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Persona: The "Pony"-verse Legacy - Golden Flare

Two humans from another world came into Equestria, unsure of where they are, and they are somehow able to wield card-like creatures called "Personas".

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Episode 4: Cutie Mark Crusader, Persona Users!

Monday, June 1, 2013 -> Tuesday, June 2, 2013

Even woke up the next morning, he realized that the train was coming to a stop. He tried to wake Ley up.

"Ley! Hey, Ley! Wake up! We gotta go!" Even whispered.

Ley began to wake up.

"Mmmmm... Huh? What?" Ley mumbled.

"Come on, let's go!" Even whispered again.

"Oh, um, ok." Ley said, half asleep.

They hopped off the train and snuck through the town that they arrived at, but they don't realize what town they're in in right now, considering the fact that the two just woke up.

Spike caught eye of them and started to panic.

"OH NO! TWILIGHT! TWIIIIIIILIGHT!" Spike screamed as he ran to the library.

Episode 4: Cutie Mark Crusader, Persona Users!

Even and Ley ducked into an apple cart in town and tried to get a few more minutes of sleep in.

They both passed out a few moments after they climbed into the cart.

"Zzzzzz" the two muttered.

"I'm sure we'll be fine, I mean, it's just a few minutes." Even thought as he fell back asleep.


2 Hours Later...


"Mmmm, ahhh, there. I feel well rested now." Even said.

Even noticed that Ley was resting next to him with her arms wrapped around him.

Even smiled, and kissed her on her forehead.

Even's Expression has increased. +1 = 12

"I'll let her sleep a little longer. I wonder how long we were asleep?" Even said.
"I'm sure nothing real important happened."


2:00 >> rewind >> 0:12


Spike quickly burst through the door to the library shouting like a maniac.

He was so hysteric that no one could understand him.

Twilight and Pinkie tried to calm him down and get him to speak more clearly.

"They're back! Those things!" Spike finally said without losing his mind.

"What?!" Twilight asked.
"What do we do? If we go near them, they'll attack us again, and..."
"...The Princess."

Twilight began to mope.

"I've never seen her so angry. Why did she want me to stop? She ordered the attack..."
"...Didn't she?"

"Ya know," Pinkie began to say.
"I'm beginnin' to think that Princess Luna tricked us."

"But WHY would she do that? It doesn't make sense!" Twilight replied.
"And I can't ask her because... She's probably still mad."

"I got an idea!" Pinkie said.
"I thought about it when I was sleeping over with you, ya know, to help cheer you up? Why don't we ask those things why they attacked us in the first place?"

"Maybe they had a reason why they did that." Spike agreed.

"NO WAY!" Twilight screamed, making Spike and Pinkie jump.
"If I see those two again, I'm gonna give them what's coming to them!"

"But, Twi-"

"In fact, I think I know a spell that can help me out." Twilight said, not paying attention to Spike.

She rushed to one of the bookshelves and pulled out a few books, looking for the spell she was talking about.

Twilight found the spell and read about how to cast it.

"Get ready, creatures, I'm coming for you!" Twilight said with determination.


0:12 >> Fast-Forward >> 0:43


Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash met up by the train station, waiting for JD to come back.

Even today, they couldn't get his words out of their heads,

"...Riddle me this. What's my brother's name?"

They felt bad because they didn't know that he had a brother.

"Think it over carefully. I'm sure we'll meet again."

Applejack finally broke the silence.

"Sweetie Belle didn't come home yesterday?" Applejack asked.

"No." Rarity replied.

"I haven't seen Scootaloo since yesterday." Rainbow Dash stated.
"I'm getting worried."

Applejack and Rarity nodded in agreement.

"Ah wonder if that little filly's alright." Applejack said.


0:43 >> Fast-Forward >> 0:51


JD with Celestia, Cadence, and Shining Armor were flying to Ponyville, to get answers from Even and Ley.

"JD," Celestia began to speak.
"Do you know those two called Even and Ley?"

"I believe that Even is really my brother, but he somehow lost his memories." JD said.

"Are you certain?" Celestia asked.

"Yes." JD answered.

"Who IS your brother?" Cadence asked.

"Yeah." Shining Armor agreed.

"His name is..."

"It'll have to wait JD, we're here." Celestia said, interrupting JD.

"It appears he's back." Rarity said.

Applejack and Rainbow Dash whipped their heads towards the sky and saw JD, Celestia, Cadence, and Shining Armor preparing to land.


0:51 >> Fast-Forward >> 1:48


Fluttershy was walking around town, looking for her friends.

Then, she saw Twilight, scanning the area with Pinkie Pie and Spike.

"Oh, hello, Twili-"

"C'mon, Fluttershy, we need your help." Twilight said, interrupting Fluttershy.

"You mean, YOU need her help." Spike stated.

Twilight glared at Spike, then he cowered behind Pinkie.

"Let's go!" Twilight declared.

Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Spike followed Twilight, searching for the two humans.


1:48 >> Fast-Forward >> 2:00


Even tried to carry Ley as he was climbing out of the cart, hoping not to be seen.

But, they got caught by a group of fillies who were looking for them since yesterday.

Care to take a guess?

"Hey there! Y'all them, um Persona Users, right?" Apple Bloom asked.

Yep, you guessed right.

Ley woke up the moment Apple Bloom called out to them.

"I'm awake, I'm awake!" Ley subconsciously shouted.
"What happened? How long was I out?"

"Don't know, sorry." Even said.

"Annnnnyway, can you teach us how to use those Persona thingies?" Scootaloo asked.

"Wait, how did you-"

"Ah found an old book in Zecora's hut and she let me borrow it." Apple Bloom said, interrupting Even.
"Oddly enough, it was about those things you guys call, 'Personas' and also, 'Persona Users'."

Even's Knowledge has increased. +2 = 17

Ley's Knowledge has increased. +2 = 17

"Hmm, show me this book." Even demanded.

"ONLY if you can teach us how to use Personas." Scootaloo demanded.

"Sounds like a fair deal, what do you think, Ley?" Even said.

"I... Guess it would be ok." Ley replied.


Even and Ley lost their hearing for a few seconds, but quickly regained them.

"Um, what's a 'Cutie Mark Crusader'?" Even asked.

"We'll explain the way! Let's go!" Sweetie Belle declared.

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom helped Even and Ley into the wagon, while Scootaloo pulled it with her scooter, and rushed to Sweet Apple Acres.


Even and Ley read the book that Apple Bloom had very thoroughly.

Even's Knowledge has increased. +5 = 22

Ley's Knowledge has increased. +5 = 22

"Alright, you guys read your book, now it's time to keep your end of the bargain." Scootaloo said.

"Ok, ok, a deal's a deal." Even said.

Even, Ley, and the CMC went across Ponyville, learning how to call their own Personas, just after Even told them how to do it.

They returned to Sweet Apple Acres.

"We've been working all day, and STILL no Personas!" Sweetie Belle stated.

"Don't stress yourselves about it." Even said.

"Huh?" the three fillies said.

"It'll come to you, trust me." Even said with a wink.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo stared at Even in admiration.

Even felt a faint bond between him and the three fillies.

Even has developed a Social Link with them.

Apple Bloom - Guardian Arcana - Rank 1 (*) - - - - - - - - -

Sweetie Belle - Musician Arcana - Rank 1 (*) - - - - - - - - -

Scootaloo - Devotion Arcana - Rank 1 (*) - - - - - - - - -

Even has established three new bonds.

"THERE YOU ARE!" Twilight shouted.

"!?" the five motioned.

Twilight cast her spell on Even, it allowed her to take the goodness that remained in Sombra's heart, and crafted it into a new Persona.

"Here goes nothing! PERSONA!" Twilight said.

She stabbed the card with her horn and called out her new Persona. It was a part of Sombra that was stolen.

Twilight's Persona was called, "Hapinesu King Sombra".

"!!!!!" Even motioned.
"N-N-NO WAY!!"

"Go for it, Hapinesu King Sombra!" Twilight commanded.

Twilight used the same attack as the real King Sombra, but it was different. The attack wasn't tainted with darkness.

"LOOK OUT!!!" Even yelled.

Ley and the CMC took cover in the apple orchard.

Even dodged the Ragnarok attack and drew his sword.

"Sombra, showtime! Persona!"

Even attacked the card and summoned King Sombra.

"DARK ZIO!" Even commanded.

A black lightning bolt attacked the fake Sombra, but did no damage.

"Ahhhhhh." Hapinesu King Sombra said.

"It did nothing!? And... IT TALKS?!!" Even said in shock.

"Ha! You'll never beat Hapinesu! He's Dark Magic Proof! No Dark attributed attack can do him in!" Twilight stated.

"True, but what about Physical Attacks?" Even asked.

"?!" Twilight motioned.

"That's what I thought." Even said with a smirk.

Even charged at Hapinesu with his sword and slashed it several times until it was showing pixels.

Both Hapinesu and Twilight were growing weak.

"Grrrrrr...!" Twilight growled.

"TWILIGHT!" Applejack shouted.

"Applejack!" Twilight said.
"And, Rarity, Rainbow Dash... Cadence? Shining Armor?... PRINCESS?!"

"Hello, Twilight." Celestia said.

"..." Twilight didn't say a word.

She started to mope again.

"I wanted to apologize for yelling at you yesterday, I didn't mean to hurt you, I just lost my temper." Celestia said, apologetically.

Even saw what was going on over by Twilight.

Even's Understanding has increased. +1 = 14

Twilight looked back at Even.

"What? Got nothing left to say?" Twilight said.

Even stood silent for a moment.

"...What's your deal with me?" Even asked.

"?" Twilight motioned.

"I'm sorry I hurt your friend, I really am, but I was trying to protect my friend." Even apologized.
"If YOUR friends were in trouble, wouldn't you do whatever it took to protect them?"

Even's Expression has increased. +1 = 13

Twilight started to process Even's words, but she remembered that he controls King Sombra.

In that aspect, HE was the enemy, and that's all there is to it.

"I've had just about enough of you!" Twilight shouted.

"!" Even motioned.

Twilight began to charge at Even with Hapinesu at her side, but Apple Bloom ran in between Even and Twilight.

"LEAVE 'IM ALONE!!" Apple Bloom demanded.

Twilight skid to a stop in front of the filly.

"Apple Bloom, get out of the way!" Twilight commanded.

"Not ah chance!" Apple Bloom replied.

"Sugar Cube?" Applejack said.

"Can't ya see that he doesn't mean any harm?! He's tryin' ta be as friendly as possible, and yer just tryin' to hurt 'im! You're nothing but ah-"

"Don't say it!" Twilight ordered, interrupting Apple Bloom.

"AH BULLY!" Apple Bloom screeched.

Her words echoed through Sweet Apple Acres.

"And I'm gonna do whatever it takes to stop you. Cuz that's what he would do."

"I AM THOU." a mysterious female voice said.

"Wha-!" Apple Bloom said.

Both her and Twilight looked down, where the voice was coming from. It coming from a reflection in a puddle of water.

It was Apple Bloom's Shadow.

"THOU ART I." Shadow Apple Bloom said.

"Oh no! Not again!" Twilight thought to herself.

A card descended down in front of Apple Bloom.

"Apple Bloom?" Applejack said.

"...Ah am thou." Apple Bloom said.

Apple Bloom performed a backflip and whipped the card with her tail, summoning her Persona.

Her Persona put its fore hooves in front of it and closed its eyes. Apple Bloom closed her eyes as well. It's similar to what Sombra does.

Apple Bloom's preparing a charge attack.

"ZIO OCULUS!!!" Apple Bloom screamed.

Both Apple Bloom and her Persona's eyes whipped open, Apple Bloom's eyes were glowing white, and her Persona's eyes glowed white and shot two powerful electrical beams and hit Hapinesu King Sombra.

Hapinesu was showing more pixels than before.

Twilight and her fabrication of a Persona became weak.

Celestia herself, intervened and took Twilight's Persona.

"I believe that's enough." Celestia said.

"Princess?" Twilight said.

"Even Flaire, Apple Bloom, call off your Personas." Celestia ordered.

"Ummm..." Apple Bloom said.

Even whispered in her ear and told her how to call back her Persona.

"Ohhhhh. Ok!" Apple Bloom said.

They closed their eyes and told their Personas to stand down using their minds.

Both of their Personas disappeared.

Apple Bloom's Knowledge has increased. +1 = 9

Hapinesu King Sombra went back into the card of the real King Sombra.

"Whooooooooooa." Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo said in awe.

"Young Even," Celestia began.
"You and Ley must come with me. I wish to ask you two a few questions."

"Ley?" Even said.

"If there's no tricks, then I'm ok with answering any question you have." Ley said.

"If it's ok with Ley, it's ok with me." Even agreed.

"That's good. Let's talk in the library." Celestia said.
"Spike, go prepare some tea, we may need it."

"Yes, Ma'am!" Spike said, cheerfully and cooperatively.

"Twilight? Isn't there something you wish to say to Even and Ley?" Celestia asked.

Twilight frowned by what she did, it was all a big misunderstanding.

"I'm sorry. Really, I am." Twilight said.

Twilight lowered her head until she was staring at the ground.

Even put his hand on Twilight's shoulder to comfort her.

"Don't beat yourself up about it." Even said.

Twilight slowly lifted her head up, her eyes meeting Even's.

"I understand why you did it. I'm gonna clear all this up, everything will be fine, trust me." Even said.

A tear ran down Twilight's left eye as she smiled.

Even's Expression has increased. +1 = 14

Even's Understanding has increased. +1 = 15

Even felt a faint bond between him and Twilight.

Even has developed a Social Link with Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle - Learner Arcana - Rank 1 (*) - - - - - - - - -

"We should be going." Celestia said.

"Right." Even agreed.

They all walked to the library, while JD snuck away to spy on Even.

"Yo... Bro-migo." JD said to himself.


Next Scent

"I see." Celestia said.

"A gauntlet that gives the bearer unlimited power." Even read.

"It used to be Sombra's, but we locked it away." Luna stated.

"You have the power of the Wild Card." JD said to Even.

To Be Next

Episode 5: The Gauntlet of Sombra

Author's Note:

There's chapter 4! Enjoy! One more thing, Here's the CMC's stats,

Apple Bloom Lv. 1 - Guardian Arcana
Courage: 7
Expression: 8
Understanding: 8
Knowledge: 9
Diligence: 7

Sweetie Belle Lv. 1 - Musician Arcana
Courage: 7
Expression: 6
Understanding: 6
Knowledge: 8
Diligence: 7

Scootaloo Lv. 1 - Devotion Arcana
Courage: 9
Expression: 5
Understanding: 6
Knowledge: 9
Diligence: 8

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