• Published 14th May 2012
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The Clashing of Worlds! - Psycho-genius brony

Pretty much where all the Universes in the multiverse colide because of some odd force.

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The 1st Crash

The First Collsion

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the very boundaries of time and space were collapsing! The people of Earth were completely and utterly oblivious to the change in the boundaries of time and space. Like they are about pretty much everything! Anyway, during all this I was just as oblivious of the collapse. I was driving home after a long day of work when a large white fissure in the boundaries of space opened up and basically swallowed me and the car whole. I came out in open air and fell about a mile before smashing through the roof of Rainbow Dash's house. Lucky for me I landed on the carpet, however my car went straight through and fell somewhere around Ponyville.

"Dang," I thought. When Rainbow gets home, she's going to kill me. Probably going to take the carpet away so I fall through the clouds and onto my now probably completely wrecked car. Well, I'm in quite a predicament. I hope someone comes by Rainbow Dash's house and gets me off this carpet. Let's do a medical check. I have small cuts and scrapes all over my arms, but other than that, I'm fine. Maybe if I slide over to the edge of the large hole my car punched into the clouds, I can see where my car went. It landed right next to Fluttershy's cottage. Maybe it'll alert her that something happened at Rainbow Dash's house. Hmm, so above her house is that rift in time and space that I fell through. Maybe Princess Celestia will know! She does know a lot about these odd occurences.

Anyway, it's time to get up. I wonder if humans can step on clouds. Let's see. Okay, apparently, the clouds here are somewhat like water that defies gravity. I can swim pretty well, so I can try to swim over to the door. Oh yeah. I got swimmming in clouds down! I found more differences between water and clouds of Equestria. One, the clouds don't get you wet and Two, you can still breathe in them.Maybe I should try to use the carpet as a parachute. It is pretty light. One-Two-Three, jump!

One problem, the rug is slowing my fall, but just enough so I survive. It won't help me from getting injuries.Well, too late now. I already jumped. Ow! Well, I broke both of my legs, so considering the fact I didn't break all 198 bones in my body I'm pretty lucky. My arms are fine so I can crawl anywhere I need to go. First of all, I need to get these injuries treated. Fluttershy can be a medic for animals. Since mammal anatomy is pretty much the same for any mammal that has no special features I think she can heal me.

What feels like an eternity later...

Finally, i made it to Fluttershy's cottage. There's a note on the door. It says,"Do Not Disturb, if it's fine with you."
Typical Fluttershy. Can't bear to get on anypony's nerves. Well, it isn't okay with me to have to broken legs and not be able to ask for medical attention, so I'll knock. Hello?

"If you're an alien, Go Away!" she screams. Oww! For a shy pony, she sure can yell when she's frightened. My ears are bleeding after that.

" I just want some medical help, both my legs are broken after a failed parachute attempt," I answer back.

"Umm, Eep!" Man, can she get over the fact I'm not from Equestria and help me with my current problem.

"Don't be scared Fluttershy, I just need help because I broke my legs." I say.

"How do you know my name?" she asks meekly.

"Actually, I know more than that. I know that you have pink hair, 3 butterflies for your cutie mark, you're a pegasus, and you're the Element of Kindness. You found out that you're an Element of Harmony when you, Twilight, Rainbow, Pinkie, AppleJack, and Rarity set off to find them so they could stop Nightmare Moon." I answer.

"Have you been stalking me?"

"No, I haven't been stalking you Fluttershy. It's common knowledge where I come from."

"Where do you come from?"

"Well, above Rainbow Dash's house there is a glowing white crack in the sky, go through there and you'll come out on a Planet called Earth."

"Earth? Isn't that what Chancellor Puddinghelt wanted to name Equestria?"

"Yes, but we named it that because for one word it's basically a large oblate spherical rock hurtling through space, now will you please help me with my broken legs!"

"Oops, of course I'll help. Now which legs are broken?"

"I only have one pair. The two that I stand on the ground with, but are currently being dragged along by my arms. Right now, I think every bone in them is broken."

"Nope, only the bones in your forelegs. Stay still, and let me put them in a cast. Now, for the next few days do nothing but rest and stay off your... legs."

"Actually, I have no place to stay."

"Well, you're welcome to stay here while you heal." she replies.

"Thanks, Fluts."

"Anyway, you can lie on the couch."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to go ask Twilight what you are."

"Our species scientific name is Homo Sapiens, but our common name is humans." I reply.

"Okay, I'm going to ask Twilight about... humans."

"Well, humans have never been in Equestria before so I'd like to meet her. I think she might have some questions on humans. Oh yeah, and can you do me a favor?"

"What is it?"

"Can you ask Spike to send take a letter? I need to ask Princess Celestia about these fissures in space-time."

"Sure, wait you even know about Spike?"

"Yes, I know pretty much everything about Equestria. I know that last Nightmare Night, Luna came, but everyone was frightened of her, but eventually she realized that everyone wanted to be scared. Wait, hey I have my Iphone in my pocket. Yes! I have internet connection! Fluttershy I'll show you everything I know! This is called an Iphone. It can be used to access the World Wide Web which is basically the source of almost of all the knowledge on Planet Earth." I exclaim. Now to go to MLPFiM Wiki and go search up Fluttershy. Here we are! "See Fluttershy, I know pretty much everything about you! And that's only a 1/514 of everything we know about Equestria, but some of the information is pictures of Equestria. Like that one time when you got Poison Joked and you got the alias "Flutterguy" from Spike."

"You even know that! That's kind of-"


End of Chapter One, Finally!