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Friendship's New Flight - Masterob

Rainbow wants to make friends with Thunderlane. Her friends are a little hesitant however.

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Meeting Up

The next day the Mane 6 met with Thunderlane and his group back in the park.

"Sup Thunder, you remember my friends", Rainbow gestured to them.

"Yeah, mostly Twilight and the Tornado Queen herself Fluttershy"

Fluttershy blushed at the comment, "Tornado Queen?"

"Yeah, all the pegasai have been talking about how you really saved the day with your awesome flying"

"Which you could have seen for yourself if you bothered to show up", Rainbow said with a playful grin.

Thunderlane face hoofed, "I wasn't the only one Rainbow, I was sick!"

Rainbow chuckled, "Relax, I'm just messing with you, the bright side of you not being there was that it helped Fluttershy out big time"

"So I'm kind of an inspiration", Thunderlane beamed a cocky smile.

"Get over yourself", Rainbow plainly stated.

Rumble approached Fluttershy, "You were really cool that day, did Rainbow Dash train you?"

"Well she helped motivate me"

"Are you gonna get into the Wonderbolts as well?"

"Oh no, I'm not the flying type, I prefer the ground really"

Rumble looked curious to hear that, "Wow, I thought all pegusai liked flying, but you don't seem the sport type, but that's ok I still think you're cool"

"Wow you're quite the little gentlecolt Rumble", Fluttershy patted his head, earning a smile from the young colt.

"Ok enough of this mushy stuff, come on Rumble lets go a few rounds together while Thunderlane, Flitter and Cloudchaser get acquainted with my friends", Rainbow and Rumble hit the sky while the other ponies stayed on the ground.

"So Thunderlane, it's been a while", Twilight said.

"Yeah, we don't talk much, probably due to all of you being celebrities of some form"


Thunderlane nodded, "Yeah, you're all pretty much royalty what with the Elements of Harmony, especially you Twilight, you and your family are official royalty, you yourself are a princess, tell me what's it like working directly with Princess Celestia?"

"It's amazing, always has been, always will be, she's such a great role model and very humble despite her position"

"So she's basically like your teacher"

Twilight nodded, "Yeah, she's like a second mother to me"

"Have you ever considered getting a position like that? Being like a teacher?"

"That would be great, I occasionally tutor the Cutie Mark Crusaders, just ask Applejack and Rarity"

Applejack nodded, "Yeah she's great with Apple Bloom"

"And my little Sweetie Belle just adores Twilight", Rarity added.

"Speaking of which, Scootaloo might show soon, she may ask Rumble into the Cutie Mark Crusaders", Twilight said.

"That so? I'm sure he'd like that", Thunderlane stated.

Applejack approached him with a concerned look on her face, "Hold up there Thunder, your brother is well behaved right? He wouldn't do anything mischievous to Apple Bloom right?"

"Huh? Of course, right girls?" Thunderlane turned to Flitter and Cloudchaser.

Cloudchaser stepped in, "Yeah, he's a really cool kid, so long as your sister keeps herself behaved"

Applejack looked annoyed at that, "Now wait a minute, mah sister is always...well she wouldn't do anything on purpose"

"Neither would Rumble, he and your sister would get along with each other", Cloudchaser added. Flitter stepped in, "Yeah, maybe he and your sister could eventually make a really cute couple"

Thunderlane then boasted, "Or he could date all 3 of them at once", at that point he got a few death glares, "Just joking? Hehe" now he was a bit nervous.

"I still think any Rumble and Apple Bloom would make a cute couple, don't any of you agree? How about you Fluttershy?", Flitter asked.

"Um, sure I guess, he is very handsome"


Fluttershy got startled from the yell, "Oh I mean no, he wouldn't"

"But you just said..."

"I don't know!" Fluttershy put her hooves over her head and ducked down.

Thunderlane let out a major groan, "Applejack, do you have something against my brother?"

"It's not that Thunderlane, I'm just a little protective of Apple Bloom and I want to make sure she's witha good crowd, I was only able to trust Sweetie Belle cause I knew her sister and Scootaloo because she was already Sweetie Belle's friend"

"I get that Applejack, you're a good big sister but please take my word, Rumble's a great kid, he won't do anything mean to your sister or her friends"

"Does that include manipulating them to doing anything naughty?" Pinkie asked.

Everyone stared at her a little.

"My brother is not a pervert"

Pinkie blinked a moment, "Okie dokie"

"Seriously Pinkie?" Twilight asked.

Applejack waved it off, "Well I suppose I could take your word, and your brother IS very polite, he's putting up with Rainbow Dash after all"

"He's even keeping up with Dashie, he's really great!" Pinkie shouted.

Fluttershy approached Thunderlane, "You won't take Rainbow Dash from us though, will you?"

"Huh? Of course not, what makes you think that?" Thunderlane asked.

"Oh nothing, don't worry about it"

Soon Scootaloo arrived, "Hi everyone, what's new?"

"Hello Scootaloo, on your own today?" Twilight asked.

"The others are at the clubhouse, where's Rumble?"

"Up there", Twilight pointed up, Scootaloo was able to see Rumble and Dash were doing some wing pony exercises.

"Wow he's good, he's so lucky, if I could fly like that then I'd be up there with Rainbow Dash", Scootaloo tried flying a bit, to no avail, "Lousy wings"

"Relax, the worse that can happen now is that Rainbow Dash completley ignores you in favor of Rumble", Pinkie said.

Scootaloo looked deadpanned, "Thanks for the reassuring thought Pinkie"

Soon Rainbow and Rumble touched down.

"You're great kid, keep practicing with your brother and Cloudchaser"

"Thanks Rainbow Dash"

Scootaloo approached him, "Hi Rumble, remember me from school?"

"Oh yeah, you're Scootaloo, one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the ones that Diamond Tiara hates"

"Like I care what that stuck up filly thinks"

"Well what brings you here, come to practice with us?"

"Um, I can't fly well, I can barely get off the ground", Scootaloo demonstrated that, earning a pity look from Rumble.

"Aw, well that's fine, you'll be able to fly soon"

"I hope so, anyway I talked with my friends and we would like for you to join the group, you have a blank flank so obviously you're a good fit, what do you say?"

Rumble looked even more curious, "Oh, you want me to join your cutie mark club?"

"Yeah, is there something wrong?"

Rumble turned his head away, "Um, yeah a little"

"What is it?"

"Promise you won't get mad?"

"Pinkie Promise"

"Oh, a Pinkie Promise!" Pinkie shouted, everypony ignored that.

Rumble made his explaination, "Don't take this the wrong way but I don't think it's safe for me to do half the stuff you girls do, you're kinda dangerous and reckless with the things you do and I don't want to be part of a bad crowd".

Scootaloo looked a little dumbfounded, "Wait, what do you mean bad?"

"Not to say that you're bad Scootaloo but-"

"What'd you say about mah sister!?" Everyone stared at Applejack in surprise, she looked a bit furious.

Rumble backed away from Applejack a little, "I mean no offense Miss Applejack but-"

"You saying mah sister's part of a bad crowd?"

"Your sister isn't bad but I don't think-"

"You think you're better than mah sister!?" she got in a bit closer.

Rumble started getting a little scared, "I-I-I didn't mean anything, I'm sorry if I-"

"Sorry ain't gonna cut it boy", Applejack said with a cold voice.

"Applejack! Have you lost your mind!?" Twilight shouted, getting between the two.

"Yeah what gives? Rumble isn't trying to diss your sister, he just said she's a bit wreckless" Rainbow said.

"Yeah, cause you're her role model"

Rainbow looked offended, "Now you're blaming me!?"

"Please stop yelling, I didn't mean to make anyone angry!" Rumble pleaded.

"Rumble, you and your brother should head off, I'll talk with Applejack", Rainbow said.

Thunderlane grabbed Rumble and left with Flitter and Cloudchaser.

"I'm gonna leave too, gotta get back to the others", Scootaloo said and left, not wanting to see a fight.

"What's with you? Why are you acting so thickheaded all of a sudden?" Rainbow asked.

"Who you calling a thickhead? You're the queen of them!" Applejack shouted.

"I'm not the one throwing away friendship, which is something we freaken preach on a daily basis!"

"I don't like people talking trash 'bout mah sister"

Rainbow groaned, "He wasn't talking trash he just said she's a bit wreckless, and maybe I kinda influenced that but you're her sister, you should try to be a better role model to counteract that"

"Don't you turn this around on me Rainbow Dash!" Applejack warned.

"And besides you pretty much threatened a colt, that's much worse, you're totally acting out of character, I've never seen you like this"

"What the hell are you talking about!? I didn't threaten him!"

"Saying 'Sorry ain't gonna cut it boy' sounds like a threat, and if you even THINK about hurting one of my friends-"

That really caught Applejack's ears, "One of your friends? Oh so now they're your group of friends?"

"There's nothing wrong with having more friends, and I want to make sure they're pretty much safe"

"Hey you're so dang worried, why don't you stick with them, you're complaining about the same old scene with us!"

This fight was making the rest of the elements and Spike uncomfortable. Twilight was especially worried that these two were gonna fall apart.

"So that's what this is about, you're jealous!" Rainbow Dash asked.

Applejack shook her head, "I ain't jealous!"

"Sure seems like it, just because I want to branch out a little when it comes to friends!"

"So we ain't good enough for you anymore? Gonna ditch us Miss Element of Loyalty?"

"I'm not saying that! But if you keep acting like that then-"

Twilight had enough, "Enough girls! Fighting won't solve anything"

"She started it", Rainbow stated.

"Ah didn't start nothing!" Applejack stated.

"Enough! We're settling this now, starting with you Applejack, you especially need to cool it, I understand you're protective of your sister, I can relate to that, after all you were all at my brother's wedding, but if we learned anything from that is to not make rash judgements but also understand one's point of view about things"

"Yeah but Twilight-"

"Rumble meant no disrespect, he just worded his problems a little wrong, and Rainbow you need to be a bit more understanding, the way you treated him was uncalled for, especially the way you rebutted his apology"

Rarity stepped in, "Twilight's correct, I know you didn't like hearing that but don't take it as him berating Apple Bloom, keep in mind my sister's in that group too, so he essentially said that stuff about Sweetie Belle, but I myself know that she's not perfect, personally I'd like for Rumble to befriend Sweetie Belle, I think he'll be a good influence on her"

Applejack sighed, "You're right, I was a bit hard on the little guy"

"A bit? You damn near threatened the kid", Rainbow stated, earning a more guilty look from Applejack.

"I don't know what came over me there, this whole thing lately is just bugging me"

"I can see that, honestly I'd expect this kind of thing from Pinkie Pie, not you Applejack", Rainbow pointed out.

"Wait, should I have threatened him too?" Pinkie asked.

"Don't even think about it", Rainbow warned, causing Pinkie to back away a bit.

"Rainbow, I get you're kinda bored with some of the usual things we do and maybe you need a little breathe of fresh air but you have to remember we're your friends, we still want to be part of your life and I will admit, it did seem like you wanted to leave us for another group, we all hurt a little from that, though Applejack was the only one to speak up", Twilight explained.

"Sorry Twi, I just think Thunderlane might be interesting to hang out with a little more"

"And that's fine, it leaves more room to grow by allowing Thunderlane, Flitter, Cloudchaser and Rumble into our lives, something we shouldn't reject"

Applejack sighed, "You're right Twilight"

"Lets not lose a chance at a new friend", Twilight said with an honest smile, "Friendship is an important part of our lives, keeps things interesting"

"But that's the other issue, Rainbow, are you truly bored of us?" Applejack asked.

"I'd like to know myself, you are being a bit protective of them, and you were complaining about things being the same", Rarity added.

"I'm not bored with any of you, but I do think we need to shake things up a little, having Thunderlane as a friend will keep things a bit more interesting for us, nothing wrong with having more friends, right Twilight?"

"Right, come on lets go find Thunderlane"

"Yeah, ah owe him a big apology"

A while later in Sugarcube Corner, Thunderlane and his group were assembled there for Applejack's apology.

"So I'm really sorry for how I acted Thunderlane, it's not just mah sister, we were kinda worried about Rainbow Dash ditching us, abandoning your element seemed so dishonest, something ah really hate"

"Hey I would never want to come between any of you, you're so tight-nit"

Applejack smiled and turned to Rainbow, "And Rainbow, I'm sorry for overreacting at you"

"No problem AJ, we're still buds"', Rainbow hugged Applejack lightly. Applejack returned it and looked to Rumble.

"And Rumble, I'm really sorry for snapping at you and saying something so mean, you're a sweet boy, perhaps you can hang with my sister a bit, not as a crusader but at least a friend, maybe your cautious attitude could rub off on her, show her not to obsess over a cutie mark"

"Sure things Miss Applejack, thanks for apologizing" Rumble then nuzzled AJ a little.

"Wow you really are sweet, I'd say you're sweeter than mah granny's homemade apple pie"

"Boy does that sound good right now", Thunderlane said.

Scootaloo turned to the door, "Hey Rumble, it's Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, come on Rumble, lets go greet them, you are a new Crusader after all, just made the decision"

"That's so cool!" Rumble turned to the others, "Bye everyone!" Rumble then went with Scootaloo to meet with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. Apple Bloom looked excited to see Rumble, Sweetie Belle however did not, she looked a bit unhappy. The 4 foals

Fluttershy approached Rainbow Dash.

"You're not really bored of us though, are you Rainbow Dash?"

"This again?"

"I'm sorry, I just really wanna know, I just hate the idea of losing you as a friend", Fluttershy admitted.

"Relax, we're always gonna be best buds, all of us, but I still think there's always more room for more, especially more room for ponies to apprectiate my awesomeness"

Applejack approached Thunderlane and extended her hoof, "Here's to a new friend"

Thunderlane shook her hoof, "Same to you, I think this can work out well"

Applejack smiled but turned away to mutter under her breath, "Hope so, don't wanna regret nothing"

Thunderlane raised his eyebrow, "What was that?"

Applejack shook her head, "Nothing important", she leaned in closer, "Just make sure your brother doesn't take TOO much after Rainbow Dash"

Thunderlane noticed Rainbow Dash's smug smile.


"I heard that!"

Twilight seemed happy right now, her friends were still together and now they have a new friend to hang out with, a sweet young colt, a set of twins with diverse personalities, and a charming handsome stallion, at least in her opinion, that seems to be full of personality, "I think the frienship lesson here is that while it's important to be loyal to your friends, it doesn't mean you can't get new friends in the proccess, it could make the frienship pool bigger".

Author's Note:

Well that's the end, hope you enjoyed it. What started out as just being a short story was my paveway into MLP fanfics. Hope to show you all more.

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Hmm, there! I hate when first stories get a like/hate ratio with no comments why. Enjoy the like!

Hope you make MOAR!!!!

I like the story, But everyone's a little ooc.


He barely knows Scootaloo at this point but he will get to know her better soon enough


Don't worry, there will be more


I was worried about that, at the time I made this I was still new to MLP Fanfiction so it wasn't gonna be flawless.

If I may ask, can you point out the ooc moments? I can't promise that it'll be too different since I have other pre-made stuff but I may be able to tweak things and have a fresher start for my newer stories.


The characters themselves were fine, but how they reacted to eachother wasn't. Like in the first chapter, when they were talking about making the cake. The dialogue was all flat and it was like the same pony talking to themselves as slightly different personalities.


Noted, thanks for the tip


I'll try to make sure the dialogue is spiced up next time


I hate that too, so thanks XD

a sweet young colt, a set of twins with diverse personalities, and a charming handsome stallion, at least in her opinion, that seems to be full of personality.

I kind of find that hard to believe since apart from Rumble, they didn't really do much or say anything that made them entertaining.

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