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Ponies and Robots Wars - Wave Blaster

It's ponies with giant robots, do you really need more descriptions?

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The sketchbook (warning, it may contain spoilers)

Author's Note:

Again, this is not a fanfic, only the skeleton of what could have been a fanfic. Think of each paragraph as a chapter.

Anyways, enjoy it as you can. I highly recommend hearing JAM Project while reading this. Gong, Crests of Z's, Victory or Skill in that order of preferences.

It all stars with Twilight stargazing in her library (this is post Crystal Empire but pre everything else) when she sees a strange disturbance in Mars but she simply ignores it, thinking that it's just volcanic activity (just like in War of the Worlds). In Mars, Galvatron and Dr. Hell with their respective armies. At first they battle but they are too balanced for any side to win. A mysterious voice sound inside their heads, claiming to be responsible of them being there and orders them to stop fighting and go conquer earth/equus. At first Hell isn't convinced and threatens to destroy whoever the voice is but Galvatron recognizes it as Unicron's voice and quickly explains who he is to the other. One exposition later and nobody wants to argue with something bigger than Jupiter.

One year later. War. The attack began in Canterlot, where Cyclonus and Baron Ashura almost destroyed the capital city if not for the Elements of Harmony. since then, the attacks had been more and more frequent, making the Elements useless against multiple fronts. But Celestia and Luna had a plan. to fight fire with fire. The first mecha unit was the Gundam RX-78-2, piloted by Shining Armor. It was effective enough to prove that they weren't defenseless against this new enemy. Then, the mass production mobile suits units were created (the Leos from Gundam Wing).

The Princess then created the first magi-tech hybrid, the White Tigerzord. It was supposed to be Celestia's personal mecha but she ends wounded during an attack on Manehattan, so Twilight is forced to drive the zord against a Garada/Doublas couple. At first she's terrible at doing it, crashing the zord against buildings and receiving a hellish beat down from the mechanical beasts. But, through the communicator, her friends tell her that they believe in her and that gives her the will to fight. This triggers an outburst of magic that re-energizes the Tigerzord, enabling the Warrior Mode and ending the fight in a curb stomp battle.

Months latter and Celestia started three new Gundam models based on heavy weaponry, melee attack and sky warfare. The mane six are in Canterlot to see these new models during a test in order to help Twilight in battles but the test is interrupted when they receive an emergency call from Ponyville. Cyclonus is leading a Sweeps squadron to take over the town in retaliation for Twilight defeating him in the past. The Tigerzord arrives but is not enough as the Sweeps are basically a sea of enemies and the closest mobile suit's station is also being attacked. With no time and thinking in their sisters being in danger, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity jump inside the new Gundams piloting them to Ponyville. Rainbow has the Wing Gundam and promptly engages herself in a one-on-one battle with Cyclonus. Rarity picked the Deathscythe Gundam and uses its stealth system to break the enemy lines while Applejack in the Heavyarms Gundam finish them off.

With the new additions to the Equestrian Army, they're finally driving the invaders away from their land and forcing them to stay in their base at the moon. Is there where Galvatron proposes a joint attack on Equestria in one single avalanche of monsters and soldiers. Dr. Hell agrees, bringing also the Hell's King (his personal mechanical beast). At first the attack is terrifyingly effective since the combined force of hundreds of Sweeps and mechanical beasts alongside the Hell's King destructive power. The mass production mobile suits are promptly curb stomped, leaving only the Tigerzord and the Gundams alongside Shining Armor in the Tallgeese holding a last stand in Canterlot but in the last moment one of the Sweeps stars attacking its allies.

Galvatron reveals his master plan. His mind was always a conflict between the servile program installed by Unicron and his original Megatron personality, driving him insane. But since the interdimentional transportation, the program was destroyed and Megatron took over again, so he awaited for a good moment to strike (Unicron's voice was a fake pulled by him). Now that one enemy is no more, the Sweeps reveal themselves as the original Decepticons trapped inside the Sweep programming but Megatron managed to hack those and freed his old armada. With the Sweep programming out of the way they are way more effective as a force and proceed to ravage Hell's army as Soundwave hacks Hell's King, forcing Dr. Hell to surrender.

All seems lost for the ponies but out of nowhere a group of giant metal animals attack the Decepticons. They are the Wild Zords (falcon, deer, giraffe, rhino and armadillo), the ancient animal spirits from the Everfree Forest. Fluttershy reveals that she has been hearing their call since months now, only she refused to join the fight because she truly believes that peace is still a way. But seeing Megatron betraying his own ally is enough to prove her that he's beyond any possibility of making peace. So now it's nature's turn to fight back. She is transported inside the falcon and uses it to form the Isis Megazord. The Decepticons retreat but now the enemy will be more organized under one single leader. The heroes can only wait for the next attack.

The attack comes in the form of the rebuilt Decepticons, now showing individual designs (G1) instead of the Sweep standard. Now with their old weapons they are also more versatile. Point made when Starscream alone is enough to defeat the Tallgeese and the Tigerzord as Blitzwing does the same with the Isis Megazord and the Heavyarms. Only Rainbow Dash in the Wing Gundam and Rarity in the Deathscythe are able to avoid this against Thundercracker but then Devastator shows up. Back in Canterlot, Celestia receives a 'code Z' message. Nopony understand but she orders to launch the 'Z model'. Celestia reveals that all of the mechas they have been using (sans the Wild Zords) were reverse engineered from something they found hidden under Fillydelphia years ago. Something they never thought would move again. In the distance is coming a small red hovercraft, followed by three jet like machines and a red mechanical dragon.

"Launch the Mazinger Z." Orders the Princess.

The Palace Garden to reveal a secret hangar from where a black and white mecha emerges. Pinkie Pie's voice shouts
"PILDER ON!" The red hovercraft docks on the Mazinger Z's head, its eyes glows as it raises both arms. The metal god-devil is awake.
"MAZIN GO!" The Mazinger runs to attack Devastator. The Rust Huricane combined with the Breast Fire slow him down enough for a pair of Rocket Punches to knock the colossal robot out. The robot dragon goes for Starscream, transforming at Spike's command.
"Red Dragonzord, Warrior Mode!" He can't defeat Starscream and Thundercracker alone, but with the Talllgeees and the Tigerzord back online, the Sparkle siblings overpower the Decepticons. Blitzwing is battling the three jet machines and actually winning till Apple Bloom says they can fight back. Sweetie Belle shouts
"Change Getter Two!" attacking Blitzwing with the Getter 2's drill at breakneck speed "Open Get!"
"Change Getter Three!" Apple Bloom uses the Getter 3's extending arms to trow Blitzwing to the air. "Open Get!"
"Change Getter One!" Scootaloo finish the fight with a single hit of the Getter 1's tomahawk. Badly beaten and overpowered the Decepticons are forced to escape.

Pinkie explains that the Mazinger Z is actually her Granny Pie's creation but she never finished it so it remained hidden in Granny's secret lab where Celestia found it. When the war began, and old friend of Granny took the responsibility to finish the Pie's creation by building the Hover Pilder and sending it to Pinkie. She's also created the Getter Machines, inspired on the Mazinger but modified to have different modes and was on the Tigerzord development team, designing her own version 'just in case'. Everypony ask who is this mysterious pony. It's revealed to be Black Smith Apple a.k.a. Granny Smith. Twilight, Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash confront her for putting the CMC's and Spike on the line of fire but she calmly shows them what could have happened if she didn't. It results that the four of them were building their own robot (the Boss Borot) and were just about to use it in combat when she caught them. Granny reasoned that they would have went anyways so instead of letting them in a scrap metal clunker she gave them the safest seats she could provide. The discussion is interrupted by Spike and the CMC stating that it doesn't matter if they have the most advanced pieces of technology or just scrap metal, there's no way in tartarus they will stay away while their very own home is being attacked.

On the Decepticon fortress on the moon. Shockwave and Dr. Hell are working together in a way to counter these new 'super robots' that are the Mazinger and the Getter (one knocked out a combiner and the other a triple changer, both being the most advanced Decepticons weapons). In a quick hit a run battle, Shockwave scanned the Mazinger and now they are developing two different models. A simpler one for mass production and an upgraded version to overpower their enemies. Dr. Hell proposes to use a pony pilot for the improved version, so it would respond in similar ways to the pilot inside the new model, making it more effective and he has the perfect candidate for that. Megatron is growing impatient, these ponies had the nerve of confronting him. HIM!

Back on Equestria, Waspinator lands as a messenger with a peace proposal. They will send their best warrior, if the Mane Six and only the Mane Six cand defeat said warrior, the Decepticons will abandon Equus forever. At first they are reluctant, there's no way to say that Megatron would respect his word. Even if he did it, they knew nothing about this ultimate warrior. But Rainbow and Applejack don't want to cover at a chalenge and convice the rest of the six to agree too. The send they response. "Tomorrow, sunrise."

The next day, Megatron escolted by Starscream and Soundwave, arrives at Canterlot. At first they think that he's the mysterious Decepticon warrior but he tells them that he only wnat to witness how Equestria falls in front of him. Rainbow loses her cool and attacks Megatron but she's stopped by a spinning rocket punch. The Six look in disbelief at the rocket punch that looks almost identical to the Mazinger's one and follow it to its owner. Megatron's secret weapon is an upgraded version of the Mazinger. "Well, well, well." Its pilot says. "It seems we got some neigh sayers in the audience. Don't act so surprised, who else is great and powerful enough to command the Great Mazinger?" Before anypony can respond, Trixie shouts.
"Great Typhoon!" A storm comes from the Great Mazinger's mouth that sends the six mechas to fly. "Scrander Dash!" She chases them in midair and delivers a devastating Breast Burn attack, but the Isis Megazord takes the full blast and gets heavily damaged. The next ones are the Gundams. "Mazin Blades!" With the dual swords, Trixie overpowers the Wing Gundam, Pinkie tries to save Rainbow by shotting everything she has on the Great Mazinger but to her surprise, Trixie's mecha is invulnerable to the Mazinger Z's attacks. After disposing of the rest, the only mecha standing is the White Tigerzord. Celestia launch the armor prototypes for the zord (the other Thunderzords) assembling the Mega Tigerzord leaving the battle equal on both sides.

At first it seems that both robots will destroy each other in an EPIC! fight. Instead they stare at each other as Twilight ask why. Trixie tells her how bad her life wnet after the Ursa Minor incident. How she not only lost everything but also how her reputation prevented her from getting back on her hooves. She comes to the crying point when she tells her about one town where the ponies not only chased her but they also hit her to a bloody pulp, leaving her only when they thought she was dead. It's at this point when Dr. Hell finds her and takes care of her. She explains that she's not a vengeful pony, that this is only her way of thanking Hell for basically saving her life and that proving herself better than Twilight is just an added bonus. With no more to say, she attacks the Mega Tigerzord

Twilight is able to defend herself. She doesn't want to fight, feeling responsible for what happened to Trixie and trying to convince her to stop fighting too. Trixie tells her that it doesn't matters now, and if she really cared she could have offered her help when she saw how the Ursa destroyed her home in front of her while her friends only watched. The Great Mazinger's attacks becomes more and more savage till she delivers a Thunder Break that ultimately deactivates the Thunderzords, leaving only the Tigerzord to her mercy. But from behind, the Wing Gundam grabs the Mazinger's neck. Rainbow and the others are back on the fight. Each one of the grabs the Great Mazinger (Isis Megazord and Deathscythe the arms, Mazinger Z and Heavyarms the legs). They hold it still for Twilight to give the final blow. But Megatron interrupts the fight by shooting at them. The seven mechas are down and the three Decepticons attack again with only the Tallgeese, Getter and Red Dragonzord to fight them. At first it seems like a stalemate, but then Dr. Hell arrives with an army of mass production Energer Z

The attack is terrifying. The mass produced Energers have no problem in defeating Shining Armor, Spike and the CMC's. Luna tries to join the fight in the new Torozord model but doesn't do too much against a whole army. In he meantime, Trixie calls for help since the Great Mazinger is heavily damaged but Dr. Hell replies that she already served to her purpose so he doesn't need her anymore. She asks him ho he can just leave her when months ago he saved her life. Hell replies that the ponies that almost killed her where actually very convincing robots that he built. He needed a native specimen to study and she never anything else but that to him. The rage and pain trigger a magical surge in Trixie, energizing the Great Mazinger just as Twilight did with the Tigerzord the first time. Unleashing the full power of the Great Mazinger, Trixie devastates the Energer units and even saves the CMC inside the Getter. She confronts the Dr. Hell and fights the Hell's King. The resulting battle only ends with Trixie forcing the Great Mazinger to its limit and overcharging a Thunder Break powerful enough to tear apart the the Hell's King.

Trixie feels all the remorse in the world for believing in Dr. Hell and betraying her very own home. She surrender herself to Celestia's mercy. The Princess lets her go, stating that she's innocent and that she could help to win the war but Trixie gives up the Great Mazinger to Celestia and decides to walk the earth, looking for redemption somewhere else. Celestia gives her a parting gift, a wooden box with the instructions of only opening it when she decides to come back. The Gundams are upgraded to the Custom Models and the Jet Scrander is built for he Mazinger Z to fly. In the moon, Megatron decides that enough is enough and decides to trow a final assault on Equestri with every Decepticon under his command as also with every mechanical beast left after Dr. Hell's death.

Without even a warning, the assault begins. Simultaneously on evey mayor city and town in Equestria, it forces the mecha pilots to go in different directions each one. Trixie sees this and decides she can't just walk away and hide. She runs back at Canterlot when she remembers the box from Celestia. Inside it is a teleportation device, she activates it and is transported inside the Brain Condor's cabin. The Grat Mazinger is launched as she flies the Condor to the launch site.

"PILDER ON! SCRANDER DASH!" And she flies to aid in the final battle.

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