• Published 23rd Feb 2014
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The Conversion Bureau: A Man's Revenge - no sh*t sherlock

The PER get on the wrong side of a wealthy man.

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The Conversion Bureau: A Man's Revenge

By: no sh*t sherlock

“This is Nick. You guys read me?” A voice called. I put my binoculars down and picked up my radio from the concrete floor.

“Jordan here, Go ahead.” I answered back.

“I’ve acquired the target. Hes in a black SUV.” Nick said. Nicholas Diaz was our lookout, a perfect job for a pegasus. Keeping up with targets in cars was way too hard for us ponies that had to walk, even in the congested city streets. But he was able to inconspicuously follow them, posing as just any other pegasus soaring about the sky.

“How’re they looking?” Another voice asked. It was Carly. She was the leader of our little group as well as the oldest at 26 humans years old. We had known each other the longest and it was her that convinced me to join the PER. In our city the PER was separated into smaller division that would all come together every once in a while to discuss plans of action. The one decided on a few months ago was to save the more well off and prestigious families. Thats what we were doing today.

“They’re coming straight to you. 30 seconds.”

I looked out the window and down the street. Sure enough, there was the target’s car stuck behind a stop light. Luck was with us as it was the first car in the line.

“Get your weapon ready.” Alisa said. She was the unicorn next to me and was the one who set the spell trap for them. I looked my gun over. The specially made item would hold 14 darts. All five of us in the group had one.

“10 seconds guys.” Nick alerted.

I breathed quickly. As a grouped we had saved dozens of people on the streets, but this was different. This was a chosen target, that took careful planning. What we all hoped was that if the general public saw the wealthy going pony, then they might go to a bureau to be saved themselves.

“...2...1...hes in position!”

The SUV rolled into the street we intended. The perfect chosen spot on the target's daily route. A small street in the middle of two abandoned apartment buildings that had nearly no vehicle or foot traffic. Two ponies in the windows of either building with two traps in the street to block their path in front and behind. It was a simple ambush and so far it was working out good and our luck continued.

When the car passed a certain street light, a magically wall formed a few yards ahead of it. The driver slammed on the brakes and the vehicle skidded to a stop, bouncing off the wall only slightly.

That was our cue.

Alisa and I leaned out the window at the same moment as Carly and David and fired a quick burst of darts at the back windows. I wasn’t completely surprised when they bounced harmlessly off the glass.

“Bulletproof.” I sighed heavily.”We gotta get down there."

The driver was trying to leave. He threw it in reverse and hit the gas. They went a few yards backwards until they hit the newly formed opposite wall. When they realized they were stuck, the doors on the right side opened and two men in suits jumped out.

“PER! One shouted as they pulled pistols from holsters on their waists and began firing at Carly and David. They weren’t aware of us.

The first one was hit from above by Nick. He fell to the ground and started convulsing as changes began almost instantaneously. I shot the second in the back when he paused to check the status of his partner.

The driver had sped forward again. He drove onto the sidewalk aiming for a small gap between the wall and the building. But he didn’t make it.

I’m not sure what he hit exactly. Maybe he knocked over a trash can and it somehow got underneath the right front wheel or something. But the right side lifted off the ground. The weight of the other side brought it to slowly flip on its side and then onto its roof.

“Oh Crap!” Alisa shouted as we left the windows and headed for the stairs.

The two of us made it to the overturned Escalade at around the same time as Carly and David. The driver had unhooked his belt and was trying to crawl from the window. Carly got him easily. Nick had landed and along with David, was dragging the converting driver away from the vehicle.

I crouched and peered inside the window. Sitting in the back was a small boy, around ten or eleven, still suspended by his seatbelt. He didn’t look hurt, but I swear his eyes were as big as golf balls and he was whimpering and shaking in fear.

“Shh… We’re not going to hurt you, son. We’re here to help. Your daddy just can’t see that this will be a good thing for you. We’re helping your entire family, okay?” I spoke in a soothing voice with a hoof stretched out in an attempt to calm him. He pulled back anyway, but I still moved forward. “I got to get you out of that seat.” I said in the same voice. I hit the red release button with my hoof and the boy fell onto the car’s ceiling.

I looked to Carly who nodded in approval then turned back to the boy with my dart gun ready. The boy was staring at me and had started to cry.

“Its okay, its alright. There's no pain.” I stuck him in the leg before crawling back out of the car. “Its done.” I told everyone. Carly began to smile at me, but it was stopped by the sound of sirens approaching.

“Good because we gotta go!” Carly said before taking off into the air with Nick following close behind. “We’ll meet up at the safe house later!” She shouted before accelerating to her full speed.

The rest of us nodded in agreement. Alisa took down the walls and we all fled the scene.