• Published 4th Mar 2014
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Fire Mane's Changed Adventures: - Ponyess

I was born a black Pegasue in Cloudsdale. I seem to have a gift of seeing my friends. Though right now I'm on an adventure, the quest to find myself and my future home. This is where it all begun, but where it will take me, only Celestia knows.

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Aiding the Changeling: 2

Once I knew what I had before me, and what I was looking at, things slowly started to clear up for me. A severely injured Changeling, and one I wasn't going to see as an enemy, for what it is worth. Actually, I was starting to see her as a potential friend.

Looking at my mane as it hang down before my eyes, something suddenly became clear, this isn't the old and ordinary mane I had as I left my home. It is still the same fiery red it had always been, but it is a mane you would have been looking at, if you had Luna before you, only she's an Alicorn, but I had thought myself a Pegaus mare. This isn't the type of mane a Pegaus would grow under any circumstances.

Then something more came to mind, we had been reading in class of how Cadence had been born a Pegasus to, but later ascended into an Alicorn. Maybe this explained my situation.

What we had red back in the class in Cloudsdale did not go into anything of this, so my mane is a pure mystery to me. Yet, I realised it isn't just strands of hair anymore. For what it was worth, it is aiding me in seeing something I couldn't have seen before, but it is merely a small detail in a much greater change. As an Alicorn, I would also have a horn in my forehead, with which I could perform actual magic. Not just the regular weather magic we had been doing before. Walking on clouds and the like is easy for a Pegasus, but this is an entirely different kind of magic of which I had no prior experience.

Knowing I couldn't just pull her out of the forest caused me to consider my options. I could always try the more common Unicorn magic, like levitating her out of the darkness of the forbidding forest, in hope to avoid any of the resident wolves would find us, before I could get her on her hooves.

Uncertainty in my abilities made me try out a few things along the way, starting with looking around for the small objects for a good test to grow accustomed to handling what I had in mind. Levitation was supposedly among the first and easiest spells in the book, but I didn't even have the book at hoof.

After a few trials and tests, I felt sufficiently comfortable and secure in what I had before me, and lifted her up from the cold dark ground where she had been found. Now I moved towards the line of trees, carrying my charge with me, in hope I could actually save her. I just couldn't see these wolves have her, for whatever good it may do for them. The Changeling wasn't up for a fight at this point.

Since I'm not sure how far it would or how bad she is doing, I had chosen to stop, just beyond the limit of the unforgiving forest. Keeping her on level with my eyes, I could finally have a good look at her, in order to see. This is when I felt her brush against my mane again, only to get a new glimpse into her situation, even if it only told me about her state of mind and how she would view me. It didn't tell me much I didn't know at this point, so I simply moved to examine her body.

What I found wasn't directly life-threatening, for all I could say. Just as I can't do anything for her here, short of a minor cleaning her coat off, and sealing skin-deep wounds. So I chose to proceed to take her, to where I thought I could help her.

Moving in haste, I soon found the first choice less than available, since the hut was empty, and the Zebra not there. Now I moved her out of the forest, before I make a dash for the next choice I could think of, which is in the outskirts of Ponyville. As I approach I soon realised, it would be best chance, not just because she was known to be easy to find, but due to her general sympathetic character in general. She had after all even tried to turn Discord himself towards less hurtful paths.

I knock on her door, only to hear hoofsteps behind it, giving me short time to prepare, now as it is either going to work, or would she turn me away?