• Published 30th May 2015
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Dash for the Pie - Sheltie Paws

Soarin decides to show his affection for Rainbow Dash by giving her a pie. But is it worth the troubles and pains of getting?

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Chapter 1: The Idea

Soarin watched that wonderful rainbow streak flying across the sky. Rainbow Dash, the mare of his life, pulled up from a steep dive and hovered in one spot for a moment, cacthing her breath. A moment was all Soarin needed. He was amazed by her dazzling cyan fur, her elegant rainbow mane, and those luminous,thoughtful, magenta eyes. Those eyes held so many emotions, so many secrets, so many desires and friendships. Rainbow sped off again, a multicolored blur. Soarin flapped his wings and lifted off from the cloud he'd been sitting on.

It was simply destiny, Soarin thought, all those times they had met. Rainbow saved not only his pie, but his life. Soarin wished there was a way he could tell her how he felt, but he could not just talk with her. If he confided his love to her, what would she say? What if Rainbow didn't feel the same way? What if she refused to talk to him? There were simply too many risks. Soarin shook his head in confusion. What to do, what to do? he thought warily. Soarin was tired of this crazy trivia game, where he always ended up with the same results. Nothing.

He glided down to the shopping streets of Cloudsdale, pondering deeply about love. He needed an expert on this matter, on this unfamiliar territory. He didn't care if they were a stuck up business pony, or a crazed hippie, he just wanted an expert. Soarin landed on the cushioning cloud streets and started trotting among the pegasi out shopping. Above a cloud arena in the distance, Soarin thought he saw two pegasi from his training group in the Wonderbolts, Fleetfoot and Blaze. It looked like a race was on the way, but he didn't care, he just wanted help.

Rainbow was so beautiful, even when she didn't try to. She was such an amazing flyer, with those wings, that striking mane, that rainbow streak, her cyan fur, and those wonderful, perfect magenta eyes..... those perfect eyes that belonged to a perfect mare, Rainbow Dash. Soarin wondered if she would ever like a stallion like him. Soarin imagined what great times they could have together. We could go to the gala and eat pie together! And have races.... we would do so good in a relay together! And those lovely moonlit flights, wacthing the stars. Rainbow and I, we are meant to be. Soarin thought, with exictment. He sighed, knowing that wishing all this wouldn't make it happen.

"Soarin! Hey Soarin!" Soarin looked around to see who was calling his name. His friend Fire Streak flew from behind him. "Hey Soarin! You wanna go watch a race? Fleetfoot and Blaze got into this mega argument about some sort of mare thing and they're having a big race to settle it at noon today!" he called. "You should see those two glaring at each other like they are trying to burn holes through each other. This is going to be a heated race!" Fire Streak noticed Soarin sulking. "Dude, what up?" he said, concerned.

"Rainbow Dash." Soarin said wistfully, a dreamy look in his eyes.

"Whoa, Soarin, your going for a mare?" Fire Streak looked slightly amused. "Rainbow's a pretty one all right. And so amazing in flight!" He noticed Soarin glaring at him. "Hey, don't worry I'm just teasing. I won't steal her. I've got my sights set on Blaze. My flaming angel."

"Good, or else I would make it my mission to ruin your life." Soarin said simply.

"OK, I get the idea. So you're aiming to make a good impression, eh?" Fire Streak said.

"Yup. I I can't mess up. At all." Soarin replied.

"Alright then Soarin, you better get cracking. Rainbow's leaving Clouddale tommorow." Fire Streak said, assuming Soarin already knew.

"What!? Shes leaving tomorrow!? WHY HAVEN'T YOU TOLD ME THIS BEFORE!?" Soarin screamed. He grabbed Fire Streak by the shoulders forand shook him vigorously. "Rainbow Dash is the mare of my life and you're telling me, I only have until tommorow to make her like me?!" he shouted. Ponies in the cloudy streets were starting to stare and whisper, but Soarin didn't care. Fire Streak pushed away from Soarin.

"Why are you looking at me here, huh? What'd I do wrong? You want Rainbow, eh? Then get her a gift or something and be done with it you madpony! Get out of my face here! There's something called personal space, lover-boy." Fire Streak shouted back. He backed away and sped off into the sky. The ponies on the sidewalk eventually stoped gawking and carried on with their business.

Soarin was breathing hard, and his head felt like exploding. He was fuming, until his breathing slowed and his senses flooded back to him. Soarin remembered that Rainbow was leaving Cloudsdale tommorow, and knew he could catch up with her, not with her sonic rainboom speed. He desperetly needed an idea on how to makes Rainbow like him, and he needed it now. Then get her a gift or something and be done with it you madpony! Fire Streak had said. Soarin didn't exactly like being called a madpony, but the gift idea... it got him thinking. What if he got Rainbow Dash a gift! Yes a gift would work. Soarin twitched his wings in excitement and continued to think. What should I give Rainbow? Jewelry? No, I've never seen her wear any, other than with her gala outfit. Well, I could give her flowers... nah, everypony does the flower thing, and it wont seem as special. Think Soarin, think! What would you like to receive as a message of true love? Wait..... A PIE!Soarin thought. And so the dash for the pie had begun.

Author's Note:

Yay.:yay: New story! The idea came time when I was randomly thinking about ponies and pie, and it seemed like a good idea. Some help developing the idea further by Harmonic Brush.:pinkiehappy: