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I love horror and crossovers.


(The Evil Within + MLP crossover)

The mane 6 woke up in a different part of a strange world. They must find the answers about what's happening and facing monsters representing themselves along the way as the world will torture their minds and try to break their will.

This story is The Evil Within+MLP crossover, with Amnesia and Silent Hill vibe added to to the mix.

Each chapter will tell the events happening from each of Mane 6's POV. So most of the events happen concurrently.

This story is tagged AU due to technologies we never seen in the show.
This story is anthro because some objects that appear in this fanfic is...well, is a little more of a nonsense if used by the original ponies we're used to see. But I still don't know if I will change it back to normal ponies, I don't know if the whole anthro thing will be a placeholder instead.

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An interesting concept and I am indeed intrigued as to where you are going to take us with this tale. I shall be most definitely tracking this!


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I like it good job so far
Some grammatical mistakes but other then that good
Rating so far
7 Derps out of 10

5972887 good I liked it
It was a little short and was resolved to easily son
Rating 4 this chapter
7yays out of 10
PS that's better then derps
So far rating
7 duckfaces out of 10
Ps in the middle of yays and derps

This story is on hold
Yes, it is an extremely big story, for me. 10+ chapters, I think. I also want to take a break due to it takes a while to conceptualized a chapter. But it will NOT be cancelled. I promise, and Chapter 2-2 will be here in October, when my first semester is done.

been waiting for one, ONE, Evil Within crossover, but no, most don't play TEW, real shame :pinkiesad2:

It's not gun-blazing fic. It's more of a survival-horror.

Hey, It's something based on The Kepper/safe head going to appear? Because, seriously, it is my favorite "thing" in The Evil Within and I would love seeing him here.
I liking where this is going. Keep the good work.

I don't know. :ajsleepy: But at least Seamstress is similiar to him. Even though I'd like to add him, there's already 2 monsters. Victor and Seamstress, who has items for head. But I took inspiration from The Keeper to creating Victor too. I might add the 'guardian monster' of the antagonist in this fic too. Maybe, something based on him will appear.

Prepare for the new chapter! Coming into your mind this week!

6991652 no problem say have u compleated it yet if not i can belp

Also side note i have a oc whos mind is litarly fractured into 5 personalitys which would be a curve ball because one of hes personalities is a phsyco but hes like a kid

Er is this bit It has mare body was that delibrate or mistake also the seemstress also seems like the bloody long haird woman from the game also tip for anygamer playing it for first time fully upgrade the harpoon bolt and stck up on parts becuse lv5 bolts have fire her weakness added to them

This is interesting but the bad grammar is a huge distraction.:twilightblush: :facehoof: Fix the grammar and this will a ton better .:pinkiehappy:

Cool opening. I hope you tell us what pinkie's, Twilight's, Rainbow's, and Applejack's monsters represent when they are introduced. Now i like to guess each mare's nightmare worlds are inspired by correct me when i'm wrong and compliment the ones i got right here goes: Twilight's nightmare world is the forest from "the evil within", Rainbow's nightmare world is "Silent Hill" though i don't know which game that features the titular town 1, 2,or 3 i'll read more to find out which "Silent Hill" it is, Pinkie's nightmare world is the mines of the first "Penumbra" game (i forgot it's full name), Rarity's nightmare world is "The Evil Within: The Assignment & The Consequences" with a touch of "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" because castle, Fluttershy's nightmare world is either "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs" or "Amnesia:justine" , and finally Applejack's nightmare world is "Silent Hill 2" because in that game you start right outside of the town and you reach it via a short forest route. Well those are my guesses please tell me which ones i got right and which ones i got wrong or how close i was. I look forward to reading more

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