• Published 24th Nov 2013
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Of Apples and Marshmallows - Twilight-the-Pony

A collection of stories, written for RariJack prompt thread

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Not prompt: Breakfast

A cloud of the light grey smoke crept up the wooden stairs of the Carousel Boutique, its essence engulfing everything on its path. There was no possible escape from it, as it already engulfed all the lower chambers, leaving nothing intact. Not even Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom nor the fearless Scootaloo.

But the smoke didn’t stop with the helpless fillies. The heat of the source propelled it up the stairs, eagerly wrapping and licking everything in its path, seeking for even more unsuspecting victims.

Ground on the first floor was already engulfed in the treacherous mist, as it sought to spread its tendrils as far and wide as possible. Four empty rooms were already giving in, as everything in them being absolutely saturated with its scent.

The fifth door was just slightly ajar, enabling the mist to make no exceptions. This room was filled with various types of high-quality decorations, and a luxurious double-bed stationed directly in the middle of it. Along with the finest set of sheets, at this very moment the bed also contained an snowy-white unicorn with curly indigo mane, mumbling to herself something in her sleep.

It didn’t take long for the sleeping pony to be completely engulfed in the mist, either. It crept higher and higher until it reached the mare's nostrils and sneak inside. The mare paid no attention to the invader as she just muttered something unintelligible and changed her sleeping position.

It was too late. The mist already achieved its goal. A sugary-sweet mixture of cinnamon and apples woke up the sleeping mare, making her eyes open in disappointment, that a soft orange pony that she was used to wake up with every morning, was gone.

But the sweet fragrance that now saturated the entire Boutique almost instantly forced a grin onto her lips.


She stretched her hooves and gracefully jumped off the bed with a sly grin on her face. She had a plan. Every step that she made was carefully planned and calculated to prevent the floor from squeaking. She had to admit to herself: If not for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, she would not even deem this possible. Cutie Mark Crusaders Ninjas wasn’t really their call, but they showed her (sometimes in big frustration), that is possible to sneak around the house in complete silence.

She slowly and very carefully opened the kitchen door, unsuccessfully trying to ignore the wave of flavor that washed over her. Opening the door just a little bit more, she couldn’t help herself but chuckle at the scene.

Sweetie Belle and her two friends were having eating contest. With her having some freshly-made pie smeared around her lips and lying from exhaustion, meant only one single thing: Cutie Mark Crusader Pie Eater wasn’t her destiny either. Even Scootaloo and Apple Bloom were quite close to raising a white flag.

But that was a good thing. The fillies being preoccupied with gnawing on the sweet apple pie was one more reason, why Rarity’s plan could actually work. With kitchen door now opened fully, she proceeded with her endeavours. One hoof in front of another, sneaking slowly and in almost perfect silence she crept towards her target: An orange pony with a playfully swaying golden tail.

Rarity gulped. So close. Just few more steps.

One more. And...

“Howdy there, Sugarcube!” Applejack turned around and shove a spoonful of delicious pie in Rarity’s mouth, startling her.

But instead of cheerful reply from Rarity, Applejack was greeted by a grimace from her marefriend. “Eugh.”

“But, what is wrong, Rarity?”

“I don’t know. It feels like there’s something missing.”

Applejack was confused. “But what? This recipe is from Granny Smith. And I’ve made it like thousand times so far without a hitch.”

Rarity tapped her hoof to her chin. “Hm. Let’s see, if this is it,” she added as in deep thought, leaning towards the orange pony in order to steal a kiss. “Yes, yes. That was it.”

“What? What?”

“It needs more of a certain Apple I know.”

Two ponies shared a laugh.

“Good morning, Rarity. Breakfast?”

Author's Note:

This was not a prompt, but it was much too fun to pass out.

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