• Published 16th Nov 2015
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A Trio of Godzillas in Equestria - Scourge21

What would happen if three different Godzillas from three different timelines are in Equestria

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Chapter 2: The Kings and Queen of the Monsters

In Equestria

The three gigantic saurians were just staring at them, but mostly Spike. Then one of the large creatures leaned closer to Spike and stuck out its claw hand, trying to grab the small dragon..

"Don't you dare touch Spike!" yelled Twilight, while running in front of Spike as the rest of the girls joined her along side.

The creature just looked at them and then back at its companions starting to make these weird, growling noises to one to the other.

"What are you dragons talking about? Are u talking about stealing Spike? I bet you dragons are talking about stealing Spike from us! Are You!" Rainbow growled out, while getting into battle stance.

"You three dragons shall not harm my little Spikey-Wikey!" said Rarity, also getting into battle stance.

When the creatures were done grunting, one of them gave off a powerful bellow and sat down, while the other was growling with frustration at the idea, it also sat down and just gave a cold stare at Spike.

Then the tallest one began to walk towards the smaller creatures and brought its head down to these smaller creatures.

The creature began to open its mouth and began to speak, his deep, booming voice heard by everybody. Some even felt their chest vibrating.

"I am GODZILLA, King of Monsters!" said Godzilla. "And these are my companions, the one you see sitting on the ground with her hands cross is Goji, and the one who is giving your lizard friend a cold stare is Gojira".

Twilight was speechless by what she was witnessing this large creature has vocals and can speak their language, but she went on and told Godzilla their names. "Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends," she began introducing the rest of the Elements, "This is Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and..... Wait where did Spike go?" Twilight introduced each of them, while looking around for Spike.

"Why hello there little one." said a motherly voice. It was Goji who was staring at Spike, while picking him up. "And what's your name little one?"

"My name's Spike, who are you?" asked Spike while blushing by the way her voice sounded. "My name is Goji, nice to meet you Spike." Goji introduced herself, giving a soft smile, while comforting Spike as if he's an infant.

"Where are your parents Spike?" asked Goji, looking around for any dragons.

"Well I don't know my real parents, because my egg was found by Princess Celestia and was raised by Twilight so, she's kind of like my mother, but also like my big sister." said Spike.

"Hey get your scaly claws off my Spikey-Wikey." said Rarity while running at Goji.

"I have a proposition for you Spike, since I always wanted an egg of my own, how's about I become your mother if you want too," Goji said while looking at Spike with a motherly smile

"You really mean it?" Spike said, who was excited about the idea.

"Spike, she can't be you mother because I'm your mother." said Twilight with a concern feeling.

"I know that, but I want to know more about dragons" said Spike. "Spike, may I ask you a question?" said Goji.

"Yeah what is it" asked Spike.

Before Goji could say anything, Gojira let out a loud roar at everyone and started to speak.


"SHUT UP, all of you lower lifeforms" shouted Gojira while growling at Godzilla. "And I have one question for you, Who the hell made you the leader. I follow no one and i mean NO ONE, but myself, You reject".

The Mane Six couldn't believe their eyes as Gojira started to leave until Rainbow got in his way. "Hold up. Where do you think your going? You just can't leave until you answer some of our questions from us. Got it or else" said Rainbow getting in Gojiras face.

"Get out of my way you peasant. You don't know what is power until it hits you. Now, GET OUT OF MY WAY" yelled Gojira as he swung his claw hand, slamming Rainbow to the ground.

"RAINBOW!!" the girls yelled as they ran to aid their friend.

Gojira was about to step on Rainbow until Godzilla pushed him out of the castle and into some of the houses in ponyville. "Enough Gojira. We are in a foreign world and I don't want us to be branded as monsters in this world. And one more thing, Don't you dare call me a reject again or you'll be sorry," said Godzilla as his eyes light like hells fire, known as a sign for a fight.

"You will never defeat me Godzilla there's no way, I am the most powerful and I will be the leader of this team. Reject" said Gojira with a cocky smile and also getting ready for a fight.

Then Goji came running out of the castle to Godzillas side. "Please, we don't want to fight you Gojira. We could just talk" said Goji while trying to calm down Gojira.

"You sided with the reject and not with your own pure blood race. You bring shame not only to your race, but yourself" said Gojira.

The Mane Six aided Rainbow back to health and went to go look outside. "Oh no. I didn't want this to happen know what are we going to do. The townsfolk saw them and are now running in terror and I could see the guards from Canterlot coming our way, oh what am I going to tell Princess Celestia" said Twilight trying not to think the worst.

"Do not worry my little pony I will not be angry with you" said a calm motherly tone.

"PRINCESS CELESTIA" they all said.

"Twilight what are these creatures that I am looking at" said Celestia looking to see that all three of the saurians were still standing there looking at each other prepare for a fight that will soon start.

"Well one of them said that his name was Godzilla, King of the Monsters, and his companions are Goji and Gojira. And before you ask another question on why they are fighting is because Gojira got mad at Godzilla for calling himself leader and was about to leave until Rainbow tried to stop him but couldn't. So Gojira was about to step on Rainbow until Godzilla saved her and now they're about to fight," Twilight said who was looking at Celestia to see complete shock on her face.

"No it couldn't be. Could it." Celestia said in thought. When she was cut off by a powerful roar from the two saurians as they charged to eachother with all their force.


Author's Note:

Hey guys hope you enjoy the second chapter and see you all next chapter.