• Published 27th Nov 2011
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Saving Private Bloom - Tiedye3000

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Saving Private Bloom: The Battle

A pony cantered into a house with the detonator for the main road in his mouth. Right then the Private came galloping back as quickly as he could. He leaped over the fox-hole and took cover with us.
"I'm positive they followed me, ma'am, but I'm not sure they took the bait!" He reported.
"Then all we have to do is wait," said Sparkle.
We waited for about five minutes without dropping our gaze until the first Germane ponies appeared, along with a Panther tank. We held our breaths, but they didn't come around the corner.
"Shoot!" Sparkle exclaimed, whispering, "The Panther didn't take the bait!" She looked up to Rainbow, who pointed with her rifle first east, then on us.
"Someone's coming towards us!" Sparkle looked back down her gun's sights. This time we really did hold our breath. The Germanes came around the corner, coming straight at us. My hoof was itching to pull the trigger.
"Not yet," Sparkle said, "wait for the detonation…"
Ponies were hidden on top of one of the buildings. I knew that they were dropping Molotovs onto the Germanes when the next tank came. The Pozis came right into the bottle-neck, and the mines detonated. Germane ponies who were near the mines were turned into red mist, and the tank had caught on fire.
"Open fire!" Sparkle yelled, and everypony nearby who heard the order fired their weapons. The Germanes were taken completely by surprise and didn't know where to shoot. Then the pony who detonated the mines ran out with a sticky bomb lit. He ran up to the Tiger tank, and slapped the mine onto it. He turned to get cover, but was held back by his hoof that had stuck onto the mine. He pulled furiously at his arm, trying to get free, but he was too late. The bomb exploded, took the tank out, and blew his arm clean off and caught fire, his face covered in his own blood. He died almost instantly.
"Dear Celestia!" I screamed when I saw his body, burning and motion-less on the ground.
"That's why you don't add too much pressure when arming the bomb, and also why you normally throw it!" cried Sparkle, who was shooting at the Pozis, who had finally discovered where the firing was coming from and started returning fire. Apple Jack was firing round after round with the Tooth-Hurty. Dozens of Germanes were already dead, flooding the place with blood, but that didn't stop more Germanes from flooding in. Rainbow and Berry were taking Pozis out one by one with their rifles.
Another tank showed up, this one a Panther. It aimed its gun to some ponies who were lying on the ground, shooting. One of them saw this, and told her friend. They got up as fast as they could, but the Panther fired its gun, not killing the ponies, but sending them soaring through the air. They landed on the ground with a thud. One of them was screaming in pain; the tank had shot both her back hoofs off. She was bleeding a pool of blood, and her friend, who was just shaken by the explosion, carried her behind the fox-holes, leaving a trail blood as she went.
The Panther then aimed its gun to where I was at. Sparkle let out a scream, and Whooves grabbed my front hoofs and dragged me to the building next to us, with Sparkle galloping behind us. The tank shot right where I had been not two seconds ago, taking out a building that sent a cloud of debris towards Fluttershy, who was hiding behind the building next to it. The shot also took out the two ponies who had been injured by it a minute sooner.
I could only guess that Fluttershy wouldn't be able to breath in that cloud, but moments later, she came gallopping across to the other side of the street. She was shot at by Pozis as she went, but she didn't take a hit. The ponies on the roof remained hidden until the Panther tank was just beneath them. Then they dropped these bottles filed with a strange liquid onto the tank. The bottle had a cloth coming out of the neck, which was on fire. One of the turret gunners on the tank saw this coming, and tried to jump off, but they didn't see the Molotovs in time. The Molotovs hit the tank, cracked open, and spread fire all across the tank. The two Pozi gunners were now on fire, being cooked alive as they jumped off the tank and dropped to the ground, rolling around and screaming in pain.
When the fire went out on the tank, Sparkle called some ponies to get on top of it and throw a grenade into the hatch. About five ponies answered to her order, and they climbed onto the top of the tank, grenades ready. A Pozi opened the hatch and threw her arms in the air, sending drops of blood flying from her cut hoofs. We didn't have time for prisoners, though, so one of the ponies just shot the Pozi in the head, spraying the hatch with blood and small chunks of flesh. Three ponies took out a grenade and tossed them into the tank.
Right them, however, the Pozis rolled in a twenty-millimeter machine gun and aimed it at the ponies on the tank. Three of the ponies were shot by this heavy weapon, and one of them died when it shot their head clean off, which soared through the air and crashed through a window, spraying blood through the open arteries as it flew. Sparkle yelled to take the machine gun out, but Rainbow had already snipped the three operators. A shot was then fired at Rainbow, who ducked and missed the bullet by half a nose. She went to the other side of the bell tower and scoped out another Panther tank, which she signaled to Sparkle.
"We got another Panther tank coming from the northeast!" Sparkle yelled over the sound of gunfire. Two operators had been replaced at the twenty-millimeter, so we had to constantly be on the move. We galloped by Fluttershy, who was going the other way, straight into the gunfire. I grabbed her right when she was about to turn the corner, and she followed us for a while. Those injured on the field were being slaughtered as we retreated. It was probably their screams of pain that gave away their position, or the trail of blood they made crawling to cover. We were being out matched, and I started losing hope.
Rainbow and Berry were still in the tower, doing the best they could at snipping the Germanes around the Panther tank. Rainbow knew she'd be dead soon, though, but that didn't stop her from defending her friends. Shot after shot, each one taking out a Germane. The tank saw the angle of where the shots were coming from and started turning around. Rainbow didn't notice this, though, she was scoped in and taking out the last Germanes. When she took out the last one near the tank, she took a quick glance at it. It rose its barrel toward the tower. Rainbow stopped and looked at the tank without the scope. The tank fired, and Rainbow was heard shouting, "Berry, get do-!" but she was cut off by the tank's round blasting into the structure, sending a huge ball of fire into the air.
That's when the battle seemed to be over, lost. Sparkle was in such shock she actually forgot where she was for a second. I, too, was frozen in place, rooted on the spot, staring at the bell tower as it collapsed to the ground. A small shower of blood followed its place, falling onto some of the Germane Pozi's helmets. A blue feather, falling and landing among the rubble, confirmed what happened. This had been Rainbow's last battle.
But this was a battle field. We didn't have any time for sorrow. Sparkle was furious at the Germanes, and swore she would die here with her friends if that's what it took to get revenge. She shot down the Germanes following us without any help from me, Whooves, or Fluttershy, who had ran over to where Apple Jack and Carrot Top were at. Spike came around the corner and was almost shot by Sparkle. She yelled at him to try and flank the enemies. He ran through the puddle of blood, over the Germane bodies, past us and turned the other corner, disappearing from view. Not a minute later we saw him running in front of us, firing his weapon at the Pozis at his left flank. He took cover behind a building.
But at that moment, we saw the other Panther tank climbing over the debris from behind Spike. He saw this, and dashed inside the building, hiding from all view. The tank didn't fire any rounds, though, it couldn't see us in our cover. I had no idea where Fluttershy was, I hadn't seen her for a while. She wasn't at the house Apple Jack and Carrot Top were, because I noticed that their Tooth-Hurty was firing bullets less frequently. I could only guess that they were running out of ammo. I also saw a Germane toss a grenade into the window. I gasped, hoping it wouldn't kill Apple Jack, but two seconds later I saw the grenade being thrown back out, right before it exploded, blowing up the Pozi who threw it and reducing him to a small blood pool.
"Fluttershy!" I heard my sis yelled, "Fluttershy! Ammo! Fluttershy, ammo, Dag nab it!"
My worst fears confirmed, I turned to canter to the house, but Sparkle held me back, shouting, "I'm sorry, Bloom, but I can't let you get killed!"
And then, out of nowhere, I saw Fluttershy run down the street toward the house. My breath returned to normal speed. If Fluttershy made it in time, they might make it through the rest of the battle. But then something happened to make my fears grow and my breathing to speed up again: The other Tiger tank had appeared, climbing over debris close to the house. Fluttershy hid behind the house, making sure her tail wasn't showing around the corner. The Germane troops accompanying it ran to help the others in shooting at Spike, who was still in the building, firing back. Only one Germane Pozi didn't go with the troops. She was a pink pony that bounced toward the house my sis was at as if she were enjoying the death and suffering.
That's when I noticed the Tooth-Hurty had stopped firing. That meant they were out of ammo! If they couldn't defend themselves, they were surly gonna be killed! Again, I tried to get to the house, but Sparkle, who had been shooting at the Pozis, held me back again.
"I'm not gonna let you die!" she shouted.
"But you'll let my sister die!?" I shouted back at her.
"She has her own protection!"
When she went back to shooting, I made sure she couldn't hear me before I took off toward the house from behind. I was galloping as fast as my hoofs could carry me. When I got to the back of the house, I saw that Fluttershy was no longer there. She had gone inside, and was climbing up the steps very slowly. As I peeked through a hole in the wall, I saw that Carrot Top had been shot in the throat and was choking on both the bullet and her own blood, which was leaking out of the bullet hole. Apple Jack was fist-fighting the pink Pozi while Carrot Top was gagging and hacking. While they were fighting, Apple Jack slipped on some of the blood that had oozed out of Carrot Top's mouth. She fell and landed right on Carrot Top, who let out one last croak, and was still.

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