• Published 14th Jul 2015
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Friendship's New Flight - Masterob

Rainbow wants to make friends with Thunderlane. Her friends are a little hesitant however.

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It was a nice sunny day in Equestria, Rainbow Dash was flying over Ponyville, heading over to meet her friends, they were waiting for her at Sugarcube Corner.

"Hope I'm not late, Twilight really hates when ponies are late", Rainbow stated, then sighed a bit, "She really needs to lighten up though, it's not some life changing meeting, just a usual hangout with some friends...nothing new".

Rainbow essentially sighed the last part, she's been a bit bored lately with the usual pace of her friends, she likes hanging out with them but it feels like they can't relate to her on certain aspects, she's so high energetic and they're all a little laid back, even Fluttershy, a fellow pegasus, doesn't seem to get her on certain aspects.

"Hopefully things get spiced up a bit"

Rainbow Dash ended up at Sugarcube Corner, the site of her friend Pinkie Pie's workplace, and also her home. She walked through the door and greeted her friends.

"What's up gang?"

Twilight approached Rainbow Dash, "You're late"

"Seriously? By what? Two seconds?"

"Five actually"

"...You're kidding right?"

Applejack stepped in, "Come on now, let's not start this nonsense". Fluttershy also stepped in, "There's no need for bickering"

"Whatever why are we all here anyway?" Rainbow asked.

Pinkie Pie popped out from behind the desk, "We're going to make a cake!"

Rainbow simply stared blankly, "Say what?"

"I wanted to make a super duper yummy cake for a festival next week and I thought it would be really, really, really fun if we all worked together on it so Rainbow Dash, what do you say?" Pinkie gaved her wide ear to ear smile.

Rainbow blinked, a bit unimpressed, "What? That's all?"

"Come on, it's exciting!"

"You have an odd definition of exciting"

Applejack approached Rainbow with an encouraging smile, "Come on Dash, it's for good reasons"

Rainbow sighed, "Ok fine" under her breath, "Couldn't come up with something better party girl?"

Pinkie marched to them, "Ok here's the game plan, Applejack, mash apples!"

Pinkie handed Applejack the supplies. Applejack grinned from that, "Mah specialty"

"Since when do you put apple mashing in cake?" Rainbow asked herself.

Pinkie went to Fluttershy, "Fluttershy, get the flour, by that I mean the powder, not the plant, let me know if you have any trouble with that"

"Pinkie I know the difference between-"

Pinkie moved on abruptly to Rarity, "Rarity, get the cake decorations ready"


"Typical Rarity, always with the fashion, even for a cake, and way to annoy Fluttershy there Pinkie, though a little funny", Rainbow said to herself again.

"Twilight, make sure everything is accounted for"

Twilight grabbed her checklist, "Will do Pinkie"

"Great, more uptightness", Rainbow muttered.

"Rainbow, get some eggs"

"Fine then" then she muttered "Boring".

Spike eagerly approached Pinkie, "What about me?"

"You're gonna be my personal assistant"

"I was made for this role!"

"Ok everypony, let's go!"

The ponies scrambled to their job.

Applejack mashed the apples as best as she could, no problem since she's the best when it comes to apples, only rivaled by her brother. Rarity was deciding which bit of decoration to use, "Lets see, no not that too tacky, oh this looks nice, how well will it mesh with everything else, oh this looks nice"

"Rarity does it matter THAT much? It's gonna get eaten anyway"

"Little details always count Rainbow Dash", Rarity continued her careful decoration.

"Do they count that much?"

"Dash please focus, once you get the eggs and beat them, get the cake mix then the cooking oil, remember to get EXACTLY half a cup's worth of oil" Twilight stated.

"Sure, I mean Celestia forbid I put in a millimeter more"

Twilight groaned, "Just focus Rainbow"

Fluttershy brought in the flour, Pinkie immediately checked it, "Yup it's flour, you did well Fluttershy"

"It wasn't that hard Pinkie, I know what flour is"

"Yup, thanks to me, you can thank me later, Spike help me move this flour"

"But Pinkie...*sigh* nevermind"

After getting everything together, they started putting the batter in the oven.

"Ok now to put it in for 20 minutes at 400 degrees" Pinkie said.

"Really?" I'd think a little longer", Twilight stated.

"It's fine, go for it!"

They put the cake to cook, so they played cards while waiting.

"I hope this cake turns out well", Pinkie said.

"This seems so random, then again, Pinkie's always random", Rainbow stated.

"And you love that about me", Pinkie smiled to Dash.

"Keeps you a little less predictable than everyone else"

"Predictable?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, let's be honest, you're all usually the same way, Twilight being uptight, Applejack and her apples, Rarity and fashion, light talk Fluttershy"

Applejack looked somewhat offended by that statement, "What are you getting at Rainbow?"

Suddenly they heard the smoke alarm.

"AH! THE CAKE!" Pinkie shouted.

The group rushed to the cake but when removed from the oven, it was already burnt.

"NO! The cake! What happened?"

"Maybe we put the temperature too high?" Twilight stated.

Pinkie shook her head, "No that should have been fine...Fluttershy I thought I told you no plant flowers!"

"I didn't use plant flowers!" Fluttershy shot back, before realizing her little outburst, "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell"

"Was it the apples?" Twilight asked.

"How could it be apples Twi? That doesn't even remotley make sense", Applejack stated.

After some pondering Spike noticed a little mess nearby, he examined and saw that baking soda was spilt.

"Um who put baking soda in the cake?"

"Baking Soda!? No wonder the thing burnt, the recipe didn't fit with the temperature!" Pinkie stated.

"The baking soda was next to the cake mix, Rainbow did you grab the wrong thing?"

Everyone started at Rainbow Dash.

"What? Easy mistake"

"I told you to focus Rainbow, now the cake's ruined!" Twilight stated.

"Ugh, you know we could make another!"

"That isn't the point Rainbow"

"You're so damn typical Twilight, it's always so predictable with all of you"

Applejack stepped in with an agitated look in her eyes, "Again with the predictable, is there something you would like to tell us?"

"*Sigh*, this is lame, I'm not going through this, I say we take five before doing this again, I'm out of here", Rainbow flew away.

"What's with her mood, and that whole predictable thing?" Applejack asked, pretty upset by Rainbow's statements.

"I don't know, it's probably just a little issue she's dealing with", Twilight said.

Applejack had a concerned look on her face, "You don't think she's bored of us do you? She seemed a little out place today, I hope she doesn't stray from us, you know how stuck up she can occasionally be"

"Applejack, she's the Element of Loyalty, something she earned, I think it's safe to say she won't ditch us"

"She better not, I really hate dishonesty and if she fails her element, she's being dishonest with herself and everypony else"

"Lets just let her cool off, come on lets help Pinkie Pie clean up"

"Yeah, she'll come to her senses", Applejack sighed, "Ah hope"

"Grab the brooms and mops ponies! Oh be careful Fluttershy, try not to get a splinter, don't want you hurting yourself", Pinkie said.

"Are you kidding me?" Fluttershy said a little deadpanned.

Author's Note:

If you've made it this far, thanks for bearing through this, when I originally made this I was new to MLP Fanfics so for the most part I was testing the waters. I fixed it up slightly so hopefully it's better.