• Published 26th Apr 2012
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The Seeds of Chaos - Lythe

Twi x Discord... Clopfic, I suppose?

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I like this Edit.

I'm glad you do :D

Is this story ever gonna get continued? If not then... this video:

Please continue. I love this story, very well written.

Absolutely terrific!

Sorry, I'm just a sucker for discolight/twicord- and, really, I'm only half coherent atm. But, my state aside, I'd say this was a great story..!

Besides the fact that it's not finished, but maybe that's just because there isn't enough TwixDiscord to go around to satisfy me.

Anyway, you have my opinion, for whatever it may count.

“Twilight, are you familiar with the phrase ‘drunk actions are sober thoughts’ ?” Discord inquired. “If you aren't, it poses the idea that drunk actions are things sober versions want to do, but don't act on.”

I’m using that from now on.

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