Where the Earth meets the Sky

by Pecan Pallet

First published

A forbidden love story of an Earth pony who fell in love with a Pegasus

(before MLP s2 ep.13)
For hundreds of years, Earth ponies, Pegasi and unicorns have lived together in the land of Equestria. They lived in harmony together, whether it was work or sharing something that they had, they would gladly help each other. Some may think these ponies live a great life, living side by side, almost inseparable. But... in a way, the races where separated. There was no law saying so, but it was just how thing played out. No one said you couldn't, because they never had too. This invisible wall that secretly separates the races was, in fact, the races themselves. It was Natural law that split up the three races. Earth Ponies only married other Earth ponies. Pegasus only married other Pegasus. Unicorns only married other Unicorns. Other creatures may have opposing ideas on this, but this was a natural law. It was normal to only love one of the same races. To only embrace one of the same races. this is how things are... Heck, you didn't think of it as anything, because, well, you never needed too. You, like every earth pony like yourself, believed that you would fall for another earth pony. The same goes to Pegasus and Unicorns, only the same race. But, one rainy day, you bump into your, soon to be, soul mate. Problem? She is a Pegasus and you're not. how can you cope finding your true love, but could never show those true feelings? and if she feels the same, how will others act? and what about that Orange Mare that secretly adorse you? what are you going to do? you don't know, you may never know. You may not know what just happened to you or what was yet to come. You don't know where you were or how you got in this predicament.

But one things for sure, You have found something very special. You found a sacred place, where a Pegasus met an Earth pony; Where the Earth meets the Sky.

(note: please keep an open mind when reading the story, I know there is pegasus on unicorn and Earth ponies on alicorns, but i'm trying to make a story! keep you shippings to yourself. ontop of that, I will most likely NOT have lemons. Especially combustible lemons. also i FAIL at second person, but i was trying something new, and i didn't have a real story for the main character. until now, of course.)

*not done with cover*

ch.1 Where to start...

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(note: thanks for reading this, this is my first brony story, so i hope you like it. ^*^)

Ch.1, Where to start…

I stood still in the blank, white room, trying to find something to pass the time. I glance around, but there is nothing. I lift a hoof, trying to feel something, but there was nothing. I stomp my hoofs, but there was nothing. I was alone in this empty space and no one will enter this space of mine. With a final sigh, i give up. I start to lean back, letting gravity do its work. As i left the world of the blank canvas, i return to reality. The floor of my room greets my body with a thud, sending a small jolt of force through my body. I stare up at the ceiling, racking my brain for an idea. Being an artist, I get desires to make something remarkable. Problem was that it--

You were interrupted by a sudden splash of hot tea, the liquid running through your fur and striking your skin with a sharp sting. You yelp, throwing yourself on to the grass. You were completely off guard, your thoughts preoccupied as you were writing down something on paper. The liquid shook your senses, a pain you never felt before. You curse to yourself as the hot water burned right through your skin and onto the nerves that shook your brain. Man that stung.

“Oh, my goodness, I-I’m sorry.” Fluttershy said, the culprit of the accident. You feel the picnic blanket fall on top of you, the blanket filtering the light, giving a red and white pattern on your body. A pony began to pat you down through the blanket, giving you an awkward feeling as they got around your belly and neck. But because the blanket was soaking up the burning liquid so quickly, you didn’t mind. As the Painful experience began to die away, you push off the blanket. The sun blazed down on you, adding to your pre-heated skin. You shook your head, clearing your mind. With a huff, you sit up, trying to make sense of things.

“I am really, sorry. I, umm... it-It just slipped…” Fluttershy said, her pink hair covering an eye as she flew above you. Fluttershy was a Pegasus, her yellow coat shining as she flapped her feathered wings. She was holding a small tea pot, its lid missing. You looked up at her, smiling nicely in spite the great deal of pain she caused.

“It’s ok, Fluttershy.” you said, making her blush a little. Fluttershy was a kind pony, the kindest one you knew. She had a talent with animal, wild or domestic, she loved helping them and making them feels safe and relaxed. Even though she was the most lovable pony here, she was also the most shyest. Her cutie mark was three pink butterflys, her symbol of kindness.

“Well, you’re welcome.” A pony said. You appointing your attention to the pony addressing you “I’m pretty sure you wanted your skin.” It was Pecan Pallet, an Earth pony like yourself. His coat was white, a few faint color stains marking his hoofs. He had a plain black mane and tail, contrasting with his coat. Other than his cutie mark, the only colorful feature was his hazel brown eyes. Pallet reached for the picnic blanket, rolling it up and tossing it to an empty basket. Pallet was one of the few male friends you had, not really being the outgoing or guy-ish type.

“Oh, ya Thanks, Pallet.” You said, making him smile. “Its fine, I get my fair share of burns, too.” Pallet said, being a big fan of tea, Jasmine being his favorite. Pallet was an artist, his skills excelling at pencil drawings. He has been trying to improve on his painting skills lately and he seems to be getting better and better. pallet was your roommate, leting you live in the same house. he came to ponnyville before me, so he know more than you about the place. His cutie mark was a Painting pallet, with red, blue and yellow paintdrops on it.

“Are you ok? Sounded like it hurt.” You glanced over to twilight, who was too busy with her book to pay attention. Twilight was the smart one in her group of friends, Pecan and Fluttershy being part of them. She really loved books and learning new thing. She loved her friends, but it feels like she loves her books more. When Twilight becomes famous for her smarts, you hope she remembers you. her flank had a picture of purple sparkles, showing that she excelled at magic

“Oh, we are fine; a pony almost burned his face off, that’s all.” Pallet said, twilight not catching it. The four of you have been working hard yesterday, finishing up with this year’s winter rap-up. You were spending the day rewinding and relaxing in the brand new spring air. Even though some of Twilight’s other friends couldn’t come, you didn’t mind, most of them would be bored, wanting to do some sort of activity. Palled picked the spot of relaxation, a small hill near the “Welcome to Ponyville!” sign. The grass was softest here, almost like your bed at home. The hill also had a spectacular view of Ponyville; you could literally see every pony’s house from here. Ponyville was such a nice place; you were glad Pallet told you about this place. Manehatton is completely different than this loveable town. You begin to remember the time when you and pallet ran from the police back in Manehatton, the sounds of sirens and flashing blue and red lights still vibrant in your skull. A small gust of wind pushes your mane to the side. You look over to fluttershy, who pretended not to get your attention.

“I am terribly sorry about what happened.” Fluttershy apologized again, fluttering down next to you. “Fluttershy, it’s ok,” you say, “really…I’m fine.” Her deep blue eyes looking worried. Ok, maybe it still stings, but it’s really ok.

“so… it’s ok that…your paper got all wet?” Fluttershy muttered under her breath. Paper?... Oh, Shoot! You pull your head over to the wet parchment, drained in hot tea. By now, the ink was blurry like fog and drippy as drool. You sigh, as it was too late to save the story. With a big huff, you let your body go limp, the grass pillowing your head.

“Ya…It’s fine.” You say to her, trying to scrape up a piece of it in your mind. - In the blank, white room, trying to find…something…- you lost it. It may look easy, but writing is hard. You have been writing ever since you lived in Manehatton, it was your way to cope with the stress and mayhem of the day-to-day ordeals. When you first started to put ink on paper, it was a simple journal that recapped the pressures you faced that day. As time moved on, you wrote out things you wished and things you hoped for in the small journal. You began writing about a life you always wanted, a place that had people who loved you and felt safe with. It soon became a routine to write about the life so far away, growing closer and closer as you reached for that peaceful place. Even though you hated Manehatton, you had to be grateful that it helped you bloom into something better. Even with the experience you carried from Manehatton, you still where a novice with words. Like you said before, it’s hard to do writing. Unlike Pecan’s artistic push, where it can stick to you for days, inspiration sucker punches writers, fleeing before they get the chance to rebound. You tell yourself to remember to get a new notebook, in case something like this happened. Like lightning they came, like lightning they vanish……that’s a good line. You need to remember that.

As you tried to embed the sentence into your brain, you shuffled around, adjusting yourself for a more comfortable spot. When you found a perfect spot to lie, you closed your eyes, leaving you and your mind to deal with. You can be a very solitary pony, not speaking much and keeping to yourself half the time. Back in Manehatton, you had to be cautious, trusting few or none at all. It was also good to have a silent mouth, keeping you out of minimal trouble. You didn’t mind being quiet, it kept you safe as you watched the world unfold in front of you. Now that you were in Ponyville, it was difficult for you to adjust. These thoughts of Manehatton started to sicken you. You filter out your thoughts of Manehatton, trying to think of something other than that place. You cycled through some ponies you know, getting you mind off track.

Fluttershy, sweet and kind. Pallet, Artistic and creative. Twilight, the book worm. Rarity, the beautiful one. Apple, the hardworking one. Rainbow, the fast one. Pinkie, the abnormal one. Dizzy, the not so bright one…Trixie, that stupid little… and then there was you, the quiet observer. You noticed the warmth from the sun starting to fade. Opening an eye, you glaze up at the far and distant cloud that slid in front of the sun. The clouds… they always looked so soft. With that you begin to wonder what clouds really feel like. Did they feel like fields of cotton balls? Where they like fluffy bouncy houses, or like soft rows of cloth, perfect to nestle in? Pegasus ponies can live in clouds, so they must be pretty cool.

You close your eyes, letting your mind drift away, like a Care free cloud. The wind sweeping you away to places you never been before. Everything looked so small from a cloud’s perspective. Ponies looked like little seeds, the earth having the appearance of stitched blankets. Time was meaningless from up here, tumbling away like the winds that carried you here. You had no real mind to think with, only knowing how cottony and stress-free you were. You admired your feathery fluff, so graceful and bright. The Peaceful bliss engulfed your mind and body. Without you knowing, you crash into another drifting Cloud, your mass growing. You try to shake free, but another hits you, then another and another. It was too late; your form was being thrown into the Collective of clouds. You feel so squashed, packed like sardines. Your soft down was now a gloomy gray, your body feeling dense and sludgy. You started to condense, your body and soul not feeling so light and wispy anymore. You started to get heavy, too heavy. With no warning, you suddenly drop, falling from your cradle in the sky. You twist and turn as you were sent flying down to your death.

A drop of liquid collides with the tip of your snout, the memories of burning tea awakens you instantly. You looked up, the clouds where slightly scattered, but dark. You feel another drop hit your hoof, a shower is expected.

“What a waste of a perfect afternoon.” You say, sitting up. You just finished doing the winter Rap-up, you needed a break. Twilight grunted, frustrated that she had to close the book because of a little rain.

“Oh, come on. It’s not that bad.” Pallet said, welcoming the rain. “Call it a free shower!” Pecan loved the rain. He would always stay out in every downpour, sitting in the middle and gazing upward. You think his actions are strange, but you never seen him so happy when he was not. Of course, he got sick a few times, but he was always there for every shower.

“You do that, pallet. I’m going back home.” Twilight said, packing the last of her things. “Umm, I’m going to do that, too. If it’s ok…” Fluttershy shuffled around, eager to get out of the rain. She must have been waiting for a pony to say something about the rain before speaking. You loved how it made her look so cute.

“I’m going to turn in, too.” You say, only picking up the quill you write with. You, Twilight and Fluttershy start heading back to town, biding Farwell to Pallet, who stayed behind. As you trek back to town, you look back. By now, you where too far to see him clearly, but you could make out his figure. You turn back around, heading back to your place across Ponyville.

As you leave Pallet’s field of vision, the figure appears from behind a tree. It walked over to him, both making eye contact before the figure took a seat next to him. Pallet smiled, the two gazing up at the melancholy sky.

ch.2 a minor detour

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Ch.2 a minor detour.

How the heck can Pecan bear this weather! You may never know, but you desperately need to find lodging. Everypony rushed for shelter as the grim clouds began to bathe Ponyville with its tears of woe. You hardly made it across town, before the sky crashed to our level. You never believed that rain could roll in so quickly. It was like being hit by hundreds of paint balls, your nerves quaked for each freezing drop that hit. Being acquainted to this sensation, you searched for shelter or a small roof, Witch proved difficult as the rain struck your eyes. You rubbed your eyes, foreign liquids stinging your pupils. The irritation was unbearable and as muck started to cling to your hoofs, it only made thing worst. You were still moving when a corner of a building grazed your right shoulder, the sudden force of something unseen made you stumble into the muddy clay. There was at least an inch of water on the ground, with more coming in. Your muzzle acted as a conductor, your own body channeling water down your throat. You spat out, trying to breath. Mud hugged your coat as you force yourself up. You pushed yourself against the structure, taking a breather. The roof of the building was not sufficient for cover, but it was enough to clear your eyes. You have never seen rain descend like this before, like a great surging waterfall, it throws its mass down with tremendous force. Drops sprinkle you face, each cold shot scattering as they crash. You needed to get out of this weather; your place is still on the other side of Ponyville and you would drown if you had to run there. The volley of water began to gain control over your body, the clouds’ cold fluids shaking your figure. You scanned the area, trying to get your Bearings. Even though you were still relatively new to Ponyville, it was nearly impossible to forget about the strangest buildings in this town. The building was tall and wide, its colorful features contrasting with the gloom. The walls looked like gingerbread, lined with white frosting and cherry drops. The balcony of the house looked like a giant cupcake with candles sticking out the top. The roof looked like melted chocolate, dripping with sweet goodness. The windows looked like glass candy; the room beyond the glass looked warm and cozy. A sign extended out from the shop, a pink cupcake depicted on the swaying sign.

“Sugar Cube Corner, of course.” You tell yourself. This was the bakery, where the best of sweets in Ponyville are made. Mrs. and Ms. Cake own this bakery, even though pinkie pie pretty much runs the place. Pinkie Pie was one of Twilight’s friends, the happy and Optimistic one. Even though she was a little strange, she always made you smile, making you and everyone around you laugh. You can literally say that she lives in the bakery because you can always find her there. For all the times you checked, you have never seen her in her own home. The Cakes are very happy that they have Pinkie Pie. She does a lot of the baking, making her a very valuable business tool, and with her happy-go-lucky attitude, the package couldn’t be sweeter. Even though you didn’t want to barge in, the rain would force you eventually. You sucked in a new breath, savoring the moment. Sugar Cube corner was still a block away, you would need to run.

“On three…” you say, prepping yourself for the dash. You tried to calm your mind, not trying to worry about the rain. “At least there were no cops.” You said. You knew your target and you were going to get there. “Ok…” you bend your hind legs. “One…two…” you brace yourself. Without saying three, you shot off; the rain whips your face as you made contact. You kept your eyes squinted, trying to keep your view on the shop. It was challenging to try to keep stability on shifty soil, but you managed to pull through. As you reach the small steps leading to the bakery, you hurried up to the door. Your right hind leg unexpectedly slid away from under you, an edge of a step scraping your inner thigh. It was a brief pain, not something to worry about. As you re-balance yourself on the slippery steps, you thought about how painful it would be to hit your head on the steps. You removed some mud off your hoofs on the welcome mat, common courtesy still getting you in this weather. You lift a hoof, reaching for the nob of the pink door. You didn’t know it yet, but in the next moment your life will never be the same. As you applied your mass to the door, pushing it open, the door’s weight vanished. The sudden shift of gravity made you stumble forward, the door swinging completely open. Your front hoofs scarcely caught the rising floor, water traveling off your muzzle and landing on the floor a centimeter away. You push yourself up, re-balancing before the impact. Just as the door caught you off guard, so did the pony that ran you over. As Skulls collided, your body shot back, energy transferred from one body to another. Gravity pulled you back outside, losing friction on the drenched steps. Before you had time to react, a sharp thrust to the back of the head bucked you out.

You wake with a startle, a devilish throbbing emanated from the back of your neck. Your head was still ringing, bursts of pain kept in beat with your heart. Your eyesight was a haze, feeling numb in your arms. You tried to sit up, your spine making you feel old as it crackled. Your coat was still soaking; the mixture of mud and a little blood making you feel dirty. Even when you hated the feeling of wet hair and intense pain, you completely loved the sudden change in temperature. Being nothing like outside, it was nice and warm. Another big throb made you want to grab your head and scream. You tried to reach for the origin of the pain, your hoof brushing against your wet hair. Something abruptly swatted your hoof away, the tug shook your brain with pain.

“Hay, don’t touch it. You’ll only make it worse.” You don’t recognize the voice that spoke to you, being to peaceful for Pinkie Pie and being too young for Ms. Cake. One thing was for sure, it was a girl. As your eyes gradually began to focus, you could see a hazy image of a pony in front of you. You first see her blue coat, making you wonder if it was Rainbow Dash. The pony lifted a yellow cloth, pushing your head forward to reach for your cut. As she touches your head, you notice how soft her hoofs where. A pleasing shiver travelled down your spine as her arm faintly touched your ear. You were about to comment when she applied pressure to the back of your head. You flinch from the sting; the Mare removing the cloth when you stirred.

“Oh, sorry,” She said, her voice composed and tender. “I should have warned you.” This was definitely NOT Rainbow Dash, she wouldn’t have been so sweet. It also couldn’t be any of the other mares, due to the blue coat. This must be another pony… someone you don’t know… a girl you didn’t know! The sudden realization that you didn’t know this mare’s identity made you feel so very strange, and the situation not improving anything... You always felt uneasy and odd around female ponies, especially mares your age. Well, yes, you know Twilight and the other mares, but you were always with Pallet. Pallet was kind of girly at times, so he always got along with other mares. If you think about it, you were Pallet’s only stallion friend. You were never too trusting with other ponies so your social skills never surfaced, and talking to the opposite sex was almost impossible. As the cloth pressed against your head again, you shut your eyes and endured the pain. As the pain subsided, you opened your eyes, your eyesight finally clearing. You were glad to regain the ability to see, but now you wished you were still half blind. When your vision cleared, you realized that the position you were in was completely wrong. As she pushed your head down, your muzzle was at a very uncomfortable spot very close to her underbelly. You tried to turn your head, only to have pain keep you still. It felt like a minute before you felt her hoof remove the cloth, enabling you to move your head away. As she tossed the, now orange, cloth out, she tried to apologize to you, you attention more focused on not looking at her. You didn’t want her get a good look at you roseing up. You wanted to keep eye contact to a minimal, feeling so awkward around girls.

“He-he, umm… Sorry about your head. I was kind of in a rush.” She said, a sweet gentleness lining her voice. “If somepony learned not to push, then I wouldn’t have troubled you.” You see her look away from the corner of your eye, compelling you to look at the blue pony while distracted. You were amazed at what you saw. Her coat was a very light sky blue; her gorgeously groomed hair flowed nicely together. She had a Golden blond mane and tail, the hair messy but marvelously arranged. She had her left ear perked up, the other covered by her beautiful locks. She wore a gold pocket watch supported by a light green collar; it looked lovely around her neck. She had on a smooth lime fabric on her back and flank, the flowing cloth covering her cutie mark. You were caught off guard when she pulled her attention back to you. You drew your eyes away from her flank, your eyes unexpectantly connecting with hers. Wow… those eyes… her eyes where composed of the most dazzling of greens, streams of blue traveling through the grassy field of her eyes. She suddenly laughed softly; her unexpected giggle released you from her stunning eyes.

“Like what you see?” she asked, giving off a cute smile. She must have seen you staring at her rump, the thought made you blush like mad. “w-wait, it’s not-!” she was laughing even more, each laugh sounded lively. “Ha-ha-ha, its fine, its ok! I’m just playing.” She said, making you chuckle a little… only a little. You weren’t that kind of stallion; you respected all mares and fillies. She shook her head, noting that it wasn’t too funny to you.

“He-he…Ya, sorry, um, just wanted to lighten the mood.” She said, “I didn’t mean to cause trouble for you.” she pushed a lock of her hair away from her face, her smile was sweet. “…well…it’s not really your fault. Just bad timing.” You said, trying to make her feel better about it. Her grin makes you feel nice and squishy inside. “Ya, I guess.” She said, “…Come on, let’s get you up.” She moved to your side, locking her arm with yours. You could feel her slender body push against you, her arm muscles moving with yours. You slide your hoofs under you, pushing up onto your Hind legs. You stubble around awkwardly before falling back on all fours. You turn back to the pony, getting lost in her eyes again.

“At least you can stand.” She said, patting your back with a hoof. You thanked her and told her that you appreciate her company. “No, no, you shouldn’t really be thanking me,” she said, “I was the one that nocked you out, anyway.” She hesitantly laughed, knowing that your head would still be hurting. It did, but you played it off with a smile. “Well, I should be on my way, anyways. I already made enough trouble.” She said, started to return to her own life. She wasn’t really bothersome; she actually was amusing in your boring life. But she was just another pony to you, even though she wasn’t. Not wanting to bother her further, you let her go as you turned away. As the two of you began to leave each other’s lives, you feel something deep inside yourself boil up. At first you thought it was the sugary air, each sniff giving your brain a short sugar high, but when the irritation got worst, you knew it was something more. You tried to strained yourself to ignore this foreign emotion, the sensation overflowed inside, bubbling out and pour out of your mouth. For that moment in time, your body disobeyed your thoughts. Your mouth opened,

“Hay… wait a minute!” you rotated around, she spun around, simultaneously. As the last word jumped from your mouth, you realized that that the both of spoke at the same time, the same words spoke out in harmony. It was like fate forcefully dragged your attention back to each other. You had nothing to say to her, but it seemed like life had other plans. You awed at each other for a second, the way you spoke each other’s words astonishing the both of you.

“…oh, ya, you go first.” She said.
“What?... oh, no, no it’s fine. You go.” you motioned her to go first.
“It’s ok, I can wait.”
“Its fine, Mares first.”
“Age before beauty.”
“Beauty before Beast.”

“Need me to hit you again?” she joked, the tactic working in her favor. In truth, you had nothing to say, your body acted on its own accord. You sighed, you ran out of time to come up with some sort of question. You fumbled with your mind a bit, hastily piecing together a question. Quick thinking, you told yourself, quick thinking. As you stumble on a few words, you pick something up. “Uhm… um, I didn’t c-catch your mane- name…” you said, your voice sounding unusual and choppy. “What should I address you by?” you breathe in as she registered an answer. She smiled and laughed a little before responding.

“Oh ya, of course,” she said, “I am Sweet Sora Harmony, It’s nice to meet you.” she made a small curtsy, mimicking some fancy pony. “But you can call me sugar, if you want.” She joked, her cute expression made you feel warm inside. “Ha, Ha, cute.” You said, amused by her remark. Sweet Harmony… it had a comforting hold on you. You just wonder what “Sora” meant.

“So, what about you, hotshot, what’s your name?” she said with a wink. You took a moment to think to yourself, Harmony waited for a response.

“Terra, it’s Terra.” You said, only giving her your middle name. It was almost a habit to only give ponies your middle name, it was originally for identity safety, but now you lived by it. Besides, you responded best to Terra.

“Ok, cool…” she said, her face very serious… for three seconds. Harmony’s pokerface broke down as a smirk crossed her face; she put a hoof to her mouth to suppress the laughter that slipped free. You sigh, knowing what was coming up. She caught a breath, “I’m sorry,” she sputtered, “It’s just your name-”

“Yes, it’s a girl name. Happy?” she was letting it out now, her laughing reminded you of the time you told Rainbow Dash your name. Terra was not exactly a girl name, it just so happened that a lot of Mares had that name or something similar. You suddenly notice the gray Pegasus in the corner staring at the two of you. Her yellow mane and tail was oddly arranged, her eyes… umm, is she really looking at us? Her eyes where pointed in different directions, so you couldn’t really tell. You tried to ignore her, feeling awkward from staring. After a while, harmony seemed to get a good kick out of you.

“Ha ha, cute.” she mocked. At least her name wasn’t that bad, “sweet” and “harmony” made a pretty good name in your book. She beamed, her attractive eyes grabbed you in and held you close, “well, that was funny.” She said, “Right, Terra?”

“Of course, ‘sugar’.” You said, playing along with her. To tell the truth, you really like her. Only in a friendly way, though. Yes it was only a few minutes, but you where, somehow, enjoying it. She seemed nice enough, cute too. Besides, this wisent the city, this was Ponyville. You may even get your first friend out of this! She was still laughing to herself while she trotted closer to you, her eyes getting a better look at your flushed face.. “ha-ha, oh man… hay, Is your hair still wet? You where soaking when I dragged your corpse in.” she asked, her left ear flopped around as she scanned you up and down. Oh, right, it was raining. You nearly forgot. You glanced at the window, drops slipping off the rosy glass. You looked over yourself, you were relatively dry, a few spots still moist. It was amazing how the heat from the back of the bakery evaporated the water so fast, even the water ion the floor was gone. “It will dry; this place is like an oven.” You said, combing your mane with a hoof.

“Ya, sorry about the rain,” she said, “Me and Dizzy Doo was supposed to warn everyone about It.” she pointed a hoof at the gray Pegasus. The Mare was now nibbling on a muffin, her eyes still looking funny. “Say “Hi” Dizzy.” Harmony said, the gray Pegasus looked up from the muffin. So her name must be Dizzy Doo… not to be mean, but it seemed to fit her. Dizzy blinked twice, her single-mindedness returning to her muffin. “Ya… she said ‘Hi’…” Harmony said, scratching the back of her mane. As you recalled Harmony’s previous statement, you identified something odd about it.

“Wait, you knew that it would rain?” how could she have known, only Pegasus know what weather we--- Realization cracked a bat over your head, Harmony’s comment only confirmed it.

“Wha? What do you mean by that?” she said, “How can I not know. It’s our job anyway.” You are so stupid, how the heck did you not realize she was a Pegasus?...ok, maybe she covered it up a little. You couldn’t see it, but her wings remained tucked in, concealed by the green fabric.

“Buuut about jobs…” she began, “uumm…ya, well, we all believed that we had the day off today, because of yesterday’s winter rap up, buuuttt when we checked the schedule, it said it was supposed to rain. So ya, while everypony prepped up in cloudsdale, Me and Dizzy were supposed to tell everypony about the shower…but when we passed this place, Dizzy just had to have a muffin. In a hurry, I tried to rush out the door and-“

“That’s when you busted my head…” you completed her sentence. “eep…Ya, sorry.” She said, “it shouldn’t been that bad, anyways. The rain should have washed away most of the blood by now.” You sighed, your self-confidence plummeting. It’s bad enough that she was a girl but now she was a Pegasus. You had nothing against them, you were fine with Fluttershy and Dash, it’s just they were at “another level.” It was already tough getting friends; how the hay were you going to get a female Pegasus to befriend you, if you can’t even make a simple Earth pony notice you. Before, you would always leech off of Pallet when he had friends. The only friend you essentially made yourself was Pecan Pallet and Applejack.

“You’re still not angry?” Harmony asked, leaning her head in so she could stare into your eyes. “You seem to like hanging your head and going quiet for a moment.” You glance up,

“Oh, no. I’m not mad.” You said, she returned back to a calm expression.
“So, no hard feeling? Off the hook?”
“Ya, sure.”
“Not mad at the rain?”
“Nope, it’s just rain.”
“So you’re laidback about everything? Like, really?”

“…uh-huh, why wouldn’t I be?” Suspicion growing deep in your mind as she rolled on. “…did you do something?”

“What, of course not, I’m just a bit surprised that you aren’t angry or whatever.” She was definitely telling the truth, her eyes and body relaxed completely. After a while of living in the city, you gained a skill to tell when a pony is lying. You weren’t the best and seasoned liars got passed you easily, but you felt safe knowing you had a little talent.

“well, this isn’t something to be worked up about. Besides, I’m not the kind that pick fights.” You said. She sighed in relief, a little weight off her shoulder. “Oh, good.”

“Hay, Harmony, how long was I out, anyways?” you asked, “I’m pretty dry, now.” Harmony fiddled with her pocket watch, the dangling chains echoing a pleasant sound. “Not too long, like, about 10 or 15 minutes… opps.” She glanced at the watch a second time, “Darn it, it’s already four.”

“Do you need to be somewhere?” you asked as she turned to Dizzy and told her that they needed to go. Four o’clock was about the time you return to your place, but for her, you would have waited all night.

“umm, ya, I need to get back to cloudsdale. I’m sorry.” She said, walking over to Dizzy. “Don’t be, I appreciate the company.” You said with a blush, you weren’t used to this and it seemed Harmony wasn’t used to those comments.

“Oh, umm… thanks, Terra. >///<” you walked up to her as she and Dizzy got ready to leave, the three of you standing at the door.

“I’m sorry to be leaving like this, but it was nice meeting you.” she said, pushing Dizzy out into the rain. “MY MUFFIN!!!” she screams as a small bit falls from her hoof. “It was nice meeting you, too.” You said, “But… what about the rain?” it was still pouring, less than before, but still heavy. “Oh, it’s fine. We will be ok; a little rain doesn’t hurt anypony.”

“ya… sure.” You said, the throbbing was slow but steady. As she stood at the door way, your mind searched for something to say. Some meaningless thing that could make her stay, even if it was only for a moment. Alas, nothing surfaced, not one small thought. Besides, why did you want her to stay? Why did you want to talk to this Pegasus when you could talk to some other random pony? How is she any different? You wished you had an answer to these questions, but wishing never got you anywhere.

“Well, take care.” She was leaving and you were running out of time. There was only one thing you could think of and you just had to play with it. “Wait, Harmony,” you stopped her at the entrance, rain sprinkling on to her lush Mane. “So, are we friends?” you mentally beat yourself in for how stupid you sounded, but it seemed to work.

“What? Ha-ha, Terra, I thought we were already friends.” She said with a beaming smile. With those final words, she opened her wings and the wind lifted her away. Rain water blew into your face, the gust of wind puffing your hair everywhere.

You ran out into the muck and brutal rain, but you didn’t care. You scanned the skis, searching for any signs of the blue and blond Pegasus. The clouds ones again hammering you with the cold evening rain, but you didn’t notice, the strange warmth from inside you repelling any negative forces. You couldn’t find her; she was too far away by now. Like lightning, she came into my life, like lightning, she vanished from it. As you took a seat on the grubby soil, you gazed upward. The rain was comforting now, no longer feeling cold or painful, just tranquil as it caressed your body. Maybe this is how pallet feels when he’s in the rain. He may even have this strange sensation that hatched inside you, spreading like a cancer all over your body.

Harmony was the only thing on your mind. The only other though being,

“When will I see her again…”

Ch.3 three's a crowd (part 1)

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Ch3 three's a crowd (part 1)

“Come on, get up already!” a hoof jabbed your gut, shaking you out of the dream you never had. “It’s almost 10’o clock and I don’t want you in my house all day.” You feel another nudge, sleep withering away slowly with each poke. Sluggishly rubbing slumber away, you greet the morning with a big yawn. The light of the day gradually stole the drowsiness from your mind. “Hurry up, before I ‘accidently’ spill hot tea on you.” Pecan Pallet was standing over you with his favorite cup in his hoofs, the steam still rising as he took a sip. “Ya, I’m up, I’m up.” You push yourself up, a tear forming as you yawn ones more. You were in the living room, on one of Pallet’s, oh so comfy, couches. You were facing the kitchen and dining room, the stairs leading up at your right. You must have fallen asleep on the couch, last night, while working on your latest writings. “At least I have somewhere to sleep.” You think, waking your lazy legs. You appreciated that Pallet was letting you stay in his new home. “How can I leave my brother on the streets?” recalling what he said, “We have to stick together, because were nothing without each other.” Brother… you never had a brother. It felt weird to have somepony call you brother when they aren’t connected by blood, but is that what brothers do? Clearing your throat with the fresh morning air, your lungs rejoiced for the new oxygen that filtered your body. “Yawn… Good morning, Crimson, Is-“

“It’s Pallet, now.” He cuts you off, kindly reminding you. “Oh, right…” you continue, “umm… so, you’re still planning to do that Iron Pony thing?” you ask, noting how early he was up. On a normal basis, Pallet wakes around eleven or so, due to his frequent night walks. “Mm-uhm, the competition is right around the corner and I’m still out of shape for It. if I want to win any races, than I have to work for It.” he answered. You chuckle to yourself, he was a bloody mustang, he’s already fit.

“Ok, enough chit-chat, Terra,” Pallet said, even though he was mainly talking. “Let get outside, A few rays of sunlight will do us good.” This is ironic, you told yourself. Before, we would never go outside, in fear that a stranger may have a knife. Now we could walk freely without a second thought. As you slide off the couch, you pick up your old satchel and got ready to leave. Picking up a few parchments lying on the floor, you proceed to follow pallet out of the house. After placing the cup on a table and grabbing his favorite hat, he turns back to you. “Besides,” he said while he opened the door for you. “If you’re lucky, you may see that new friend of yours.” Pallet teased, thoughts of that Pegasus flooding your mind. You told Pallet about your encounter with the pony, and now he was using it against you.

…now that you think of it, how long has it been… two days?


It’s been two days since I have seen that Earth pony and he was still swirling in my head. I think it was due to his cute blush, but trailing him out of my mind was proving difficult. I was lying on my back, staring up with my pocket watch in my hoofs. Tracing the fine hoofwork of the watch, I let my mind wonder around. Collecting random things to fill the empty spaces, Terra taking more than half of it. I was in the sanctuary of my room, lying softly on my bed. I loved my room, it was always a place I could relax and let the world go out the window... literally. If I wasn’t flying or working, I was in my room, fiddling with me collection of old antiques. It’s was kind of funny, I was always interested the latest in the media, but when it came down to the old, like 50 years old, it just makes my heart sing. With my mind in the clouds, I sighed as I dreamed about the world below. Hearing hoofsteps approaching my room, my eyes searched for its source, being curious. “Thank you so much for coming with me, Harmony. I never thought you would help me study plant and animals.” Grasping the watch, I sit up from my cozy cloud bed. It was my sister, Lily Blossom, her satchel filled with tons of papers and writing utensils for her small trip. “In fact, I never thought you would help me with anything.”

“Hay, I’m not that selfish!” I said, in a fake “Shocked” voice. She laughed softly, fluttering into my room. “I’m just messing with you, sis, I’m just surprised that your even helping me out. You know, without having some hidden purpose.” She said, like she was aware of my true intentions.

“W-what? Of course not, I only wanted to spend some time with my twin sister.” Lying through My teeth, I comb my hair with a hoof. It was true; I was only going with my sister so I could visit that one town. What was it…Ponyville? Unlike my sister, I don’t get to leave and go to the earth below. It’s always on rare occasions like the other day do I ever get to visit the under world. It’s thrilling to go down there, like a new world to explore. Yes, I almost killed a pony, but we are friends, now! I never had an Earth pony friend before, it was exciting! I may even see him! Besides, I don’t think she knows because I never told her about my new friend.

“If you’re done daydreaming, sis, could you help me find my Bangles? I can’t possibly leave the house without them.” With my train of thought disturbed, I sighed, “…Really sister, you’re going to be in the dirt. Why do you need it?” my sister looks over at me like I was stupid, using that “I’m smarter” look. I really hated that look. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I would like to look good when I visit the under world.”

“What, to impress some mares?” I teased, striking one of her nerves. “You don’t need it, Lily, let’s just leave already.” Lily was already beautiful, unlike me. She could probably get any stallion she wanted. Even though she was my twin sister, we were still two different ponies. While my sister’s mane was wavy and smooth, my mane was straight and spiky. While I have green eyes, she had red-violet eyes. She loved her books, I love my old junk. While I’m bolder, she’s shy around others. I can fly fast, she can fly gracefully. She was the smart one, I was…umm… Anyways, she worries about looks, I worry about boredom. I’m completely straight, while she was a—

“Um, a little helps, please?” she was adjusting the supplies in her satchel, her hoofs being full. “ya, ya, ok.” I said. Helping her reorganize, I took some of the load off her shoulder and placed it in a spare satchel I had. "If were done here,” I said, quickly clipping on my green collar and pocket watch. “Then let’s get going!”

“Hold on, sis, don’t get your wings in a knot. Just wait a sec; I just need to get—“Patience running low, I bolted for my open window. Shooting out to the sun lite day, I open my wings and go for a glide, making sure my sister can see me. Struggling out my window, she tries to keep me in her sights. If I can’t reason with her, then I’ll make her follow me. She hated being alone, working in my favor.

I was just too excited to think straight, I was going down to that town. I get to meet that earth pony, again!


Ok… Breath,” she told herself. “It ain’t nothing, just stay calm.” The orange freckled mare breathed in to relax her mind, tremulously regaining self-esteem. “Just be yourself.” She whispered, repeating the words of a friend. “Just another day… nothing else.” Collecting the last of her mind, she places the buckles around her. With the straps of the small wagon secured, the mare takes in one more deep breath. “And don’t forget to smile.” finishing her little talk with herself, staggers onto her feet to continue her sales duties. She was taking a small hiatus from work, her mind juggling the conversation with one of her friends. She had a mission today, and even though she wanted to play it off and ignore it, she had no power to resist the competitive blood that ran in her. Adjusting the hat ones more, she pushed herself to walk the streets of Ponyville. The small chirpy town was lively this time of year; the hustle and bustle would propel cheery vibes that made surrounding ponies feel relaxed.

“Hello, miss.” A stranger said, passing by. She nodded, returning the good gesture. Feeling secured, the young pony trots off to her desired destination. The sun was high in the sky by now, baking the Mare’s back as she hauled the cart of dried apples. She turned past sugar-cube corner, the sugar-high air encouraging the mare’s sugar temptations. With the wagon weighing heavy on the mare, she was considering stopping and getting something nice. She really wanted to unstrap the wagon and enter the bakery, but she knew she was only trying to stall for time. Turning to discount the sugar heaven, A Pegasus rushes past the unsuspecting mare, tipping the balance of the wagon ever so slightly. Her eyes trail the speeding Pegasus as it took off into the sky, only to disappear into the sun as it blinds her momentarily. She looks back to the heavens, her eyes tracing the ivory hills of the blue. She was marveling at the beautiful clouds, the Sun’s shadows painting them with fine details. She felt pretty good about herself, she felt like she could do it. And so what if it goes wrong, at least it’s off her shoulder.

“No, no that’s not right.” Heart jumping, the familiar voice took her by surprise. Unprepared for the encounter, her previous confidence dissipated. She didn’t expect him to be at Sugar-cube corner, her half-finished plan breaking down in front of her. Crestfallen, the mare searched for that reassuring voice she kept in her head. “Ok, Calm down, you’re ok. Stay calm and you should be fine.” She found it.



Repeat… Taking a deep breath, the mare turned to the stallion who sat unaware of her presence.

The stallion was alone, his quill and parchment being his only company. Sitting against a small fence, he stared upwards, his eyes blank as he roams the recesses of his mind. He was writing down something, a thought seizing his attention away from it. He was too deep to notice the mare admiring him not far from him. The stallion, with his drifting gaze, looked so relaxed and tranquil. Taking one more breath of self-confidence and adjusting loose hairs, she slowly approached the pony. “Well,” she said, her stomach buzzing, “here goes nothing…” as she reached earshot, she hesitantly opens her spoke out, plastering on a smile.

“H-howdy, Terra, you look—

“—Down in the rough, today.” Ears perking up, thoughts of Sweet Harmony drained from your mind. Hearing the strong accent of your friend lifted your spirits. Without hesitation, you greet the mare happily.

“AppleJack!” she picked up the glee in your voice, spreading a smile on her face. “Eh he he, I’m glad to see ya, too.” AJ was a very good pony, so hardworking and honest, the two “H’s” you love. Favoring her even over Pallet, she was the one that took you out of your shell… or at least a little. Ever since you first stepped hoof in Ponyville, that pony was trying her best to befriend you. Even while you said little, she stuck to it and continued to make conversation. It took a while, but she truly wanted to be your friend. You could remember Pallet saying, “Real friends are ponies who love be your friend.”

“How are you, Applejack? I haven’t seen you since the wrap up.” You ask, leaving your supplies as you approached the Mare. “Oh, I’m doing mighty fine, Terra.” She said with her warm and comforting smile. “I-I just need ta sell some of them dried Apples. We always have extras after winter.” She pointed her snout to the cart still relatively full with her goods. Feeling a little sympathetic, your arm reaches for the wallet.

“Then maybe I can help lighten your load.” you smile, looking for a price tag. Applejack perks up as she sees you pull a few bits out of your wallet. “Oh, thank you so kindly, Terra, It’s mighty thoughtful of you!” she said, fetching some of her merchandise. As she stood there, you couldn’t help but stare at the Orange Mare. Applejack was a farm pony, working on her family’s farm. She works just as hard as any Stallion, and helps anypony that needs helping. AJ also had a very beautiful orange coat, even though orange was not one of your favorites, it could make Fall jealous. Oh, and you loved the freckles, oh, the cute freckles. With her hair tied and her signature hat slanted, she pulls out three small bags of the slices. Looking back and recounting the bits, realizing there was only enough for two.

“Oh, wait, I only have—“

“I know, Terra…” she said, interrupting and placing the bags down. “umm, it’s on the house.” you try to resist a blush, which never worked for you. “Oh, Thank, but I don’t want to cheap you out.”

“It ain’t n-nothing, Ter. I…uhhhhm… just…” becoming quiet, she hid behind her hat, slowly turning a light shade of red. She whispered something, your ears not catching a single word.

“Well, thanks again, AJ.” Completing the transaction, you shove the apples to the side. To tell the truth, you never liked dried apples. The fresh juice of a well grown Apple was way better than a dull and dried one. It’s just that AJ always has truckloads of them after winter, forcing her to speed sell or simply throw them out. So much hard work going to waste, how could you not help out? You loved her company, and she loved yours. Nervously flicking her mane from her face, she asked about your wellbeing. Rambling on, the two of you sat together, time rushing by a lot faster than the two of you thought.

(ps. tell me where i make mastakes.)

Ch.3 three's a crowd (part 2)

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“Applejack?... you still with me?”

“uhm, oh, what?”

“ummm, sorry, just making sure your still lessoning.” Terra nudged AJ with a hoof. “I’m not boring you, am I?”

“Oh, Pardon me, I… I was just…thinking.” thinking about him to be honest. It’s been two hours since AJ greeted Terra, the two were just talking about whatever came to mind. Her thoughts must have trailed off when he started saying something about writers block. Since they’ve been talking for a while, they took a seat on the small steps of the Bakery, the very same steps Harmony busted Terra’s head on. Of course Applejack wasn’t aware of this, even while she sat on that very step. Terra was sitting on a higher one, his quill and paper ready for anything that jumped into mind. “Oh, ok.” He shrugs, looking off at the passerby. “Sorry for asking, I just feel like I talk too much sometimes.” he said, as two Pegasi flew passed them and into the shop. “You know, like when Twilight sparkle talks about politics or something like a photon beam. She’s just asking to be discounted.” AJ chuckled a little, being a little guilty to that… now that she thinks about it, what’s a photon?

“well, ya don’t talk much to other folk.” AJ spoke up, opening the last of Terra’s dried apple chips. They already ate the other two, AJ eating most of them. Yes, it did belong to Terra and she was eating it, but Terra didn’t seem to mind, one bit. “You just like talking when you got the chance.”

“Well… I only feel at ease talking to friends like you. Other ponies… their just harder to manage.” Like a little Fluttershy, Terra gets uneasy around anypony he didn’t know, but surround him with familiars and he should be fine. “I like expressing myself… but… I guess that’s everypony, right?” he said, jotting down a few words on a parchment. “If you can’t express yourself, than what are you living for?”

“Maybe they’re just waiting for something good to happen.” AJ said, referring to Pecan Pallet’s Wishful thinking. “Anyhoof, you can count on me to give an ear, Sugar-cube. That’s what friends are for.” AJ said with a smile.

“umm, ya… I…thank you, ‘Sugar-cube’? ” Terra said with a flushed face. “Ok, ok, that sounded WAY better in your head, AJ!” Confidence exclaimed in Applejack’s head, her face running rosy. “Tell me that was not awkward at all, please tell me.” The voice said, almost mockingly. Red-faced ones again, AJ took refuge beneath her sun stained hat.

“opps. s-sorry, I just umm… it’s a… habit?” it was fairly regular for The orange mare to address friends with ‘Sugar-cube’, but then again, for the longest time the only friends she ever had were Mares. Excluding Pecan, who could be considered a mare. Terra wasn’t even her Stallionfriend! “Not a Stallionfriend, YET!” Confidence said to keep on her good side.

“oh, no, I’m okay. It’s just… I never had a Mare call me that before, not even my mother.” The stallion shifted his seat to look at the hiding Mare. Too choked up, she evades his glances. “… and that’s another thing.”


Like a strong wind, her hat flew off her head and into Terra’s hoofs. She squints as the bright sun flooded her eyes. “Hay, my hat!” she shouted, reaching for it in Terra’s grasp. Laughing hysterically as he played keep-away, Terra placed the hat on his crown. “haha, I like your hat, I think I’ll look good in one!” he played around, keeping a hoof distance from her. “Give it back!” She shouted, now more playful than surprised. She lunged at the chuckling Stallion, falling awkwardly as the two fought for control over the hat. “How do I look, sugarcube!” he shouts. Her jaw took hold of the brim of the hat, pulling it off his head.

“Gatcha!” his hoof seized her stomach, the Mare responding with in a fit of laughter. She fell into the dirt, her lungs having difficulty retrieving air. Terra, Caught in the moment, pounced her and continued to tickle the mare with a fake malicious laughter.

“N-not fair, HA-HA-HA, Not, GAhahahaha!!!” she bellowed, her senses in a jumble. She pushed and squirmed to get herself free, Terra not letting up one bit. Even The voice in her head was out of it, laughing like mad either from watching them or feeling the effects, itself. Oh, crab-apples, she tells herself, I should have never told him that I was ticklish!

Managing to get a footing under him, she pushes him on his side. Tackling him as he rolled on the floor, laughing. The two were crying out in laughter, as if they were young fillies ones again. Their bliss uproar attracting the attention of many bystanders, But at such moment, they could care less.

After the Spirited interval, the two laid sprawled on the dust, still laughing hysterically. Terra struggles to gain his breath, having trouble juggling Words, Air, and mad laughter. “haha, man, that was fun! I *breath* I haven’t wrestled like that, Cough, like that since forever!” He snickered a few more times, smiling wide. “like… little filly, forever.” Laying in the dirt and letting the sun beat down on her, the orange mare slowly catches her breath, listening to her rapidly beating heart rate. Laughing between breaths and smiling contently at the stallion, she works out a sentence.

“haha…huff…I’ll take more than a simple stallion, Huff, to break this pony!” she enjoyed the moment as it died away, finally picking herself up and dusting off. She tries to disregard the gazes aimed at them as she strides over to her friend. There he was, just resting on the dusty floor in all his brilliance. She took a moment and simply adored the stallion, Terra still chuckling cutely to himself. I cannot say why AJ was so attracted to such a… Normal pony, but love can work in strange ways… but not always merciful…

She lends a hoof to her buddy, pulling him back on his hoofs. He was still smiling wide when he spoke. “haha, thanks Applejack.” He looks her in the eyes, his gaze making her warm. “There… that’s a little better.”

“Come again?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” He picks up her hat, lobbing it to her like a Frisbee. She catches it with an ear, settling it on her noggin. “Just keep smiling, k?”

Keep smiling…? “kew, kew, he likes your smile, ain’t that sweet! XD” Confidence established the meaning behind those words, snickering away as she hushed the voice.

“well, I ain’t making no promises, but I’ll try my best.” She begins to walk over to the steps of the bakery.


“Why aren’t you done, It’s just cake!”

“But there are so many! How can I just choose one?” Lily blossom was being a knucklehead, looming over the displays of imaginative cakes. “This one has fruit, but this one’s pink! I love pink!” she squeaks with joy. I was getting so annoyed by this; I bet I was here for more than 15 minutes. I look around the bakery, sweets still piled on the shelves.

“Just Please hurry up, I don’t want to be in this-“

“which one do you think I should choose?” she completely ignored me, Turning to ask the Pink Mare just beyond the counter.

“I would choose everything!” the strange Mare shouted, “but I could eat all of them, anyways!” Her huge smile filled with glee and warmth. She laughed, fluttering around the room. Lily sighs, turning back to the colorful treats. Damn, I hate this. I collapse to the floor, Boredom really taking an edge off me. I wanted to see Terra, not be stuck in a bakery all day! Even with the warmth of the ovens in the back, the floors were still cold. Was it like this the other day, too? I was going to continue throwing Terra back and forth in my mind, but I heard Lily say something that broke the last straw of patience.

“You have a beautiful Mane, did you do it yourself?” the pink mare stops jumping for one moment and looks at my sister, Lily beating her eyelashes. “YA, I do!” the Pink mare exclaims with great joy, “Actually, I don’t do anything to it, at all!” my sister laughs, making her cutest giggle. “ha ha, that’s so cute… and… and your eyes…”

Ok, damn it, having to wait for her is one thing, But if she going to flirt with somepony, then- “I’m out of here!” I march to the door, Lily snapping out of “her mode.”

“W-wait! Don’t leave me!” she darts back and forth to me and the cakes. I know I was being inpatient, but I can’t quite help that. Lily always hated being alone, her fear of clowns only taking second place. I was standing at the door, Lily still taking her time to decide. With a final huff, I open the front door, the bell chiming as I did. “see ya outside.” I swing the door wide, a path outside was clear as a runway. I dig my feet in, bolting myself out with tremendous force. the sun hit my face, the outside air brushing past my face. I open my wings, kicking off the top step. With the sun on me and my wings stretched… I crash to the floor.

Well… it just so happened that a pony was walking up to the bakery as I bolted out. I think I kicked her right in the face…

With my forehoof jolting my shoulders like a hundred watts, I tumbled forward. Man, hitting ones head on the ground was not enjoyable. At least I know how Terra felt, to an extent. I laid there in a daze. Vision hazy and head aching, I tried to untangle my wings, my feathers floating down on me like confetti. I heard a Pony shout out a name, “AppleJack!” the pony said, his blurred figure rushing past me. I could hear a clatter of hoofs, my sister’s voice cutting through the noise.

“what the-??? …oh, way to make an entrance, Harmony.”

“oh, shut it, sis.” I rub my snout, “it was an accident.”

“wait, what did you say her name was?” the pony from before spoke again, my sister probably turning to him and said something. I didn’t hear what she said because my mind was preoccupied. That voice… I heard it before… as the figure moved over me and I blinked a few times, it became completely clear to me.

“Is this some kind of habit of yours, ‘sugar’?” I couldn’t believe it, it was Terra! Out of all the ponies to run into, it was him! I couldn’t do anything but laugh. He shook his head, not believing it either. “It’s good to see you, too.” I could hear my sister help the Mare I knocked over, their voices mixing too much to identify any words. I blinked a few more times, my eye site clearing so I could see Terra fully. The stallion’s hair was drooping down as he looked down on me, seeing a very light smile. He was defiantly happy to see me. Seeing the ironic part in this, I couldn’t help but say,

“Well, this is ironic, now I’m on the bottom and Your on top!” it takes him barely a second to get it before he jumps away in a cute blush. His reaction was priceless, I couldn’t help but laugh. “H-hay!” he shouted, his deep blush making me giggle even more. “Hahaha, I’m just pulling your leg, hotshot!”

“Excuse me, face hoofed pony here.” My sister interrupts, reminding me why we met. From the floor, I look over at the Mare I hit. She was orange, having cute freckles on her cheeks. Her mane was a yellow like mine, but she tied hers up with a red band. For a Mare, she was also well built, but that could just be her being an Earth pony. Earth ponies are naturally stronger than Pegasi and unicorns. She had a hat on too, it was brown and very wide. On her flank were three red apples, which I thought was pretty lame, but that’s more than what I can say about mine.

I turn over and got up, scattering more loose feathers. “eh, I’m soooo sorry, mis. I, umm,” The Mare brushes dirt from herself, speaking over me. “umm, it all fine. I recon it was an accident.” Her Accent was heavy, but I actually loved it. Accents where very attractive to me, but I’m only interested in Stallions. My sister on the other hand… Terra trots over to the freckle Mare, kneeling over to her side. “so, you’re ok, Applejack?” she nods, “I’ll live.” I say sorry again, and the mare, named Applejack, smile and said it was fine.

“so… who is this?” Lily walked over to my side, “I didn’t catch the name.” I jump to the introduction, taping Terra’s shoulder for his attention. “Lily, this is Terra. Terra, this is Lily Blossom, my twin sister.”

“3-seconds older, twin sister,” she said, “but besides that, Now I know you two have met, before.” She raised an eyebrow, “Could this be the reason you tagged along with me?” Fudge, I rat myself out! “so… Terra, you know this Mare?” The orange Mare asked Terra. He stumbled on words, searching for the correct vocabulary. “acquaintance.” He picked up.

“Sweet ‘sora’ Harmony…” My sister was now being stern. Well, I guess I had to tell her, eventually.

“well…” I look over at Terra, who was speaking to the other Mare. “It’s kind of a long story… but it started the day after the winter wrap-up…”

Note: I know I most likely mest up with Applejack, but I'm not good at making a Country accent. either way, I want to know if you guys like how I write Terra. a fellow brony told me I suck at it, but I was trying somthing new. do you like it?

and sorry for the late post, I got it up the other day, but I forgot to publish it. ^^; sorry

Ch.4 wavering feelings

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{note: sorry, sorry, sorry for the lateness! some much stuff was happening and I was grounded over winter break, so ya. sorry. besides, one of my few friends is leaving, so it's kind of hard... i also didin't reach my 2k word mark, and i feel i did bad on this chapter... forgive me.}

It was like the time Big Macintosh unintentionally bucked Applejack during Apple bucking season. A small hit from the big stallion can really send you flying. Her head was spinning, but she could still make sense of things. Applejack rubbed the back of her head, where the pain seemed to gathering. It stung a little.

“Hay, you all right there? Did my foal of a sister sprain anything?” Aj looks up through squinted eye. A gray-blue Pegasus began to approach her, her mane well groomed and neatly wavy.

“Ugh, ah’m all right…” Aj said, “I’ve been through worst.” The Pegasus looked over AJ, her red-violet eyes tracing every inch of the mare. She smiles, giving back AJ’s hat back before speaking, “sorry, my sister can be… inpatient. You’re not too hurt, right? I know a little bit of first aid.” Applejack sits up, getting her bearings as she adjusts her hat. “Mah face kinda hurts but it ain’t not’en bad.” A sputter of laughter catches the Pegasus’ attention, her eyes locked to Terra and another Pegasus. Terra was, strangely, not beside AJ, but by the light-cyan Pegasus on the floor.

“Excuse me, face hoofed pony here.” The Pegasus beside AJ said, the other Pegasus looking over at the orange mare. Their eyes lock, the two staring at each other. The Pegasus was laying on the floor upside-down, her eyes darting around as she looked at her. Her coat was similar to Rainbow Dash’s, but slightly darker and neater. She had a Blond Mane, her mane being a lot brighter than AJ’s, which was like a fresh bundle of hay. She had very nice and neatly kept wings, even while she was lying on the floor. Applejack has always been envious of Pegasi for having the ability to fly. Oh, how AJ would love to fly… anyways, the mare was wearing a leaf green collar; a small, gold pocket watch necklace was clipped on to it. AJ couldn’t see the pony’s cutie mark though, her plot being covered by a small dress-like cloth. She had nice green eyes; streaks of blue could be identified if you looked closely. Her feathers were falling on her, one falling on her snout before she turned over to get up. The Pegasus shakes off a few feathers before trotting near AJ.

“eh, I’m soooo sorry, miss. I, umm,” she hesitates for a second. Her voice was nice, sounding very calming. Applejack interrupts the pony, knowing she would say something like, ‘it was an accident.’

“umm, it all fine. I recon it was an accident.” The Pegasus withdraws, feeling really bad about it. Finally, Terra began to walk back to AJ, kneeling beside her. “so, you’re ok, Applejack?”

“oh, ya, I just got hit by a cannon ball, I’m fine.” She thinks to herself. The bluntness of Terra’s question encouraged her to smack him, but she can control herself, unlike some multi-colored pony she knows. She nods her head, “I’ll live…” Applejack’s happy smile from before has faded away, Terra not being all too happy about it.

“I’m sorry, I’m reeeaaallly sorry.” The green eyed Pegasus said while approaching Applejack. AJ sighs. “Hay, at least she was saying sorry.” Confidence reassured in AJ’s mind. She tries to crack a fake smile, telling the Pegasus that it was fine.

“Excuse me.” The violet eyed Pegasus walks past AJ and started to converse with Terra and the blond Pegasus, asking for Terra’s name.

“Who in tarnation is this mare?” Applejack questioned herself, even though she knew she had no answer.

“Well, ask Terra. He seems very comfortable with her.” Confidence points out, “Have you seen him so open with another mare before? I don’t think so.” AJ doesn’t get these moments often, but she was right. The first time she ever talked to him, he was as quiet as a dead rat.

“So… Terra, you know this Mare?” The orange Mare asked Terra, who looked like he completely forgot about her.

“What? Oh, ya I know her… umm, she’s a… an acquaintance!”

“Acquaintance, my plot.”

For timing, this was perfect. At such moment, the two other Pegasus, which she figured out that they were sisters, began to have a little conversation with themselves. Opening a window to ask about Terra’s “acquaintance.”

“Acquaintance? So when did yawl met?” as Terra recites the event of the days before hand, jealous was actually beginning to boil up inside the mare. Terra seemed pretty chirpy as he rambled on, unaware of how AJ was feeling. Normally, this mare wouldn’t be bothered by such a thing, but the way he described their encounter, it made her envious… but discouraged. She ran him over, how does this work? As time flew by, these bad thought slowly dampening the spirit. Now things she never thought of began to flood her mind.

“Maybe ah’m not what Terra likes…”

Maybe, Terra only thinks of her as a good friend, maybe he doesn’t even have feeling for her. But she was doing it right, she remembered everything what Pecan told her, maybe he was the wrong one. Or maybe she didn’t look pretty; maybe she was too much of a country pony to look good. Sweet Harmony was cute to an extent, but maybe it was her… does he even like my freckles?

“Are you nuts, AJ? What gotten in to you? You’re WAY better than that!” Confidence said, working against the currents of negative emotions.


“AJ, you have nothing to worry about.” Confidence manages to find a foothold in the rushing flow, finding a detail in her mind she didn’t recognized. “Sweet harmony is a Pegasus.” It said, “You know Pegasus and earth ponies don’t mix. It’s like making apple cider with grapes. Now stop being a wet rag and pony up! Use your brain!”

Confidence was right, she was being a weak pony, and no pony like that!... but Sweet harmony and the other Pegasus was right there, so maybe she can confess another time…


After the four exchanged a few more words, Applejack had to leave, as she was supposed to be working. She hated the idea of leaving Terra with the two mares, but it was dusk and Big Mac would start to suspect some then. So with her good spirit drained and heart aching, she stomped her way home, barly saying her goodbyes.

“Oh, cheer up, not all was lost.” Confidence salvages the last of her mind in the pile of mixed feelings. “Besides, think of it as this; he’s finally getting friends of his own.” AJ stares at the dusty floor, watching her shadow. If confidence could, he would have sighed and patted AJ on the back.

"Stop being so depressing, your making me feel bad." Even the voice in her head was feeling the effects of her emotions. AppleJack sighs

“AJ, please stop worrying, Terra is a good pony… he won’t end up like the others…”

“Shut it, will ya.” Applejack said out loud, not really caring if any pony heard. She cursed Confidence for reminding her of “them,” but she could only blame herself. She failed to tell Terra her true feeling so she naturally thought about the others. She wanted to forget, but it was hard hiding away such hurtful memories.

“But, Applejack-“

“Shut up…” she spoke out again, trying to forget.

“Hay, Aj, I was just-“

“Ah said, Shut up!”

“Whoa, ok fine, I just wanted to see if you’re ok. No need to hogtie me or anything.” Wait, that was a real pony! She lifts her head. There was a pony was sitting near a post, cheap bandages covering his body. The colt was white, his coat red from some blood. He had a simple black mane, his eyes being a golden hazel. A cut was open on his left brow, but he kept a smile with his minor black eye. It takes her a moment to recognize her injured friend, his “female snout” really confusing her for a second.

“P-pecan!?! What in tar- What pony did this to ya?!?” The white colt looks at himself for a second.

“What, this? Oh, it’s just a flesh wound.”

“Your bleeden…”

“I’ve been through worst, ha-ha.”

“Ya know, Ah’m not going to ask anymore.” She sighs, not wanting to deal with him. But that would be evading the inevitable, now would it. Besides, other than Big M, he was the only one that knows that... she...

"But, enough with me. You’re the main star, here." Pecan trots around her. "So, how things go with Terra?"


"... Mission complete? Level up?"

There was nothing to be said, her grim silence proclaiming that clearly. AJ pulls her eyes away from Pecan, staring at the ground.

"I guess not..." he muttered.

"Ah, umm, just don't want to talk about it..." she tried to move on, her cart feeling heavier on her shoulders. He jogs up, matching her slow pace.

"You don't need too, I... Kinda saw it. I didn't think a pony can fly so far." she lifts her head, only to be pushed down by her hat.

"You also left this..." he removes his hoof, "It must have been bad for ya if you left your hat."

"Oh...thanks." she tilts the tip, "Ah just-"

"The blond Pegasus, I'm guessing?" she said nothing, but the message was clear. He sighed,

"I don't think you'll have any problems with her." he said, "she's a Pegasus, she has no chance."

"Ya just don't understand, Pecan..."

Pecan scoffs, "Don't understand? Piff, I'm a lot more than you think, Aj. Don't say I 'don't understand' till you really know me."

"What?" she ask, Pecan only evading the question.

"Come on, let’s get our minds off of this depressing subject." he said with a peckish smile.

"Here, I'll even take the cart." he tries reaching for the belts, but Aj steered it away.

"Hoho there, tough guy, yer in no shape ta carry this thing. I can manage it fine."

"Oh, I'm fine; I'll take care of it."

"No, Pecan, your injured."

"And? Come on, it's only a scratch. Your stressed out, anyways, I can take it."

Applejack shakes her head, refusing again. She like how Pecan can be a gentlecolt sometimes, even though it can get annoying at times. But I guess it’s just his way of being nice.

As he pesters Aj about the cart, the two travel back to the Apple family farm.


"Oh, Aj, before it escapes me," Pecan says, after successfully acquiring the wagon. "Have you seen Rainbowdash? I’ve been around, and I didn't see her."

"Hmm, I can't say I have." she kicks a small gravel rock

"Terra asked the same thing early. Said ya were hunting for her, is there something up?" he shoulders the buckle again,

"What? Oh it's nothing too important; I just need to speak with her..."

"Really? It seems a little urgent. Is there something I should know?"

He shakes, "Oh, no, it's fine. It's just nothing." he said, his voice getting low and odd.

It's nothing... Just nothing...

ch.5 Puzzle

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WEMS Ch. 5

"umm... I think it's just me, but... I don't think your friend likes me that much..."

"Wait, Applejack? She's the most warm hearted ponies I’ve ever met. I don't see why she wouldn't like you... Well, except for the door..." you rub the back of your neck as you think about it, your body being a little sweaty from being out so long. Dusk was approaching fast, arriving earlier than normal even though it was officially spring. Hmm, what time is it?

"...b-but I don't think that would be it." You said as you and Harmony peered over at AJ, who was going back to her farm with the cart. You can’t see why AJ would not dislike the Pegasus, Harmony seems nice enough. Well... Applejack's attitude did change... But it's probably nothing.

"I don't know... I just feel like she does." She said, her voice showing a snippet of worry.

"Now is not the time to worry about what other ponies think of you, sister. Everypony saw how you trashed Applejack." Blossom said, as she bounced her hair. Harmony rolled her eyes, "says you."

"I ah... Well just give her some time; Applejack a really nice pony and I’m sure she will grow on you." you said.

"Maybe..." she kicks up dust as she sat silently. In an attempt to change subjects, Harmony asked you a question. "Hay, Terra, do you know a Pegasus named Fluttershy? She's, like, yellow and-"

"Pink?” you interrupt, “Ya I know her, do you need her?" You remembered Fluttershy, the Pegasus with the tea pot.

"Really? Like, really, really? Hay, Lily-"

"I know, I'm right here." Blossom said, looking over to you.

"Sorry about that, we're looking for directions to Fluttershy's place. We heard that she's good with animals."

She's good with animals? You didn't know that, maybe you should get out more. But it seemed normal for you to be a little surprised about it; she never really talks to you, unless she was apologizing.

“If you know where she lives, could you point us the direction?”

"uhm, ya, I know where she lives." you reply, "Is she the reson you guys are in Ponyville?"

"Yup!" Harmony replies

"No, that why I came down." Blossom said, "my little sister only wanted to see her little pony." she wore a smirk while Harmony was in a blush.

"I-I- that's not true!"

"Hundred bits says it is."

A moment of silence...

"Buck you, sis."

"he-he, I would love to."

To evade further argument, you cut in. “Wait, what exactly do you need Fluttershy for?”

“Science.” Harmony said.

“Correction, Biology!”

“Same thing.”

Blossom looked agitated, but she then focused on you.
“I’m researching some animals, so I was thinking about talking to fluttershy.” She explained, “and while I’m here, I was thinking of doing some studies on a Blue plant called, Poison joke. I heard some ponies came in contact with them and I would love to find out more.”

You sigh, this almost sounds like Twi. “Well, I never heard of this “Poison joke.” You should ask some other pony about it… umm, what’s this for anyway?”

“Lily is a nerd like that.” Harmony said.

“I prefer “well educated.” Furthermore, I studied and stayed in flight school.” She added, “I rather be out in the field than be stuck as a cloud runner.”

“They pay well!”

“At Least Terra is “Well educated.” Harmony said, realizing her assumption. “Wait, You did go to school, right? Tell me you didn’t bail out like my sister.”

School… it’s been a while. The choice wasn’t yours, you would have stayed and learned if you did. “I’m sorry… I…” Blossom sighed and left it at that.

“Anyways,” Harmony spoke, “back to business.” putting her attention back to you, she sit beside you. Her body was close to yours, a deep and strange feeling arising in your lower throat. Blossom sighs even more, turning away from her sister and you.

"Anyways," She stares at you. Oh, such Beautiful green eyes. "I was wondering if you could escort us to Fluttershy's place. It would be sooo great if could do that for me. (And my sister)" You think about the answer, but it was impossible for you to say no, anyways.

"umm, sure thing, Princess." you say, collecting your thoughts.

"Aaaw, Thank you, hotshot. You’re such a gentlecolt." Your bodies contact, a shock of warmth kicked through your body. Like Pinkiepie's over sweetened rainbow cupcakes, it was a peculiar sensation, making you feel so weird but... so nice.

Blossom, who was quiet a moment ago, suddenly spoke out. "I'm sorry, Terra, But your princess is in another castle!" Harmony, who seemed offended, hissed at her.

"Y u trolls me!"

"Well, EXCUUUSE me, princess!" Harmony jumps away from you, hissing some other thing you quite didn't understand.

You didn't exactly know what they were talking about, but it was amusing, nonetheless. It must be nice to have a sister around your age, someone to talk to, but still argue with. Pallet was like a brother, but not by blood... So it was still different...

But with every story, every character has a past. You sigh and close your eyes, returning with memories that leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Even though you have been trying to forget, the images were still fresh.

It was Sunday, morning, as the sun was still shining through the east window. The spots of dirt on the musky window paint shadows on the far wall. It was already three days, but there still was a collection of dust on the floor, the piles being pushed too and fro by your hoofs. You could still remember the terrible bed you slept in, as hard as the glass bottle that was thrown last night. It was so hard to sleep in that damn thing, one time you awoke with a cockroach crawling on your leg. You stare blankly at the empty wall of the empty room.

You cough a cold. Pushing off the bed, you walk over to your tattered backpack and searching for anything to relieve the sniffles. A nock on your door grabs your attention, the pony poking his snout through the hole you kicked in the door.

"Hay, Terra, are you in there?"

You said nothing, but walked over to the door. Putting your hoof through the hole, you yank the door open. The hinges broke after words, but at least it was open.

Your friend jumps back, giving you room to step in the room. He tries to smile, but it didn't seem to work. He was a Pegasus, his wings tucked under the straps of his bag. He had nice red eyes and a short mane, which always look oily. His coat was dark, like a piece of red furniture wood, and he also had a white diamond on his forehead.

"Hay..." he said, "... Umm, are you feeling better?"

You give him a blank stare. He shifts around, reaching into his rugged satchel.

"Nicole told me to give this to you, umm, she..." he pauses, pulling out a small orange container. It rattles as he passes it to you.

"It's for your cold, or at least I think so."

You recognized the container, orange with a white cap; you could find them in a specific store. They usually carry pills that do things for your body.

"I saw the letters on it, but I didn't know..." he drifts into a wiser as you examine the label. It was for colds, alright, but the thing that got you was-

"Prescription for: Shamrock. Ventis" a name that was unfamiliar to you.

Your friend stares at you, his eyes asking "what does it say?" you ignore it and just thank him. You look around the musky place, nothing really changed from last night.

It kind of surprises you how well you remember this dirt rag. The multitude of trash on the ground, the lamp that never worked. The living room took up most of the house, the old TV near the wall with the junkyard couch in the middle of the room. Your TV diner was still on the portable table, half eaten. The kitchen was to the left of your room, the stench from under the sink still hurting your mind to remember. The doors were on opposite sides of the place, the bathroom being near the front door.

The front door swings open, almost like magic as your eye glanced at it. But of course, it wasn't like this. The mare stumbles in, wearily dropping a bag that clanking with alcoholic drinks. The earth mare rubs her eyes with dirty hoofs, the night of partying finally catching her. Upon her arrival, you immediately greet her.

"Good morning, Gaia." your friend turns around and greets her the same. It takes her a second, but that warm smile you grew fond of was back.

"Oh... Hi, good morning..." moving past the Pegasus, you approached the mare. She was leaning on the wall now, eyes shut with her heavy eyeliner. She was older than you, her body being long and thin. Her coat was like yours, dark and bland. She had a multitude of tattoos, a lot of them being thorns and roses. Your favorite one was a cluster of butterflies, located on her inner thigh. She used to have fang bites, but recently removed them. Regardless, she was still beautiful.

"Where’ve you been?" you ask, already knowing the answer. You knew she thought you didn't know, so pretending that you didn't know would make her feel better.

"Oh, I woke early to, umm, get stuff." she said, "I just didn't want to wake you."

"Oh, ok." you said, playing the oblivious foal. You rub your snout gently against her neck, cuddling into her mane. "At least your here."

She was smiling again, nice and affectionate, like it was supposed to be. You loved her, deeply; you trusted her and respected her. It was sweet... Back then, of course.

She pulls you close with a hug, her head resting on top of your head. You glance up, speaking to her.

"I love you, sister.”

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