• Published 10th May 2014
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Pound and Pumpkin Tales 1 - Never2muchpinkie

Set a few years into the future, six year old Pound and Pumpkin have a lot of growing up to do. They fight and make up, make mistakes and learn lessons, and love and protect each other as much as they get on each other's nerves.

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16-1: Childish joy

Pound and Pumpkin were playing in their room, crafting a fantasy story.

“MOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Pound laughed evilly. Pumpkin was chained on a table situated over a pit of lava. “Daring Do, this is your final hour! The world will finally be mine!”

“Never!” Pumpkin replied, struggling to free herself.

Pound had his hoof over a pull switch. “Any last words?”

The door suddenly opened. “P-Pound, Pumpkin!” Pinkie said in a thick voice.

Pumpkin wanted to complain about Pinkie cutting off her awesome one-liner, but when she saw the tears coming down her face her annoyance disappeared. Pulling her hooves out of the blankets around them she said, “What’s wrong, Auntie Pinkie?”

She shook her head. “Nothing. You have to come downstairs right now.” She sniffed, wiping her eyes, but there was such a joyful expression on her face.

The two of them looked at each other questioningly, then followed after her as they went downstairs.

They went past the store area and the kitchen to the living room. Twilight and their parents were there, as well as Shining Armor and Cadance. The two of them had only seen Twilight’s brother and his wife about three times before, given that they lived in the Crystal Empire.

All of them were gathered around something.

When Twilight heard their approach she turned her head toward them, her eyes full of tears as well. She walked over and picked the two of them up without a word, hugging them.

The two of them didn’t know what all the fuss was about. “What’s going on?” asked Pumpkin.

“Why is everyone crying?” asked Pound.

Twilight pulled them back a little, her eyes still misty. “I have a niece.”

“What?” asked Pound.

Twilight set them down and pushed them forward.

“Come look,” said their mother, moving out of the way.

There, in Cadance’s lap, was a baby. “She was only born last month,” Cadance said serenely. “I wanted it to be a surprise. I felt she was old enough to travel now.”

Cup Cake looked down, seeing her kids hiding behind her legs, peeking out around them. “What’s wrong, my children? Are you scared of the baby?”

They couldn’t explain it, but they were both hesitant to approach the foal.

“What’s her name?” Pumpkin asked.

“Skyla,” Cadance replied lovingly as she glanced at her child. Her coat was a healthy pink, with a curly mane of purple and yellow. Like her mother she was an alicorn.

“Go on, now,” Mrs. Cake said, pushing the two forward. “There’s no need to be shy.”

They stayed where they were for a few moments more, before finally walking and climbing up onto the couch, side by side.

Cadance took Pound’s hooves and put them into the proper position before placing Skyla on his lap.

The colt looked afraid to move. Skyla was gently gurgling and moving her hooves in a kind-of slow dog paddle.

Cadance giggled. They both were paralyzed, staring at Skyla like she was from another planet. “Haven’t you two ever seen a foal before?”

“Sometimes,” Pound said, backing his head up until it was touching the cushion of the sofa. “Just not this close.”

“Yeah,” Pumpkin said. She looked like she wanted to say something else, but no words came out.

Pound was kicking his hooves restlessly, his front legs stone still.

“She’s not going to break, you know,” said Cup Cake. “Babies aren’t THAT fragile. They enjoy a strong hold as much as you do. It gives them a greater sense of security.”

Pound was afraid of doing something to hurt her. He didn’t want Cadance to yell at him. “H-hello,” Pound said in a croaky voice. Skyla’s eyes, which had been focused on her mother, moved over to him. “I… I’m Pound Cake. How, um, how are you?”

She cocked her head to the side, considering him for a long moment, before she suddenly smiled up at him. She raised her hoof and booped him on the nose before giggling.

Tears welled up in his eyes, drifting down his face. He lifted her up higher, gently rocking her, finally getting over his apprehension. “She’s so pretty,” he said, becoming entranced with her just like the rest of the adults had been.

“Can I have a turn?” Pumpkin asked politely.

Pound handed her over. Pumpkin put her hooves in the same position she had seen Pound’s in, but mirrored. “Hello, there,” she said. “I’m Pumpkin Cake. Do you like raspberries?” She lifted the baby up high and blew into her stomach, making little fart noises.

Skyla squealed loudly, kicking her legs and laughing. When Pumpkin set her back on her lap she was all smiles.

Pound got down on the floor and sat down, holding his hooves out to Pumpkin. She handed Skyla over and he set her on the floor as Pumpkin came down with him. Both of them began to tickle her, and she squealed and jerked around, letting out loud guffaws.

Pound and Pumpkin were both sporting contented grins. They were having fun.

Hopping up they ran a short distance away. Skyla flipped herself over, getting back on her hooves.

Both of them got into predatory stances. “We’re gonna get you!” They both began to approach.

Skyla squealed, trotting away as they both continued their slow approach. They let her stay ahead for a short while before Pumpkin finally grabbed her. “Got you!”

Skyla squirmed around, before her horn suddenly glowed and Pumpkin’s hooves were now gripping air. Skyla’s body was completely transparent, and she trotted away for a bit before popping back, her body looking normal again.

“Whoa!” Pumpkin said, her mouth hanging open a little. “That’s so cool!”

Shining rubbed his head. “Yeah… cool. Dealing with an alicorn baby’s magic surges isn’t a picnic, let me tell you that.”

Cadance let out a heavy breath. “Imagine you’re sleeping with your baby and waking up to see her gone and hearing muffled crying, thinking you might have rolled over her in the night, and it turned out she just phased through the bed.”

Carrot Cake let out a sympathetic groan. “We used to let the twins sleep with us at night, and I did roll over on Pound once. I only woke up because he bit me.”

Cup Cake let out a shaky breath. “I remember that. Poor guy was traumatized for the whole day.”

Pound looked over at his parents. He didn’t remember that, but then again it was when he was just a baby.

Skyla had turned around, approaching the twins. “G-gon get you,” she said deviously.

“Oh, no!” Pound said dramatically, scuffling away very slowly.

“Get away!” Pumpkin cried out, matching his pace.

When Skyla didn’t catch them after a short while her horn flashed again and she lifted a few inches off the ground, zooming toward them.

“Ah!” Pound yelled in surprise at the turbo baby.

Just before Skyla reached them there was a flash and Skyla was wrapped up in a shield, crashing into a soft pillow inside it.

“It’s a good thing we both have shield spells, or I wouldn’t feel safe leaving her side,” Cadance said. “Her surges sometimes lead her to get into near accidents.”

“I can only imagine,” Pinkie said. “I still remember the first time I babysat these two. It was a nightmare. But… at the end of it all, when they were safely asleep, and their first words were my name… it made everything that happened insignificant.”

“I think every parent has been there,” said Cup Cake. “It’s their most diabolical trait.” She laughed.

Skyla was set back down on the ground. “Be careful, Skyla," said Cadance. "You don’t want to hurt yourself. Or anyone else.”

“Help me, Pound,” Pumpkin said, laying down.

Pound got the idea and picked Skyla up, straining a little at her weight, setting the foal on Pumpkin’s back. He grabbed Skyla’s hooves, putting them around her neck. “Hold on tight now. Okay?”

“H-howd on tight,” she repeated.

Pound put his hooves under Pumpkin’s stomach and helped her up.

“H-hold on,” Carrot said nervously. “I don’t think that’s safe.”

“No worries,” said Shining. “There are enough unicorns here to levitate her if there’s going to be an accident.”

Pumpkin began to slowly trot around the room, and Skyla cheered, babbling and laughing. Pound remained by her side as a precaution. Once she felt more comfortable Pumpkin began to run, and she was laughing now too, Skyla’s joy being infectious.

After a few minutes Pound said, “Can I have a turn now?”

“Sure!” Pumpkin replied, slowing down and stopping. Cadance saved them some time and effort by simply levitating Skyla over to Pound’s back.

Now Pound was running around, Pumpkin chasing after him. And all the time Skyla kept up a steady stream of jabbering and giggles that made their hearts soar.

Cup Cake and Carrot Cake put their heads together, smiling warmly at their children. After the fiasco with Discord’s magic she was glad to see that they were still able to experience happiness and joy. They had come close to losing their children, but they were really okay.

Tears of joy were coming down Pinkie’s face.

Even though they had all wanted a turn playing and cuddling with the baby none of them felt like stopping the fun the trio were having. They were working together and not fighting at all, sharing Skyla’s time between them. When she messed herself and needed a diaper change they were a bit grossed out, but they didn’t throw her away because of it. Being brave, they elected to do it themselves.

Even then they didn’t fight. They each took part of the responsibility. Pound removed the diaper, and Pumpkin used her magic on the wipes so they wouldn’t have to touch the mess. Pound threw on some powder, and Pumpkin threw the old diaper away.

Cup Cake was impressed at how responsible they were being.

The three continued to play for the next hour, running all over the place and having fun all the while. Finally the exercise proved to be too much for the little foal. She flopped down on the ground and didn’t get back up, despite Pound and Pumpkin’s excited prodding and encouragement.

“Oh my,” Cadance said in mild surprise. “You actually tuckered her out. Ah, the joys of youthful energy.”

“So she’s tired?” Pound asked.

“That’s right.”

“Okay!” Pumpkin said heartily. “Then there’s only one thing to do.”

“I’ll help!” Pound said, just as buoyantly.

The two of them both ran off, giggling as they went upstairs. They came back a minute later, Pound holding a pillow and Pumpkin levitating a blanket.

“Skyla!” Pound called out in a soft voice. The sleepy foal gave him a brief moment of attention before her head went back onto the floor.

“That’s okay,” Pumpkin said gently. “We’ll take care of everything.”

Lifting her up a bit Pound set the pillow under her. Pound laid on his side next to her, putting his hooves around her as Pumpkin laid the blanket over the two of them.

“There you go,” Pound said as he nuzzled her face. “Nice and comfy.”

Pumpkin got under the blanket too on the other side of Skyla, also hugging her. “We’ll protect you from nightmares and monsters, so go to sleep and have some great dreams.”

Skyla yawned loudly, feeling warm and safe. Her eyes slowly closed.

“Hey, Pumpkin,” Pound said softly.

“Yeah?” she replied just as quietly.

“Babies like music, right? Wanna do Fluttershy’s lullaby?”

“Okay. You start.”

“Okay.” He cleared his throat. “Hush now, quiet now, it’s time to lay your sleepy head…”

“Hush now, quiet now, it’s time to go to bed…”

Skyla yawned again, snuggling against Pound, her eyes closed now.

“Drifting off to sleep, leave exciting day behind you...”

“Drifting off to sleep, let the joy of dreamland find you…”

Cup Cake found her heart soaring, seeing her precious children comforting and being so loving toward the baby. Despite being shy and afraid at the start they had taken to her and treated her like she was their own little sister.

Pinkie was crying, feeling so happy. They were working in perfect sync.

The twins were oblivious to everyone else in the room. Their only concern was for Skyla, and helping her fall asleep. Their efforts were rewarded a few minutes later when she began to gently snore.

Pound felt so proud of himself. “We did it!” he said, almost silently. “We really did it.”

“Yeah. We did it.”

“Now what?”

“We promised to protect her, so that’s what we’re gonna do.”

“You’re right.”

They both closed in a little tighter, laying their heads by hers.

As the minutes ticked by Pound was getting restless. “I’m bored,” he said to Pumpkin.

“Me too,” she admitted.

“She’s sound asleep. She’ll be fine now.”


As the two of them of them pulled away from her Skyla quietly fussed as she stretched a bit. “Poun… Punkin.”

Pound felt his heart melting, tears dripping down his face. It felt hard to breathe. In a shaky voice he said, “I can wait a little longer.”

Pumpkin gulped, putting her hoof over her heart. “Me too.”

They both got back into place, crying in happiness.

“We’ll keep you safe,” Pound said thickly.

“That’s right, Skyla. We’re here for you.”

Whether Skyla heard them or not they didn’t know, but she grew quiet as they laid there next to her.

As they continued to cuddle with her they also felt a feeling of safety and tenderness from being so close. They stopped focusing so much on just being stuck there.

“She’s so warm,” Pound whispered, his eyes drooped a little.

“She smells nice too,” Pumpkin added, taking a sniff. “I wonder if all foals smell this good.”

Pound let out a little yawn himself, making Pumpkin follow suit. Pumpkin nuzzled Skyla’s head, her heart filled up with affection for the foal.

Pound’s eyes were closing. He felt so comfortable. How could he have ever been scared of a baby?

Pumpkin wasn’t far behind, yawning again as she rested her head against Skyla’s. It had been a few years since they’d had daytime naps, but she didn’t feel like moving.

Soon enough the twins snoring mingled in with Skyla’s, all three of them fast asleep.

“Aww, isn’t that the sweetest thing?” Cadance said sweetly, beaming. “They’re all out.”

Pinkie nodded, wiping away some tears. “They were amazing. I’m just so proud of them.”

“The whole time they perfectly shared responsibility,” said Carrot. “It’s truly a wonder that they didn’t get into any fights that would have ruined things.”

“After the fiasco at Fluttershy’s party I think that our babies might just be growing up a little,” Cup Cake said, her face moist like the rest.

Shining laughed quietly. “We had planned to go around to all Twily’s friends houses and let them spend a little time with our little Skyla, but I guess that’s out of the question now. I’m not dealing with an alicorn temper tantrum from getting woken up from her nap.”

“Skyla really took a shine to them,” Cadance remarked. “She’s usually never this cooperative at napping. It really saved us a lot of time and effort since they tired her out.

“Hmm… this could actually work out in our favor. It might be better to bring everyone here and wait for her to wake up refreshed than to take her all over town. She might get overwhelmed from too much stimulation.”

Twilight gave her brother a pat. “What do you say, Shining? Want to join me as I gather the rest of my friends?”

“Sure, Twily.” He looked over at the sleeping trio. “I think my daughter is in good hooves.”

Author's Note:

So here we are. A nice, low-key return to yesteryear, when this story was more lighthearted and everything got wrapped up in one section. Hope you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

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