• Published 1st Aug 2015
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An Interesting Arrival - Moongaze14

Retirement in Equestria is harder than expected. Even in such a peaceful land, Statice finds that his new life can be just as stressful as his old one, especially after getting in the bad side of a certain purple alicorn princess and her friends.

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A Trip Back Home

A Trip Back Home

The last time Statice had been on his hometown he swore he’d never come back unless he found the cure for the curse that plagued his parents. Any contact with it would be done through letters for his little brother that were to be delivered to the mayor’s office, who promised to personally deliver it to him. And here he was now at said office with said mayor glaring at him menacingly.

Catrina was a cat witch as tall as Princess Celestia with a past as shady as Statice and with a list of crimes probably larger than the unicorn given her age and her lack of response to any of his escapades other than mild annoyance. She wore a red robe that had pockets for small vials of potions and little amulets and talismans for spells. Her slit green eyes were glowing menacingly as her red mane was flowing by an invisible wind, not unlike the Royal Sisters in Canterlot.

Something tells me I should have called before I visited.

“Yarn right you are,” Catrina drawled with a slow growl which had the normal seductive tone it carried by the scowl she carried. “Do you know how long it’s been since you last talked with me?”

Oh, crud, I forgot that she can read minds. I never learned if it was because of a potion or one of her amulets hidden in her dress.

Statice paused, taking into account the time he hibernated and how he had Discord deliver the letters to Meadow Tails since then. “Almost a year,” he winced, anticipated that the next reaction he was going to get from Catrina was going to be much worse.

“Almost a year,” Catrina cupped Statice by his cheeks and lifted him with her deceptively strong feminine hands. “I helped you out when you had nowhere to live after your parents magically forgot you existed, I helped you and Digi with refining your magical abilities, and I even assisted you with your retirement.”

I'm not sure how, but somehow mothers and villains are capable of really making decent blame speeches when you owe a debt to them. And they're really good at making you feel like scum when you feel like you never appreciate them for what they did for you.

“And I’m grateful for that,” Statice clarified even with his lips partially muffled by his own cheeks. It was the wrong answer as Catrina promptly let go off his face so that he could drop to the floor.

“You are such a liar!” Catrina bent down so that she could better look down at the green unicorn. “You only come back to me to ask me favors. I never even got a letter from you nor was I ever referenced in one of the letters from your little brother. You even replaced me with a better magic user.”

Statice said nothing, both out of shame and because Catrina would get mad if she were to find that her services were replaced by someone as silly as Discord.

“You’re right,” Statice admitted, shifting his gaze away from the cat witch. “I was selfish. The least I could have done, and maybe Digitalis too, was to write you a letter during our adventures.”

He felt a furry clawed hand tilt his head up. “Look me in the eye when you’re talking to me,” Catrina admonished in a motherly tone that she used so many times with him. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re giving me an apology or an excuse. I want you to at least have the decency to face me until you are done.”

Complying with her request, Statice kept on. “I didn’t want to talk on how I did back then or how I do right now,” he explained, swallowing a knot on his throat. “I either lie or simplify how things are actually going for me. They either suck or they’re not as good as I make them out to be.”

“Is that why you didn’t write me?” Catrina asked her eyes no longer judgmental.

“You were always able to read me like a book,” Statice laughed bitterly. “That’s why I trusted you with my letters to Meadow Tails. I’m sure you must have had someone important you loved with whom you exchanged letters in private.”

“I did have someone,” Catrina sighed, letting go of Statice as her mind drifted back to the past for a few seconds. “I wrote him many letters. Most of them were white lies because I couldn’t stop the thought of him being worried about me. But I was always happy when I got his love letters.”

Statice smiled sadly at her. Just like him, Catrina was forced to lie to someone she loved. Unlike him, at least she was able to exchange mail on some sort of basis whereas Meadow Tails couldn’t send back any mail to him on his orders.

It’s for his own good. Meadow Tails has no friends outside of here. If my parents pry and they find out it’s me, they’ll think that I’m his imaginary friend. I can’t let them think that my brother is some loony who thinks imaginary friends are real. They’ll send him to some mental warden or something.

“You do realize I can still hear you, right?” Catrina pointed at her ears and then at her head to point out her mind reading ability.

“Dang it!” Statice swore. “Stop intruding into my mind! That’s very private stuff inside there.”

“It’s not intruding when you’re thinking that loud!” Catrina stomped her foot hard enough to elicit a squeak from her office plank. “You should relax a little more. You ever thought about getting a vacation?”

“I was in one,” Statice awkwardly admitted. “There was an incident.”

“There it is,” Catrina rolled her eyes, but her tone was not as vindictive as when she started speaking. “What exactly did you do at your vacations? No! Tell me what you did since you arrived at Equestria. You pretty much owe it to me.”

It had been a few hours since Statice arrived and he was already having doubts about going to Catrina. For starters, having her act as a critic throughout the story made him realize how stupid he was in hindsight. Then, reaching the part with Discord ticked her off upon finding out that she was “replaced” by a magic spirit just because she lacked the ability of making things better with a snap of her fingers. Finally, she was unusually quiet during the part with the princesses and the Crystal Empire.

“Congratulations, Statice,” Catrina sarcastically clapped her hands. “You just found a way to dig yourself deeper with the royalty of Equestria just when you were moments from becoming a citizen of Equestria.”

“I already figured that part,” Statice glared at her. “I left the Crystal Empire to get some respite.”

“You think you’re getting it here?” Catrina asked with a raised eyebrow. “If I had anywhere else to go, I’d gladly leave this dump.”

“These are my origins,” Statice sighed. “For better or for worse, I cannot turn my back on this town.”

“Speaking of worse, I think that you’re not detoxified yet,” Catrina gave Statice a stern look. “Your violent reaction with that Sunburst kid is an indicative of that.”

“Hey!” Statice stood up abruptly. “The last time I used dark magic was when I lost Digitalis. I had plenty of time to detoxify myself of dark magic.”

To Statice and other magic users, the term detoxify was more than removing toxins from blood that was tainted by poison and venom. In terms of magic, detoxifying meant to allow the user to physically, mentally, and spiritually heal from the use of dark magic that poisons their being. Statice was familiar with the concept as he was a dark magic user and Catrina was a former addict before she recovered. They had many talks about this issue with this one being not so different.

“Well, you never reported to me how many times you used dark magic in between the first and the last time,” Catrina placed her hands on her hips. “This type of magic is a vicious cycle. You have to use it over and over again until it changes you into a new entity opposite of who you used to be.”

“I know the legend of Nightmare Moon, Catrina,” Statice rolled her eyes. “Here’s a newsflash. It’s not the way you think it was and she’s kind of nice if a little bombastic.”

“The cycle does not end there, Statice,” Catrina kept on, undeterred by his answer or the fact that he met a legend. “Even if you try to quit dark magic by using your regular magic, its hold still remains by increasing the negative aspects of your personality so that you may be tempted to use it again.”

“You’re meowing at the wrong tree because this pony has not been tempted to use it in a long time,” Statice smirked confidently, feeling that Catrina could not get him now.

“Then what can you say about your violent impulses?” Catrina crossed a leg on top of the other. “If you are not normally like that, then you are tainted by darkness. If you are indeed like that… well, you need to go to some therapist because you probably have some issues.”

Statice winced. He did get into lots of fight. Blueblood did not deserve such a beating just for being annoying. Shining Armor he just antagonized just out of sheer instinct and reflex for being a guard. He got into a fight with Rainbow Dash for some petty reason. And now he had Sunburst on the list.

“I have issues,” Statice admitted.

“You do,” Catrina rolled her eyes. “Do you remember what you did to that yeti who sold you ice cream?”

“It’s okay, Statice, that griffin won’t come to get you here,” Digitalis promised as he walked by Statice’s side.

“Can you promise me that, Digi?” Statice looked fearfully to both sides. His eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep.

“I promise,” Digitalis nodded his head. “Let’s eat some ice cream.”

“Yes!” Statice cheered, no longer afraid of any griffin threat.

Much to their good luck, the ice cream stand had no line so they didn’t have to wait to get their ice cream.

“Two chocolate cones, please,” Digitalis asked nicely.

“Here you go,” a masked yeti gave them two chocolate balls on top of cone shaped cookies, which Digitalis and Statice happily lifted in their magic auras.

“This is everything I needed right now,” Statice smiled at his best friend before giving a big bite at the chocolate ball.

The second his teeth bit the chocolate, he noticed something was wrong when he felt something crunchy before the ice cream and then the taste of another unwelcome flavor besides chocolate. His immediate reaction was to spit out what was inside his mouth and then check what he ate. Inside the chocolate ball there was white ice cream and the chocolate part was not even ice cream. Beside him, Digitalis had the same thought process because he looked affronted.

“Hey, what’s the big idea?” Digitalis asked as he pointed at his ice cream. “I asked for chocolate ice cream!”

“These are chocolate ice cream cones,” the yeti answered, not concerned about customer service to properly make amends with Digitalis.

“This is not a chocolate ice cream cone,” Digitalis levitated his cone to the yeti. “It’s a vanilla ice cream cone covered in chocolate syrup.”

“If it’s covered in chocolate then it’s chocolate,” the yeti shrugged his shoulders as he gave that flimsy excuse.

“That’s not how it works!” Digitalis slammed his hooves on the counter. “Give me back my money! I’ll give you back your cones.”

“No refunds and no bitten cones are allowed in this stand,” the yeti replied this time with a tone of slight anger and finality. “Take your cones and leave my store.”

“Listen you…” Digitalis leaned forward, intending on threatening the yeti to recover his money. “You give me back my money or…”

A chocolate covered vanilla snow cone slammed square into the yeti’s face. He shrieked in pain at the sensation of ice in his eyeball as he was knocked into the ground, trying to claw the frozen treat out of his eye. Digitalis turned around to see who attacked the yeti and was shocked to see who it was.

Breathing heavily through clenched teeth and with eyes burning and fixed on where the yeti stood, Statice said one thing. “GIVE ME MY CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM, YOU RIP-OFF!”

Leaping into the counter, Statice stole Digitalis’ ice cream cone and slammed it into the yeti’s remaining eye socket, earning another shriek that attracted the attraction of everyone around the street. It was followed by a no holds barred beatdown as Statice used his magic to levitate anything inside the shop to beat the yeti into submission. Many delinquents joined in for the heck of it and Digitalis had to join in at the end once the police came in if only to prevent Statice from getting into trouble. It was the last time anyone in town got ice cream, but nobody cared since they tasted bad anyway.

Back in the present, Statice smiled fondly as he remembered how Digitalis stood up for him when he needed him the most. “Digitalis was such a cool guy to have joined on that riot just so that I wouldn’t get in that much trouble on my own.”

“We’re not talking about Digitalis,” Catrina deadpanned, annoyed at Statice getting distracted of the main subject. “We’re talking about the poor yeti you attacked because of your darkness induced mood swings.”

Statice felt his eye twitch upon hearing that yeti being spoken as a sympathetic victim. “If that guy said that he was selling chocolate ice cream, he should have sold chocolate ice cream rather than vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate,” Statice spoke with a low voice that indicated how much he hated being scammed. “Besides he was a jerk who lacked customer service skills. He was gonna get beaten up sooner or later.”

“Ignoring how apathy for victims is a sign for long-time users of dark magic,” Catrina sighed, not minding the audible groan that Statice gave. “Are you going to try that spell that Sunburst made for you?”

A long pause rested between the pony and the witch.

“Should I try it?” Statice asked.

“No,” Catrina shook her head. “The curse you made is one of such caliber that you cannot approach it with baby steps. You need to solve it in one blow or the whiplash will backfire on you badly.”

“How badly will it be?” Statice dared himself to ask.

“You may lose your perception of your parents, so you’ll be stuck looking for a cure for a curse that you’ll never figure out,” Catrina extended a claw and placed it on Statice’s forehead.

“Is that the worst case scenario?” Statice flinched.

“It’s the least horrible,” Catrina frowned sternly. “You may also accidentally bring Meadow Tails into the curse so that he loses his perception of you, or maybe you lose your perception of your family to act as a moral anchor.”

Statice blanched, neither of those scenarios were good. They all led to losing everything he held dear and becoming a worse pony as a result.

“Can you do it then?” Statice asked hopefully.

“If I mess this up with the amount of magic I have, I may end up strengthening the curse,” Catrina explained sadly. “Can you imagine if I made the whole town imperceptible to anybody but me? The next time you came here you’ll be standing in the middle of nowhere!”

“There has to be something we can do!” Statice cried out in frustration.

“We can keep searching until we find the answer we need,” Catrina placed a hand on Statice’s mane, rubbing it comfortingly.

Statice sighed. “I need to go for a walk,” he brushed Catrina’s hand with a flick of his head. “Thanks for the talk, Catrina.”

“Come back for dinner!” Catrina called. “I can make seaweed soup if you like!”

I hate this town. It’s so depressing.

Statice walked morosely, ignoring the bank robberies made by Diamond Dogs. He didn’t care about the aerial gang fights between griffins and dragons. He didn’t mind about the protection business that the harpy mafia had with the markets. He ignored the faeries and satyrs offering him deals and then tricking the next poor shmuck beside him as they did something horrible that warranted screaming loud enough to break windows. This was the typical day in his hometown.

At least the flower store was still intact. His parents were still old school enough to keep it the same shape since the day he erased their perception of him. It was one of the reasons why he loved it…and why he hated it so much.

I’ll take a look. I just want to make sure how they’re doing.

He peeked into the window to see how his parents looked like after he left Equestria. Much to his surprise…they still looked as young as ever.

It’s like they haven’t aged a day. Maybe being born a pony automatically makes aging much slower compared to most species…Or maybe not having to raise me didn’t give them so much stress that they didn’t age as much as they should have.

Statice banged his head in the wall, knowing that his parents would not be able to hear him because of the curse. He hated thinking that way about them. He hated thinking that they were happy without him when they had been magically wired to be that way. He was sure that they’d love him if they knew they existed.

Still, will they be able to accept me in spite of what I did? What will they think of themselves if they knew that they neglected their eldest child for most of his life as they left him to suffer?

Once again, Statice banged his head, this time hard enough to activate his Healing Spell to prevent bleeding. He took another glance to see his parents, now engaged in some back-and-forth flirting. A part of him wished that the curse was away so that he could publicly gag at them, just to make a typical family scene. It was a fantasy that was not meant to be.

Is it a fantasy or a reality? You already have a building block! You can’t just give up if you don’t try. There must be something that motivates you further!

“Is that you, Statice?”

Upon hearing his name, Statice turned around and saw a small version of himself with purple mane staring at him in shock. Both, stallion and colt, said nothing for a minute, until the stallion finally broke the silence.

“We need to talk.”

“That was it,” Statice finished his tale. Unlike with Catrina, who demanded Statice to tell her what happened since he went to Equestria, Statice went the extra mile and gave Meadow Tails his life story if only because he felt his younger brother deserved to know the truth about himself. “This is why I came back.”

“Wow,” Meadow Tails said, having silently listened throughout the story and only expressed his opinions with a plethora of facial expressions to any of his brother’s actions and life events.

“I’m sorry for lying to you about how good or bad I had it,” Statice stared at Meadow Tails. “The truth of the matter is that I…”

“You don’t want to be around mom and dad,” Meadow Tails concluded sympathetically.

Statice widened his eyes at his younger brother reaching that conclusion. “How did you realize that on your own?”

“I love our parents,” Meadow Tails stared at the house where the brothers used to live. “But I don’t like being around them when I speak with you or when they remember you as an imaginary friend every time I read your letters as one of my correspondence friends. They hurt me without realizing it.”

“I’m sorry,” Statice apologized once again.

“I do wish you talked more often,” Meadow Tails spoke admonishingly. “There’s so much waiting I can take before I get tired.”

Statice thought for a while of a means of communicating with his brother more often. It’s not like he had a dragon like Spike to send letters to his brother. And he’d rather see his brother more often without visiting.

A thought came to mind, but he had reservations.

This spell was something that was meant to be between Digitalis and I, but he’s not here anymore. Besides, I think he’ll understand if I make this decision.

“How about I teach you how to use the Archive?” Statice smiled as a screen came up from his horn with many icons.

By the way, Meadow Tails’ eyes widened to the size of a baseball, Statice knew his little brother was going to love this spell.

It took over an hour of explaining, but Statice finally taught Meadow Tails how to use the Archive. Now it was time to put it to test.

“Make a screen with all of your thoughts categorized into squares and labeled depending on which information you want at your disposal,” Statice instructed.

Meadow Tails closed his eyes and materialized a screen from his horn. It had fewer squares compared to Statice, and all of them were labeled differently. The ones that Statice noticed in particularly was a botany square and a section dedicated to him.

At least he keeps me and our family in his thoughts. Statice smiled, touched at his brother’s devotion before continuing his instruction. “Now check for my magical signature,” he kept on encouragingly.

“How do I do that?” Meadow Tails asked inquisitively.

“There are two ponies besides you that know this spell,” Statice told him. “One of them is…indisposed.”

“You mean Digitalis?” Meadow Tails winced, already having an idea of what happened to his brother’s best friend.

“And the other one is me,” Statice moved on with a strained voice. “Focus on that magic. I’m pretty sure you can recognize my magic from all those times I played with you when you were a baby.”

“Okay,” Meadow Tails answered reluctantly, more out of concern from his brother’s feelings for Digitalis than for him not succeeding at casting the spell. He closed his eyes and felt the magic in his horn.

In his mind’s eye there was nothing but clouds of darkness. He focused more and saw gold, mountains of gold. And then he saw a beautiful flame shaped jewel. Meadow Tails smiled, lifting a hoof to touch it…until he heard the roar of a dragon. He yelped at the sound when he was blinded by a gray light. The next thing he saw was himself with his eyes closed casting a magic screen that showed his brother’s concerned face.

“Are you okay?” Statice’s voice echoed on Meadow Tails’ head while the Statice inside the magic screen repeated the same screen.

Unable to take what was happening, Meadow Tails opened his eyes with a yelp and he saw that he was back home with his brother staring at him from a screen and in person with the screen that Statice had showing Meadow Tails with the face of somepony who just met a ghost.

“Is there something wrong?” Statice asked as he cancelled the spell.

“No,” Meadow Tails shook his head, not wanting to trouble his brother more than ever after the story he was told. “I was just shocked at seeing my face from your screen when I connected my magic with yours.”

“Oh,” Statice winced. “I should have seen that coming. Digi and I had the spook of our lives when we did that. We thought we exchanged bodies and even memories when we connected our magic energies.”

So, that’s what I saw. It must have been a memory of my brother’s past. I better not ask. I don’t want to worry him.

“Have we finished with my Archive?” Meadow Tails asked.

“Yes,” Statice smiled, feeling proud and happy that he was now capable of talking with his little brother every time he wanted. “However, I hope you remember your conditions.”

“Work with Mayor Catrina so she won’t feel lonely,” Meadow Tails rolled his eyes at him. “I visit her more than you, big brother.”

“Fair point,” Statice conceded, not minding the burn his little brother gave him. “I think we should go give her a visit so that she can arrange some appointments. That way you’ll have an excuse to give our parents.”

“A very good idea if I say so myself.”

Statice gulped as he turned around and saw Princess Cadence and Shining Armor giving him a disapproving look that was more of a parent asking for an explanation rather than a ruler about to punish a criminal.

“How did you find me?” Statice asked, not sure how he was tracked despite his home not being on the map of Equestria for years.

“That would be me,” Discord pop out of thin air with a snap of his fingers, spooking Statice and Meadow Tails with his presence. “I am a magical tracker who can detect those who bend or destroy order with their actions, Statice. I can find you no matter where you go. It’s one of the reasons why Celestia had me redeemed. Although given our friendship, it was easy to find out where you were going to be.”

Of course he was going to be caught by Discord, but that only brought another question to his head. “What took you so long?” he asked. “You needed to unwind with Catrina?” Discord gestured to the approaching cat witch. “And then we took some time to get to know her after a bowl of seaweed soup.”

“We also thought that you deserved to catch up with your little brother,” Shining Armor broke his stern demeanor to smile at Meadow Tails. “I’m Shining Armor, Captain of the Royal Guard.”

Seeing time for introductions, Cadence placed a hoof on Meadow Tails’ mane, making him blush. “And I am Princess Cadence, the Princess of Love and Ruler of the Crystal Empire. It is a pleasure to meet you, Meadow Tails.”

“Are you Statice’s girlfriend?” Meadow Tails asked, already feeling attached to the pink alicorn.

“No,” Cadence laughed playfully at the innocent question.

“No,” Shining Armor answered disapprovingly at his wife being paired up with somepony that butted head with him so often.

“No!” Statice scowled at his brother asking such a question in public. But I wish she were.

“As much as I’d love to mess with Statice,” Catrina thankfully intruded. “So why don’t we finish this day with something relaxing, like a chat.”

“Well, if we’re going to relax,” Statice smiled. “Then I got the perfect method for unwinding.”

Back at the mayor’s office, a green light was illuminating the room as the Euphoria Spell was finally taking effect.

“Feels good to be happy,” Statice sighed with a chilled tone. “You don’t know how much of a drama bomb this morning was.”

“Oh, it was a bomb!” Cadence yelled, slamming one bare hoof and one cupped hoof on the floor. “You just ran out of my empire and the continent…land…country…whatever Equestria is while you were on probation! I nearly had a heart attack! When I get you back home, you’re gonna be in so much…double.” Upon hearing what she said, Cadence squinted her eyes to look at Statice and then turned her head to her husband. “Was I supposed to say trouble or double?”

Shining Armor squinted his eyes to look at Statice and then to Meadow Tails beside him. “I think it is double. I see two ponies that look like Statice, but one of them is foal size. Maybe we should take them both to be sure.”

“I don’t look that much like my brother, dummy,” Meadow Tails laughed, clearly overwhelmed like the spell. “How did you make it to Captain?”

“His sister is the student of Princess Celestia and his then girlfriend was the Princess of Love,” Discord intruded. “I think it was nepotism because he hasn’t done so much for Equestria despite his rank.”

“Hey, I can make a mean force field,” Shining Armor slurred.

“So can your sister and your wife,” Statice laughed.

“But nopony besides them are alicorns and yet I here I am with a shield cutie mark,” Shining Armor mocked. “How do you like that?”

Statice smiled challenging as spiraling extended from the tip of his horn until it created something akin to a jousting lance. “Did you ever hear the tale of the sharpest spear and the sturdiest shield?” he asked as he pawed the floor and pointed his Lance Drill Spell at Shining Armor. “Let’s see if your shields can handle this spell I made.”

“Oh, it’s on!”

Much to Statice and Shining Armor’s shock, Cadence was more than a little happy to take on the challenge. She pretty much took off her regalia and already casted a concentrated shield spell around her body.

“Let’s test it, Statice,” Cadence challenged. “Let’s see how your spell fares against my shield.”

“That challenge was meant for Shining Armor,” Statice awkwardly clarified.

“Oh, so I’m not good enough for you because I’m a princess,” Cadence said in mock indignity. “I earned my wings by beating a love stealing witch. I was a pegasus foal when I did that. What do you think about that?”

As Catrina watched Cadence trash talking, she felt like she watched this scene somewhere despite her lessened cognitive abilities. Out of instinct, she lighted her claws in magic and took a little sample of the pink alicorn’s magic. With the gathered magic, Catrina put the essence in a random vial of potion and watched it change color. If it was colorless, then there was nothing wrong with the subject, but if the color was pink.

“It’s pink,” Catrina muttered.

“Yes, I’m pink!” Cadence switched her trash talk from Statice to her.

“Oh,” Catrina gasped in surprise and then she hummed in confusion. “Why did I just say your coat color?”

“How should I know?” Cadence asked in irritation.

“Relax, Cadence!” Statice told her. “Isn’t that the point of these vacations?”

“That’s the point of your vacations!” Cadence cast an accusatory hoof. “I haven’t been able to relax because I have to make you relax and then I have to make the yaks relax, and now I can’t even relax.”

“Geez, if this is the married life then I can’t imagine how life will be like for you two when you have kids,” Discord rolled his eyes at Shining Armor.

“That’s it!” Catrina jumped up and down as she remembered what she was trying to say all along. “You’re not pink!”

“How dare you!” Cadence leaped at Catrina, ready to tear her to pieces with her bare hooves. “I’m an all-natural pink!”

As if on cue, Shining Armor and Statice restrained Cadence. Shining restrained Cadence by grabbing her shoulders while Statice made sure to keep her legs from kicking with mixed success.

“You’re an all-natural, alright,” Catrina smiled. “You’re an all-natural pregnant mare, that’s what you are!”

The fighting mare stopped struggling as she heard those words and with Shining no longer balancing due to the struggle, he fell to his back with her and Statice to the floor. As she saw what she did, Catrina curled beside them and went to sleep, snoring loudly.

“What just happened?” Meadow Tails asked Discord. He knew that normally this scene should be disturbing, but the spell his brother casted made it all so surreal and even hilarious.

“That is none of your concern,” Discord said in a patronizing tone.

Normally he would have felt angry, but for some reason the colt found the comment slowly getting funnier by the second. “You are such a jerk,” Meadow Tails said bursting in laughter. Not a few seconds later, Discord joined him too and so did Statice and the royal couple.

After the incident with the Euphoria Spell was over, Statice left home again, and yet he was not sad about it. He felt a small sense of closure and the prelude to a new purpose by the time he returned to Equestria. Meadow Tails was available to him any day he wanted and he could talk with Catrina as well. He wasn’t alone anymore in a stranger’s land.

The royal couple felt relieved now that they figured out what was wrong with Cadence and they felt even more excited with the recent discovery they made. While it wasn’t going to change the talk they were going to have with Statice in the future, it was going to be easier for them along with any responsibilities they may face. After all, it wasn’t just going to be just the two of them.

“Take us home, Discord,” Cadence nuzzled her husband, feeling refreshed for the first time in weeks.

“All aboard,” Discord called, dressed as a train driver and blowing a train whistle before ultimately snapping his fingers and disappearing into the night.

Author's Note:

Hello, and sorry for my long abscence. Trying to find a job has been my priority and it has been a trouble. To make matters worse, an uncle just got AIDS, my house got mugged, and my brother had to borrow my computer for months because his got broken so I had little time to write.

Anyway, Statice meets some old faces in Hobuck as he meets his maternal figure Catrina and his younger brother, Meadow Tails. Although he's still nowhere close to breaking the curse on his parents, Statice resolves to finally teach the Archive Spell to Meadow Tails in order to have a healthier relationship with him rather than let himself be bound by his irrational fears and worries regarding him and Digitalis. Meanwhile, Shining Armor and Cadence finally find out the reason behind Cadence's mood swings. For those who guessed that Cadence acted erratically because she was pregnant, you were right. Next chapter is the end of the Crystal Empire Arc.

Lance Drill Spell: An offensive counterpart to shield and force field spells. The caster uses magic and spins it into a spiral across the lenght of the horn, which will create a spinning lance that will drill through anything. The spell requires precise magic control as the magic needs to continuously spin around the horn and they also require magic construction to shape it into a lance to be able to fully use the spell to maximum power. Despite being the creator, Statice needs lots of practice to use this spell to perfection, hence why his need for magical exercises.