• Published 1st Aug 2015
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An Interesting Arrival - Moongaze14

Retirement in Equestria is harder than expected. Even in such a peaceful land, Statice finds that his new life can be just as stressful as his old one, especially after getting in the bad side of a certain purple alicorn princess and her friends.

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End of the Vacations

End of the Vacations

“I guess I owe you guys an apology…”

“Don’t need it,” Cadence chirped.

The sudden positive mood the alicorn princess displayed disturbed the green and white unicorns greatly. They couldn’t tell if she was happy about something, if it was a pregnancy mood swing, or if she was just faking to prepare Statice for a more appropriate punishment tomorrow.

Moments like these makes me wish Discord didn’t immediately disappear as soon as he took us back into the palace.

“You’re not mad at me for running out on you? Statice asked worryingly. It was better to get her angry now than bear the full weight of her anger later.

“I am,” Cadence admitted a little too fast for his liking. “But I am too happy to care about that. I’m pregnant!”

She celebrated her achievement by levitating her husband close to her and hugging him. Snapping out of his stupor, Shining Armor hugged his wife and laughed alongside her in joy.

“I’m gonna be a dad!” Shining Armor cheered.

“I’m gonna be a mom!” Cadence cheered.

“I’m gonna make a bet with the other guards regarding the baby’s gender and species,” Statice excused himself from the celebration. “Just so you know, I’m gonna bet that the baby will be an alicorn female.”

The married couple didn’t listen to him as they were too busy with their moment of bliss to pay attention to him. With no moment to spare, Statice spread the news to the guards and made his bet. Once he recorded the bets on his Archive, he went to bed and put his last day on the Crystal Empire behind.

Breakfast was good. He was served macaroni with broccoli sauce. He was even offered a gelato as a dessert. As much as he enjoyed breakfast, he felt it was mushy…by the royal couple acting as a pair of lovebirds in front of him.

Since finding out that Cadence was pregnant, she had cancelled most of her diplomatic appointments for the day to enjoy a romantic day with Shining Armor if only until she could balance out her hormones.

I didn’t see anything so mushy since mom still had Meadow Tails inside of her.

“I have to go see Sunburst,” Statice stood up from the table, not wanting to see those two any longer.

“Take Flash Sentry with you,” Shining Armor, to his credit, stopped flirting with Cadence to address Statice and point at his solider while he was at it. On Flash’s part, he took a second to get into position because even he was embarrassed by his Captain and his Princess acting all lovey-dovey in front of him.

“It will be my honor, sir!” Flash Sentry did a wing salute.

“Good luck with the yaks,” Statice addressed Cadence, hopefully trying to get her to focus the same way her husband did earlier.

“Oh, I’m not gonna do that anymore,” Cadence shook her head in relief.

“You’re not?” Statice raised an eyebrow in query.

“Diplomacy with the yaks has always been a challenge to Equestria for centuries,” Cadence sighed in disappointment. “Since the Crystal Empire is closer to them, I took the task because I wanted to do more than just keeping the Crystal ponies to date with modern times. But doing so put me under a lot of stress and that’s not good for me, especially with a baby on the way. So I think I should let Twilight handle the task since she has always had a greater knack with befriending others than me.”

That’s becoming a trend for Twilight and her friends.

“I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for you,” Statice winced in sympathy. “I can relate to the pain of working hard and not getting the results you want.”

“I tried,” Cadence smiled in satisfaction. “And I’ll get my results, just not in the way I expected in the first place. I’m happy that somepony can continue where I left off, especially a pony I can trust.”

So I need to keep trying until I get results. Maybe if I continue, somepony may continue my work for me.

“Be back by dinner,” Shining Armor interrupted Statice with a stern command.

“Alright, dad,” Statice sarcastically commended Shining Armor on his new position in life, eliciting squeals of delight from him and Cadence. Making sure to ignore the squealing, Statice and Flash Sentry left to room.

As they kept walking, Flash Sentry whispered something into his friend’s ear. “Is the bet still open?” he asked inconspicuously. “I bet it will be a female unicorn. I’m also willing to add extra for coat and mane color.”

“What is it with you guys betting that it’s either gonna be a unicorn or a pegasus?” Statice rolled his eyes at Flash Sentry. “Am I the only one who betted that the baby was gonna be a female alicorn?”

“You just don’t understand pony genetics,” Flash Sentry laughed dismissively.

“And you, morons, don’t understand normal genetics,” Statice countered. “Cadence is an alicorn, which is a mixture of all three pony tribes. I think that counts as a dominant gene so any baby born from her is gonna be an alicorn.”

“She’s an ascended pony,” Flash Sentry snorted. “She’s was a pegasus before she became an alicorn. Chances are that the baby’s either a pegasus from the mother’s side or a unicorn from the father’s side. And that’s not taking into account any Earth pony ancestors on either family tree! How do you even know the baby’s gender?”

“Calculated risk,” Statice shrugged his shoulders. “When have you ever seen an alicorn prince before, Flash Sentry?”

Flash Sentry prepared for a rebuttal, but he didn’t answer. Statice smirked vicoriously at the orange pegasus.

“I thought so.”

Sunburst slamming the door in Statice’s face in fright was not unexpected given their previous encounter. Seeing as there was no choice to talk, Statice kept knocking for over half an hour, much to Flash’s concern.

“What exactly happened between the two of you?” Flash Sentry wondered.

“Friendship drama,” Statice rolled his eyes. “Now would you mind backing away while we handle our problems like grown ponies. We don’t need strangers barging in on our personal relationships.”

“We’re not exactly close, Statice!” Sunburst answered from behind the close door.

Statice smiled despite the negative response. If he was willing to answer him, then he was willing to talk to him.

We’re making progress. Let’s keep it steady. Can’t risk Flash Sentry finding out about the assault and make a scene. I won’t be able to apologize if he arrests me before I can fully say what I intend to say.

“I’m sorry for the things I said yesterday,” Statice started. “You tried to help me out more than anypony ever tried my whole life and I blew up on you like that for not getting the results I wanted. I’m sorry, Sunburst.”

Sunburst didn’t answer for a full minute. It made Statice worry. By the time the second minute was over, he was ready to call it quits. He only stopped when he saw the door opening with a shy-looking Sunburst smiling at him.

“Can you come in?” Sunburst levitated an old tray. “I went antique shopping and I’d loved to show some of them to you.

“Sure,” Flash Sentry smiled, hoping to make the conversation easier between the two estranged friends.

“I’d love to try my hoof at antiques,” Statice smiled as he entered the house.

The three stallions entered Sunburst’s home to check his antiques. At one point they found an old Royal Guard antique and they started talking about legends. A particular one was Flash Magnus, who Statice and many others thought was Flash Sentry’s apparent ancestor, and the Pillars of Equestria.

“I don’t care if he’s my ancestor or not, Flash Magnus is my hero,” Flash Sentry cheered as he checked an old shield fashioned after the mythical pegasus.

“My friend Digitalis was my hero,” Statice smiled. “He taught me magic from an old book of spells and he’s the only pony besides myself who created his own spells. He was better at learning magic than me and even better at using it.”

“What happened to him?” Sunburst asked, feeling interested in knowing about him.

“I lost him in a mission,” Statice turned his head away from his two friends. “I tried to contact him with my Archive, but I never got a connection.”

It took no time for Sunburst and Flash Sentry to make a connection. They avoided the topic immediately afterwards.

“My friend Starlight Glimmer was my magic partner,” Sunburst fondly reminisced as he brought some books and neatly organized them in a pile. “Every spell I found, she’d cast for me until I learned magic on my own.”

“And then you were sent to Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns,” Statice finished the story for Sunburst. At this point, he saw that Sunburst didn’t want to remember his time at the school because it reminded him that he dropped out, so he decided to end the story for him right there.

“What happened to Starlight Glimmer?” Flash Sentry asked, unaware of the tension between Statice and Sunburst. The green stallion glared at him, but Flash ignored him in favor of listening to the orange unicorn.

“I never got to talk to her again,” Sunburst cast his eyes downward to avoid looking at Flash or Statice in shame. “I was so overwhelmed by school that I didn’t have time to talk to her again. After I was out of there, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to her because I was ashamed of not having written to her for so long.”

I know that feeling.

Statice always felt bad talking to Catrina for his long absences, but he eventually made it up to her with his most recent visit and a promise of more usual contact with her through the Archive. From the looks of it, Sunburst needed a push.

If only I could remember why this Starlight Glimmer is so familiar to me. I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll find out where she lives, befriend her, and then find out if she misses Sunburst. Then I’ll have them meet again. What could possibly go wrong?

“Is there something wrong with me, Statice?” Sunburst asked nervously. “You’ve been staring at me for quite a while.”

“Oh,” Statice shook his head. “I was lost in my thoughts. How about you go to dinner with me. I’m eating dinner with Princess Cadence and Shining Armor.”

“I’ll love it,” Sunburst cheered, honored to dine with royalty.

“I don’t think I’ll love this,” Sunburst frowned uncomfortably at seeing Shining Armor and Cadence feed each other spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce.

“They’ve been going at it since they found out Cadence’s pregnant,” Statice whispered to Sunburst.

“Princess Cadence is pregnant?” Sunburst asked with wonder.

“Statice made a betting pool,” Flash Sentry smiled. “Do you want to join in, Sunburst? It’s all in good fun.”

“I don’t like betting,” Sunburst turned his head away and focused on his pasta dish, preferring his basic needs over witnessing romantic displays of affection or indulging in gambling vices.

“Buzzkill,” Statice snorted.

Once dinner was over, Statice said goodbye to the first two friends he made at the Crystal Empire as Sunburst had to go to the library to do some research and Flash Sentry had to do some Royal Guard duties. This left Shining Armor and Cadence to go with him to the train.

“Are you two love birds in control of your hormones now?” Statice gave Shining Armor and Cadence an annoyed glare.

“A bit,” Cadence giggled as she blushed red because of her pink fur.

“Some of it,” Shining Armor turned around with a blush more evident because of his white fur.

“And I’m supposed to endure a train of that until we reach Canterlot?” Statice complained, groaning as he covered his face with his hooves.

“We can talk,” Cadence spoke softly.

“What are we supposed to talk about?” Statice uncovered his face, as he noticed that something in Cadence’s voice was not comforting at all.

“A few things about your past that Catrina told us about,” Shining Armor spoke with a serious tone. “We need to get them out in the open if you’re going to adapt to Equestria, Statice.”

Statice waited until it was ten minutes after they boarded the train before the conversation could start. It was one of the conditions he established with the royal couple as they were departing the Crystal Empire.

“How much did she tell you?” Statice asked them.

“She began with how and why you left home to start this…sort of troublesome lifestyle of yours,” Cadence started the conversation by giving him a sympathetic look that burned into Statice’s heart more than any condemnation ever could.

Statice felt the urge of levitating an ice cube, throwing it above his head, and blasting it to pieces. He fought that urge down as he realized that it was going to give Shining Armor and his guards the wrong idea about him.

Control yourself. It doesn’t matter how exposed you feel by the truth. It was going to come out anyway.

“What else did she feel the need to tell you?” Statice asked. Despite his effort to calm down, Shining Armor noticed a hint of hostility in his tone.

“The number of times you used dark magic as a foal and the effects it had on you as a foal,” Shining Armor answered bluntly. “On the plus side, she did list the amount of time you had to detoxify between each occasion on which you used dark magic.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Statice asked with a pointed glare.

“It means that your mayor cares enough about you to keep tabs on your mental and emotional faculties in case they’re corrupted by dark magic,” Shining Armor glared at Statice, not appreciating the hostility thrown at him or Catrina. “Not many dark magic users have mentors or paternal figures who can pull them out of the darkness like you, Statice.”

“What else did she do?” Statice challenged the royal couple. “Did she give you a list of all the crimes I ever did since I left my home till I retired? Did she complain about what a bad student I was for not visit her enough? Or did she made a list of imaginary slights as well just so that she can have something else to say as well?”

“THAT’S ENOUGH” Cadence yelled out in the Royal Canterlot Voice. The sheer volume stopping Statice mid rant. The guards that were there were left aghast as they never saw their princess scream with such ferocity until now

To Shining Armor’s credit, he wasn’t affected by his wife’s shout and he was just as incensed as she was. He gestured at his guards to leave as he wanted the privacy to tell Statice off. The guards reluctantly complied, but Statice could see in their eyes a mixture of fear focused on their rulers and a bit of pity thrown at him.

“If you’re done complaining, let me tell you what Catrina told us,” he began. “She told us how worried she is about you. She told us how hurt she is that you don’t visit her enough despite acting like a surrogate mother to you. And she told us how you visited her when you were in emotional distress. And the day after she comforts you, once you find out she told us information we need to know for your welfare, you have the gall to speak ill of her. What is wrong with you, Statice?”

Statice stood there, taking in what Shining Armor just told him. It wasn’t fair to think that badly of Catrina after everything she did for him. The truth was supposed to come out anyway, so why did he act that way when he was confronted by it?

“I don’t know,” Statice admitted. “Maybe I feel weak, or scared, or angry with my past, mainly because running away from it has defined my present. And trying to solve it plays a part in my future. I guess that having somebody talk about my past angers me because it reminds me of how impotent I am.”

Cadence and Shining Armor exchanged glances and then they nodded at each other.

“We don’t know,” Cadence remarked firmly.

“What did you say?” Statice asked in shock.

“My wife told you that we don’t know your situation,” Shining Armor replied reassuringly. “Catrina told us that you’re cursed, but she didn’t specify out of respect for your privacy. She told us that we’re supposed to find out from you.”

He was enveloped a sense of relief and then he was drowned by a feeling of guilt at thinking so badly of Catrina.

I don’t know her as well as I should. I need to speak to her more often.

“We also asked Discord to remove your curse since he knows your past,” Cadence continued the story. “But he told us that he can’t do it unless he can find out how the curse works.”

Statice put a hoof to his face. Thinking on all of the friends that were trying to help him and how he wasn’t appreciating them at the moment. Shining Armor and Cadence were trying to find out more about him. Discord was willing to remove the curse if he only knew the mechanics around it. Catrina was the mother he didn’t have. Sunburst tried to find a way to get rid of the curse. And Flash Sentry was a good friend during the Crystal Empire.

Did I really forget how to be a friend when I have so many ponies acting like one?

“I’m…I’m not one for apologies…but I want to say I’m sorry for not appreciating your efforts,” Statice removed his hoof from his face to stare at Shining Armor and Cadence with since regret and appreciation. “I genuinely loved every day at the Crystal Empire so having this drama fest pretty much killed the whole relaxing part.”

Seeing his sincerity, Shining Armor and Cadence nodded at each other.

“Statice, we have to be honest too,” Shining Armor started. “There was another reason on why we brought you to these vacations.”

“There’s another reason?” Statice asked, a little taken aback. Previous experiences have taught him that secret agendas were never good signs.

“Princess Luna wanted you to relax so that she could connect to your dreams more easily,” Princess Cadence made a magical illustration with her horn showing many circles connected to each other with lines. “She’s making progress, but not as much as she was expecting.”

“Oh, miserable jerk,” Statice moaned, more disappointed at the lack of progress than at Luna secretly entering into his dreams while he was on vacation.

“Are you mad?” Cadence asked worryingly.

“No,” Statice complained. “And I’m not disappointed at Luna entering my dreams since that’s her job. I’m disappointed because we’re nowhere close to me having dreams again.”

“Give her time,” Cadence put a reassuring hoof on Statice’s shoulder. “I’m sure that with you living on Canterlot, she’ll have more time to help you.”

Seeing her comforting smile, Statice smiled.

It was evening when they arrived at Canterlot. While Statice got out of the train, the royal couple was supposed to return to the Crystal Empire.

“It’s a shame you can’t go,” Statice complained. “I got used to you two.”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Shining Armor smiled.

“Aren’t you going to tell Twilight about your little surprise?” Statice asked in a little whisper to avoid anypony else from suspecting.

“We’ll tell her by a little surprise,” Cadence winked at Statice.

“See you later,” Shining Armor saluted at the green unicorn. The doors slid closed and Statice watched as the crystal train went back into the Crystal Empire.

Feeling a bit tired to walk all the way to the castle, Statice teleported to his room and took a shower. Once he was clean, he went to dinner to greet Celestia and Luna. That being said, he only saw the eldest of the two at the table, who was both pleased and surprised by his presence.

“Statice!” Celestia cheered at seeing her guest so early at the evening. “I thought you were going to come in with Luna.”

“Wasn’t Luna going to dine with you?” Statice asked in confusion.

“Well, she went to pick you up at the train station,” Celestia informed him, clearly confused at why her sister was taking so long to come to dinner.

A flash of danger crossed Statice’s mind as he realized that he ditched Luna and now he was making her miss supper. Realizing that his life was in danger, Statice decided to use a spell that could allow him to eat fast before an angry and hungry alicorn could get her hooves on him.

Statice’s horn lit up and blasted a puree. The puree disappeared, leaving the bowl empty while Statice’s stomach released a green light from within for a brief instant. Regal magenta eyes blinked as Celestia watched Statice blast bowls of soups, gelatins, puddings, and other soft foods with his magic. And yet she also noticed that the bowls were empty and unharmed. She also paid attention to the green light that emanated from Statice’s stomach each time he blasted something out of existence and how he appeared to be getting some sort of stomachache from each dish he blasted into oblivion.

Is he eating with magic? But how is he doing it? He can’t be blasting the meals because the dishes are intact. And what about the green light inside his belly every time he blasts a meal out of existence. The more he does it, the more his stomach hurts. I got it. Now I’m gonna ask him to see if I’m right.

“Are you eating with your magic?” Celestia asked, perfectly masking her curiosity with disgust. In reality, she was a bit intrigued with how Statice was speed eating his meals in record time.

“I’m using my Blastportation to teleport the food into my stomach by blasting it with my magic,” Statice summarized the situation with a grunt as he was already feeling the effects of having food many whole dishes in his stomach that had not been properly chewed before consumption.

“You combined a blasting spell with a teleportation spell to create this spell?” Celestia asked in amazement. “That’s an amazing feat. Not many unicorns can fuse spells to bring forth a new one.”

“I also have Teleblastation,” Statice smiled despite his bellyache. “It’s the same principle but with reverse mechanics. You teleport, but you send a magic blast through your horn rather than let the magic fully envelop your body. The result is that your magic blast gets teleported rather than you.”

“That’s amazing,” Celestia took a sip from her corn cream soup. “Many wizards only create variations of the same spell from this method, but you created two spells from one variation.”

“I created most of my spells by experimenting,” Statice smiled, forgetting the agony he was feeling for his speed eating and focusing on the praise he was getting for the hard effort he put on developing his spells.


The doors slammed open as Luna barged into the dining hall. She looked mad as her eyes scanned the table and found her sister and Statice eating together. As she recognized the green unicorn, she stomped off towards him.

Oh yeah, I forgot I ditched her at the train station. In retrospect, I should have just asked my dinner to be a take-out.

“Hi, Luna,” Statice tried a chill smile. It failed as Luna gave him a baleful glare and a cold silence that promised him retribution in the future.

Sensing the anger that her younger sister was oozing from the other side of the table, Celestia intruded herself with a forced cheery smile. “Who wants some pancakes?” she asked in a singsong voice. “I can make some of them for you, Luna, since you’ve been working so hard these last weeks.”

“I’d love some pancakes, sister,” Luna answered Celestia while her eyes were focused on Statice.

Celestia chuckled nervously and Statice gulped.

This is going to be a LONG dinner.

After eating, Luna asked Celestia to let her escort Statice to his room as she needed to tell him something of vital importance. While Celestia initially had some doubts given her sister’s mood, she complied once she saw that Luna had calmed down enough to speak without lingering hostility. That being said, Statice decided to not take any chances and decided to make sure to end any real or imaginary conflict as soon as possible.

“I’m sorry for not waiting for you at the train station,” Statice stated quickly. “My last days at the Crystal Empire were kind of emotional and I wanted to go back here as soon as possible.”

“I kind of figured that out,” Luna replied immediately. “Your dreamscape slightly shifted a few days ago.”

“It did?” Statice asked worriedly.

“Dreamscapes change when you have nightmares, but since you don’t have dreams, then your dreamscape must be associated with thoughts and memories that you experience on a daily basis,” Luna explained as they reached Statice’s room.

“How bad did my dreamscape change?” Statice asked as he realized that the source of the change must have been his confrontation with Sunburst.

“I felt as if I had been in the middle of a field that has been battered with many natural disasters at the same time,” Luna winced as she remembered that expedition. “There were tremors, thunderous noises like that of a storm, a choking sensation as if I had been hit by the waves of the sea, and many more things that made me wish the dream ended. I was lucky that the sensations suddenly stopped.”

Did I do that on my vacations?

“Yes, you did that during your vacations,” Luna answered, reminding Statice that she could read his mind while inside his dreamscape. “Did something happen during your vacations? I think their purpose was to relax you to better help you with fixing your dreaming issues?”

Statice’s head perked up as he realized that Luna read his thoughts. “Are we in your dreamscape again?” he asked the logical question.

“Indeed,” Luna replied. “We had dinner and we were going to your room to discuss, but you looked like you were having indigestion so I casted a Sleepwalking Spell on you.”

“What’s a Sleepwalking Spell?” Statice asked, not liking where things were going between him and Luna.

“A spell that induces sleepwalking,” Luna answered simply. “I either use it on my enemies to perform physical activity while they sleep so they experience exhaustion upon awakening or I cast it on allies to accomplish tasks that they cannot accomplish while they are awake at which point their bodies go to rest once the task is done.”

“What task did you have me do while I was sleepwalking?” Statice asked warily at the blue alicorn. “He didn’t like the thought of being put to sleep and having his body acting out without his permission.

“I had it go to your bathroom and then go to bed afterwards,” Luna reaffirmed with an offended tone. “I even used my dream weaving magic to guide your sleeping body to your room so that it won’t get hurt.”

“Thanks,” Statice answered, a little unsurely. “I heard that you were working hard in fixing my dreaming problems. I appreciate that help.”

Luna gave him an ambivalent look. “And I heard from Cadence and Shining Armor that you enjoyed your vacation, and yet the shift in your dreamscape indicates that something happened,” her tone indicated how displeased she was with Statice for making her job harder for her.

Realizing that there was no way to hide the truth, Statice decided to just reveal part of it. She was bound to find it anyway, but that didn’t mean that she could get decide how she was going to get it.

“There was some family drama while I was at the Crystal Empire,” Statice admitted, not entirely lying as the outburst with Sunburst did have to do with his family remembering his existence in the first place. “I found some news back home and I got really upset.”

“Family problems,” Luna turned her head away from Statice. “I do have some experience with family problems.”

“I beg to differ with your kind of family problems,” the green unicorn frowned. He appreciated the sympathy, but he never resented his brother enough to try to kill him. He just ran away from home every time he saw his parents giving him more love than they ever gave him.

“I’ll admit that what I did with my sister was…” she paused, not being willing to say another word. “It was rather extreme. But I know that if I bothered to have a better relationship with her, it could have been avoided.”

Statice thought of Meadow Tails and Catrina. He wasn’t a good brother and surrogate son to them. He was going to change that.

“I know that,” Statice smiled confidently. “I plan on becoming a better family member.”

“I’m glad you think that way,” Luna smiled.

A triumphant silence stood between the unicorn and the alicorn. It spread a bit and then it turned awkward.

“Anything else you want to talk about?” Statice dared to ask.

“Oh, yes I do,” Luna replied, glad that he broke the silence. “In a few days, you will be attending my sister’s school for gifted unicorns.”

“I take it that I may have to take the kiddie grades before I can take the adult classes then,” Statice frowned as he remembered that he entered the school by graduating from Magic Kindergarten.

“You may take the hard way, but you can skip a few grades with your intelligence thanks to your esoteric knowledge of magic,” Luna calculated with a confident grin. “I think you’ll be at the advanced grades in a few months or even in weeks.”

Statice rolled his eyes. To be honest, he’d rather not be wasting his time at the academy. He’d rather do real magic. He decided to voice the complaint.

“Is there a way to graduate to the advanced courses right away?” he asked hopefully. “I don’t want to waste my time studying so many useless stuff?”

Luna was thoughtful for a moment. “You can ask a final test from Neighsay,” she suggested. “But I don’t recommend it. He’s not the most progressive of ponies. I don’t think that he would approve of any of your methods.”

“Then I’ll have to become the best student the old fashioned way,” Statice sighed in frustration. “I hate dealing with these fossils.”

“Maybe you just need to meet the right one,” Luna smiled as her horn glowed with dark blue light.

In a flash, Statice was surrounded by a blue marble library with stacks of magic books. All of them were spell books from the dawn of Equestria to the newest editions of created spells.

“Most of these spells are pretty much the base for the tests you’ll take,” Luna smiled as she levitated a book to Statice. “I’m pretty sure that a week of studying with me will be enough to learn enough of them to skip a few grades.”

“What about my dreamscape?” Statice smiled, grateful for Luna’s help in helping him enter the magic school, but still curious about his dreaming problems.

“I’ll help you out after this,” Luna promised with a wink. “Right now, this is the only problem I can help you out immediately. I’ve always wanted a student anyway.”

“Fine,” Statice levitated a book and started reading. “Now let’s see if I can learn my lessons, Princess Luna.”

Author's Note:

Blastportation Spell: A combination of a blasting spell and a teleportation spell. By properly timing a blasting spell and then casting a teleporation spell into the energy of the blast, the user can either teleport themself into the blast upon collision. Expert users can use the spell to teleport objects to a desired location. The spell is perfect for escape and sneak attack, but it requires timing. Mistiming can cause user to lose lots of magic and can cause severe injury due to magical backlash.

Teleblastation Spell: A combination of a teleportation spell and a blasting spell. By properly timing a teleportation spell and then throwing a blasting spell before the magic aura envelops your body, the blast will be teleported rather than you. This spell is used for sneak attacks, but it requires timing, can cause you to lose lots of magic if you mistime it, and can even cause you to get hurt with magical backlash in the worst case scenario.

So the Crystal Empire arc is over and now we're at the Unicorn School Arc. Statice and Luna are working together to get Statice throught the ranks. Statice is probably going to meet Neighsay who's probably going to butt heads with him based on his origins. And Luna still needs to work out on Statice's memory gaps.

On an unrelated note, sorry for taking so long. I had to lend my laptop to my brother due to his job. Then it got a virus. I really am sorry for all of this.