• Published 28th Apr 2015
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Within Our Minds - Winterman

Mane 6 woke up in a very strange world, where its seems to be toying with them. They must find answers and help each other in this nightmarish world.

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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Twilight tried to open her eyes, her eyelids were heavy as if she was very sleepy. Twilight could barely feel herself, her head was heavy.

Twilight yawned again, it felt like her body was weighed down by a lead filled saddlebag but somehow she just had to wake up. Urgency started to thrill along her nerves, something was terribly wrong.

She couldn't remember how long she was sleeping, she couldn't even remember if she was sleeping in the first place.

"Where am I?" Twilight muttered as she stood up, her head was dizzy like the whole world was spinning around her.. "Is anyone here?" Twilight shouted. "Hello? Rainbow Dash? Pinkie? AJ? Rarity? Anyone?" Twilight asked, her voice echoed throughout the area, but nopony answered her in return.

She was in a forest, as far as she could tell. She was utterly confused, because there was no way she could have end up here. She couldn't remember if she was in the forest before she fell asleep.

Twilight tried to use her magic to cast a light for herself. Her horn lit up. She looked around, she was inside a forest.

The forest was in silence, no signs of anypony. The only sound she heard was the wind blowing.

"Let's take a look." Twilight thought out loud.

Twilight flew up but when she was in the height of the top of the tree, she felt that she hit something solid and hard.

"What?" Twilight touched the area above her head with her hands. She felt like she was touching something. It feels like she was touching an extremely thick glass. An invisible ceiling. She It appeared that it covered the entire world. "This is beyond my imagination."

Suddenly her horn's light started to flicker, its light grew dim, before disappearing instantly. "No!" Twilight tried to use her magic again but to no avail.

"Oh, this is just...." Twilight groaned as she flew under the "ceiling". With no other choices left, she decided to fly staight forward. She flew across the woods, she found nothing but branches and trees, and empty grasslands. She was looking around constantly to search for anyone who could help her.

After some minutes of flying, she found the campfire down below. There might be somepony there. Twilight thought and she swooped down and landed near the camp. The camp, still, no signs of anypony. In the tent, there was a backpack and a couple of sleeping beds.

"What? There can't be a camp without its owner." Twilight asked herself in a confusion. Twilight saw a map in a backpack, she picked it up. "Where am I?"

The map gave her a detail of the woods, which was actually a park. The red circle circled around the campfire drawing on the map, it said "We are here.", from the camp, at the bottom of the map, there was a a cabin that was named "Informations" and next to it was a gate which said "Entrance/Exit".

Hope there's pony there. I could use some help. Twilight thought. No time to waste. Twilight flared her wings and flew off.

"Ow, my head." Dash muttered as she woke up in a house, in the town and, like Twilight, there were nopony to be found. Her head was very heavy and she was dizzy. She felt like she just drank about ten barrels of cider.

Dash looked out of the window, it looked like she was in a house in the Ponyville with nopony were there, and most light posts were flickering, covering the street in darkness.

"Anypony? Hello." Dash shouted loudly, but nothing happened. Dash walked downstairs and saw a stack of wine crates. "Is this Berry Punch's house?" Dash questioned.

She looked around the house. She looked everywhere but it seems that nopony was home. There was an anonymous message written on a small piece of paper.

"I don't want to say this to you, but you must trust me. This world is full of stuff that would only come from from your nightmares. It is filled with every kinds of terror imaginable. To get out of here, you must get to the center of this place. And-" The rest of the message was unclear as the bottom half of the paper was torn off.

"Woah, what? So you're not gonna say anything about this world to me? Or about the 'stuff' you were talking about?" Dash said. "And..." She stepped out of the house. "Damn, it's so dark." Dash flew up. "Better go and try to see a better view." Dash mumbled. "I'll punch that pony so hard, if he or she lied-" Dash hit the invisible ceiling, just like Twilight. "Are you serious? I can't fly above these houses? This is bullshit." Dash lowered her altitude, now she was in the average height of a building's second floor.

"Why is every single house have lights off? This is weird, I-I..." Dash groaned. "I must be dreaming." Dash looked around. "Hello? Anypony wants to tell me what's going on?" Dash flew through the town, hoping to find someone she could ask.

"Huh?" Pinkie woke up, it appeared that she was inside a mine. "What the? Is somepony's pranking or something?" Pinkie said. "Oh, hey narrator." Wait, what? "You cannot hide from me!" But Pinkie, it's a story, you must not talk to me. "Okie-dokie But first, I need something, it's gloomy here." Really?....really "Yes, silly!" Huh...fine, here.

"Ooo, an electric lantern? Cool! And maybe a GPS-" Nononono, you can't cheat, you can't cheat. Now pretend that I'm not here, we never met, we never talk.

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick cupcake in my eye." Pinkie said. I'm very sorry my viewers, please forgive me. Now, where did I left off...Ok.

"What? A dead end? Come on, you can't be serious." Pinkie said as she reached the path out of the mine, which was caved in. "Do I need to do something to press B to blow?"

Pinkie thought out loud and looked around, the mine were flooded with darkness, filled with wall mounted lights and equipments. She noticed the sign that read "Equipment", the arrow next to it, pointed into the section of the mine, without lights. Pinkie gulped, proceeded to walk into the abyss. Side by side of her was saturated with darkness, below her feet were mine cart tracks.

"Helloooooooo." Pinkie said just before the lights at the distance flickered, the shadowy masculine figure, at the end of the railroad, ran away quickly as Pinkie stood in silence.

"That's nono-jojo. Wait, maybe he's a cheery like me." Pinkie asked, her voice echoed throughout the mine shaft. "Yolo!" Pinkie said as she walked toward the light.

"Uh...huh? Where? Where am I?" Fluttershy asked as she woke up. "I don't like this place." Fluttershy said as she looked around, it looked like a dungeon.

"Hello?" Fluttershy asked as her voice echoed throughout the dungeon, she looked behind her, only to found a wall.

Fluttershy looked forward and saw the long hallway, Fluttershy walked, side by side of her was empty cells and torches on the wall. Fluttershy heard squeaking sound, only her can hear it, sounded like animals talking.

"What?" Fluttershy said as she peeked around the corner. There was a cylinder tube on the floor, made of glass, the fireflies were trapped inside.

"Poor little things." Fluttershy said as she squatted next to it. "You want to get out?" Fluttershy said as she heard squeaky voice in return. "Ok." Fluttershy picked up the cylinder and threw it on the floor, shattering it.

"Freedom! You like it, don't you?" Fluttershy as the fireflies flew out for their freedom, the fireflies flew turn at the corner and along the long corridor. The chain rattling sound and a deep growl was heard. Fluttershy hid in fear, shivering.

"What is that sound?" Fluttershy said as she calmed herself, she walked through the corridor. The screaming, roaring, and breathing beacame more and more audible.

Fluttershy saw two large cells side by side of her, one has a prisoner in it, held back by trammel chains. It was a muscular stallion, wearing torn blue shorts and an iron mask, covering his entire head, except his eyes, they were crimson red.

He made a loud angry roar once Fluttershy walked near his cell, causing her to run toward where the fireflies went. Fluttershy turned left at the corner, she saw fireflies flying above an oil lantern and a box of matches in the small storage room.

"Thank you." Fluttershy thanked the fireflies. "This will come in handy." Suddenly there was a loud noice, sounded like iron bars falling and iron door got busted in were heard, followed by a deep roar.

Her first thought was something or whatever she had met earlier is now on the loose.

"What was that?" Fluttershy whimpered as she saw a huge shadow around the corner.

Fluttershy hid behind the wooden barrels, as the figure walking closer and closer to her room, with the sound of chains dragging across the floor. It was the prisoner, Fluttershy hid and silenced herself once he entered the room. The prisoner looked around as he swiped his chains across the room in anger, destroying the shelf not much far from Fluttershy.

He even spun them around ferociously. He grabbed the boxes before smashing them with his fists and kicked the pieces away.

The prisoner groaned in frustration and run out of the room. Fluttershy quietly sighed in relief. Fluttershy slowly walked out of the room, the fireflies flew around the corner, signaling her to follow them. Fluttershy silently walked to them and continued into the deeper part of the dungeon.

"Where in Equestria am I?" Rarity said as she got up, she looked around, it looked like she was in a castle. "Uh, ugh, dirt! Bleh!" Rarity complained as she brushed the dirt of her shirt and trousers.

"Get away, dirt!." Rarity brushed dirt of her trousers. "It's very gloomy in here......Oh, this will do." Rarity saw a lit candlestick in a distance, she tried to use her magic to pick it up. It flickered before it let out a spark. Her magic was unusable, like Twilight's.

"What? Oh, Faust. What sorcery is this?" Rarity tried again. Her horn did not produce any glow this time. "Fine, but I theorized that there's something wrong here." Rarity ran toward it.

"At least my hands are still functional." Rarity said as she picked it up along with the lighter.

Once she shone her candle's light around, the 'castle' was unusual to other castles in Equestria, the castle was made of stone bricks, instead of other materials such as marbles and crystals.

Rarity walked a few steps, found a dimly lit, long hallway, with a carpet in the middle, with lit candle sticks side by side. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew past her, her candle and other candles around her were extinguished.

"Oh, why?" Rarity said as she tried to lit the candle with her lighter, but she stopped as soon as a low breathing sound is heard, she turned at the corner she came from.

Rarity leaned herself against the wall and peek, the thing was walking through the hallway. It has mare body, wearing white, long sleeved shirt, navy blue vest with golden buttons, black trousers and matching black shoes. Its body was stabbed in multiple places by sewing needles. The needles were unusual in size, they were as big as a pencil. It was also holding one as a weapon too. The head was not a pony head, its head is a spotlight, with Rarity's mane protruding from it.

WHAT IN EQUESTRIA IS THAT? Rarity thought as the monster walking slowly towards her location, Rarity held her breath as its light shone right next to her hoof.

Rarity slowly crept away from the light. She kept creeping until her back was against the wall. It slowly moves to wards her, scanning the floor with its light. Rarity was really shivering and breathing nervously.

Suddenly, loud metallic clanking sound with a loud roar was heard, the monster seems to be startled, it ran off to the direction of the sound.

Rarity sighed in relief. "Thank, Faust." Rarity said as she followed the path where the monster went, ventured deeper into the castle.

Applejack woke up, she was sleeping on the grass, in the woods. "Where in tarnation am I?" Applejack said as she looked around. "Am I in a forest or somethin'?" Applejack said in confusion. Applejack walked for few steps, she found a dirt road with footprints on it.

"Somepony was here? Maybe, ah should go there to get help." Applejack said as she followed the hoofprints.

"Ah have a bad feeling about this." Applejack spotted a campfire and a tent. The backpack appeared to be looted, a diary with her cutie mark on it and an electric glow stick was sitting next to it.

Applejack heard a scream in the distance.

"Huh? Hey, who's out there?" Applejack said as she grabbed the glow stick and rushed out of the tent to the direction of the sound, she found a tunnel. As she approached it, a horde of bats flew pass her.

"Ugh, bats." Applejack said as she traversed through the tunnel. However, it felt like she was not alone. Something was watching her. "Wha?" She heard a metallic clang and something that it sounded like crying.

"Ah better get outta here." Applejack said as she picked up the pace and ran out of the tunnel, it was a short tunnel, but for her, it looked like very long one with something lurking in it.

Applejack looked in the distance, she found the apple orchard, her residence and place of work in Ponyville.

"Hope, everyone's alright." Applejack said as she ran as fast as she can to the orchard.

Author's Note:

What a sloppy intro. :twilightsheepish: I'm sorry, but it was hard to start a story in a cryptic way. But I hope you still enjoy it.

Prisoner (Inspired by Chris Walker (Outlast) and Fleshpound (Killing Floor)
It represents Fluttershy's anger.

Seamstress: Inspired by Shade/Spotlight (The Evil Within: The Assignment)
It represents Rarity's obsession in her career, which happens sometimes. As well as her love of being under her spotlight.