• Published 28th Apr 2012
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MLP: Lunar's Return - Lunar_Star

More then a thousand years ago a brave stallion left the land of Equestria for reasons no pony knew.

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MLP: Lunar's Return pt 1

It was mid-afternoon by the time I had reached the Equestrian boarders. Long had it been since I had set foot on the lands of my fore-fathers but never would I ever forget it. I was deep in the northern mountain range just coming through the pass when the ground shook under my hooves. The slight tremor didn’t last long however and everything seemed to be as it was once more. “Stars above what was that? A landslide?”

I had continued my way through the mountain pass when I had seen a large pile of rocks and boulders against a cliff face. “A rock slide. Not uncommon in this area.”

As I had drawn closer to investigate the cause my right ear twitched as I heard a very faint cry for help that came from the other side of the strewn rocks. I leaned in closer to make sure I heard right and indeed I did. I had flipped off the hood of the cloak I wore. Closing my eyes I had focused my thoughts to what I was intending to do. The horn upon my head began to glow with a soft purple aura before one of the larger boulders begins to shift and lifts off from the others. Turning my head, I had moved the boulder from one place to another. I had continued the process until there was enough room I thought for the one trapped inside to get out.

Indeed I was correct in my thoughts as when the finally rock was moved, a young white mare emerged from a cave just behind the fallen rocks. “Goodness me thank you ever so much. I had gone into that cave to collect some gems for an ensemble I was making when a quake hit and those large boulders blocked the only way out.”

I looked her over once or twice; her coat was as white as new fallen snow. Her blue eyes were like that of a pool of cool water on a heated summer morning. Her purple mane was well kept and elegantly styled with a curl on the end. Her tail style even matched her mane, both shined softly in the afternoon sun. “Excuse me is there something wrong with my mane?”

I shook my head to wake myself from the daze I was in. As I had looked at her I was brought back to the thought of another white mare I knew. She was very beautiful and graceful. I had not seen her in so long and wondered if she would even remember me. But the more I thought on it the more I thought that she might hate me for what I had done. I left her without so much as a word. It was wrong of me to do so and I regretted every moment of it but I could not bring myself to return until now.

I had looked down to the mare and shook my head again before speaking. “Not at all miss your mane seems to be in a fine condition.”

She seems relieved to hear that as she smiled at me. “My name is Rarity kind sir. Might I be inclined to ask you yours?”

I had thought for a moment. Should I tell her my real name? I was not sure because I figured that if I did that word might just get back to the one pony I did not want to know of my return until I was ready. Remembering the nick name I had received back then I figured it would be best to use that then my real name. “Moon, just call me Moon.”

Luckily she would not see my wings since they were hidden under my cloak but my head and horn was still uncovered, with any luck she would think I was just any other unicorn stallion. “I seemed to be a bit lost in these mountain paths. I was wondering if you could direct me to the nearest town. I have not eaten for a few days and would greatly appreciate a good meal.”

The mare’s face lite up as she smiled to me. “We are not far from Ponyville kind Moon and I know of a well-respected restaurant in town if you would like to accompany me?”

With such an offer, only a fool would pass it up. I nodded my head to her question. It was then that she turned and walked within the cave and retrieved her saddle bag which was full of gems of different sizes and colors. “Well then, shall we?”

She turned and headed south through the mountain pass, I followed close behind her so was not to lose sight. Truthfully I knew the way out of these craggy mountain passes but in my many travels I relished in the company of others.

It did not take us long however before we started down and shallow hill to the valley that lay below. Upon reaching the grassy floor, a rush of memories washed through my mind. Back then I and that mare used to walk to many places. We would talk about many things and make each other laugh and smile. I remember clearly that she also enjoyed a good prank from time to time. My memories were cut short however by the voice of the mare I was accompanying. “Moon? Are you alright? You seem to be in some kind of daze darling.”

Again I shook my head to wake myself from my trance and smiled to her before answering. “Oh, yes miss Rarity I am quite alright just remembering things from long ago that’s all. Didn’t mean to worry you.”

I could not tell her the truth however that my memories were over a thousand years old without giving myself away. So I figured I would be a bit discreet about the length of time involved. She seemed to buy it as she nodded and continued on. Something though that I did not catch right away was her cutie mark. It was that of three diamond shaped gems that I could only conclude to be, diamonds.

As we moved through the grassy fields I had seen that the mare was slowly growing tired. The bags full of gems must have been heavier then she thought. “Miss Rarity, I can carry those bags for you if you are getting tired.”

The mare smiled and turned her head to look at me. “It’s quite alright dear, I don’t mind a bit of work besides you have done enough for me already. It would not be proper of me to depend on you for everything now would it? Also you need not call me miss Rarity, just Rarity will do.”

Without so much as a second thought I used my magic to levitate the saddle bag from her back to my own. “I insist. You are growing tired and pushing yourself too much. What kind of pony would I be if I did not offer my assistance? In any event I do not mind the weight.”

The mare smiled and nodded before again continuing to head for a town I could now see off in the distance. It was puzzling though, I did not remember that a town was ever this close. If memory served, the closest town to our current location was Canterlot. When did this town sprout up? “Excuse me miss…uh I mean Rarity. But when did the town come to be here?”

She seemed a bit confused at my question as she stopped to look at me. “I am not sure what you mean darling. Ponyville has always been here as long as I have known but I did remember hearing that it is only a few hundred years old. Why do you ask?”

I rubbed my chin with my right hoof. “I see, huh? Oh I was just curious is all. As I said it has been a while since I have set hoof here so my memory of this place is a little hazy.” Again she bought my rouse and continued to lead me forward.

It was late afternoon by the time we reached town, the houses were of moderate size, the roofs were covered in thick strands of hay and the walls seemed to be made of a kind of plaster I thought. Wood beams jet out from the walls only by maybe a few centimeters to give any pony who would look upon the structures, a rustic type feel.

As we walked through the streets I could feel eyes of the ponies we passed were on me. It was unnerving a little bit because I was trying my best to not be noticed but it seemed I was failing at it. As I looked up at the mountains ahead of us I could see Canterlot jutting off one of the sides. Canterlot Castle was the most prominent feature however. I knew who lived in that castle, there was no way that she was not there. My only question was, how long before she found out I was back?

“Well here we are.” I looked to where we were and I saw a large home that was reminiscent of a carnival carousel. “Welcome to the Carousel Boutique.”

As she spoke I felt the weight of the bag being lifted from my back and placed upon hers. “Well my dear I will be right back out once I get these gems stashed away. After that I will take you to that restaurant that we have spoken about.”

I nod my head and wait as she heads inside. As I wait, something very strange happens. A young mare with an incredibly puffy pink mane and tail just strolled up to me. I smile politely and said “Hello”. Well that was all it took because the young pink mare gasped and then took off at a speed I never thought an earth pony could reach before.

I was dumbfounded at that moment, my mind replaying back to what had just happened. In all honesty I had no idea what had happened, all I said was hello and the next thing I knew she was gone. I did my best to not think on the subject for too long as Rarity soon emerged from what I assumed must have been her place of work as well as her home.

“I’m sorry that took so long, I had to make sure that the gems were put in their proper place. Now then shall we go?” She smiled as she walked passed me.

From her home we walked back down what I believed to be one of the main streets till we gazed upon a small outdoor restaurant. We each took our seats at one of the empty tables and waited on the server to come and take our orders. “So, Moon was it? What brings you to Equestria?”

“I used to live in Canterlot some time ago before I started traveling really. I had been nearly everyplace this world had to offer and learned from some great ponies. In truth I was told that a Zebra mare lived in the area and came to find her.” Apparently the mention of a zebra caught her attention rather fast.

“Well the only zebra any pony here knows is Zecora. She lives just on the edge of Ponyville within the Everfree Forest. Though not many ponies dare to go into those cursed woods except Twilight and a few of our friends. Most of the time Zecora comes into town to pick up a few herbs and spices that she can’t get from the forest itself. Kind of eerie if you ask me but why would you be looking for her?” she asked.

Before I could answer, a waiter trotted up to our table. He didn’t say much if anything at all, just took our orders and then left. “Well I have known Zecora since she was a filly, her mother asked if I could check up on her and see how she was doing. She told me that before Zecora left she said she was headed east. The only place I knew at the time was Canterlot.”

“But now if she said east, how come I met you in the northern passes?” I should have known that such a question was coming.

“Well the fastest way out of Equestria is through those passes. Though a pony would have to be careful. Tales of unspeakable horrors such as Windigos are abound when heading too far north.” As I had said that I did my best to make it sound more frightening then it really was. In actuality there were no Windigos but she didn’t know that.

I had seen that the unicorn had recoiled a little at the mention of Windigos and it was at that moment I knew my ploy had worked. “Darling you must not joke about such things. It’s not proper.”

I could do nothing but chuckle warmly and apologize for my words. Before we could continue our discussion however, our food had arrived. The waiter nimbly set each plate he was carrying upon the table and dipped his head to us before walking away and leaving us to our meal.

We had just barely begun to eat when we were interrupted by another unicorn. This one had what I could tell a coat of lavender fur covering her body. Her mane was straight cut in the front and was a deep shade of blue with a few strands of pink and purple in the center. Her tail also had the same style and highlights to match. Her flank held her cutie mark which to me looked like a starburst with five other smaller stars to accompany it.

“Hey Rarity I thought I might find you here when I seen your shop was closed, I had come to ask you for a favor.” The lavender unicorn then turned my way. “Oh hello there.”

“Twilight dear you know you can ask me anything.” Rarity had seen Twilight notice me and thought to introduce me to her. “Twilight Sparkle I would like you to meet my friend Moon. He saved me from a nasty predicament up in the northern mountains.”

I was a bit flattered by Rarity’s words but I soon interjected. “Please I was just passing through and happen to hear you calling for help. I simply did what any pony might have done.”

“Nonsense, you needn’t be so modest. If it were not for you I might still be trapped within that cave as we speak.” I had smiled and blushed somewhat at her praise of me but I still felt that I did not need to be thought so highly of.

“Well Moon I suppose I should thank you as well for saving one of my close friends.” I nodded to the unicorn before she spoke with Rarity some more and then departed, leaving us to our meal.

After we had finished our food I thanked Rarity for a good time and reached under my cloak, pulling out a few bits and placing them upon the table. “Are you sure darling? I mean I can more than afford to pay for my own meal.”

I shook my head. “That won’t be necessary. You have shown me to this charming dinning spot and told me where I might find a friend of mine. I thank you for your generousness but I must be going.”

Without any further talk we both dipped our heads to each other and went our separate ways.