• Published 8th Nov 2011
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Where the Earth meets the Sky - Pecan Pallet

A forbidden love story of an Earth pony who fell in love with a Pegasus

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ch.1 Where to start...

(note: thanks for reading this, this is my first brony story, so i hope you like it. ^*^)

Ch.1, Where to start…

I stood still in the blank, white room, trying to find something to pass the time. I glance around, but there is nothing. I lift a hoof, trying to feel something, but there was nothing. I stomp my hoofs, but there was nothing. I was alone in this empty space and no one will enter this space of mine. With a final sigh, i give up. I start to lean back, letting gravity do its work. As i left the world of the blank canvas, i return to reality. The floor of my room greets my body with a thud, sending a small jolt of force through my body. I stare up at the ceiling, racking my brain for an idea. Being an artist, I get desires to make something remarkable. Problem was that it--

You were interrupted by a sudden splash of hot tea, the liquid running through your fur and striking your skin with a sharp sting. You yelp, throwing yourself on to the grass. You were completely off guard, your thoughts preoccupied as you were writing down something on paper. The liquid shook your senses, a pain you never felt before. You curse to yourself as the hot water burned right through your skin and onto the nerves that shook your brain. Man that stung.

“Oh, my goodness, I-I’m sorry.” Fluttershy said, the culprit of the accident. You feel the picnic blanket fall on top of you, the blanket filtering the light, giving a red and white pattern on your body. A pony began to pat you down through the blanket, giving you an awkward feeling as they got around your belly and neck. But because the blanket was soaking up the burning liquid so quickly, you didn’t mind. As the Painful experience began to die away, you push off the blanket. The sun blazed down on you, adding to your pre-heated skin. You shook your head, clearing your mind. With a huff, you sit up, trying to make sense of things.

“I am really, sorry. I, umm... it-It just slipped…” Fluttershy said, her pink hair covering an eye as she flew above you. Fluttershy was a Pegasus, her yellow coat shining as she flapped her feathered wings. She was holding a small tea pot, its lid missing. You looked up at her, smiling nicely in spite the great deal of pain she caused.

“It’s ok, Fluttershy.” you said, making her blush a little. Fluttershy was a kind pony, the kindest one you knew. She had a talent with animal, wild or domestic, she loved helping them and making them feels safe and relaxed. Even though she was the most lovable pony here, she was also the most shyest. Her cutie mark was three pink butterflys, her symbol of kindness.

“Well, you’re welcome.” A pony said. You appointing your attention to the pony addressing you “I’m pretty sure you wanted your skin.” It was Pecan Pallet, an Earth pony like yourself. His coat was white, a few faint color stains marking his hoofs. He had a plain black mane and tail, contrasting with his coat. Other than his cutie mark, the only colorful feature was his hazel brown eyes. Pallet reached for the picnic blanket, rolling it up and tossing it to an empty basket. Pallet was one of the few male friends you had, not really being the outgoing or guy-ish type.

“Oh, ya Thanks, Pallet.” You said, making him smile. “Its fine, I get my fair share of burns, too.” Pallet said, being a big fan of tea, Jasmine being his favorite. Pallet was an artist, his skills excelling at pencil drawings. He has been trying to improve on his painting skills lately and he seems to be getting better and better. pallet was your roommate, leting you live in the same house. he came to ponnyville before me, so he know more than you about the place. His cutie mark was a Painting pallet, with red, blue and yellow paintdrops on it.

“Are you ok? Sounded like it hurt.” You glanced over to twilight, who was too busy with her book to pay attention. Twilight was the smart one in her group of friends, Pecan and Fluttershy being part of them. She really loved books and learning new thing. She loved her friends, but it feels like she loves her books more. When Twilight becomes famous for her smarts, you hope she remembers you. her flank had a picture of purple sparkles, showing that she excelled at magic

“Oh, we are fine; a pony almost burned his face off, that’s all.” Pallet said, twilight not catching it. The four of you have been working hard yesterday, finishing up with this year’s winter rap-up. You were spending the day rewinding and relaxing in the brand new spring air. Even though some of Twilight’s other friends couldn’t come, you didn’t mind, most of them would be bored, wanting to do some sort of activity. Palled picked the spot of relaxation, a small hill near the “Welcome to Ponyville!” sign. The grass was softest here, almost like your bed at home. The hill also had a spectacular view of Ponyville; you could literally see every pony’s house from here. Ponyville was such a nice place; you were glad Pallet told you about this place. Manehatton is completely different than this loveable town. You begin to remember the time when you and pallet ran from the police back in Manehatton, the sounds of sirens and flashing blue and red lights still vibrant in your skull. A small gust of wind pushes your mane to the side. You look over to fluttershy, who pretended not to get your attention.

“I am terribly sorry about what happened.” Fluttershy apologized again, fluttering down next to you. “Fluttershy, it’s ok,” you say, “really…I’m fine.” Her deep blue eyes looking worried. Ok, maybe it still stings, but it’s really ok.

“so… it’s ok that…your paper got all wet?” Fluttershy muttered under her breath. Paper?... Oh, Shoot! You pull your head over to the wet parchment, drained in hot tea. By now, the ink was blurry like fog and drippy as drool. You sigh, as it was too late to save the story. With a big huff, you let your body go limp, the grass pillowing your head.

“Ya…It’s fine.” You say to her, trying to scrape up a piece of it in your mind. - In the blank, white room, trying to find…something…- you lost it. It may look easy, but writing is hard. You have been writing ever since you lived in Manehatton, it was your way to cope with the stress and mayhem of the day-to-day ordeals. When you first started to put ink on paper, it was a simple journal that recapped the pressures you faced that day. As time moved on, you wrote out things you wished and things you hoped for in the small journal. You began writing about a life you always wanted, a place that had people who loved you and felt safe with. It soon became a routine to write about the life so far away, growing closer and closer as you reached for that peaceful place. Even though you hated Manehatton, you had to be grateful that it helped you bloom into something better. Even with the experience you carried from Manehatton, you still where a novice with words. Like you said before, it’s hard to do writing. Unlike Pecan’s artistic push, where it can stick to you for days, inspiration sucker punches writers, fleeing before they get the chance to rebound. You tell yourself to remember to get a new notebook, in case something like this happened. Like lightning they came, like lightning they vanish……that’s a good line. You need to remember that.

As you tried to embed the sentence into your brain, you shuffled around, adjusting yourself for a more comfortable spot. When you found a perfect spot to lie, you closed your eyes, leaving you and your mind to deal with. You can be a very solitary pony, not speaking much and keeping to yourself half the time. Back in Manehatton, you had to be cautious, trusting few or none at all. It was also good to have a silent mouth, keeping you out of minimal trouble. You didn’t mind being quiet, it kept you safe as you watched the world unfold in front of you. Now that you were in Ponyville, it was difficult for you to adjust. These thoughts of Manehatton started to sicken you. You filter out your thoughts of Manehatton, trying to think of something other than that place. You cycled through some ponies you know, getting you mind off track.

Fluttershy, sweet and kind. Pallet, Artistic and creative. Twilight, the book worm. Rarity, the beautiful one. Apple, the hardworking one. Rainbow, the fast one. Pinkie, the abnormal one. Dizzy, the not so bright one…Trixie, that stupid little… and then there was you, the quiet observer. You noticed the warmth from the sun starting to fade. Opening an eye, you glaze up at the far and distant cloud that slid in front of the sun. The clouds… they always looked so soft. With that you begin to wonder what clouds really feel like. Did they feel like fields of cotton balls? Where they like fluffy bouncy houses, or like soft rows of cloth, perfect to nestle in? Pegasus ponies can live in clouds, so they must be pretty cool.

You close your eyes, letting your mind drift away, like a Care free cloud. The wind sweeping you away to places you never been before. Everything looked so small from a cloud’s perspective. Ponies looked like little seeds, the earth having the appearance of stitched blankets. Time was meaningless from up here, tumbling away like the winds that carried you here. You had no real mind to think with, only knowing how cottony and stress-free you were. You admired your feathery fluff, so graceful and bright. The Peaceful bliss engulfed your mind and body. Without you knowing, you crash into another drifting Cloud, your mass growing. You try to shake free, but another hits you, then another and another. It was too late; your form was being thrown into the Collective of clouds. You feel so squashed, packed like sardines. Your soft down was now a gloomy gray, your body feeling dense and sludgy. You started to condense, your body and soul not feeling so light and wispy anymore. You started to get heavy, too heavy. With no warning, you suddenly drop, falling from your cradle in the sky. You twist and turn as you were sent flying down to your death.

A drop of liquid collides with the tip of your snout, the memories of burning tea awakens you instantly. You looked up, the clouds where slightly scattered, but dark. You feel another drop hit your hoof, a shower is expected.

“What a waste of a perfect afternoon.” You say, sitting up. You just finished doing the winter Rap-up, you needed a break. Twilight grunted, frustrated that she had to close the book because of a little rain.

“Oh, come on. It’s not that bad.” Pallet said, welcoming the rain. “Call it a free shower!” Pecan loved the rain. He would always stay out in every downpour, sitting in the middle and gazing upward. You think his actions are strange, but you never seen him so happy when he was not. Of course, he got sick a few times, but he was always there for every shower.

“You do that, pallet. I’m going back home.” Twilight said, packing the last of her things. “Umm, I’m going to do that, too. If it’s ok…” Fluttershy shuffled around, eager to get out of the rain. She must have been waiting for a pony to say something about the rain before speaking. You loved how it made her look so cute.

“I’m going to turn in, too.” You say, only picking up the quill you write with. You, Twilight and Fluttershy start heading back to town, biding Farwell to Pallet, who stayed behind. As you trek back to town, you look back. By now, you where too far to see him clearly, but you could make out his figure. You turn back around, heading back to your place across Ponyville.

As you leave Pallet’s field of vision, the figure appears from behind a tree. It walked over to him, both making eye contact before the figure took a seat next to him. Pallet smiled, the two gazing up at the melancholy sky.

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