• Published 28th Apr 2012
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MLP: Lunar's Return - Lunar_Star

More then a thousand years ago a brave stallion left the land of Equestria for reasons no pony knew.

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MLP: Lunar's Return pt 2

I took my time walking through the streets of the town. In my time away much had changed. When last I was here, there was nothing but a large open field, now a town stood in its place.

Though I was a bit new to this place, many of the ponies that I had passed seemed to wave at me as if they knew me. I knew however that was not the case because none of the ponies that lived here were alive during the time of my leaving. So with that in mind, I waved back and gave a parting smile.

As I made my way through Ponyville I noticed an odd looking shop just to my left. It was a three story building and in the shape of what I could only guess was a gingerbread house topped with cupcakes. Candles stood at the very top of the highest cupcake shaped spire. Curiosity had gotten then better of me as I walked up to the front door and lightly pushed it open.

I peeked inside and to my surprise, it was a bakery. With my curiosity sated I figured I might as well get Zecora something since it had been a long time when last I saw her. I walked up to the front counter and lightly tapped the bell. When I did I got an immediate response. “Be there in just a second.”

The voice was sweet and very pleasant. As I waited I took a look around the place and saw many cakes, pies and pastries of all kinds. The smell of what I could only say was a freshly made pie wafted into my nose. The smell was so enticing I swore I felt myself staring to drool. Soon enough though a mare had emerged from a pair of swinging doors which lead to the back room. Her coat was of a light blue nearly cyan color. Her mane and tail was styled in puffy curls and reminded me of icing on a cake. “Anything dear?”

Her voice brought me back to my sense as I was looking over the spread they had laid out. “Oh yes. Um I am looking for type of pastry.”

She giggled softly at my answer. “Well just take your pick; this is a bakery after all. We have all kinds of tasty goods here.”

“Indeed.” I took my time looking around but nothing stood out. I was getting something for Zecora but I had not seen her in so long that I forgot just what it was she liked. But the type of pastry I thought didn’t matter because there was one thing I knew she would enjoy. I turned to look at the mare running the counter and asked. “What would you recommend that has blue or black berries?”

The mare thought for a moment before she had gotten an idea. “Well we have muffins, they are not very big but there are many of them.”

“Perfect I’ll take a dozen.” She nodded to my request and proceeded to gather up my order. It was then that I heard the door open and another pony stepped inside. She was a Pegasus from what I saw. Her coat was a pastel yellow and her mane was a pastel pink. Her eyes seemed to hold a sadness but the more I looked the more I realized that it was not sadness but a deep kindness.

“Oh h-hello there.” She looked at me a moment before looking away or to the floor. I was not sure it if was something I had done but I didn’t have time to say anything as the mare who was gathering my order had just finished.

“That will be 15 bits dearie.” I smiled to the Pegasus and walked up to the counter. Reaching under my cloak I pulled out my pouch and using my magic, pulled out the appropriate amount of money that was requested. Once done, I took back my pouch and placed it back under my cloak. I took the bag of muffins and bid my goodbyes, thanking the mare for her assistance.

I made my way from the bakery and towards the outskirts of the town. It was there that I saw the Everfree Forest. Stars alive I never thought I would live to see this day. The Everfree Forest got its name because it is the one part of Equestria that magic has never touched. Everything that dwells within the forest is completely free. But it also held a darker secret, a tale that I would hope nopony knew of.

Long ago there used to be a town that was built within these trees. The town in question was known as Sunny Town. There a terrible crime took place. I still remember that day as if it were yesterday.

Celestia had received word that a tragedy had happened within Sunny Town and flew off to investigate. I being her guardian at the time followed close behind with two guards. When we arrived nothing was out of the ordinary, ponies were just going about their daily life. That all changed however when we found the burnt remains of a young mare within a fireplace in one of the homes. That was all it took.

Now I had never seen Celestia angered as I did that day. Using her magic she placed a spell upon the entirety of the town. A spell that would show the ponies who lived there for the monsters they truly were. They would live forever this way with their guilt, never able to eat, never able to sleep. Only the light of the full moon would show their rotting and decayed forms.

My body shuddered at the memory of that time but I knew that they were unable to leave their town and as well the forest. Doing well to put the thought from my mind I ventured into the forest and made sure to keep my eyes out for anything that might try to make a meal of me. “Now she said that her home was just inside the forest so it should not be very far."

I had walked a good bit into the forest when my nose picked up on a peculiar smell. Following this scent I came upon a large tree that was surrounded by tribal masks and charms. I recognize many of the masks that hung on the outer walls of the tree. Smiling to myself I covered my head with my hood and walked up to the door and knocked.

It didn’t take long till a young Zebra mare opened the door and stared at me for a moment before smiling. “That hood might hide you from pony eyes but I know whom you are under that disguise.” I smiled myself as she stepped aside to allow me entry.

I walked on and she closed the door behind me. Removing my hood I took a deep sigh of relief and placed the bag of muffins on the table. “I can’t hide anything from you can I little one?”

I turned my head as she slowly approached me. I turned around and we gave each other a warm embrace. “I am sorry I did not stay in touch little one.”

She smiled as she held herself against my chest. “Mother always thought you would stay. But I clearly told her your answer would be nay.”

After the hug, I turned and removed my cloak, hanging it up by the door. Finally free of my garment, I took this time to stretch my wings before folding them back against my sides. Walking back up to the table I used my magic to remove the muffins from inside. “I was not sure which you would like better so I had gotten six blueberry and six blackberry.”

Zecora licked her lips as she looked at the twelve muffins upon her table. I chuckled softly at her actions and using my magic I passed her a blueberry muffin. “I have one question if I may. Do you by chance have a place to stay?”

I shook my head. “My home used to be Canterlot Castle. When I left, it ceased be so.”

“Lunar my trusted friend I remember whom you used to defend. But I know you have a pain deep in your heart and it yearns for her when your apart.” I knew that no matter how much I tried to hide it, it was always evident. Zecora at a young age was able to tell just how one felt simply by looking upon them. It was a gift very few possessed.

“Long has it been since you left to roam. May I offer you my home?” Her question surprised me. I had not intended on staying with any pony really.

“I appreciate the offer little one but I could not impose upon you.” She assured me that is was no trouble to her. The fact was that she enjoyed my company as she did when she was small.

When I had first met Zecora and her mother it was when I was traveling the western plains. There I had met many tribes of nomadic ponies that lived off the land but one tribe intrigued me more than the others. They were led by a solitary mare, Zecora’s mother. Like many of her kind she had stripes in the typical black and white. But nothing about her was ever black and white. She saw things in a way no pony that I have ever come across did or could. It was as though she were connected to the world.

Though I was older by far then she, I studied under her as Zecora did, which might have been the reason that the little Zebra filly and I hit it off. She would always follow me around and sometimes it got us into trouble. She would always ask me about the land in which I came from and the different kinds of ponies there.

I had looked outside and I saw that the sun was slowly beginning to set. I turned my head to look upon her face. “Are you sure I will not be imposing?”

A soft smile crossed her face before she spoke. “I will hear nothing of the kind. You are my close friend and I feel I must be inclined.” With that being said I saw that she went to worked straight away to make a bed for me.

Being the type of pony that I am I could not just let her do all the work herself so I rose from my seat and walked over, helping her gather up a large pile of hay and placing it on the one side of the room. Then we walked upon the hay and made sure that it was flat enough to lay upon. Zecora walked over to one of her many shelves and grabbed a blanket from it before opening it up. I had grabbed one end and we placed it upon the hay. The bed was not much but compared to what I was used to, it would be fine.

By the time we had finished half of the muffins, the sun was already gone from the sky and the thick blanket of night fell over us. We spoke for a time more before readying ourselves for bed, blowing out the candles and making sure everything was as it should be.

I laid there in the bed Zecora had graciously made for me and just looked up into the night sky. The stars twinkled and dance in the night sky. The moon shined down her warming glow upon any who might still be roaming about. It was a long time since I had left Equestria but as I looked to the sky I had gotten calming sense, as if the moon herself was telling me that it was happy to see me once more. “A beautiful night Luna as always.”

My sleep was far from restful however. As I slept, I felt this dark and foreboding presence just seem to come from everywhere. At first I thought it the wretches from Sunny Town but this was not something that a spell had made, this was pure darkness in its truest form. Even my dreams that night were horrifying. I woke time and again in a cold sweat as if I had been running for my very existence. But this made no sense, why would I be running? Could it be that my sub-conciseness was trying to tell me something I did not know?

The more I felt this dark force the more restless I became. Finally I had had enough and awoke. Casting a spell around Zecora’s tree home, I made sure that this feeling would not be able to penetrate the barrier that was placed.

With my sleep finally uninterrupted I laid my head back down and closed my eyes. For in the morning I would return to Ponyville.