could see though that all could be said for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, “Ya sure ya don’t need any more help Diamond? Ah mean we could be o’ some help!” Apple Bloom asked her for the second time. Ever since she had talked down her mother, the rich filly had been steadily growing better each day had passed. They couldn’t help but try to assist her even if only a little.

Seeing the three fillies doing anything to help her in rebuilding the playground was, admittedly to Diamond, rather funny. They’ve been very eager to help her ever since her reformation. She still has a lot to learn and repent for but she wanted to face these problems herself. Just looking at them just trying, she couldn’t help but let a small laugh escape her, “I’m sure Apple Bloom, I can handle this myself for now. It’s all thanks to you three that I’m like who I am now.” She let a warm smile form on her face, “Besides, don’t you have anything better to do?”

All three of them shook their heads clearly a bit bored of today. Well, at least to Diamond she thinks they are. Scootaloo was scratching her head feeling more bored than ever, “Not really, you see…um…”

Sweetie spoke for Scootaloo as she took over the conversation. Though Scootaloo was a bit miffed about that, she just shrugged and let her do the speaking role since she was much better at it than herself, “We’re bored because our siblings… well, siblings and Scoot’s role model…” That earned a stern look from the orange pegasus. Apple Bloom couldn’t but let out a sigh and chuckle a bit. Sweetie shared Apple bloom’s opinion as she joined in the laughter, “I’m sorry Scootaloo, but you do know I’m correct, right?”

Her gaze never weakened and though it did worry Diamond for a bit, a small snicker escaped from Scootaloo before erupting into a full blown laughter. All three fillies joined in the sudden laugh as they dropped down onto the dirt ground. Diamond could only watch the scene in confusion as they were rolling around and pounding their hooves away at the ground as they kept continually laughing. Their laughter was rather infectious to Diamond and she couldn’t help let herself go and join in their crazy shenanigans as she joined in their laughter. Every classmate and parent within the vicinity saw the four of them laughing like good friends. While many did find this rather odd, some were pleased to see them getting along well especially Cheerilee. After what seems like hours laughing, all four got up from their precarious position. Scootaloo wiped a single tear away from all the laughing, “Thanks Sweetie Belle, definitely needed that good laugh.”

Sweetie let one more chuckle escape from her before slowly dying it down, “No problem Scoots! To be honest, I needed a good laugh as well.” Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara were the last to get up from the laughing spree.

After the last two fillies let the last few moments of laughter tone itself down, Apple Bloom wrapped her forelegs around Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle as she pulled them together in her embrace, “Ya two sure know when it’s a great time t’ let out a good laugh, ya know?”

“Don’t we all know when it’s a good time to let out a laugh Apple Bloom?” Sweetie noted to her. They all chuckled from that response. Both of them returned the hug of Apple Bloom’s before separating themselves from each other. They heard a small chuckle from behind them and turned around to see Diamond Tiara covering her mouth as she was trying to hold back her laughter. This raised some confusion between the CMC as to why she was laughing, “Diamond, why are you laughing?”

Diamond calmed herself down from the laughing. She definitely had enough laughing today and her throat was starting to get a bit dry from all of that as a result. She looked at the three as she cleared her throat, “Well, seeing the three of you hug it out and all…” She was waving her hoof around in a circle as if to emphasize the next point, “You three look like you could fit together as a herd, you know?”

They looked at each other first seemingly confused about what she was talking about. They let a sheepish grin form on their face. Scootaloo was scratching her head while the other two just stood there. Their point was emphasized by the next question asked by Sweetie Belle of all ponies, “Uh, what do you mean by that Diamond? ‘Cause we’re lost at what you’re trying to say here.”

The rich filly in question couldn’t resist the temptation and did a facehoof in front of them. Sometimes these three can be idiots but she can’t fault them at that alone considering that they forget many details due to their adventures almost every time. She was about to speak before she was cut off by her best friend Silver Spoon, “Hello Diamond, how are you doing today?”

She couldn’t but let a sigh escape and smile at her first friend, “Going well, just right now I’m telling them about them being fit together to be a herd.”

Silver looked to the CMC first trying to understand what she meant. She clearly saw the intention and in all honesty, even that hasn’t slipped her mind though she never thought of it being bought up now. Diamond was about to tell them about the knowledge of herds when silver cut her off, “You do realize that the whole class hasn’t gone through that course right? For good reason too might I add?”

Diamond looked at her friend about to object to her response as she opened her mouth and raised her hoof. Slowly though, she closed her mouth and lowered her hoof a bit seeing that Silver was right about it, “Now that you mention about it… you’re right.”

“Aren’t I always?” She let out a shifting her focus to the three fillies, “Sorry about that but if you want to know about the herd thing, I might suggest asking either Princess Twilight or any of your siblings about it.” All three of them made a sound that suggested that they were annoyed about being denied of this knowledge if at least temporarily. Both Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon left them and went back to the newly built playground. When she determined that they were far enough from the CMC, she looked at Diamond, a look of nervousness etched on her face, “Are you sure that was a good idea Diamond?”

Diamond looked at Silver in bewilderment as they reached the playground, “What was such a good idea?” Her friend waved a hoof at the three fillies leaving the school grounds. She was able to connect the dots rather quickly as Silver lowered her hoof, “In a bit of a way, yes it was a good idea for me. I mean tell me… I was not the only pony who thought those three can get along so well, they might as well go into a romantic relationship?”

Silver rubbed her head and let a sheepish grin form on her face. Diamond couldn’t help but let a small chuckle escape from her seeing her friend act like that, “Heheh, yeah, it did occur to me as well Diamond so you’re not alone there…” She let a little laugh escape from her as she was still scratching her head. Before long though, she looked at her still bearing concern and her voice suggested that she was being serious about this next dialogue, “But enough of that, Diamond, as much as I agree with this, this newfound knowledge might end up becoming a problem for those three.”

This might become a problem for those three? Diamond was trying to understand what her friend was suggesting. Sure, maybe this was a bit too early to learn, but sooner or later, they would’ve learned about it anyhow. Especially now that they got their cutie marks meaning that they just took the first step into adulthood. So what seems to be the matter about this knowledge? She couldn’t help but try to satiate her curiosity, “What do you mean this might be a problem for those three Silver Spoon? You know as well as I do that they would’ve learned it anyhow, so I decided to tell them about it. Especially now that they gotten their cutie marks meaning that they took their first step into adulthood. What’s to stop them from making that second step?”

Silver let out a sigh as she looked at her. Normally, this wouldn’t really matter much, but to Diamond, she knew this to be a case of a bad sign. She steeled herself for the answer awaiting her but what came out was unexpected of her, “Themselves Diamond, they will do something to stop from making that second step.”

Now Diamond was baffled as her expression showed. Why would they stop themselves from making that second step? They aren’t that stupid to not make that step so why would they stop it? She put one hoof on the table wanting some answers about this now, “What do you mean Silver? Why would they stop themselves from making that step? They’re not that stupid to do something like that…”

“Agreed, but…” Oh how Diamond Tiara hated the use of that word right now. Even Silver herself did not like to use this word unless there was good reasoning to it, “Knowing them, they could be very stubborn and try to not accept their friendship going into romantic territory…” Her friend was about to open her mouth to talk but Silver cut her off with one word, “Desperately.”

That provoked a response from Diamond as she raised her eyebrow in confusion, “Desperately? Why? I don’t see a problem with having a romantic relational friendship…”

“Maybe, but… well imagine this.” She saw the rich filly’s ears perked as she was lifting her two hooves up, “We know that sooner or later they’ll learn about all this romance stuff right?” She saw her friend nodded in agreement. She waved her two hooves around in a circle trying to imagine how the situation might go, “And we both know that them getting their cutie marks was but the first step into adulthood right?”

Diamond let out an exasperated sigh. She was not enjoying this and now, with Silver being like this, she was beginning to get worried for those three, “I know about this knowledge already friend, can you just skip to the main point? You’re making me worried for them now…”

“Right right, sorry there…” She lowered her two front hooves as she let in a deep breath, “You know how romance works right?” Diamond nodded though not without letting out a sigh, “Sorry, it’s just that once they learn about this, I have this bad feeling that they’re going to split apart because they don’t want to think of their friendship heading towards… well.” She bought up her two hooves up again and rubbed them together imitating kissing, “…being close and personal.”

Diamond looked upon the two hooves rubbing off one another. Again, she did not see the problem about them being that close together and all, at first. Slowly though, she was beginning to connect the dots about this whole thing and soon, an answer emerged from her thoughts. Her eyes widened for a bit as she looked at Silver who was nodding to her realization, “This isn’t good at all, I can’t imagine them being inseparable at all. It’d be like seeing a big box but only a third filled… But, I also can’t imagine this being likely to happen knowing them.”

“And I agree with you Diamond, but we can’t always be certain about this…” Both were seeing just how bad things might get once they learn about all of this. Normally, before her redemption, they’d be delighted to let them break apart. It would be something that would make her proud. Now after her redemption, this was something she wouldn’t want to happen.

Diamond was rubbing her head with her two front hooves. As she pondered about this, something occurred to her. If things should end up following its course, she might be able to help them get along once again, maybe even be able to make them accept the possibility of romance between each other. She could do both as her way of saying thanks and as a way to repent for her mistakes against them. She looked at her friend, a smile forming in her face. Silver looked at her awry of what was going on her thoughts. She chuckled for a bit, “Come on, don’t be like that. I have an idea that might just be able to help bring them back should it go down.”

Silver’s head was pulled closer to her friend as she whispered her plan to her. The plan that Diamond has in store registered to Silver and she couldn’t hold back a smile as she listened to it all. As soon as she was done, she backed away still wearing her smile, “Diamond Tiara, you are a genius…”

“I know! Let’s just hope it doesn’t go down that though…” Her gray filly friend nodded. They did their signature handshake while saying their lines. It had been a while since they had done that and it was gratifying to do so.

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