A Trio of Godzillas in Equestria

by Scourge21

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What would happen if three different Godzillas from three different timelines are in Equestria

Three different Godzillas from three different Timelines had came to Equestria from a magical portal that took them from their own time line to fight a evil magic that is in Equestria. Join the Mane Six as they now must them up with SokogekiGoji (Ghost Godzilla), LegendaryGoji (Godzilla 2014), and KiryuGoji (Godzilla 2002).

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I have no rights to Godzilla or My Little Pony.
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Chapter 1: The Portal

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In Equestria

In the Friendship Castle, the Mane Six were looking around in the library for a very special book. "Why do we have to look around for a dumb book anyway Twilight" said Rainbow Dash.

"Because Rainbow, Princess Celestia said that she felt something strange, something powerful, so she told us to try and find this old book that Starswirl the Bearded wrote" said Twilight. "Now let us find that book okay"
On Earth in 2001

Godzilla and Baragon battle in Hakone; Godzilla is victoriou. Mothra's cocoon is soon immediately discovered in Lake Ikeda. The JSDF dispatch several fighter jets to fight Godzilla but are wiped out. Tachibana sets up a defense line in Yokohama. Mothra and a yet-to-be-grown Ghidorah awaken and fly towards Yokohama to fight Godzilla. The JSDF incapacitates Ghidorah and Mothra but fail to stop Godzilla.
On Earth in 2002

After repairs are made, Kiryu is released from the air and hits Godzilla with immense speed. At this point, Godzilla and Mechagodzilla face off in a head-to-head battle where each combatant sizes up its opposite and exchange powerful blows that also devastate the cityscape around them. Kiryu gains the upper hand and beats down Godzilla. Kiryu proceeds to launch the Absolute Zero, but Godzilla fires its atomic breath. During the course of the impact, Kiryu is disabled, and the remote piloting system completely taken off-line.
On Earth in 2014

The MUTO attacks a Russian submarine dropping it in Hawaii. Godzilla arrives, causing a tsunami in Honolulu and briefly engages the MUTO in battle, before it flees. Meanwhile, a second, larger, wingless MUTO emerges in Nevada and devastates Las Vegas. The scientists deduce that the second MUTO is female, that the female was the one the male was communicating with, and that the two MUTOs will meet to breed in San Francisco.
Back in Equestria

"HEYYYYYYYY TWILIGHT I FOUND IT!!!!!!!" yelled Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie Pie where right here and where did you find it" said Twilight.

"It was under P" said Pinkie while smiling. "Okay lets see what this book is about" said Twilight.

Twilight began to look at the title and it said "Power of a GOD", Twilight didn't know what it meant, but continued to read the book.

"This book here doesn't make sense at all. It only talks about three different ponies who have magic like gods, but there is some kind of portal spell girls" said Twilight.

"Oh darling, this book is absolutely dreadful" said Rarity with a look of disgust.

"Well... ummm.... maybe really old books look like that" said Fluttershy.

"Yeah sugarcube, not all books look clean" said Applekack.

"Books are just boring to me, except for Daring Doo who is absolutely AWESOME" said Rainbow Dash.

"Maybe we could give the book a party and it'll be just like the rest of the books" said Pinkie Pie while smiling.

They just stared at her and looked back at Twilight who was still studying the book.

"Alright girls, the book said that if we use the Elements of Harmony, we could use it to open a portal and it will bring something or somepony through the portal" said Twilight thinking about what new creature might come through the portal and ask it questions.

"Alright girls lets do this" said Twilight.

"Right" said the rest of the Elements of Harmony while charging up to create the portal.

They were using almost all of their power to create this portal and when they were done they were tired. Spike just got back from the store because he was buying some cupcakes for the girls and himself.

"Hey guys I'm back and.... What happen here" said Spike while rushing to Twilights side. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Spike me and the girls are fine, but what about the portal" asked Twilight.

"You mean that weird blue circle" asked Spike while looking at the portal.

"Well now that we opened the portal, now what" asked Rainbow while the others were getting up.

"I don't know, maybe we wait until something happens" said Twilight while waiting for something to happen in the portal.
On Earth in 2001

The shrine stone falls from and merges with King Ghidorah's. Godzilla destroys King Ghidorah, unleashing the spirits of the Guardian Monsters, which sink Godzilla down to the deep. After entering Godzilla's body through its mouth, Tachibana is able to use a D-03 missile on Godzilla's wound. Godzilla surfaces to confront Yuri and Takeda, but the D-03 wounds Godzilla. Godzilla attempts to kill Yuri and Takeda, only for it to sink once more beneath the water. Tachibana escapes from Godzilla as the monster disintegrates. But then a bright light shines underneath the water reviving Godzilla and sucking him into the portal.
On Earth in 2002

Now under direct human control, Kiryu rises from the ground one more time and closes in on Godzilla for a final blow, hoping to use the Absolute Zero cannon at point-blank range. The two titans collide, and Akane uses Kiryu`s thrusters to propel it and Godzilla out to sea before the cannon fires, freezing a huge portion of the ocean around them. After the blast clears, Godzilla is shown to be alive but with a huge gash in its chest, steadily walking back into the ocean. Kiryu is heavily damaged, missing its right arm, and the Absolute Zero cannon is devastated. With the Kiryu Squadron successful in defeating the monster, Godzilla retreats. But soon a bright light appears above Godzilla, heals him, and sucks him into portal.
On Earth in 2014

The MUTOs initially get the upper hand but Godzilla emerges victorious in the end and collapses on the shore. Ford is then rescued and reunites with his family at an emergency shelter the following morning. Godzilla awakens and returns to sea with the media hailing him as "King of the Monsters and savior of our city". But before he could return to his cavern on the bottom floor of the ocean, a bright light came to regenerate him and took him somewhere else.
Back in Equestria

Twilight and the others waited for about 3 hours for something to happen.

"When is this thing going to do something" said Rainbow while staring at the portal.

"Well I don't know, but lets get something from the kitchen. Hey Spike could you watch the portal while me and the girls get something to eat" said Twilight while walking to the kitchen.

"Sure thing Twilight you could count on you number one assistant" said Spike proudly.

Twilight smiled at Spike while they went into the kitchen to grab something to eat.

While they were in the kitchen, Spike was busy looking at the portal, but something was beginning to happen with the portal and something was coming through.

Spike didn't know what to do since he was to scared to do anything so he just sat waiting when a three large creatures came out of the portal.

One looked like a giant alligator/crocodile with giant spikes on its back.

One kind of reminded Spike of himself.

And the last one looked like the other one, but it's eyes were pure white.

"Hey Spike did anything happ...." before Twilight could finish her statement, there were three dragons inside of the castle staring at them, but mostly staring at Spike. That's when the others came, but before they could say any thing the three giant dragons reared their heads back and gave out a roar so powerful it awoken everyone in ponyville, including the two Princesses didn't know what that was, but it came from ponyville.


Chapter 2: The Kings and Queen of the Monsters

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In Equestria

The three gigantic saurians were just staring at them, but mostly Spike. Then one of the large creatures leaned closer to Spike and stuck out its claw hand, trying to grab the small dragon..

"Don't you dare touch Spike!" yelled Twilight, while running in front of Spike as the rest of the girls joined her along side.

The creature just looked at them and then back at its companions starting to make these weird, growling noises to one to the other.

"What are you dragons talking about? Are u talking about stealing Spike? I bet you dragons are talking about stealing Spike from us! Are You!" Rainbow growled out, while getting into battle stance.

"You three dragons shall not harm my little Spikey-Wikey!" said Rarity, also getting into battle stance.

When the creatures were done grunting, one of them gave off a powerful bellow and sat down, while the other was growling with frustration at the idea, it also sat down and just gave a cold stare at Spike.

Then the tallest one began to walk towards the smaller creatures and brought its head down to these smaller creatures.

The creature began to open its mouth and began to speak, his deep, booming voice heard by everybody. Some even felt their chest vibrating.

"I am GODZILLA, King of Monsters!" said Godzilla. "And these are my companions, the one you see sitting on the ground with her hands cross is Goji, and the one who is giving your lizard friend a cold stare is Gojira".

Twilight was speechless by what she was witnessing this large creature has vocals and can speak their language, but she went on and told Godzilla their names. "Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle and these are my friends," she began introducing the rest of the Elements, "This is Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and..... Wait where did Spike go?" Twilight introduced each of them, while looking around for Spike.

"Why hello there little one." said a motherly voice. It was Goji who was staring at Spike, while picking him up. "And what's your name little one?"

"My name's Spike, who are you?" asked Spike while blushing by the way her voice sounded. "My name is Goji, nice to meet you Spike." Goji introduced herself, giving a soft smile, while comforting Spike as if he's an infant.

"Where are your parents Spike?" asked Goji, looking around for any dragons.

"Well I don't know my real parents, because my egg was found by Princess Celestia and was raised by Twilight so, she's kind of like my mother, but also like my big sister." said Spike.

"Hey get your scaly claws off my Spikey-Wikey." said Rarity while running at Goji.

"I have a proposition for you Spike, since I always wanted an egg of my own, how's about I become your mother if you want too," Goji said while looking at Spike with a motherly smile

"You really mean it?" Spike said, who was excited about the idea.

"Spike, she can't be you mother because I'm your mother." said Twilight with a concern feeling.

"I know that, but I want to know more about dragons" said Spike. "Spike, may I ask you a question?" said Goji.

"Yeah what is it" asked Spike.

Before Goji could say anything, Gojira let out a loud roar at everyone and started to speak.


"SHUT UP, all of you lower lifeforms" shouted Gojira while growling at Godzilla. "And I have one question for you, Who the hell made you the leader. I follow no one and i mean NO ONE, but myself, You reject".

The Mane Six couldn't believe their eyes as Gojira started to leave until Rainbow got in his way. "Hold up. Where do you think your going? You just can't leave until you answer some of our questions from us. Got it or else" said Rainbow getting in Gojiras face.

"Get out of my way you peasant. You don't know what is power until it hits you. Now, GET OUT OF MY WAY" yelled Gojira as he swung his claw hand, slamming Rainbow to the ground.

"RAINBOW!!" the girls yelled as they ran to aid their friend.

Gojira was about to step on Rainbow until Godzilla pushed him out of the castle and into some of the houses in ponyville. "Enough Gojira. We are in a foreign world and I don't want us to be branded as monsters in this world. And one more thing, Don't you dare call me a reject again or you'll be sorry," said Godzilla as his eyes light like hells fire, known as a sign for a fight.

"You will never defeat me Godzilla there's no way, I am the most powerful and I will be the leader of this team. Reject" said Gojira with a cocky smile and also getting ready for a fight.

Then Goji came running out of the castle to Godzillas side. "Please, we don't want to fight you Gojira. We could just talk" said Goji while trying to calm down Gojira.

"You sided with the reject and not with your own pure blood race. You bring shame not only to your race, but yourself" said Gojira.

The Mane Six aided Rainbow back to health and went to go look outside. "Oh no. I didn't want this to happen know what are we going to do. The townsfolk saw them and are now running in terror and I could see the guards from Canterlot coming our way, oh what am I going to tell Princess Celestia" said Twilight trying not to think the worst.

"Do not worry my little pony I will not be angry with you" said a calm motherly tone.

"PRINCESS CELESTIA" they all said.

"Twilight what are these creatures that I am looking at" said Celestia looking to see that all three of the saurians were still standing there looking at each other prepare for a fight that will soon start.

"Well one of them said that his name was Godzilla, King of the Monsters, and his companions are Goji and Gojira. And before you ask another question on why they are fighting is because Gojira got mad at Godzilla for calling himself leader and was about to leave until Rainbow tried to stop him but couldn't. So Gojira was about to step on Rainbow until Godzilla saved her and now they're about to fight," Twilight said who was looking at Celestia to see complete shock on her face.

"No it couldn't be. Could it." Celestia said in thought. When she was cut off by a powerful roar from the two saurians as they charged to eachother with all their force.


Chapter 3: Gojira vs Godzilla and Goji

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In Ponyville

The two tyrant beast were locked on to Gojira, and Godzilla and Goji were trying to calm down Gojira but, he just won't listen to any of them. Godzilla tried to knock him out with a tail swipe to the face but had missed, and when he had missed, Gojira grabbed him and started pushing him towards houses and knocked him down. When Godzilla was down and was trying to get up, Gojira was about to stomp on his face until Goji pushed him away and was holding him down trying to calm him down.

"Please Goji, listen to what Godzilla has to say. Do you really want to be called a monster here?" Goji said as she was losing her grip on Gojira. "Why should I care if I am called a monster here. These creatures will be just like the humans, being afraid of us and attacking using their weapons" as Gojira said that he punched Goji in the face and in the chest. Goji lost her balance and fell and when she did, Gojira stood on her chest holding her down. "You sided with the reject and not with your own kin and now. You will die" and as he said that there was a strange glow of blue surrounding the area and blinding all the pony near the area including the Elements and the Princesses. He then looked to the ground seeing the puny creatures running away from him.


He then opened his mouth revealing a blue energy but, before he could fire at the ponies, Godzilla got back up and ran in front of Gojira's beam of energy at what he thought was the ground but wasn't. Godzilla took the hit and fell back causing him to roar in pain. "Why are you risking your life to protect these worthless creatures reject." said Gojira as he was walking towards Godzilla. Godzilla had gotten back up with a minor injury to his chest. "The reason why I protect these creatures is because they didn't do anything to us but brought us here. I protect the weak from someone like you" as he stood up to full height almost towering over Gojira about a couple of feet (15 to be exact).They both stared at each other and then roared at each other, both charging up and fired at each other.


In the Friendship Castle

Everypony inside of the were shocked at how powerful these beings truly are. They saw that after the blast Goji got back on her feet and began fighting again. "I can't believe how strong these creatures are. They might be even more powerful than a alicorn right Celestia" said Twilight as she looked at her teacher. Celestia just couldn't believe the destruction that these creatures were making on ponyville. She then had a quick flashback to before Luna became Nightmare Moon and there before her eyes a similar creature in the background, fire surrounding it as its fiery red glowing eyes stared down at Celestia.


She shook off the flashback and looked at her student with a look of worry in her eyes. "Twilight, how did these creatures end up here" her tone sounded like she was scared of something. "It was a book from Starswirl The Bearded that you told us to find titled Power of a GOD, don't you remember" said Twilight she looked at Celestia with concern in her eyes. But before Celestia could say anything the girls were all shouting, especially Pinkie Pie.

"You two got this in the bag" said Pinkie with a smile.

"Yea show that white eyed freak" said Rainbow.

"Twilight when this is over I want you and the Elements to be ready" said Celestia as she walked over to Luna. "What for Celestia" asked Twilight while walking towards Celestia. "Just trust me Twilight" Celestia said as she went over to talk to Luna. "What is it sister" asked Luna.

"Do you remember all those years ago when we used that book that Starswirl told us not to use" said Celestia. "Yes I remember why" said Luna who was getting worried, "That book is a multiverse book connecting every known universe that Starswirl had found out about. Remember that creature that came through the portal when we used it" said Celestia getting even more worried. "Yes I do do remember but, what do these creatures have to do with that one" asked Luna. "I think that as soon as those two are done with the one they are fighting they might attack so just be ready" said Celestia standing at full height.

Twilight went back to her friends and told that Celestia said to get the elements and to be ready. "Why would we need the elements twilight asked Rarity, "Yea Twilight" added Applejack. "I don't know but, she told us to trust her so Spike get the elements" told Twilight as Spike went to go get the elements.

In Ponyville

The battle kept raging on between the three beast. All you could hear are the loud roar between the three predators and their footsteps. Gojira was starting to slow down and running out of breath and so were Godzilla and Goji. The three kaiju were all beaten up and bloody. "I will not be defeating by you two" roared Gojira and took off running towards them but, Goji and Godzilla both pulled up their tails and smacked Gojira across the face making him fall. "I can't believe I was beaten by a traitor and a reject" and with that he went cold. Goji and Godzilla both took a deep breath and reared their heads back to do a victory roar.


Godzilla went over to check if he was still breathing and he was okay, just out cold. He went over to check on Goji who had some minor wounds. He was trying to help clean herself up but, she push him off. Goji then looked at Godzilla who was smiling at her making her blush, "Are you sure you don't want my help" asked Godzilla in a cocky way, "No no no no no, I'm fine" making her blush even more. All Godzilla could do was snicker on how cute she was acting but, he then looked at the hole in the castle seeing the ponies that had brought them there. He walked over making mini earthquakes and began speaking. "Who is the leader of this group" asked Godzilla nicely. "I am, monster" said Celestia. When she said that her eyes began to glow and she shot a beam at Godzilla and Goji.

They were both stun by this and were about to say something until they fell down slowly and began sleeping. "Celestia what was that for" asked Twilight who was shocked by this. "In time Twilight I will tell you but for now we need to put them in the dugeon. Do you know any shrinking spells" asked Celestia


Dead bodies everywhere all except for one who was running for his life until there was a dead end. It was Tirek and he looked scared by something that was coming towards him. "STAY BACK!!!" shouted as he formed a magic sphere and threw it at the creature who seemed to have split into two. "Please don't kill me" begged Tirek as a pair of yellow eyes begin to advance. "Stop. You had your fun with the rest of the prisoners" said the pair of red eyes, "Fine" the pair of yellow eyes said as it backed away from Tirek. "Please don't kill me" begged Tirek again.

"Oh don't worry, I ain't gonna kill ya. I'm just gonna hurt yah really, really, bad" and the pair of red eyes began laughing. "Who are you" asked Tirek, "I am a revived ancient god. I am Bagan" and with that all you could hear was a painful scream from Tirek.