• Published 4th Mar 2014
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Fire Mane's Changed Adventures: - Ponyess

I was born a black Pegasue in Cloudsdale. I seem to have a gift of seeing my friends. Though right now I'm on an adventure, the quest to find myself and my future home. This is where it all begun, but where it will take me, only Celestia knows.

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A New Friend is a Friend Too: 1

Author's Note:

Fire Mane's POV

I still do recall leaving my home in Cloudsdale, it was just a week ago, I had said my fair wells to mother Easy Breeze.

Leaving my parents' home, in search for myself and my own home had been easy, exciting at first. Only a few days later it had sunk in, just how hard my adventure really was in the first place.

Finding myself, is more than merely finding a home. I need a place to call my own, and a job to be proud of. For some reason, weather duties wasn't sounding overly exciting in my ears.

I had been born a black Pegasus, my mane is a fiery red, it always had been. A rather long tuft of hairs falling down in my face, with only my ears to hold it in place. My deep blue eyes lightening up the looks of a night sky, even when I do smile, which I had a pension for, in part because I had a sense of who actually was my friend in the first place.

As it turned out, I had been flying towards Ponyville and came close to the forest. The Everfree forest, nonetheless, of all forest I could approach.

My teacher had told me that I can't know myself if I didn't challenge my abilities. I guess it is why I had failed to realise, what was about to happen. I'm landing just outside of the dark and forbidding forest. Why ever in the name of Celestia and Luna would I possibly go down this close to a place like this. Normally I wouldn't chance it, it isn't the place any pony would even fly over, by the tales I've heard. Short of the Apples, who practically lives in the forest.

What shocked me is what came from just behind the next large boulder, behind a few more trees just inside of the forest. At first it was but a whine out of pain, then I thought there was a pony, but realised I had been entirely wrong on the presumptions here. Yet, the feel of pain persisted, so if it isn't a pony, maybe it was just an injured critter, and I could as well take a few more steps and see who or what was hiding behind the boulder.

Intermittently casting weary glances right and left, trying to predict where my threat could come from, and what they would be, but thankfully found none at this point. Pointing one ear towards the one I was trying to save, while the other scanned for unexpected noises, just as wearily as my eyes, darting back and forth. I may be an adventurer right now, but it didn't make me into an unfazeable hero who death-defiantly moved through untold dangers.

Naturally, unless I turned back I'm bound to see who was hiding behind the boulder, and that's where I had just ended up. What I see is something not too unlike a pony, but something was off with her. Then I realised what it is I have before my eyes, a Changeling. Alone and lost, she didn't pose a threat, so I could safely approach.

For a moment I was close to burst out laughing, I had a Changeling before me, after all the excitement and turmoil I had gone though, on my way as I investigated what I was doing here in the first place. This forest isn't the place where you leave your fillies or colts, it is the place you leave behind.

She had apparently made a few more whinnies and moaned in pain as I make the final few steps up to her, where she lay on the ground. Yet I couldn't quite stop a small smile of amusement from touching my lips, as I look at the creature I had before me. She may look like it, but apparently she isn't actually a pony, no more so, then a Zebra or Donkey, though our history had made us wary of her, and her kind after Chrystalis mistake to attack Canterlot and the wedding between Cadence and Shining Armour.

Since I'm not a mare comfortable seeing anyone in pain, I have to make a choice at this point, either I run off the fastest I could, or I tried to do something for her, where she lay. If I failed, I would have to find someone else capable of helping her. Since she is a Changeling, I have no idea where I would ask. The one Pony I knew of, willing to try would be Flutter Shy, since it is her part to help any and all critters already.

I had invested too much time to just run off, and she did not seem to present any threat at this point, so I step up, looking closer at her. What else am I to do?

As I look at her, I could see she tried to hold on to the image she had been trying to make, but the time faded away and her regular pony form melted away. The flank I could see is littered with scrapes and bruises, just as I could see more of these on the rest of her black body. What made me wince is the deep gush on her flank. Thankfully, none of the wounds are fatal of their own, but wounds had a tendency to mount up.

As I looked closer still, listening in on hear breathing and heart my mane slipped down onto her neck, and this is when I was hit by the worst shock yet. Not so much a scare, but the way it hit me like a bolt of lightning from a clear sky. How does one prepare to learn something so unexpected about one's self? Even if it clashed with a reference to Luna, or more precise in her dark, grievous and scary form of Nightmare.

What my shock told me about her was less of a problem, even if I may not have believed her, had she just told me up front.