• Published 14th Jul 2015
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Friendship's New Flight - Masterob

Rainbow wants to make friends with Thunderlane. Her friends are a little hesitant however.

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New Friends

Later Rainbow Dash was soaring through the sky, still a bit annoyed at what happened, "Gotta find something the tiniest bit interesting".

She then noticed some fellow Pegasai nearby at the park, they seemed to be flying around a bit, mostly for fun.

First was Thunderlane, a pony she's had several encounters with, she's always considered him a great flyer but occasionally lazy.

Then there's his brother Rumble, small kid but a good flyer for his age.

Then there was Cloudchaser, who like Rainbow Dash and Thunderlane, aspires to be a Wonderbolt, she's got the skills to do so.

Finally there was Flitter, Cloudchaser's sister, she's sweet like Fluttershy, but a bit more bold.

Rainbow grinned, "Maybe they could enjoy my company a bit". Rainbow flew over to them, "Sup everypony"

Thunderlane noticed, "Hey Rainbow Dash, what brings you here?" He seemed a bit surprised at her presence, his friends were as well, his brother was curious but somewhat shy near her.

"Nothing, just need to take five away from my friends, Pinkie's making a cake, though it's not going well"

Thunderlane grinned, "A cake? Sounds yummy, think me, my brother and my friends could get a piece?"

"She's making it for a festival, though if you ead there you might get a piece"

"Well we're all just doing a little flight testing, maybe you can watch and give your input"

Rainbow nodded, "Sure that'd be good, so you up first?"

"Actually Rumble wants to try something now", Thunderlane turned to his brother. "Go on brp"

Rumble looked a little nervous, much to Thunderlane's confusion. "What's wrong Rumble? Nervous?"

Rumble nodded his head a little.

"What cause Rainbow's here, she's just watching"

Rumble kicked the ground shyly, "But...what if I'm not good and I mess up, I don't want Rainbow Dash thinking I'm a bad flyer"

Rainbow stepped in, "Hey kid, you're not a bad flyer, you're a great flyer for someone your age, you were a great help during Tornado Day, you worked just as hard as the other pegasai"

"Oh that, it wasn't anything special, just some flying", Rumble turned away a bit, hiding a small blush from the compliment.

"Well I thought you did great, and you showed up too, unlike SOME ponies"

"Hey I was sick!" Thunderlane protested.

"Right...sick, anyway just show me anything, don't be nervous, I won't laugh or anything"

Rumble took a breath and began his routine, while it was just simple speed runs and some flips, Rainbow seemed a little impressed.

Rainbow Dash looked a bit impressed, "He's a great flyer for his age"

"Sure is, he practices a lot to be the best, thanks in part to me", Thunderlane boasted.

"Hey don't forget us, the ones who foalsit your brother, especially me, no offense Flitter", Cloudchaser added.

"None taken", Flitter added.

"Fine, it was a team effort, point is me and my bro will be Equestria's premiere flyers someday, if I were you Rainbow, I'd try to get me before all the other mares do" Thunderlane said with a smug smile.

"In your dreams, I'd rather date your brother, he's at least a little more competent"

Thunderlane shrugged, "Fine, your loss, now that offer can go to Flitter and Cloudchaser"

Cloudchaser glared, "Yeah...no"

"We'd prefer Rumble too", Flitter put simply.

Thunderlane started to groan a bit. Soon Rumble came back from his little test flight.

"How was I?"

Rainbow approached him, "You were great kid, very talented too, someday maybe you'll be as good as I am, and you can join me when I finally get into the Wonderbolts"

Rumble's face lit up, "Really, wow thanks Rainbow Dash, that means a lot coming from you"

"Oh it means a lot huh?" Rainbow said with a grin.

"Yeah, Scootaloo is always talking about how great you are, and how you're the best from Cloudsdale, so I figured you were a tough pony to impress and measure up to"

"Well you managed to impress me, in fact may consider giving you a few lessons myself"

Rumble grinned ear to ear when he heard that, "That would be so cool!"

"Won't Scootaloo get jealous?" Thunderlane pondered.

"Yeah, what if she gets mad at Rumble and tries to beat him up, he's really tender", Flitter stated, causing an annoyed blush from Rumble.

"Flitter! I'm not tender"

Rainbow waved it off, "Don't worry about it, Scootaloo won't beat him up, she could hang out with us as well"

"I'm really looking forward to hanging out with you Rainbow, you're so amazing" Rumble showed signs of another blush, this time for a different reason.

"Someone's got a crush on Rainbow Dash", Cloudchaser teased.

Rumble looked away, "No I don't, I just think she's cool"

"Shame, she said you'd make a better date than Thunderlane", Cloudchaser added.

"REALLY!?" Rumble caught himself and talked low again, "Um that's nice, I guess".

"Come on, lets stop teasing the kid, I'll hang with you all later, I gotta head back to Pinkie's"

"Ok, see you later Rainbow", Thunderlane said as the others also waved good-bye.

Rainbow went back to Pinkie's and saw everything was cleaned up.

"Hey girls, ready for another shot at this?"

"Wow you look a bit more enthusiastic", Twilight pointed out.

"Hope yer cooled off", Applejack stated.

"Yeah I'm cooled off, especially when I seemingly inspired a young colt"

"Really? Who?", Twilight asked.

"Remember Thunderlane's little brother Rumble? He looks up to me"

Twilight looked impressed, "Wow, just like Scootaloo"

"Ah must admit Rainbow, you make quite an impression on young foals", Applejack stated.

"I sure do"

Applejack scoffed a bit as she walked back to the kitchen area, "If only you could use that power for good"

"Um what are you talking about Applejack?

Applejack turned to Rainbow Dash, "Well for one, you're the one who inspired Apple Bloom the idea of 'Try Random Things Til you get your Cutie Mark'"

"Hey she wants her mark so I gave her a little advice, just do some wild and crazy things"

"Still just don't screw up with this Rumble boy", Applejack warned.

"Hey I'll do well, you wanna see for yourself, come check me out later when I train this boy"

"Do you think Scootaloo will get jealous?" Fluttershy asked.

"We could invite her too, maybe she can also learn to fly from all this, maybe make a new friend for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Rumble's a blank flank".

Applejack looked unsure, "Not sure if I want some young colt hanging around with mah sister in a treehouse alone"

Rainbow looked curious, "Seriously AJ? The kid's really shy, he won't goad her into anything, if anything I think your sister is more likely to make the first move"

"What'd you say Rainbow Dash!" Applejack was pretty annoyed now.

"I'm not saying that your sister's like that, I'm just saying it's more likely, besides there's nothing wrong with boys and girls hanging out, didn't you outgrow that already AJ? I mean you're not exactly the most feminine pony"

"Neither are you!"

"Exactly, so you shouldn't worry, here's an example", Rainbow turned to Rarity, "Rarity would you be fine with Rumble hanging out with Sweetie Belle?"

"Sure, I don't know him too well but he seems like a sweet boy, and his brother is quite handsome"

Rainbow thought about Thunderlane a bit, "Well his mane looks a bit weird but he's sorta cool, some new ponies to hang out with"

Everyone looked a little concerned about that statement.

"New ponies to hang out with?" Applejack asked, somewhat worried.

"Yeah, new friends, pretty cool huh?"

"You're not replacing us...are you Rainbow Dash?" Applejack asked even more curiously.

Rainbow stared for a second before chuckling, "Wow you're pretty funny Applejack, obviously I'm not replacing you"

"So can Thunderlane be a friend to all of us?" Pinkie asked, hopeful that Applejack's assessment was indeed false.

"Sure, it would be cool to have a guy in the group" Rainbow stated.

Pinkie looked a little relieved that she probably won't lose Rainbow Dash as a friend as were the others, though Applejack looked a little unconvinced.

Spike however was a little offended with the 'Guy in the Group' remark, "Hey what about me? I'm a guy!"

"A guy closer to our age I mean, you look like you should be hanging with the Crusaders"

"Aren't they like, young teens or something? I know I'm younger than all of you but I'm not THAT young, and no offense to their sisters but those girls cause me quite a headache"

Rarity and Applejack turned to each other a moment, but they difress since he's partially right.

"Anyway we'll meet with them tomorrow, lets just finish this cake, Pinkie if you don't mind, Thunderlane and his friends want a slice"

"They can get one during the festival, I'm absolutley-positivley sure they'll love it", Pinkie said.

"That's good", Rainbow added, "Lets make this cake gang!"

Author's Note:

Things are starting to boil a bit.