• Published 14th May 2012
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The Clashing of Worlds! - Psycho-genius brony

Pretty much where all the Universes in the multiverse colide because of some odd force.

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The Reply

It's been about a while since I last posted, and I'm bored, so I'll update. Oh yeah and play this song. The story is kind of boring so Watch this

The Reply

Dear Princess Celestia,

This is not a friendship report. Now that we've got that out of the way, I need to ask you something.
I'm a human who came to Equestria via a fissure in space-time.First of all, why are fissures in space-time
forming? Second, has any human come to Equestria before me? Third and most importantly, can you use
your magic to restore my car?

I await your response,


"what does Ephialtes mean?" Twilight pipes up.

"It means Nightmare."

"Are you sure you're not Nightmare?"

"Yes, my parents picked it cause it sounds cool." I reply.

"Spike got the reply"


"Here let me read it for you,
Dear Ephialtes,

No, I cannot fix your car. Second, a prophecy I have read calls upon you to save the multiverse!
I'm sending an escort for you.The escort will have more details for you on this matter.


Princess Celestia

"That's kind of fast for a reply. Normally, I wait a few days before I get a reply on any questions I get
from where I come from."

"Well, time to go. The escort's here." Twilight finishes.

"Hello, Ephialtes. We are on a mission to save the multiverse. An odd force in the center of Multiverse is causing all the Universes to collide and will result in so much chaos that the combined universe will overheat, cause a raidation breakout, and finally detonate in a nuclear explosion. I'm afraid that the chaos will prevent us from perishing in Phase 1 or 2. Instead, we will have 2 years of fire and agony before we all perish in a nuclear blast. Your job is to travel between the multiverse and collect enough power to destroy this force. If you would like to heal the multiverse collect more than enough power required. That way you can use this device," he held up an odd looking device with what appeared to be a sattelite dish attached to it," to reverse the polarity. IF you're short on power, this device will be destroyed. You only have one shot. We attached a meter, so you can see if you have enough power.To give you a boost, the Elements of Harmony will be coming." he said.

Whoah, I thought, what the heck, I have to travel throughout the multiverse to stop something crushing all the universes together. And I have to collect power along the way. However, I have one question.

"What kind of power?" I ask.

"Simple. All kinds. Ethereal, like magic, and corporeal like heat. Electric, Heat, Light, Love, Pain, Order, Fission, Magic, and movement."

"Wait, did you say electricity? Last time I checked ponies don't have electricity."

"Indeed, don't you remember me Ephialtes? It's me, Xavier."

"Xavier?!? You disappeared 5 years ago!"

"I was simply conducting one of my expirements when I came here. Anyway, enough chitchat. We have a multiverse to save!"

"Right! Let us go forth!"

"Here's the entrance we'll be using. IF we survive the transdimensional warp, we can start out in a different dimension."


"Don't worry, I got to Equestria the very same way. Am I horribly mutated?"

"YOu are a pony..."

"Just shut up and go through the portal."

This is my update. Did you like it?

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