• Published 23rd Aug 2015
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My Roommate, the Evil Siren - Mirai-chan

When Aria has nowhere else to go, she finds herself living in the same house as Fluttershy.

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Moving Out

Aria Blaze was in a bad situation.

There was no denying it. The former Siren stormed down the street with a face like thunder, glaring at every passer-by, who regarded her nervously. The truth was, Aria didn't feel that angry. She felt... empty. Aria had never really considered Sonata and Adagio her friends, Sonata was annoying and Adagio was bossy, but they were her companions. They looked out for each other, to an extent. But now, she was alone. Cast out by her "companions".

"Stupid little..." Aria mumbled insults as she walked. Recalling the events of earlier was making her admittedly angrier now.

"I'm sorry Ari, but you just can't live here anymore."

"She's kidding. Tell me she's kidding Adagio!"

"I'm afraid she's not. Come on Aria, you don't have a job, you don't do any housework or helping out. Hell, you don't even speak to us unless you have to.

"I'll get a job! You can't just do this!

Since it's my house, I'm afraid I can.

Aria could certainly think of a lot of words to describe Adagio Dazzle.

Now Aria had walked quite a way from the house and the streets were getting less crowded, she was starting to gather her thoughts. Another feeling had pushed its way to the front of her scrambled mess of emotions.


What was she going to do?

Aria turned the corner and ended up in a deserted street. She was considerably more tired now, and made straight for a bench sitting beside a dilapidated looking row of conjoined houses that clearly showed what side of town she was in. Aria let out a deep sigh as she collapsed on the bench and cast her eyes upwards. She was rewarded with a drop of water in her eye.

"Gah!" Aria jumped and straightened up again. Another drop hit her arm.

"Oh. Rain." Aria sighed again. "Just my luck."

As she huddled on the bench, as if making herself smaller would help her protect from the rain, she realised her feelings of anger were fading away. With her increasing discomfort from the rain, coupled with the growing realisation of how dire her situation was, she could feel a lump in her throat and stinging behind her eyes.

Aria Blaze was beginning to cry.

No longer was she a formidable figure, a force to be reckoned with. She was a lost and homeless teenage girl.

"Stop it." Aria told herself firmly. "Stop it! You're pathetic." Despite her own words, Aria couldn't stop it. She sniffed furiously and glared at the ground, cursing herself for being so weak.

"Oh my goodness!"

The sudden sound made Aria jump. She jerked upwards and stared at the source of the voice. A girl who she instantly recognised as a member of the Rainbooms. A timid girl with pink hair, dressed in green and clutching several shopping bags as well as smaller slung over her shoulder. Aria couldn't quite recall her name. Butterfly, or something stupid like that. Aria sniffled and glared at her.

"What do you want?!" She snapped at the girl, who seemed taken aback by her sudden aggression.

"Uh, nothing! I um..." The butterfly girl stuttered, eyes wide.

"Then scram!"

Butterfly girl took a step backwards. Aria glared at her, then cast her eyes downwards, feeling sorry for herself again. After a couple of minutes, Aria realised the girl was still there.

"Why are you still standing there?" Aria looked up at the Rainboom, who was still staring at her. The expression on her face had changed slightly. Sort of softened a little. She no longer looked so terrified. Aria continued to stare back at her but had to glance down again when she felt her eyes well up. Aria could've sworn that in that moment she actually heard the girl swallow.

"A-are you okay?" Butterfly girl asked cautiously. The question was so unexpected Aria felt some kind of jolt in her stomach. She didn't let the girl's sudden concern breach her feelings however.

"What kind of question is that? Why do you care?" Aria did her best to maintain an angry tone. To her annoyance, Butterfly girl didn't answer. Aria glared at her. "Why are you still here? It's raining." Aria gestured somewhat unnecessarily towards the the sky. The girl's eyes widened.

"Oh! I have an umbrella" She reached into her bag. Aria snorted.

"Good for you. Now go." Aria's voice wavered at the end of her sentence and she averted her eyes. There was another pause. Aria was seriously thinking about leaving herself, when something fell into her lap. After a short moment her eyes focused on it.

An umbrella. Aria stared at it, then at the drenched girl in front of her, who offered a small smile. That was what did it. Aria Blaze, former Siren and world-dominator, dissolved into uncontrollable sobs.

It went on for a while. All thoughts of dignity were cast aside as Aria completely surrendered to despair. After several moments of this, she became aware of someone sitting next to her. Then a tentative arm went around her. Aria tried to pull away at first, but gave up and let the other girl comfort her. Finally, she was able to stop.

"There there. It's okay, it's all okay." The butterfly girl's comforting voice whispered to her as her tears stopped flowing. Aria heard a kind of wet flapping sound that caused her to look up in confusion. The girl had opened the umbrella over both of them. She smiled at Aria.

"Feeling any better?"

Aria had recovered slightly and now felt embarrassed, so she merely nodded. The two sat in silence for a moment.

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" Butterfly ventured. Aria shook her head. The other girl sighed. "Um... I don't know your name." She tried again. Heh. Aria thought. Something we have in common She turned to her comforter and awkwardly held out her hand.

"It's Aria. Aria Blaze." Aria muttered gruffly. The girl took her her hand.

"Fluttershy" A slightly awkward pause. "Um, it's just Fluttershy." Aria nodded and Fluttershy smiled tentatively.

"Uh..." Fluttershy spoke again. Aria looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Fluttershy shifted uncomfortably. "Do you want to... You know..." Aria widened her eyes expectantly. Fluttershy averted her eyes.

"Sorry, I don't know. Care to explain?" Aria managed to regain some of her normal tone. Fluttershy raised her head.

"Come back to my house."

Aria's eyebrows practically disappeared in her hair.

"Why would I want to do that?"

Fluttershy shrank slightly. "Well, I thought that you seemed upset-"

Aria cut her off. "Sure. You just want to lure me somewhere so your rainbow friendies can punish me."

"No! No I don't want to do that!" Fluttershy acted as if Aria had accused her of something.

"Why not? I'm evil, remember?" Aria folded her arms.

"You're not that evil. You're just..." Fluttershy thought for a moment. "Power-hungry"

Aria snorted. To her surprise, Fluttershy giggled along with her.

"Okay, maybe you were a bit evil. But you're different now, right?" Fluttershy smiled. Aria frowned.

"What makes you think that I've changed?"

"Sunset Shimmer changed" Fluttershy stated simply. Aria looked away.

"I'm not Sunset Shimmer." Aria pointed out, depression at her situation starting to weigh her down again.

"That's true, but don't you think she proves that anyone can change?" Fluttershy said quietly. Aria didn't answer this time. She stared at the ground, weighing her options. She could stay here alone in the pouring rain, or she could go back to a warm house and be looked after for a bit. Aria sighed. The latter option was far too tempting.

"Okay, listen up butterfly girl." Fluttershy blinked at her. "I'll come to your house." Fluttershy smiled at her and opened her mouth to say something. "But!" Aria continued. "Don't tell Adagio. Or your rainbow friends. Or anyone actually. And-" Aria paused and thought for a moment "I'll repay you. Somehow. Deal?" Aria reached her hand for the second time. Fluttershy reached out and they shook again.


Author's Note:

I wrote a thing!
Hope you enjoyed it. If not, feel free to press the downvote button, but if you have you could let me know what went wrong, I would be most grateful. Any area for improvement at all. Grammar, spelling, dialogue, pacing. You name it.

If you found it depressing, don't worry, it should lighten up soon.

Thanks to Silvers 93 for helping me out.

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