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Saving Private Bloom - Tiedye3000

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Saving Private Bloom: The Farewell

The pink Pozi leaped at Apple Jack, who was able to roll off Carrot Top’s corpse just in time as the Pozi landed on the body, emitting a disgusting crunching sound on impact. Apple Jack, with tremendous speed, pinned down the Pozi, flipped her over, and began kicking and beating her. Apple Jack then took out her knife, and attempted a stab at the Pozi, who grabbed Apple Jack’s hoofs at the last moment. They wrestled with the knife until the Pozi was able flip Apple Jack over, who was still trying to stab the Pozi. The Pozi was able to grab the knife from Apple Jack and attempted to stab her, but Apple Jack was able to stop her just in time.
It was like a mirror of what had happened before, only this time, the Pozi seemed to be winning. The Pozi’s knife hand was inching closer and closer to Apple Jack’s heart. Apple Jack had true terror in her face now, and tried to plead with the Pozi. Apple Jack’s pleas, however, were cut off by the knife reaching her chest and piercing the skin. Apple Jack’s eyes widened, and the knife that was inserted into her chest was sinking deeper into her body. Her breathing was strangled, and was slowing down as the pink Pozi shushed her to sleep.
Then someone grabbed me from behind and galloped with me away from that awful scene. I was the only one left now. Macintosh and Apple Jack were both gone. Only me. Just me. Why? Why me? And where was Fluttershy? Why didn’t she help her?
While we were running toward the bridge, we saw Whooves shooting at the Germanes. He was headed in the same direction as us. But right then, a shot came from one of the Germanes and hit his back hoof. I heard him yell something that sounded like “Son of a Mare!” and cringe, but he kept going, a little slower this time.
He gallopped inside a building, but came out almost as quickly as he entered, this time with Fluttershy, who was crying. Just then, from behind Sparkle and I, a Panther came crashing down on us and nearly flattened us. How it happened, I still don’t know, and I can’t even guess, but it was still moving. We had to run between buildings to get to the bridge in one piece. Only some of the resistance had survived, maybe ten ponies, plus us, had made it to the bridge. Spike was shooting rockets at the Germanes when we got the bridge, which had walls of sandbags for cover. Whooves had been separated from Fluttershy by a grenade explosion, and we couldn’t find Fluttershy anywhere. That Pegasus really knows how to lose herself, I thought as Sparkle and I crossed the bridge to the Alamo. There, Sparkle fused the bombs together, but got shot in the hoof in the process. Blood was now trickling out of her bullet wound as we called the remaining soldiers over to the Alamo. Spike ran with Whooves, who now had two bullet wounds, one in a back hoof, and one in his shoulder. As they were crossing, he took one more straight through his other back hoof. He stumbled, but was saved by Spike, who carried him fireman-style to us.
“Whooves, you ok?” Sparkle yelled over the gun fire.
“I’m fine, just got the wind knocked out of me.” Whooves said slowly, bleeding from three places now.
“Well get out of here! The bridge is gonna blow!”
I helped Whooves up and ran into the Alamo building, which was far enough not to take damage from the explosion. As we entered, I saw Sparkle activate the charges. Everypony now had thirty seconds to get away from the bridge. But we still didn’t know where Fluttershy was! She’d be trapped on other side of the bridge!
Then, to make matters worse, a Tiger tank shot a shell directly at Sparkle. She saw this coming, leaped out the way, but was still blasted about ten feet into the air. She landed in front of a car, dazed, but not dead. She leaned her back against the car and looked at her surroundings; Spike was still shooting his weapon while getting across the bridge; a pony was on the bridge being chased by Pozis, who shot at him, but missed. He shot back, taking three out, and ran out of ammo. He took his helmet off and threw it at them and took off galloping, but was struck in the back of the head by a gun handle. A Pozi had just struck him. He fell over, and the Pozi beat him to death with the gun.
How this was all happening in less than thirty seconds, I couldn’t tell. I just knew this had to be the worst thing ever to happen to me. I turned to Whooves to ask for his weapon, but he was lying down on the ground, pale as snow, staring into nothingness. He lost too much blood. I took his gun and aimed it out the window and shot as many Pozis as I could get in range with. I checked my watch to see how much time had passed, and to my surprise and dismay, two minutes had gone by since Sparkle activated the charges! That meant they weren’t wired correctly.
I would’ve killed myself right then if Sparkle wasn’t still alive. The Germane tanks were crossing the bridge now. Spike was running to cover, leaving Sparkle completely vulnerable. She took out a pistol and slowly fired one shot. Two shots. Three shots hit the tank in front and did nothing. A bullet hit her below the shoulder, but she gave no reaction. Four shots. Still nothing. On her fifth shot, however, I saw the tank blow up in a cloud of smoke and fire.
I was completely taken aback by this. Surely the tiny pistol couldn’t have taken out the tank? But to explain my confusion, an airplane flew over the bridge, killing all the Pozis on it and taking the second tank. Reinforcements had arrived!
The planes didn’t get the Pozis on the other side, though. When I looked across the bridge to the other side, I saw that Fluttershy had plucked up some courage and rounded up the last Pozis! Such an unexpected turn made me smile, and thankful Fluttershy had survived. She was aiming a shotgun at a group of five Pozis, the last ones after the airplane came. The pink one that killed my sister said something to Fluttershy with a look of amused amazement on her face, which was soon wiped off when Fluttershy shot her in the gut, causing her internal organs to spill in front of her. The pink pony fell to the ground, landing on her own insides. Fluttershy yelled something at the other Pozis, and they took off galloping in all directions, except across the bridge. Apple Jack had been avenged.
I rushed out of the Alamo building and cantered to where Sparkle was lying. Spike was cleaning her wounds with a wet piece of tissue paper, but it didn’t look like she was going to make it.
“Medic!” Spike was shouting, “Medic! We need a medic over here!”
Sparkle was staring at the planes circling overhead. She then turned her head to my flank, and mumbled something to me.
“What, ma’am?” I said, leaning closer to her. She was still bleeding.
“You… earned it…” she said.
I stared at her, wondering what she meant. But then I realized what, and turned my head to my flanks. On them was what I had been trying to get my whole life: my cutie mark. It was a war helmet in between two rifles that were intersecting. But I didn’t want to earn my cutie mark this way. Not through death, loss, doubt, blood, and pain. I didn’t want to earn my cutie mark from killing people.
Tears were forming in my eyes as I looked back at Sparkle. That’s when I realized she was no longer looking at me, or the planes, or the troops. She wasn’t looking at anything. Her eyes were off focus and she didn’t blink. Spike hurried over too her and checked her pulse, and his eyes, too, started swimming in tears as he lowered his head.
I was sent home two hours later, after I had said a few words to all who had died in this battle: Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, Carrot Top, Berry Punch, Whooves, and Sparkle. I said Goodbye to the ones who were still alive, and to the ones who were dead, and climbed into the helicopter too fly me out of there. That all leads to me being here, recording my past experiences in this journal while on an Evac chopper taking me home. Here I come, Apple Acres.

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