• Published 18th Apr 2012
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Remix - Ghost Cobbraaa

Vinyl Scratch falls for a musical pony. Now she has to protect the one she loves from the Mafia

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Chapter 9

The low and mellow note emanating from the instrument was enough to make Vinyl's heart stop.

Here she was, listening to the most beautiful pony in all of Equestria perform in front of a giant crowd. Her purple eyes hung low as she played another slightly higher pitched note. Vinyl felt a lump form in her throat as her heart began to pound harder. The sound from the instrument changed into a series of shorter notes, all woven perfectly together. It was as if each note was a word in a language that all could somehow understand, yet only few can speak. The language of music.

Octavia's eyes settled on Vinyl. The two held a conversation right there, without a single word spoken, or a single topic to be discussed. The heart of the white earth pony felt as if it were perfectly in sync with the tune of the music, beating with every change of note and pounding against her chest.

Octavia played Moz Art's thirteenth serenade, the same song that Vinyl had said was her favorite classical song. There were thousands of ponies sitting and enjoying the music of Octavia, yet Vinyl knew, she only played for one pony there at that moment in time. Time just seemed like a word to Vinyl as she listened to the soothing melody dance in her ears. She could feel herself vibrate from her back hooves to her ears with every changing note.

With locked eyes, the two ponies were suddenly the only ones in the room. Everything else was blocked out in Vinyl's mind.

"Sorry, I'm back. Had to make a phone call." The voice of Chuck broke the feeling. Vinyl felt like yelling at him for interrupting, but she lacked the motivation. Nothing would be accomplished by starting something. So she just cast him an angry glare.


Rainbow Dash couldn't keep her mind off of Applejack. It's funny how hate and love can mingle together. A deep burning hate for the orange pony was starting to develop because of her ignorance in how she is contributing to all this nonsensical death. Yet, Rainbow Dash still wanted nothing more than for the graceful mare to wrap her hooves around her neck in a tight embrace and tell her that it's going to be all right. Why was it so hard for Dash to figure out if she loved or hated her? She was part of the cancer destroying the lives of the innocent, but she didn't seem to realize it. So it's alright because she doesn't realize it? What if she does see it, but she doesn't care? Then she would be a psychopath, and Rainbow Dash couldn't bear the thought of seeing the pony she loved in a light like that. Applejack really did love her. Didn't she? What if it was all just one big lie?

"Fuck it all!" she shouted to no one in particular. Right there, in the midst of the Everfree forest, she dropped to the ground. The assignment, Applejack, catching the fillies with the drugs, her job, all of it seemed pointless. It all felt like one big board game that she could never win, a game where she just went in circles and collected two hundred bits upon passing 'Go', only to realize that the money is just game money and couldn't be used on anything. The game of life.

It's a fun game really, with lots of twists and turns. But it was hard to enjoy knowing that you're cheating and knocking other players out of the game without a chance. And even harder to know that the one you love will soon control the game and then let you cheat. Just because you're so special for cuddling up with her.

Rainbow dash felt her torso knot up. She just felt like laying in that grass forever. She didn't want to ever see Applejack again. Yet she needed to see her again.


The cyan pegasus' head shot up at this voice, and she quickly found its source. It was a magenta colored unicorn stallion with a white bandana covering his mouth, a pair of sunglasses, and a matted and filthy green and black mane. He held a rifle, bolt action H&C .177, aimed directly at Rainbow Dash.

The pony with the rainbow mane simply dropped her head back to the ground in disinterest.

"Wanna shoot?" She stared out into the endless vista of trees. "Go ahead. Free me."

"Uhhm, free you?"

"Yeah... free me." She wasn't really talking to the assaulter; more like she was just speaking what she was thinking.

"You armed?"

"There's a gun in my saddlebag. Can't reach it from here, though. I don't feel like seeing anyone die today, anyway."

"Well, aren't you Rainbow Dash?"

"I don't really know anymore. But that seems to be what ponies call me."

"Uhm, why aren't you trying to, like, kill me or something. Or at least panic! I have a gun, ya know. And it's loaded. You should be scared."

"No," She brought in fresh air in a deep inhale, and released it, "I'm not afraid of death. I bring it to so many others that it's only fair to share their fate."

The magenta unicorn lowered his gun. It was impossible to see his facial expression; however, his voice betrayed confusion and interest mingled together.

"You're suppose to be out here looking for guns, right? Well, you're gonna lead me to them."

"Why? So that you can use them to kill more ponies? Go right ahead. Everyone just seems to want to see Equestria burn. I can't stop it, so I might as well just make it go by quickly." The pegasus closed her eyes for a few seconds before getting up and sauntering over to her saddle and pulled out a crunched piece of paper. She threw it it at the magenta unicorn befor swaying back to her resting aria and laying on the blush grass.

"Actually, I want them to stop the killing. You're tired, aren't you? Tired of all the madness?" Rainbow Dash plucked her head up as soon as the words left the stallion's lips. It was as if he had read her mind.

"Yeah... I am. How'd ya guess?"

"Because you're not the only one." The magenta pony placed his rifle on the ground and sat down.

"And you're trying to say that you and your colts are trying to stop it all?"

"That's the plan in a nutshell. No more killing, no more drugs, no more corruption. That sort of thing. You sound interested. Wanna hear more?"

"Who do you work for? And how did you know what I was out here for?" Rainbow Dash sent a challenging gaze to the stallion.


"That was fantastic!" Vinyl threw her hooves around Octavia's neck in excited glee.

"Thank you. It was Moz Art's-"

"Thirteenth serenade, I know! Did... did you play that for me?" She didn't want to assume anything. It would look rude and arrogant for her to just assume things are about her.

"Uh, yeah I did. They wanted me to play one of my original works, but I remembered how you said that that was your favorite." Octavia gave a smile toward Vinyl as the group of four boarded a cab.

"Thank you. But really, I woulda been down with something you made yourself." She dipped her head to the side and scanned out the window. She stared at the rain as the droplets smashed against the pavement. Her gaze swept to the side and she found herself staring into light purple eyes. her lips curled at the ends in reflection as Octavia smiled at her. They held that gaze in each others' eyes for the longest moment.

"I can't wait to hear the remix."

Oh crap! Vinyl had completely forgot about that.

"Maybe you should be there with me."

"Oh?" Octavia cocked an eyebrow.

"It wouldn't be fair if I went along and changed somepony's song without their approval, now would it?"

"I suppose you're right."

Octavia yawned before closing her eyes and laying her soft head against Vinyl's shoulder. The white unicorn placed her left hoof around Octavia and allowed the beautiful silver mare to just lay there. She looked over and saw that the two boys were chatting about politics.

It was funny how Chuck and Braeburn hit it off so well. Chuck could be real friendly when he wanted to be. Braeburn was simply friendly to everypony.

A white hoof brushed the hair away from Octavia's eyes as she cuddled up to Vinyl. She bent over and placed a kiss on Octavia head. The smile she got in return made it feel as if her heart rose from her chest and into her throat. She held the classical musician closer and tighter.