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Bonds of Harmony - FoxTheFirebird

Princess Luna tries to help Twilight out with a spell and ends up in another galaxy, where she meets a certain Space Ranger by the name of Ty Parsec and forms a bond with him.

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The Sting

Spike shouldered his pack. "Okay, Twilight, I'm all ready to go. I have everything we need for our trip to Canterlot."

"Right. Let's go." But Twilight didn't move. Although she knew it was far from the perfect time to worry about the smaller issues, the matter of Celestia's negative behavior came back to haunt her. She gulped in great hesitation, to which Spike took notice.

"Uh….Twilight? We can go now, y'know." He hooked a claw to the door.

"I know, I know. But I'm still afraid of facing Princess Celestia. You saw her, Spike. What if she disowns me as her student after what I did?"

Spike held up an assuring claw to place on Twilight's shoulder. "Ah, c'mon, Twilight. It wasn't your fault. We'll find a way to get Luna back. I mean, you'll be working with Celestia; I think with her, and your number one assistant of course," he couldn't resist patting himself proudly on the chest, "I think we'll lick this problem together."

Twilight took Spike's words into account. That was a very true fact. The two of them would be working alongside Celestia to find Luna, wherever she ended up. If Celestia didn't want Twilight working with her, she would have said something.

When she looked at her number one assistant, she couldn't help but feel her mouth perk up a little at his faith in her. "You're right, Spike. We WILL find Luna and I'll make things right." Gaining strength by his everlasting faith in her, Twilight felt ten feet tall. She strode out the door, with Spike by her side.
They arrived outside to see the Princess waiting patiently for them.

"We're ready to leave. We've got everything we'll need and...Princess? Is something wrong?"

It occurred to Twilight that Celestia was looking at her in a strange way, as if she was...worried. But what about? Her sister, perhaps. It was understandable, given the two of them were very close.

Celestia shook her head. "Well...yes. But it's nothing that can't be handled. With your help and Starswirl's-"

"And her number one assistant!"

Celestia couldn't help but chuckle warmly for a moment despite the graveness of the situation. "And your number one assistant, we'll be able to find a way to find my sister and bring her back. Are you ready to go?"

Feeling the tension ease away, Twilight grinned a little. "Of course. I'm ready when you are, Princess. I'll contact my friends and tell them about-"

"No. Not this time."

Twilight blinked in confusion at Celestia's firm order. She didn't want Twilight's friends to come with them? "But I don't understand. Why mustn't I contact my friends to inform them about this?"

"It's important that we do our homework first. We must find out everything we can about Starswirl's spell and see if we can find out where Luna may have disappeared off to. Besides, I don't know if we'll need the Elements of Harmony for what we will be researching and I can't risk the safety of other ponies unless the circumstances are absolutely dire."

Twilight and Spike exchanged confused glances. It wasn't something they wanted to hear, but...the Princess had a point.

Twilight nodded. "I understand." Albeit her hesitation to agree to this notion. She didn't want to be doing this without her friends to back her up, but unless there was a reason to bring them over to assist in this fragile matter, there was no need to summon them now.

Satisfied with her student's approval, Celestia said, "Very well, then. Let us be on our way to Canterlot."

Ty wiped his brow as he put on the finishing touches for Luna's bandaged wing... or he would have had he not remembered that his helmet was still up. After frowning in annoyance, he pushed a button to retract the glass helmet. He then returned his attention to Luna.

It was quite a bit of work, given he was not a professional medic, but thanks to the Academy training, he managed to put that knowledge to use and secure her wing into a bandaged cocoon until the LGMs could properly tend to it. He made a mental note to thank his old instructor later.

But for now, it was time to put away the first aid kit and let her sleep in peace until they arrived to Star Command.

Ty packed the contents of the first aid kit back into the box, closed the box up and brought it back over to the counters. Just as he put it away on the shelves, a series of beeps went off. His communicator. The Ranger shut the counter doors and lifted up a lid to a compartment hidden in his left sleeve. It opened up to reveal a small blue screen with Buzz's face. "Yeah, Buzz?"

"Hey Ty, everything okay down there? I thought I'd check in."

"Everything's fine. The pony's sleeping now. The cold really did her in, but she's ok. I managed to patch up her wing for the time being until the LGMs can look at her." He cast a questioning glance over at her before looking back at his friend and motioning with his arm to show her to Buzz.

The Ranger nodded as he saw that Luna was slumbering peacefully underneath the blanket on the bed and her wing was fixed up good and tight, tenderly laid out flat. "Well, that's good to hear. I'll call Star Command and give them a head's up about our unexpected guest."

Ty retracted his arm to face Buzz again. "Okay. Um, you need me to come up there?"

"No need, Ranger, I got this. Besides, you'd better stay down there and watch over her just in case she wakes up and needs something. I'll let you know when we reach Star Command."

Ty saw no reason to argue with that logic, so he simply nodded. "Alright, Buzz. I'll keep an eye on her. And thanks. Over and out."

He flipped the lid back down, ending the conversation. He then grabbed a nearby chair and took a seat next to the bed.

He relaxed into the chair and leaned his head into his hand as he watched as her form rise up and down. What did ponies like her dream about, he wondered. It was an odd thing to question during his vigil, but there was nothing much else he could do while she was sleeping. It was an interesting question to think about anyways. She was sentient after all from all that she demonstrated so far-her methods of self-defense, her spectrum of emotions, her intelligence. Ty wouldn't be surprised if she really was dreaming about something.


Whatever she was experiencing in her subconscious, he hoped it was a good experience after what she went through. He could use some good dreams himself.

A yawn invaded his body.
His head slowly fell as if it held a giant weight.
The rush of the prior battle caught up to him and dowsed him with drowsiness.

The notion of sleep was sounding all too good right about now. He could just take a little nap; no one would notice. The temptation rose, his body slowly grabbing the opportunity to-he jerked his body. Now wasn't the time to fall asleep on the job!

"Craters...I should make some coffee." But he wasn't about to leave his position to go to the kitchenette, not that he was much in the mood to get up. And the chair did provide a place of temporary comfort. At least until they arrived at their headquarters.

Ty growled in irritation. This was ridiculous; he was in no way going to doze off on the task at hand! He placed both of his hands on his lap and sat up straight against the back of the chair, doing everything he could to make sure he could command his body to stay fully awake. It was working; his body felt a little more energy coming back to him.

He focused his attention on the pony, removing all thoughts of sleepiness from his mind.

He would not fall asleep. He would not fall asleep. He would not-

He fell asleep.

Luna jerked awake, breathing in and out in a rushed breath.

Events of the past reimbursed themselves in a nightmare that propped her awake, or at least her senses propped awake.

Eyes darted to and fro as she reoriented herself to life. Luna's ears pricked up, flicking as she took in all of her surroundings within a medical facility. She parked herself on the bed, the last thing she remembered. She was recovering after a cold spell, fighting for herself in the wintery storm and being rescued by a being known as Ty Parsec, and she was safe now.


She found him asleep on a chair.

Luna tilted her head at him before finally feeling a strange weight on her wing. She turned to see her wing upheld by a roll of bandages, and a truly well-crafted one at that. Her wing was saved and put back together by Ty, she could see, and now he was resting. He must have been exhausted, the poor thing.

Well, now that Luna was feeling much better, she was now feeling the urge to get up and move around, as well as wake up Ty to thank him for taking care of her. He deserved it after all he went through to help her in her time of need. It gnawed at her to see him working to keep her out of harm's way, but she was still appreciative for his voluntary and generous acts all the same. The least she could do was bear thanks.

And that's what she was going to do. She uncurled her legs, stood straight up and stretched her limbs as far as she could stretch them. After she worked out the rusty kinks in her legs, she hopped off the bed and quietly treaded over to Ty. When she reached him, she lifted up a hoof to gently shake his shoulder to wake him.

But all she received was an uncomfortable groan.

Luna frowned and gently tried shaking him again. But the response was the same.

"Hmm...something's wrong. But what?"

"No...no, please! No!"

Luna nearly jumped back at the sudden exclamation. That was quite unexpected. When she looked back at him, she tapped a hoof to her chin. Something was obviously bothering Ty...a nightmare. Or perhaps he was recalling a particularly horrible past event.
Whichever one it was, Luna was going to have to be the one to pull him out of the danger.

"Ty Parsec. Ty Parsec...Ty."

Even with her gentle greeting, it did not wake him up. His pain was keeping him back from responding to Luna.

He groaned again, his eyes squeezed tightly. Such pain.

It was horrible to see him like this.

Luna's concern ran deep through her veins. She had to help him. But could he, whatever he was, even have dreams? Only one way to find out.

And so, she closed her eyes, her magic glimmering to life, with her horn glowing white. And then...

She bore witness to his dream.

"No...please, leave me alone! Go away!"

Ty ran again, breath rapid and afraid. He ran through the woods, into the dark night of the dusk deep moon.

Past wrinkled trees. Hanging from the tree branches like rotten fruit were old mechanical parts of ancient machines. The parts were torn apart-sprockets, wires, cogs, and other parts that gave life to machinery. Some of those parts were ones Ty didn't need to see to know what they were.

Some of them were the twisted parts of robots.

Arms splattered with blue oil, legs bent out of shape, decapitated heads stared with lifeless eyes.

Ty ran faster and harder, his breath increasing in speed. He had to get away from here, he just had to escape the arena. That thing was still around.

But it was as if everywhere he went, the amount of trees grew. But as if that wasn't already frightening enough...

A familiar hungry whirring occurred in the shadows of the forest. Hiding and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Ty stopped dead in his tracks, the fear gripping him in the earth. He couldn't move, his feet became lead. His arms shook as if he were cold.
No...it was cold. A random burst of cold, as cold as deadly ice, blew across the forest, freezing his heart and body and mind. He looked around, a frightened animal looking for some safety away from this place. What could he do? Where could he go? He had to find someplace, anyplace where that...that thing wasn't hiding and prowling to catch him. It was stalking him, he knew.

The monster's whirring echoed again. It was much louder this time.

A sudden burst of light shone from the heavens, from up above and hidden in the clouds. The moon.

A green moon.

Brighter than crystallic fusion, flares burning harder than a nuclear reactor.

Ty was frozen harder than the coldest iceberg in the ocean. Oh no...that blasted moon from Canis Lunis was back!

His brow produced sweat, his heart beat fast.

"Leave me alone! Go away!"

But as if to mock him, the moonbeams just shone brighter on the land, peeking through the clouds. They shone and released a deadly sight- a cloud of ugly vampire bats. They dived downwards, swooping into a v-formation, as if they held a vendetta against the Ranger.

Ty felt his heart scrambling to his throat. Now he had to run faster than he ever ran in his entire lifetime. He shook his body free of fear before he took off. He hated bats. Nasty things. If there was one thing he was afraid of next to NOS-4-A2, it was bats.

He pounded against the earth, footsteps drumming furiously. His own heart banged against his eardrums.

The faster he went, the farther he tried to get away from the bats, but no matter where he turned, they were there to follow his every step. The leader of the cloud was the biggest of them all, its wings spread far and wide. It was looking at Ty very intently...

Ty's eyes widened as wide as dinner plates. Oh no...the creature was coming to attack him!

The bat was diving bomb faster than a rocket. Its jaws were sharp and glaring underneath the moonlight. It was coming at him with large and red eyes. But he wasn't the only monster to stalk after Ty.

No... finally deciding to come out out at last was the last thing Ty had ever wanted to meet again. It was that creature.

It pounced after him, a wild animal chasing its prey.

Ty gasped at the two frightening sights. If that weren't enough, the trees suddenly came to life, the robot parts falling off the trees and slithering their way towards him.

It was all so much to take in, but he needed to keep fleeing. Fleeing away from this nightmare.

Keep going, Ty! Keep going and don't stop. Don't stop...

Ty...Ty, please, listen. Wake up. Wake up...

Luna cut her magic loose and urged,


He bolted out of his chair, nearly falling out of his seat.

Luna watched with concern as he lurched forward, panting in exertion, sweat dripping off his brow, eyes squeezed shut. But she dare not ask. Instead, she waited for him to get his wind back. She gently pulled out her other wing to drape around his back in comfort.

Ty breathed shakily to recollect his senses. Cool air in, warm air out. Cool air in, warm air out. After he calmed down, he sat up and buried his face into his hands. Craters...another nightmare. This one was horrifying. Body parts, bats, the green moon, and those two monsters he never wanted to see again? The only thing that seemed to keep his sanity in check was the fact that he had someone to wake him up. A voice that saved him from forcing him to crawl onto the ground and shrivel up into a fetal position.

He would soon find that savior closer than he thought.

He finally felt a light and feathery cloak on his back. Lifting his head up from his hands, he noticed the pony was by his side. Awake and looking worried at him, with her other wing clutching around him. The form of care was unexpected, but he was welcome to it. It was kind of nice. Different, but nice and warm. In quiet gratitude he assured, "I-I'm ok. I'm fine, I just...I had a nightmare."

And then that was when she spoke for the first time since she met him. "That must have been quite a vivid nightmare, Ty Parsec."

"Yeah, I'll say. It was-"...Ty paused before he turned right back to face the pony with shock growing on his face, all memory of the nightmare forgotten in favor of this new twist. "Wait a minute...did...did you just talk?!"

Luna regarded him as though he asked what two and two equaled. "Yes I did. Why are you so shocked?"

Ty blinked a couple of times before he shook his head in disbelief. "You can talk! I-I-I just-I never heard a pony talk before-Eer, I mean you're the first pony to talk! You can talk!

"...I'm not still dreaming, am I?"

Seeing that she had some explaining to do, Luna lifted her wing off Ty's back and patted Ty on the arm. "Actually, no. You're very much awake. But if you say you never heard a pony speak before, then I may assume that we are outside the boundaries of Equestria and you have never seen ponies like me?"


She put a hoof on her crest to indicate herself. "Yes. Equestria. It is where I am from. You are not familiar with my country?"

Ty was still reeling from his bafflement, but he was slowly coming out of it. "I...No, I'm sorry, I-I don't. I...I never heard of your home."

This news was not what Luna wanted to hear, but she was not the least bit surprised. "I see. Well, regardless, I hope you are feeling much better, Ty Parsec."

Ty nodded. "I am, believe me. Er...thanks for waking me up by the way, uh...hey, if you can talk, you got a name, right?"

Luna cast a polite smile."Of course. My name is Princess Luna, and I am delighted to meet you."

If Ty wasn't already overwhelmed with the fact he was having a conversation with a talking pony, he was to be absolutely floored at her occupation. "A Princess? You're a...a PRINCESS?" That would explain why she was wearing the decorative regalia.

"Yes, I am. What about it?"

Ty leaned back, groaning and slapping his face into his hand. His life just took a turn for the weird again. Was he just a giant magnet for things out of the norm or something?

Luna was finding Ty to be a fairly odd being. Kind and determined, but odd. "Are you alright? You look rather unwell." As well as a little incredulous.

Ty wiped his face with a hand and placed it on his lap. "I'm just trying to take it all in. Today's just been an adventure right after another. First, I'm assigned with Buzz to go to Zenway 9, then we're off fighting Zurg and protecting you and now-"

Luna held up a hurried hoof at the mention of 'Zenway 9'. "Ty Parsec, wait a moment! Where did you say you were?"

He blinked at the change in emotions. Although Ty would have been irritated with the interruption, he saw no reason to be upset with her when she had the right to know about everything that happened. He did need to keep her calm when it seemed she was on the urge of freaking out. And so he put asides his swamped frame of mind. "I said, we were on Zenway 9. That was where Buzz and I were assigned to go to keep an eye on Zurg and his Hornets, and where we found you. You see, Buzz and I are Space Rangers, working for Star Command."

The confused brow on Luna's face told him he needed to explain more.
"Basically, we're the guardians of the galaxy. We protect and defend other planets from the evil Emperor Zurg."

Ty suddenly wondered if he should have reworded his explanation differently, for Luna was wearing the same shock he felt not too long ago.

"Planets? Did you say, planets?" Planets? Where in the wide world of Equestria did she end up?! "I...Ty Parsec, are you saying that I landed not only outside the boundaries of Equestria, but I also landed outside of my world?!" Her own breath was unbalanced, hitching up and down in great disturbance. "No, no, no! This is not possible! This wasn't supposed to happen!"

The Ranger suddenly got up onto his feet at the signs of her distress. "Hey, calm down!"

But she was seeming to ignore him; she continued to hyperventilate in panic. "I just can't believe it! The spell brought me here! It brought me to some strange world I've never been in and separated me from Twilight and Spike and Celestia and-"


The tough command issued by Ty finally got Luna to stop what she was doing and look up at him. But her fear was still present.

Ty sighed as he rubbed the root of his nose in patience. "Okay. Look. Let's calmly think this through and start at the beginning. I think that since we've both got a lot of questions that need answers, we should take it one step at a time and explain everything we need to explain. I mean, if I've never heard of Equestria and you've never heard of Zenway 9, then we both need to share what we know to help each other. You sound like you had a lot going on before you came here, so you can go first."

His suggestion brought Luna out of her frightened state as it sank in. Oh goodness...he was right, the most important thing to do was to explain things to him. Perhaps he might even have a solution to her troubles. She acted like such a fool in front of him. "Of course, you're right. I'm...I am SO sorry for my behavior. It was not the proper way to behave."

The Ranger sat down back in his seat, arms resting on legs. "Hey, it's okay, I understand. It's a lot to take in. I know I shouldn't have yelled at you, but I needed to calm you down."

Luna sat down on her haunches, now tranquil and reasonable. She grinned a little sheepishly. "And I'm glad you did. Thank you. And thank you for taking care of me. If it were not for you and your friend, I would have frozen over in that terrible storm with my broken wing."

"..." A light smile caressed his lips. "Well, you're welcome, Princess Luna." If there was one thing that made this day a little better, it was being thanked for his services.

Both pony and Ranger kept their smiles up for a few more minutes before Luna decided to get down to business.
"So what do you wish to know first, Ty Parsec?"

It was not until she acknowledged him by both names did he notice. But he made no point in picking up on it; it was probably royal protocol for her to address him by his first name and surname. Instead, he focused on the main objective at hand. "Well, I guess the first thing I'd like to know is this: what do you mean by, 'landed'? What exactly happened to you?"

Luna's smile fainted away, a sigh being released out. She closed her eyes to regain her thoughts as she prepared herself to tell her tale. After she steeled her mind, she opened her eyes. "What I mean is, I was helping a friend of mine with her craft. She was trying out one of Starswirl's experiments, the power to create portals to travel from one area of Equestria to the next."

"Star Swirl? Uh...who's that?"

Oh...that's right. Ty wouldn't have known who Star Swirl was. "Star Swirl, or otherwise known as Star Swirl the Bearded, was an important figure in Equestria. He was responsible for the creation of over two hundred spells in magic and-"

Now it would be Ty's turn to interrupt. "Whoa, whoa, wait a minute here. I don't mean to cut ya off, but...magic? As in, the kind a stage magician uses?"

Luna was the one to blink at the Ranger's near skepticism. "In part, yes. But the magic I am referring to is the kind that all ponies can use. I used my magic to conjure up the shield to protect you and Buzz Lightyear from the blizzard and myself from your evil Emperor Zurg." Luckily for her, Ty was able to believe her and widen his eyes at amazement.

"Wow. So it's for real... I can't say I've heard heard of magic like that before. The magic that I know of is the type that only stage magicians can pull off."


"Yeah. But I think I like your magic better than what I've seen. It's different. And it's good."

The compliment sent Luna grinning and crisscrossing her arms in embarrassment. "Oh well. That is very nice of you to say."

"Heh. No problem. So, uh...I'm gonna go on a limb and guess that the spell went awry?"

Luna cleared her throat and sat up as the gravity of the situation fell on her again. "Well, sort of. My friend and I did successfully create a portal, but for some reason, it went out of control. I tried to contain it, but something happened. The power was so strong; I almost fell from its weight. There was a flash of light. And then..." She sadly lowered her head. "And then I ended up on Zenway 9. Away from Equestria, and I don't know how to get back."

"..." Ty creased his brow in sympathy for her. So for all her trouble, for all she did to help her friend, she was on the receiving end of a short stick. He could relate to that all too well. But she didn't sound as if she were feeling resentful about anything. No, she just felt sad and afraid about everything. And she'd need someone to give her a hand in helping her return home. He could tell she truly loved her homeworld, and presumably her people, so much. But why did she and her friend make this portal? He carefully picked his words so as not to upset her. He slowly asked, "I see. So why were you and your friend trying to create the portal in the first place?"

Luna picked up her head, but she still appeared sad about her plight. "I was..." It then reoccurred to Luna about why she helped Twilight out with that portal. But that reason didn't seem like the right one to tell this Ranger right off the bat. Not when they just met and were learning about the facts about each other first before truly getting to know their hearts. And she did not want to upset him with her own heartache when there was more work to be done-getting her back to her beloved home. Besides, he went through so much trouble for her already and she did not want to impose any more on him. Not when it appeared he was going through some inner troubles himself. The nightmare that she saw was of no doubt great anguish for him, judging by his fear.

A part of her wished to help him with his own share, in gratitude for helping her out and because she did not want to see anyone in pain and suffering. If she had to put aside her own struggles to aid another, then so be it. She sighed again before going on, "I was helping her because she was taking a break from studying magic. She likes to study up on Starswirl's work for fun and I thought about joining in on the fun."

Luna's friend liked to study...for fun? Ty couldn't help but feel the corners of his mouth threatening to slide up. She reminded him of someone else who liked to study a lot, who was currently piloting the ship now.

Luna was confused, her melancholy gone. "What? What's so funny?"

"Uh, it's just...your friend reminds me of Buzz in a way. A good way, I mean. He likes to study for fun too."

Luna didn't see what was so funny about Twilight and Buzz having a connection that-oh, now she understood. "He does?" No wonder he seemed so proud of himself.

"Yep. He likes to study and keep up to date on everything whenever he can, and even when he's on break, he can't relax for too long or else he'll go stir crazy. Heh. But getting back to the point, it sounds like even though you two put in your best efforts, it ended up being more bigger than you thought."

She nodded. "Yes, it was. More bigger and more trouble. And without the book we used to create the portal, I cannot conjure it up again. And I do not want to risk trying so, for I am afraid if I do, I may be lost forever like Starswirl's time recorder."

"Time recorder?"

"It was what he used to test out his portals before he abandoned the project altogether. It never came back to him."

"Oh." Sweet Mother of Venus, this was a tough case. Ty held his chin in his hand as he tried to mull over everything he was told. So the story he got was that she and her friend, who was taking a break from studying, decided to test out this spell that Starswirl tried to perfect but couldn't get right. Something went awry, with Luna trying to tame it from growing out of control. There was a burst of light and then the next thing she knew, she ended up on the snowy planet.

This pony had a long day.

"Craters...I'm not sure what to say."

"It's quite alright, Ty Parsec. I am uncertain about how to deal with all of this myself, especially with the grim possibility of having no way to go home."

Ty gripped a fist in silent fury, his heroism kicking in. "Now hold on here. Don't you go saying that. There HAS to be a way, and we WILL find it."

Luna shot her head up in hope. Did he just say-"Find a way? You mean... you will help me?"

Ty nodded before he got up from his seat. He then knelt down to speak to her on eye level. "Of course I will. And so will Buzz. I don't know how, and I don't care how, but we'll find a way to help you out. That's a Ranger's promise." He meant every word with every bit of his heart. To Ty, keeping a Ranger's promise was very important. He would help Luna out however he can and not rest until he found a way to send her back to her kingdom.

His pure conviction reached Luna's own eyes and heart. She held up a hoof to her mouth as his strong vow caused small traces of tears to form in her eyes. "I..."
She smiled. "Thank you." She wiped the tears away before she threw her forearms around him for a hug.

Her strength nearly caused Ty to fall over. But he managed to stay sturdy as Luna held him in her arms. As much as the hug was wonderful, he didn't know what to make of it. "Uh...anytime." He awkwardly patted her on the neck. He hadn't been hugged like that in a long time and he just met her. Plus, she was a PONY; she was a little stronger than he was. Still, he wouldn't break free yet. She certainly needed a lifeline to hang onto after what she went through. He would wait until she was ready to let go of him.

And he had to keep to his promise no matter what he had to do.

Zurg examined the feathers underneath a microscope. "Hmm...fascinating. The feathers contain some sort of energy. Energy that's not of any planet. Probably not even of this galaxy! Grubs, hand me my copy of Three Books of Fantastical Phenomena". I want to look in on the kind of energy I'm seeing here."

"Yes, my evil lordship!"

When one of those tiny twigs went off in search of the book, Zurg looked up from his microscope to jot down some notes about this discovery. Blue in color, sizzling with some type of energy that was almost akin to lightning, old in age, and consisting of moon power. But what did it all mean for the alicorn?
She was no doubt a powerful creature, and that she probably came from a world where the energy levels soared beyond any crystallic fusion sources, but he felt as though there were something he were missing.

There was something important about that creature, but what was it?

"Here you are, my evil Emperor!"

"Well, it's about time! I swear, you miserable midgets get slower each day." He sighed dramatically as he swiped it away from the grub. "Oh well. At least I have the book." He stuck out a claw to flip through pages to find what he was seeking. Unicorn...no. Pegasus...no. Dragon...he wished, but no!
"Ah, here we are, alicorn! Hmm..."

He skimmed through the explanations as he tried to find some useful bit of information about her. There were excerpts about horn and wing power, but nothing stood out for him to legitimately gain anything on the mysterious creature. "Drat. There's nothing to be found on what I'm looking for. Then again, alicorns are not exactly the most common of creatures. Guess I'll have to do some more research... and I think I know how to do it."

He put his book down and rubbed his claws in anticipation. "Alright you squirts, I need you to turn on one of the spy cameras we've got in Star Command. If I know the Rangers right, they'll probably take her to the LGMs where they'll tend to her wing. Those little green goobers will do the research for us."

His evil laughter sent the whole palace ablaze with chills.

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