MLP: Lunar's Return

by Lunar_Star

First published

More then a thousand years ago a brave stallion left the land of Equestria for reasons no pony knew.

More then a thousand years ago a brave stallion left the land of Equestria for reasons no pony knew of. Now after a long time away he has come back to the land he once called home. But to what end? For a dark and sinister force is at work to take over not only Equestria but the world itself.

MLP: Lunar's Return pt 1

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It was mid-afternoon by the time I had reached the Equestrian boarders. Long had it been since I had set foot on the lands of my fore-fathers but never would I ever forget it. I was deep in the northern mountain range just coming through the pass when the ground shook under my hooves. The slight tremor didn’t last long however and everything seemed to be as it was once more. “Stars above what was that? A landslide?”

I had continued my way through the mountain pass when I had seen a large pile of rocks and boulders against a cliff face. “A rock slide. Not uncommon in this area.”

As I had drawn closer to investigate the cause my right ear twitched as I heard a very faint cry for help that came from the other side of the strewn rocks. I leaned in closer to make sure I heard right and indeed I did. I had flipped off the hood of the cloak I wore. Closing my eyes I had focused my thoughts to what I was intending to do. The horn upon my head began to glow with a soft purple aura before one of the larger boulders begins to shift and lifts off from the others. Turning my head, I had moved the boulder from one place to another. I had continued the process until there was enough room I thought for the one trapped inside to get out.

Indeed I was correct in my thoughts as when the finally rock was moved, a young white mare emerged from a cave just behind the fallen rocks. “Goodness me thank you ever so much. I had gone into that cave to collect some gems for an ensemble I was making when a quake hit and those large boulders blocked the only way out.”

I looked her over once or twice; her coat was as white as new fallen snow. Her blue eyes were like that of a pool of cool water on a heated summer morning. Her purple mane was well kept and elegantly styled with a curl on the end. Her tail style even matched her mane, both shined softly in the afternoon sun. “Excuse me is there something wrong with my mane?”

I shook my head to wake myself from the daze I was in. As I had looked at her I was brought back to the thought of another white mare I knew. She was very beautiful and graceful. I had not seen her in so long and wondered if she would even remember me. But the more I thought on it the more I thought that she might hate me for what I had done. I left her without so much as a word. It was wrong of me to do so and I regretted every moment of it but I could not bring myself to return until now.

I had looked down to the mare and shook my head again before speaking. “Not at all miss your mane seems to be in a fine condition.”

She seems relieved to hear that as she smiled at me. “My name is Rarity kind sir. Might I be inclined to ask you yours?”

I had thought for a moment. Should I tell her my real name? I was not sure because I figured that if I did that word might just get back to the one pony I did not want to know of my return until I was ready. Remembering the nick name I had received back then I figured it would be best to use that then my real name. “Moon, just call me Moon.”

Luckily she would not see my wings since they were hidden under my cloak but my head and horn was still uncovered, with any luck she would think I was just any other unicorn stallion. “I seemed to be a bit lost in these mountain paths. I was wondering if you could direct me to the nearest town. I have not eaten for a few days and would greatly appreciate a good meal.”

The mare’s face lite up as she smiled to me. “We are not far from Ponyville kind Moon and I know of a well-respected restaurant in town if you would like to accompany me?”

With such an offer, only a fool would pass it up. I nodded my head to her question. It was then that she turned and walked within the cave and retrieved her saddle bag which was full of gems of different sizes and colors. “Well then, shall we?”

She turned and headed south through the mountain pass, I followed close behind her so was not to lose sight. Truthfully I knew the way out of these craggy mountain passes but in my many travels I relished in the company of others.

It did not take us long however before we started down and shallow hill to the valley that lay below. Upon reaching the grassy floor, a rush of memories washed through my mind. Back then I and that mare used to walk to many places. We would talk about many things and make each other laugh and smile. I remember clearly that she also enjoyed a good prank from time to time. My memories were cut short however by the voice of the mare I was accompanying. “Moon? Are you alright? You seem to be in some kind of daze darling.”

Again I shook my head to wake myself from my trance and smiled to her before answering. “Oh, yes miss Rarity I am quite alright just remembering things from long ago that’s all. Didn’t mean to worry you.”

I could not tell her the truth however that my memories were over a thousand years old without giving myself away. So I figured I would be a bit discreet about the length of time involved. She seemed to buy it as she nodded and continued on. Something though that I did not catch right away was her cutie mark. It was that of three diamond shaped gems that I could only conclude to be, diamonds.

As we moved through the grassy fields I had seen that the mare was slowly growing tired. The bags full of gems must have been heavier then she thought. “Miss Rarity, I can carry those bags for you if you are getting tired.”

The mare smiled and turned her head to look at me. “It’s quite alright dear, I don’t mind a bit of work besides you have done enough for me already. It would not be proper of me to depend on you for everything now would it? Also you need not call me miss Rarity, just Rarity will do.”

Without so much as a second thought I used my magic to levitate the saddle bag from her back to my own. “I insist. You are growing tired and pushing yourself too much. What kind of pony would I be if I did not offer my assistance? In any event I do not mind the weight.”

The mare smiled and nodded before again continuing to head for a town I could now see off in the distance. It was puzzling though, I did not remember that a town was ever this close. If memory served, the closest town to our current location was Canterlot. When did this town sprout up? “Excuse me miss…uh I mean Rarity. But when did the town come to be here?”

She seemed a bit confused at my question as she stopped to look at me. “I am not sure what you mean darling. Ponyville has always been here as long as I have known but I did remember hearing that it is only a few hundred years old. Why do you ask?”

I rubbed my chin with my right hoof. “I see, huh? Oh I was just curious is all. As I said it has been a while since I have set hoof here so my memory of this place is a little hazy.” Again she bought my rouse and continued to lead me forward.

It was late afternoon by the time we reached town, the houses were of moderate size, the roofs were covered in thick strands of hay and the walls seemed to be made of a kind of plaster I thought. Wood beams jet out from the walls only by maybe a few centimeters to give any pony who would look upon the structures, a rustic type feel.

As we walked through the streets I could feel eyes of the ponies we passed were on me. It was unnerving a little bit because I was trying my best to not be noticed but it seemed I was failing at it. As I looked up at the mountains ahead of us I could see Canterlot jutting off one of the sides. Canterlot Castle was the most prominent feature however. I knew who lived in that castle, there was no way that she was not there. My only question was, how long before she found out I was back?

“Well here we are.” I looked to where we were and I saw a large home that was reminiscent of a carnival carousel. “Welcome to the Carousel Boutique.”

As she spoke I felt the weight of the bag being lifted from my back and placed upon hers. “Well my dear I will be right back out once I get these gems stashed away. After that I will take you to that restaurant that we have spoken about.”

I nod my head and wait as she heads inside. As I wait, something very strange happens. A young mare with an incredibly puffy pink mane and tail just strolled up to me. I smile politely and said “Hello”. Well that was all it took because the young pink mare gasped and then took off at a speed I never thought an earth pony could reach before.

I was dumbfounded at that moment, my mind replaying back to what had just happened. In all honesty I had no idea what had happened, all I said was hello and the next thing I knew she was gone. I did my best to not think on the subject for too long as Rarity soon emerged from what I assumed must have been her place of work as well as her home.

“I’m sorry that took so long, I had to make sure that the gems were put in their proper place. Now then shall we go?” She smiled as she walked passed me.

From her home we walked back down what I believed to be one of the main streets till we gazed upon a small outdoor restaurant. We each took our seats at one of the empty tables and waited on the server to come and take our orders. “So, Moon was it? What brings you to Equestria?”

“I used to live in Canterlot some time ago before I started traveling really. I had been nearly everyplace this world had to offer and learned from some great ponies. In truth I was told that a Zebra mare lived in the area and came to find her.” Apparently the mention of a zebra caught her attention rather fast.

“Well the only zebra any pony here knows is Zecora. She lives just on the edge of Ponyville within the Everfree Forest. Though not many ponies dare to go into those cursed woods except Twilight and a few of our friends. Most of the time Zecora comes into town to pick up a few herbs and spices that she can’t get from the forest itself. Kind of eerie if you ask me but why would you be looking for her?” she asked.

Before I could answer, a waiter trotted up to our table. He didn’t say much if anything at all, just took our orders and then left. “Well I have known Zecora since she was a filly, her mother asked if I could check up on her and see how she was doing. She told me that before Zecora left she said she was headed east. The only place I knew at the time was Canterlot.”

“But now if she said east, how come I met you in the northern passes?” I should have known that such a question was coming.

“Well the fastest way out of Equestria is through those passes. Though a pony would have to be careful. Tales of unspeakable horrors such as Windigos are abound when heading too far north.” As I had said that I did my best to make it sound more frightening then it really was. In actuality there were no Windigos but she didn’t know that.

I had seen that the unicorn had recoiled a little at the mention of Windigos and it was at that moment I knew my ploy had worked. “Darling you must not joke about such things. It’s not proper.”

I could do nothing but chuckle warmly and apologize for my words. Before we could continue our discussion however, our food had arrived. The waiter nimbly set each plate he was carrying upon the table and dipped his head to us before walking away and leaving us to our meal.

We had just barely begun to eat when we were interrupted by another unicorn. This one had what I could tell a coat of lavender fur covering her body. Her mane was straight cut in the front and was a deep shade of blue with a few strands of pink and purple in the center. Her tail also had the same style and highlights to match. Her flank held her cutie mark which to me looked like a starburst with five other smaller stars to accompany it.

“Hey Rarity I thought I might find you here when I seen your shop was closed, I had come to ask you for a favor.” The lavender unicorn then turned my way. “Oh hello there.”

“Twilight dear you know you can ask me anything.” Rarity had seen Twilight notice me and thought to introduce me to her. “Twilight Sparkle I would like you to meet my friend Moon. He saved me from a nasty predicament up in the northern mountains.”

I was a bit flattered by Rarity’s words but I soon interjected. “Please I was just passing through and happen to hear you calling for help. I simply did what any pony might have done.”

“Nonsense, you needn’t be so modest. If it were not for you I might still be trapped within that cave as we speak.” I had smiled and blushed somewhat at her praise of me but I still felt that I did not need to be thought so highly of.

“Well Moon I suppose I should thank you as well for saving one of my close friends.” I nodded to the unicorn before she spoke with Rarity some more and then departed, leaving us to our meal.

After we had finished our food I thanked Rarity for a good time and reached under my cloak, pulling out a few bits and placing them upon the table. “Are you sure darling? I mean I can more than afford to pay for my own meal.”

I shook my head. “That won’t be necessary. You have shown me to this charming dinning spot and told me where I might find a friend of mine. I thank you for your generousness but I must be going.”

Without any further talk we both dipped our heads to each other and went our separate ways.

MLP: Lunar's Return pt 2

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I took my time walking through the streets of the town. In my time away much had changed. When last I was here, there was nothing but a large open field, now a town stood in its place.

Though I was a bit new to this place, many of the ponies that I had passed seemed to wave at me as if they knew me. I knew however that was not the case because none of the ponies that lived here were alive during the time of my leaving. So with that in mind, I waved back and gave a parting smile.

As I made my way through Ponyville I noticed an odd looking shop just to my left. It was a three story building and in the shape of what I could only guess was a gingerbread house topped with cupcakes. Candles stood at the very top of the highest cupcake shaped spire. Curiosity had gotten then better of me as I walked up to the front door and lightly pushed it open.

I peeked inside and to my surprise, it was a bakery. With my curiosity sated I figured I might as well get Zecora something since it had been a long time when last I saw her. I walked up to the front counter and lightly tapped the bell. When I did I got an immediate response. “Be there in just a second.”

The voice was sweet and very pleasant. As I waited I took a look around the place and saw many cakes, pies and pastries of all kinds. The smell of what I could only say was a freshly made pie wafted into my nose. The smell was so enticing I swore I felt myself staring to drool. Soon enough though a mare had emerged from a pair of swinging doors which lead to the back room. Her coat was of a light blue nearly cyan color. Her mane and tail was styled in puffy curls and reminded me of icing on a cake. “Anything dear?”

Her voice brought me back to my sense as I was looking over the spread they had laid out. “Oh yes. Um I am looking for type of pastry.”

She giggled softly at my answer. “Well just take your pick; this is a bakery after all. We have all kinds of tasty goods here.”

“Indeed.” I took my time looking around but nothing stood out. I was getting something for Zecora but I had not seen her in so long that I forgot just what it was she liked. But the type of pastry I thought didn’t matter because there was one thing I knew she would enjoy. I turned to look at the mare running the counter and asked. “What would you recommend that has blue or black berries?”

The mare thought for a moment before she had gotten an idea. “Well we have muffins, they are not very big but there are many of them.”

“Perfect I’ll take a dozen.” She nodded to my request and proceeded to gather up my order. It was then that I heard the door open and another pony stepped inside. She was a Pegasus from what I saw. Her coat was a pastel yellow and her mane was a pastel pink. Her eyes seemed to hold a sadness but the more I looked the more I realized that it was not sadness but a deep kindness.

“Oh h-hello there.” She looked at me a moment before looking away or to the floor. I was not sure it if was something I had done but I didn’t have time to say anything as the mare who was gathering my order had just finished.

“That will be 15 bits dearie.” I smiled to the Pegasus and walked up to the counter. Reaching under my cloak I pulled out my pouch and using my magic, pulled out the appropriate amount of money that was requested. Once done, I took back my pouch and placed it back under my cloak. I took the bag of muffins and bid my goodbyes, thanking the mare for her assistance.

I made my way from the bakery and towards the outskirts of the town. It was there that I saw the Everfree Forest. Stars alive I never thought I would live to see this day. The Everfree Forest got its name because it is the one part of Equestria that magic has never touched. Everything that dwells within the forest is completely free. But it also held a darker secret, a tale that I would hope nopony knew of.

Long ago there used to be a town that was built within these trees. The town in question was known as Sunny Town. There a terrible crime took place. I still remember that day as if it were yesterday.

Celestia had received word that a tragedy had happened within Sunny Town and flew off to investigate. I being her guardian at the time followed close behind with two guards. When we arrived nothing was out of the ordinary, ponies were just going about their daily life. That all changed however when we found the burnt remains of a young mare within a fireplace in one of the homes. That was all it took.

Now I had never seen Celestia angered as I did that day. Using her magic she placed a spell upon the entirety of the town. A spell that would show the ponies who lived there for the monsters they truly were. They would live forever this way with their guilt, never able to eat, never able to sleep. Only the light of the full moon would show their rotting and decayed forms.

My body shuddered at the memory of that time but I knew that they were unable to leave their town and as well the forest. Doing well to put the thought from my mind I ventured into the forest and made sure to keep my eyes out for anything that might try to make a meal of me. “Now she said that her home was just inside the forest so it should not be very far."

I had walked a good bit into the forest when my nose picked up on a peculiar smell. Following this scent I came upon a large tree that was surrounded by tribal masks and charms. I recognize many of the masks that hung on the outer walls of the tree. Smiling to myself I covered my head with my hood and walked up to the door and knocked.

It didn’t take long till a young Zebra mare opened the door and stared at me for a moment before smiling. “That hood might hide you from pony eyes but I know whom you are under that disguise.” I smiled myself as she stepped aside to allow me entry.

I walked on and she closed the door behind me. Removing my hood I took a deep sigh of relief and placed the bag of muffins on the table. “I can’t hide anything from you can I little one?”

I turned my head as she slowly approached me. I turned around and we gave each other a warm embrace. “I am sorry I did not stay in touch little one.”

She smiled as she held herself against my chest. “Mother always thought you would stay. But I clearly told her your answer would be nay.”

After the hug, I turned and removed my cloak, hanging it up by the door. Finally free of my garment, I took this time to stretch my wings before folding them back against my sides. Walking back up to the table I used my magic to remove the muffins from inside. “I was not sure which you would like better so I had gotten six blueberry and six blackberry.”

Zecora licked her lips as she looked at the twelve muffins upon her table. I chuckled softly at her actions and using my magic I passed her a blueberry muffin. “I have one question if I may. Do you by chance have a place to stay?”

I shook my head. “My home used to be Canterlot Castle. When I left, it ceased be so.”

“Lunar my trusted friend I remember whom you used to defend. But I know you have a pain deep in your heart and it yearns for her when your apart.” I knew that no matter how much I tried to hide it, it was always evident. Zecora at a young age was able to tell just how one felt simply by looking upon them. It was a gift very few possessed.

“Long has it been since you left to roam. May I offer you my home?” Her question surprised me. I had not intended on staying with any pony really.

“I appreciate the offer little one but I could not impose upon you.” She assured me that is was no trouble to her. The fact was that she enjoyed my company as she did when she was small.

When I had first met Zecora and her mother it was when I was traveling the western plains. There I had met many tribes of nomadic ponies that lived off the land but one tribe intrigued me more than the others. They were led by a solitary mare, Zecora’s mother. Like many of her kind she had stripes in the typical black and white. But nothing about her was ever black and white. She saw things in a way no pony that I have ever come across did or could. It was as though she were connected to the world.

Though I was older by far then she, I studied under her as Zecora did, which might have been the reason that the little Zebra filly and I hit it off. She would always follow me around and sometimes it got us into trouble. She would always ask me about the land in which I came from and the different kinds of ponies there.

I had looked outside and I saw that the sun was slowly beginning to set. I turned my head to look upon her face. “Are you sure I will not be imposing?”

A soft smile crossed her face before she spoke. “I will hear nothing of the kind. You are my close friend and I feel I must be inclined.” With that being said I saw that she went to worked straight away to make a bed for me.

Being the type of pony that I am I could not just let her do all the work herself so I rose from my seat and walked over, helping her gather up a large pile of hay and placing it on the one side of the room. Then we walked upon the hay and made sure that it was flat enough to lay upon. Zecora walked over to one of her many shelves and grabbed a blanket from it before opening it up. I had grabbed one end and we placed it upon the hay. The bed was not much but compared to what I was used to, it would be fine.

By the time we had finished half of the muffins, the sun was already gone from the sky and the thick blanket of night fell over us. We spoke for a time more before readying ourselves for bed, blowing out the candles and making sure everything was as it should be.

I laid there in the bed Zecora had graciously made for me and just looked up into the night sky. The stars twinkled and dance in the night sky. The moon shined down her warming glow upon any who might still be roaming about. It was a long time since I had left Equestria but as I looked to the sky I had gotten calming sense, as if the moon herself was telling me that it was happy to see me once more. “A beautiful night Luna as always.”

My sleep was far from restful however. As I slept, I felt this dark and foreboding presence just seem to come from everywhere. At first I thought it the wretches from Sunny Town but this was not something that a spell had made, this was pure darkness in its truest form. Even my dreams that night were horrifying. I woke time and again in a cold sweat as if I had been running for my very existence. But this made no sense, why would I be running? Could it be that my sub-conciseness was trying to tell me something I did not know?

The more I felt this dark force the more restless I became. Finally I had had enough and awoke. Casting a spell around Zecora’s tree home, I made sure that this feeling would not be able to penetrate the barrier that was placed.

With my sleep finally uninterrupted I laid my head back down and closed my eyes. For in the morning I would return to Ponyville.

MLP: Lunar's Return pt 3

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The early morning sun slowly rose into the sky and beams of its light shone through the trees and directly onto my face as though it were trying to wake me, which it did.

Slowly I had opened my eyes and yawned deeply. Getting to my hooves I stretched out my legs and wings and looked about the house. I had notice Zecora was still asleep so I walked over to her and kissed her cheek before grabbing my cloak and heading out the door.

The sun’s rays cut through the branches of the trees as I made my way back to Ponyville. As I was drawing closer to town I noticed a young mare dragging a large cart full of apples behind her. She didn’t seem to have much trouble with the load from what I could tell which would have made sense; earth ponies are the most robust kind of pony you would ever meet.

I watched as she pulled up to a stand on the side of the main street heading into the heart of the town and began to set up her stand. She was a slightly orange color with strikingly blonde mane and tail. Her long mane was tied at the end with a red ribbon and atop her head sat what I could only say was a cowpony hat. Her cutie mark was that of three red apples and her eyes were purest of green.

It was then that it hit me; she was one of the Apple Family. The Apple Family is known throughout all of Equestria for the delectable apples that they grow. In recent years I had only met three members of this wide spread family. At one point I worked on one of their orchards for a time. I learned how much care and dedication they put into their stock, even when it came to harvesting them.

I was about to approach her stand when from the corner of my eye I caught a light blue blur coming dead for me. I didn’t have time to react before I was basically tackled and sent hurdling into the bushy enclosure and out of sight.

When I came to my vision was a bit blurred and I had felt a draft. It was then I realized my cloak was missing and I looked around frantically for it. The sound of clopping hooves drew closer and then was joined by a second set. “Rainbow are you ok?”

“Argh yeah I think so. I don’t know what the hay happened. That trick never fails.” I heard the two voices just behind the bush which shielded me. “Hey whose cloak is this?”

“I think it belongs to that colt I slammed into. He should be around here somewhere.” Damn, damn damn I was going to be found out. As I looked for a way to hide my wings, the wind whooshed past me and I knew that they were behind me.

“Hey mister I think this clo…oh wow.” I turned fast to see that a cyan coated pegasi was floating right in front of me. Her mane and tail were wild and unkempt. They also rainbow colored. Her cutie mark was that of a cloud and a rainbow colored bolt.

“Rainbow did you find… whoa nelly.” The mare I had seen earlier peeked her head in through the bushes before stepping forward.

I sighed deeply as I was found out. “Yes that is indeed mine and no you two are not seeing things. I am as I appear.”

They both stared at me for a moment with their jaws open before the earth pony spoke. “Just who are you mister?”

“Yeah and why were you coming from the Everfree Forest?” Using my magic I had removed the cloak from the Pegasus and placed it back upon myself so that my wings were hidden once more.

“If I tell you, you must promise me that this will not go any further the three of us understood?” They both nodded. “My name is Lunar Star. My friends call me Moon. Yes I am an alicorn and no the princesses do not know I am here. I left Canterlot a very very long time ago for reasons I cannot tell you. Though I regret my choice, it was mine to make. I was coming from the forest because a very close friend of mine lives there. A zebra by the name of Zecora.”

“But wait a minute if you left, what made you come back?” The earth pony asked.

“Well miss...”

“AppleJack and the one that hit you is Rainbow Dash.” I figured it fitting that one of the apple family to have a connection to the crop they harvest.

“Well Miss AppleJack and Miss Rainbow Dash the answer is quite simple. I don’t rightly know. At first I was asked by Zecora’s mother to check up on her daughter and see how she was but the more I thought about it the more I realized that I had returned for my own reasons.”

“And those reasons are?” The Pegasus asked before she landed on the ground.

I shook my head. “I am sorry Miss Dash but I can’t tell you. By rights I should not have told you all that I have but I can see that you two can be trusted so I must ask you to please not mention this to any pony. If you must call me anything, call me Moon. Rarity and Twilight already know who I am but they don’t know what I am and I would like to keep it that way till such time as I am ready to show myself.”

They looked at me then to each other then back to me. “We promise we won’t tell any pony your secret.”

“Thank you Miss AppkeJack.” I watched as the earth pony turned around. “Come on sugarcube. I think it best we go back to what we were doing.” It rainbow mane Pegasus nodded before joining her.

“Wait a moment. I was going to ask you if there is a library in town here. There is much I do not know about this place and would like to find out more.” The two stopped before they looked at me.

“Well Twilight’s place is just down at the other end of that street there. It’s the only library in Ponyville.” I looked to the street Rainbow had pointed to and thanked them both for their help and headed down the road.

Again as before, ponies waved to me as I passed by to which I returned the gesture. As I made my way through the town I stumbled upon Rarity heading my way. I had seen that she noticed me because she walked right up to me. “Well good morning Moon, how are you this today?”

“Well I’m alive so that’s saying something but for the most part I am doing well. Yourself?” I asked with a smile.

“Well I was just coming back from the dry cleaners. I had them take out a stain on one of my favorite dresses. Which reminds me, since I am seeing you again today were you able to find a place to stay?” I nodded my head to her question.

“Zecora offered me her home till such a time as I get one of my own.” The unicorn mare smiled to me, as if she were happy that I was staying.

“So where are you headed to now?” I had told her that I was going to the library to try and see if I might catch up on any events that might have gone on with my absence. I could not tell her how back I wished to know, just that I did so.

We conversed for a time before we went our separate ways and I was on my way back to the library. It didn’t take long though as I was soon standing outside a large tree home. The tree was quite robust for its size. Three different balconies sat within its branches, with the highest most one having a telescope. It was obvious that was used as a sort of observatory. There were many windows and the door was decorated with a candle. A side stood just to the side of the door and showed the picture of a book.

I walked up to the door and gave it a bit of a knock. The door was soon opened by a baby dragon. I couldn’t believe it, a baby dragon that lived among us? I knew from experience that dragons were dangerous if approached without an offering. Most were nothing more than greedy brutes but this one was different, he didn’t snarl or bare his fangs or even breathed fire. “Can I help you?”

“Oh yes I was wondering if Miss Twilight was in?” The dragon nodded and allowed me entry before calling up a flight of stairs.

I heard the sound of clopping hooves before the unicorn descended the stairs. “Oh good morning Moon, what brings you here?”

“I was told that this was the only Library in town so I came to see if I might procure a tome from you.” I could see that I had confused the young dragon as he scratched his head.

“A tome?”

“He means a book Spike; tome is another word for book.” She looked to the dragon as she spoke then turned her gaze back to me. “Well sure we have lots of books, what kind did you have in mind?”

“I was hoping you might have a tome of Equestria’s history over the last thousand years or so. I am an avid reader and history was one of my passions.” My words seemed to spark a fire deep within the unicorn as her eyes lit up.

“I have just the thing, wait here.” With quick action she walked over to a shelf and pick a book from the highest one. She then walked back over to me and by using her magic, had it float just before me. “I have read this one so many times it’s a wonder I’m not a historian.”

I had taking the book from her using my own magic and placed it within my saddle bag under my cloak. “There is even a tale about an Alicorn stallion named Lunar Star. It’s one of my favorite parts.”

I froze as she mentioned my name. “There is even a drawing of him. He looked a lot like you but you’re a Unicorn so it might just be coincidence.”

Sweat dripped from my cheek. It was bad enough that two ponies knew who I was. I was a bit hesitant to continue the conversation until she seemed convinced that I was a unicorn. I chuckled nervously. “Yes that might be just what it is, a coincidence. At any rate I’ll return it once I am done with it. Thank you Twilight.” With that I had quickly left and headed for a park I seen on the way there.

The park was not far and I was able to find a bench in order to sit on. I reached into my bag and pulled the book from it. I opened it up and began to read. “The first ruler of Equestria was the spirit of chaos known as Discord. The ponies of that time were locked in misery till three Alicorns were able to overthrow Discord. While distracting Discord, Lunar Star and Princess Luna gave her sister Celestia enough time to form a spell to contain the spirit of chaos within a statue for all time and thus bring harmony to the land.”

I sighed deeply remembering that time, back then Discord was a menace. All he did was the land his play thing. Well we saw to his downfall once and for all. I had continued to read. “An age later the younger of the royal sisters grew resentful of her elder sibling. For although the ponies of Equestria worked and played in the bright sunlight that her sister brought. The ponies would sleep through the night that she worked so hard to make.”

“Oh Luna you should know that was not true.” Finding my place once more I continued. This resentment opened up her heart to hatred and turned her into a wicked mare of darkness b the name of Nightmare Moon. The eldest, knowing that her sister would no longer listen to reason, used the powers of the Elements of Harmony and banished her into the moon. But she did not stay there, for upon the thousandth year of the Summer Sun Celebration, she was set free.”

“Luna why did you turn your back to us?” It hurt my heart to know that Luna allowed herself to feel such a thing as hate. “Upon her return, she was soon defeated by the new bearers of the Elements of Harmony and thus returned to her true form.” Breathing a sigh of relief I continued to read.

I suppose that answers my questions I had on things for the most part. I had placed the book within my bag and left the park, walking back to the library. It was soon though that I felt a rush of wind. It was so strong that it blew my hood back up and over my head. Thinking it was nothing but the wind I continued on but the sound of hooves touching done stopped me. I looked about as ponies on either side of me bowed their heads low. It was then that I knew who it was that stood behind me. As I tried not to notice, I started to walk away but that was until another pony landed in front of me, it was Luna.

“Please, do not run. We merely wish to talk with you, I had gotten word that you were here in Ponyville and left immediately.” The voice came from behind me and I knew just who it was by the tone.

“If you wish to talk I was just heading back to the library to return a tome I had barrowed. It’s out of sight and the unicorn there knows me.” I could not see behind me and the hood was keeping most of my facial features from being seen. Luna nodded her head and the two of them followed me back to the library.

I had knocked on the door once more and it was Twilight that had answered this time. “Oh you done with the book already?”

I had stepped inside and the two royal sisters followed close behind me. Remembering the location of the book that Twilight had gotten for me I took it from my bag and using my magic, placed it back in its spot then turned to face the three of them. Twilight for the most part was trying to the princess’s attention but the both were focused on me.

“Is it true? Have you come back to us at last?” I heard the elder sister ask.

“I am not sure what you mea…” Celestia had abruptly cut me off.

“Don’t play games with us. For too long you have been gone, too long have we had no idea why you left or where you went. I had my guards scour all of Equestria looking for you till we had no choice but to give up and now after a thousand years you finally return and try to pretend as if I do not know whom you are? Lunar.” It was then that I saw Luna’s as well as Twilight’s eyes grow wide.

“Sister is thou saying that thy stallion standing before us…is Moon?” Luna looked up to her older sister with what I could only tell was desperation. Long ago Luna and I were very close, so close in fact that I had always seen her as a sister rather than my charge.

I had taken a deep breath and slowly pulled back my hood. Once my face was shown to them, Luna’s face lit up like the moon itself. “Sister, sister it is, its Moon.” The younger of the two sisters bound her way over to me and nuzzled against my chest to which I nuzzled her head. A soft squee seemed to come from the little alicorn.

“Luna please come back.” Reluctantly she did as her sister asked and returned to her side. “Why did you leave us Lunar? What possible reason could there have been to abandon your post?”

I had not made eye contact even when I heard Twilight speak. “I’m sorry for cutting in but Princess, who is this?” In her state of mind, Celestia had forgotten that Twilight was even there to begin with.

“Forgive me Twilight. This is Lunar Star; long ago he was Luna’s and my champion as well as our closest friend. But one day he had just left suddenly without any word and we have not seen him since.” Twilight was floored. The stallion she had read about in her books. Equestria’s first Knight was standing before her in her home and she didn’t even know it.

“I had my reasons Tia.” I tilted my head and still made no eye contact. I was ashamed. I had abandoned my friends, abandoned my duties and for what? My feelings for the mare that stood before me. I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s true

“What reason could there be to leave you closest friends Lunar?” Celestia’s calm demeanor was slowly disappearing as I began to dodge her questions. “Please Lunar we as your friends have the right to know.” Feeling this was a losing battle I swallowed my pride and looked into Celestia’s eyes.

“Because…” There was a lump in my throat the size of an orange I thought. I wanted to tell her, had to tell her, needed to tell her but my body and mind were stopping me from doing so. They were telling me that I shouldn’t.

“Because why Lunar? Please?” I could see the desperation her amethyst eyes. She wanted to know the truth and nothing but the truth.

“Because I’m… because I’m in love with you.” That was it, my heart had won out and as I said those words, a great burden was lifted from my shoulders. But as I said those words, every pony nearly fell over. Celestia most of all. It might not have been the reason she was looking for but it was the truth and she could see no lie in my eyes.

“Is this true? You left because of your feelings towards me?” I nodded slowly to her question.

I stepped closer this time, taking great care not to frighten her. “Ever since that day in the gardens I knew I was starting to develop feelings for you. It was nothing at first, just a slight tingle whenever we would walk together. But after a while it started to grow. It got to the point where my heart yearned for you. I could not control it, not stop it. Every time I saw you my heart would melt. It was then that I decided to leave. I felt that my feelings for you would put you and Luna at risk.”

“Lunar… why could you have not just told me?” I shook my head.

“I did not feel it was my place. You are Equestria’s princess and I just a humble knight. I feared that if I had told you how I felt that you would be weary of my ability to protect you both.” Celestia was not sure of what to say at this point, none of them were. Something like this did not happen every day. Luna then looked at her sister then to me before she spoke

“Sister perhaps it best if you were given time to think about this. The Gala is next week; maybe you should invite Sir Lunar. By then we think should be enough time to gather your thoughts in order?” Celestia looked to her younger sister and nodded.

“Perhaps you are right dear sister.” She looked over to me and slowly approached till we were face to face. “Lunar I request that you attend the Gala. We have… a lot to catch up on.” At her request I dropped to one hoof.

“As you wish your highness.” But as I said those words, she reached out a hoof to me which I took and stood before her.

Celestia looked at me for a moment before shaking her head. “No Lunar, you need not address Luna and I with such formalities. Regardless of how long you were gone we are still friends and as such friends to not need to be so formal.”

I had smiled to her request and dipped my head. “As you wish…Tia.” She smiled at me as Luna walked up beside me and lean against me. Feeling that it was pointless to hide them, I lifted up my one wing and wrapped Luna in it, again I heard a soft squee.

“Then it is settled. I will send the invitation to Twilight when we return to Canterlot.” I nodded. Celestia then did something very unlike her. She leaned against me and rubbed her neck against my own, a sign of affection. “It is good to have you back Lunar.” She smiled to me before walking towards the door.

"Hold on Tia I have but one question, how did you know I was here?" I had to know I mean I didn't tell any pony my true name so how did she find out?

"I had gotten a letter from Twilight. She said that she had met a unicorn that had just come into town. She said that he saved her friend Rarity from a nasty cave in. She also said that his name was Moon, a name that only Luna and I had given to you." She then winked at me and left.

Luna continued to rub against my side before she spoke. “Truly wonderful to have you back our dear friend.” She then followed her sister.

As the two sisters left and closed the door behind them, I fell to the floor upon my haunches. Twilight and Spike both rushed over to me to make sure I was ok. “Lunar are you ok.” I nodded. “I was hesitant to return to Equestria, but I could not run from my past forever. Better that it caught up with me now then later.” The two of them helped me back up to my hooves

“I still don’t know just who you are. I mean all that I know about you is written in these books.” She looked to the floor and as she did I gently rubbed her head.

“It was a very long time ago miss Twilight.”

MLP: Lunar's Return pt 4

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“Well I have nothing set up for the rest of the day aside from a few friends showing up…oh I almost forgot, Rainbow Dash and Rarity are supposed to come over later.” I looked about the place before back to the young unicorn. “Well I can come back another time if you wish?”

She shook her head. “No no, I have read so many stories about your bravery along with the princesses. To be honest I am a little intimidated. My brother Shining Armor wanted to be just like you.” Hearing that other wished to be like me was kind of flattering but still I smiled to her.

“Well if you wish to know, all you need do is ask.” I reached into my saddle bag and pulled out the tome I had borrowed and placed it upon the table. “Firstly the drawing looks nothing like me.”

Twilight looked at the drawing within the book then at me and giggled a little. “I think you’re right but I want to learn more about you, like where were you born? Who were your parents? When did you and the princess meet?”

I placed a hoof to her mouth to silence her. “One question at a time.” I walked over and sat before her and smiled. “To be honest I do not know where I was born nor do I know whom my real parents are. I was raised by a couple, a unicorn and Pegasus, Red Storm and Night Hawk. They found me outside their doorstep. This was a very long time ago though.”

I thought back to that time and smiled to myself. “I had met Celestia when we were young. Though I guess in our terms young means only a hundred years old. At this time Equestria was not Equestria. It was controlled by a spirit of chaos known as Discord.”

“Discord?!” I had seen her reaction, she knew of just whom I was talking about.

“Yes he once ruled this area with nothing but chaos. Celestia and Luna had seen the misery that the ponies of this land and decided to do something about it, though this was many years after we met. Back then Canterlot didn’t exist. Celestia and Luna lived within a castle in what you call the Everfree Forest. Over time I too resided within those walls.” I watched as the unicorn mare hung on to my every word. I suppose learning things first hoof from the one who was actually there would be a bit of a rush.

“There is one thing I still don’t understand, why...” I knew what she was going to ask so I stopped her before she could speak further.

“You want to know why I fell in love with Celestia?” The unicorn nodded. “It’s a fair question. I cannot say that you do not know what it means to be in love because I do not know you well enough but...” I had to gather my thoughts in order. It was a hard question to answer and I had to give it my best.

“When I first met her, I did not think much of it at first. She was a princess and I at the time was nothing but a commoner. But the more time we spent together the more I realized…” I took a deep breath. “She was captivating. Everything about her made my heart soar. Her grace, her intellect, her deep kindness. She was more than just what was on the outside. I did not see her as royalty…I saw her as a deity.” I was about to continue answering Twilight’s question but could not when her friends arrived.

“Oh Moon, we did not expect to find you here. We had heard both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were here not too long ago, what happened?” Both Rarity and Rainbow Dash walked up to Twilight and myself.

“That would be my fault. They came here because of me.” I sighed softly.

“What did you do darling? What could you have possibly done to have both of them show up?” I could see the two of them wanted answers. Only Rainbow Dash and Twilight knew of my true identity. Taking a deep breath I looked to the two of them before I spoke.

“My name is Lunar Star, first knight of Equestria and Champion of the Princesses. I am sorry for not telling you truthfully but there were certain circumstances that I could not speak of at the time.” I looked about the three of them. The only one that seemed to be dumbfounded was Rarity.

“Awesome, I mean I knew who you were but that you’re the first Knight it’s so totally cool.” Rarity and Twilight both looked at the cyan Pegasus. “What? AppleJack knows too.”

“How did the two of you find out?” I could tell that both Rarity and Twilight were a bit surprised that two of their friends had known of me before them but I think Twilight was even more so since she out of them all knew more about me.

“Well I was trying out one of my show stopping tricks when I didn’t pull up fast enough and collided with Lunar. AppleJack must have seen what happened and came over to find out how I was.” It was then I stopped her where she was.

“They both had found me and like yourself, were a bit shocked to find these.” Slowly I lift my wings from up under my cloak.

“Yup that’s about right.” It was at that moment I had felt something, like a pull. I could not describe it but it was so much that I had to follow it.

“Sorry girls but I have something to take care of. I’ll see you all later.” Without waiting for their responses I left the library and walked through town, following whatever it was that seemed to be calling me.

I made my to the outskirts of town and looked where it had been leading me. “The Everfree Forest. Why am I not surprised.”

Taking a deep breath I went in. No pony knew where I was headed and to be blunt, neither did I. But on I went, well past Zecora’s home. As I ventured deeper into the forest it seemed to be getting darker yet I knew that it was only early that afternoon. It was then that I began to get this eerie feeling running up my spine and then I knew. I was close to Sunny Town. If they saw me I know that they would remember me so to not take any chances of running into any of them I took flight.

Flying high above the trees was by far the easiest way of doing things. I could see a faint light in the distance and knew just by looking at how the glow was that that was Sunny Town. Luckily for me the force I felt that drew me was not coming from there. So I turned slightly right and headed further into the forest.

It was another ten minutes before I had landed just outside of a large dilapidated structure. The more I looked over the crumbling walls and shattered glass windows the more I realized just where I was. Memories of a time long gone came flooding back to me and I pushed open the only set of doors still standing. As I walked into the room, a visage of an age gone by came back to me. I could see the staircase that Celestia, myself and a filly Luna used to play on.

“Watch this Tia.” I watched as the younger me hoped up upon the railing and rode it all the way down to the bottom. I had done a back flip off it and landed on my hooves.

“Lunar are you nuts? You could have been hurt or worse.What would mother and father say if they saw that?” Luna all the while giggled and clopped her hooves.

“Luna liked it. Sheesh Tia your such a party pooper. Besides Solaris and Evening Star are not here, they went south to take care of some duties.” I was colt through and through. Not thinking about my own safety just wanting to have fun.

“Still mother and father asked that I watch you till they get back.” I watched as the younger me scoffed at her words.

“I’m not a baby Tia and you are only older then me by what, a century? I can take care of myself. Besides just you watch one day i am going to be a brave warrior. I will protect all the world.” I shook my head at that boast. To think how right I was then.

A sound of falling rocks snapped me out of my flashback and I turned around fast to see what had caused it. Seeing nothing I looked back around me to see if I was alone. As I did, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. It was a bluish black mist that seemed to stay to one corner of the room. I couldn’t tell what it was until I saw it slowly move out into the open.

The mist had moved from its hiding spot out to the middle of the room I was in. It stayed there for a time before I caught something seem to form within it, a single cerulean eye. It was slit much like that of a feline. I lowered my head and flared my wings, the tip of my horn started to glow. “What are you monster?”

A voice softly echoed through the room. “Monster? I thought you most of all would know the princess of the night.” Slowly before my eyes a pony rose from the mist. Her form was nearly transparent but one could still make out her features. Her coat was a midnight black, her wings were well defined. She stood about Tia’s height. Upon her head she wore a blue helmet and neck guard. Her mane and tail were the mist itself and seemed to twinkle like she had stars in her mane. Upon her flank I saw a very familiar cutie mark.

“Nightmare Moon.”

The mare chuckled softly. “I was, once but the powers of the Elements of Harmony unfortunately defeated me and thus removing me from Luna. It is also that power that has kept me imprisoned here.” The mare then sat where she was.

“If it were me I would have made sure you never return. I read about what you did. Trying to create eternal night. Did you ever think of the consequences? Plants need sunlight to live, without the warmth the sun brings the world would slowly freeze and ponies would die.” The mare seemed to take what I said to heart.

She then lashed back at me. “Do you think I wanted it to be so? All i wanted was a little acknowledgment for my work. I spent hours making sure that the stars in each constellation were just right, made sure that the moon shone just so. I poured my heart into those nights and not one pony thanked me. What did they do? They slept thought it without giving it another thought.”

I could see the frustration in her eyes, the pain and the feeling of rejection. She looked down and shook softly before a few tears dropped from her eyes. Seeing all this I did start to feel sorry for her. She was not a monster, not evil. She just felt that the ponies didn’t appreciate her.

I made my way to her and stood before her for a moment before lightly draping my wing over her. I heard he gasp softly as she looked up to me. Smiling softly I nuzzled her cheek. I could tell that she didn’t know what to do but I did.

“I am sorry Luna. I know how that must have felt but you are better then that.” Her eyes grew wide at the name I had called her. It’s true thought they were not one anymore, Nightmare Moon was indeed a part of Luna, the little Alicorn I had always seen as a sister.

The cerulean cat eyed mare looked up to me before burying her head into my chest and sobbed. I then gently wrapped my wings around her in hopes to comfort her. “It was you who called to me. You who needed me.”

The black mare looked up to me with her teary eyes. “I may not be apart of Luna anymore but I still have her memories, her feelings. I knew if I called Celestia she would do away with me. So I reached out to you, my brother. I would hope that you would see things differently.”

I nodded to her and stayed close to her. “Lunar I want you to take me from this place.”

“I am not sure how. I mean if the Elements are what keeps you here, How can I free you from their grip?” My question was soon answered as the black mare kissed me deeply. The initial shock took me by surprise but was even more odd was that she slowly began to fade away until nothing was left.

Looking around I could not see her. It was then that her voice rung out in my head. “Do not fear Lunar for I am with you. I have given myself to you and thus what was left of my powers. This is the only way that I can leave this place once and for all. Please dear brother, help me.”

Placing a hoof to my chest I look to the door in which I had come from and walked over to it. I took one more look at the decrepid castle that lay around me and the memories of this place now fresh in my mind. I turned and walked away.