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It was supposed to be Octavia’s first big moment in her beginning career. To her dismay a unicorn named Vinyl Scratch stole her spotlight and left an impression on the cellist she would so soon not forget.

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Chapter 14

The next couple of days went by without any breakdowns, startling revelations or anything really worth mentioning.

Octavia’s nerves sometimes got the better of her, but Vinyl managed to calm her down easily by reaffirming that they were doing the right thing and that everything would work out in the end.

Apart from that they had spent their time organizing everything they needed in their apartment and had not brought with them from Canterlot, meeting Lyra and Bon Bon for a bit of sightseeing and something to eat while chatting and of course the two musicians used some of the time to hone their craft.

Octavia would play her cello with practiced ease and Vinyl would sit at her deck with her headphones on remixing and creating new music. The latter with some sound samples she had sneakily recorded while Octavia played her cello. The blend of classical and modern sounded really good in her opinion and felt she was on to something.

They had quietly dropped the task of trying to unlock Octavia’s ability to write her own music. Sensing that the cellist was on edge enough as it was, Vinyl decided to just let her play her routine and maybe at a later time continue to try and help her find her creative side.

On this Monday morning Vinyl was standing in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on a couple of sandwiches she was preparing. She heard the frantic pacing of hooves on the floor grow louder as the originator of those sounds trotted out of her bedroom.

Octavia had been pacing about nervously all morning. Today was her very first day of work and the anxiety had taken hold of her.

“Is my mane ok?” the cellist asked, for the fourth time that morning.

“Your mane is perfect, Tavi.” Vinyl’s response was automatic and she didn’t even need to look at her friend to know that it was indeed so.

“What about my tail?”

“Your tail is perfect, Tavi.” Vinyl cut the sandwiches into neat triangles and carefully wrapped them in some foil.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” Octavia trotted back towards the bathroom.

Vinyl chuckled at her friend’s behavior and levitated the finished sandwiches into a lunchbox she had bought specially for today. The unicorn closed the lunchbox, stowed it away in her saddlebag and waited for the nervous earthpony to return from her sixth trip to the bathroom that morning.

Barely a minute later she returned and paced a few laps around the kitchen table. Vinyl watched her for a moment and decided to intervene before the cellist wore a groove in the floor. Grabbing the bowtie she had laid out for the cellist with her magic, she stepped in front of the circling mare.

“Relax, Tavi.” Vinyl spoke calmly and began to fasten the bowtie around the cellist’s neck. “You got this. They will be happy to have a cellist of your talent on their team.”

Octavia patiently waited until Vinyl had tied the bowtie around her slender grey neck. She even had to smile a little at the face Vinyl had made while doing so. In deep concentration Vinyl had stuck the tip of her tongue out the side of her mouth, crimson eyes slightly squinted while tying a knot with her magic.

“There! Ready to show them how it’s done.” Vinyl beamed at her encouragingly. Octavia let out a deep breath and nodded once with newfound determination.

“You are right.” The cellist straightened her posture and was back to the noble and refined mare that Vinyl remembered from the contest so long ago. “I will show them what a true Canterlot University trained musician is capable of.”

“They won’t know what hit them!”

“I am the prodigy with the cello after all. Time they learned just what that means!” Octavia slowly erected the trained and professional façade that was mandatory for all Canterlot musicians to have.

“Go get ‘em!” Vinyl gave her an encouraging pat on the back.

“And so I shall!” Octavia turned towards the front door ready to head out.

“Uhm, Tavi?” Vinyl asked with a lopsided grin. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“And what would that be?” Octavia stopped on her way towards the door and looked at her friend.

“Dunno….your cello maybe?” Vinyl watched Octavia just stare at her blankly. Slowly the realization dawned on her that she had forgotten her cello in the music room.

“Yes. That might be helpful.” Octavia said flatly and went to retrieve her instrument.

Vinyl chuckled and put on her saddlebags. No doubt the cellist’s mind was slightly preoccupied with what was going to happen later on her very first day of work. Octavia returned with her cello in its case on her back.

“Thank you for reminding me.” Octavia smiled sheepishly. “Would have been rather embarrassing if I turned up without my instrument. Where are you going?”

“I’ll tag along and make sure you get there in one piece.” Vinyl replied and led the way towards the exit.

“You don’t have to do that. I am sure to find my way there without any problems.”

“Then I’ll just keep you company on the way there. Besides, I don’t really have anything else to do.” Vinyl held the door open for the earthpony. Sensing that Vinyl would not take no for an answer and since Octavia still had fluttering nerves they left their apartment and set off on towards their destination.


It was a good thing that Vinyl came along. Without the unicorn Octavia would have no doubt lost her way in the huge city. Even though the theatre the cellist was supposed to be at was only a few blocks away it took the pair a fair amount of time to navigate the now full streets.

Ponies of all kind were trying to get to their places of work. Intermixed were a few tourists and some ponies that, judging by their current state, had just left one of the many clubs dotted around town. With fifteen minutes to spare the two mares arrived at the medium sized theatre named Smiles & Sorrow.

Octavia was not sure what to make of that name, but guessed that it had something to do with the two masks that were painted on the front of the building. One mask was smiling, the other seemed unhappy. She hoped she would leave the building later with the former mask’s expression.

“Well….here we are. Safe and sound.” Vinyl said and pointed a hoof towards the front doors of the theatre.

“Thanks for coming with me. I would have been lost without you.” Octavia said gratefully and watched as Vinyl opened her saddlebags.

“I have something for you for your first day.” Vinyl beamed as she levitated the lunchbox out of her saddlebags and held it in front of Octavia.

The cellist was for the moment speechless as she stared at the bright pink lunchbox floating between the mares. It was a foal’s lunchbox, evident thanks to the image of a widely smiling young filly on the front. The phrase written above the happy image was also a dead giveaway.

“Filly’s first day?” Octavia asked and smirked. “I think that I may just be a bit too old for that.”

“Naaah.” Vinyl waved away her friend’s objection. “You can never be too old for your very first lunchbox. And it’s pink! I know you like that color.”

“Just what do you think the ponies inside might think when I walk in with it?” Octavia asked and shifted her gaze to the grinning unicorn.

“They would be envious, I’m sure of it.” Vinyl sensed that Octavia wasn’t entirely sold on that assumption. “They would think that your mom would want you to have the best day possible. Aaaaand she made you a few daffodil and daisy sandwiches.”

“Gee, thanks mom.” Octavia deadpanned, but the prospect of some tasty sandwiches made her take the lunchbox and put it on top of her cello case.

“Now go on and have a good time. Make some friends and try not to upset the other colts and fillies with your awesome skills. Mom will pick you up at five.”

“You are terrible, Vinyl.” Octavia tried to sound angry, but the amused look in her eyes and the smirk on her face told a different story.

The cellist trotted up to the front doors of the theatre and waved a goodbye to the still grinning unicorn outside. Taking a deep breath Octavia stepped inside ready to face her first day as a professional musician.


She found herself standing in a deserted foyer. Poster of various theatrical pieces lined the walls and a large bar to her right caught her eye immediately. A few doors led away to her left with signs indicating that restrooms would be found there and a passage to the backstage area. A set of large double doors leading deeper inside the theatre took up most of the wall in front of her, small ticket booths to the side of each door.

Octavia glanced around hoping to find anypony that might help her find her way around. She tried opening the large double doors and found them to be locked. Before she had the chance to do anything else a voice spoke up behind her.

“Octavia, I presume?”

Octavia spun around to the source of the question. A middle-aged unicorn mare smiled at her a few pony lengths away. Her coat was a light red color, the mane and tail a darker shade of brown with streaks of grey showing her age. A cutie mark of a conductor’s baton adorned her flanks. The mare’s light brown eyes were friendly and were studying the cellist carefully.

“Yes, I am and you are?” Octavia asked politely and closed the distance to the unicorn.

“I am Sinfonietta, the musical director of this fine establishment.” The unicorn extended a hoof in greeting which Octavia then shook. “I have been expecting you.”

“I am happy to be here.” Octavia decided to put on her best Canterlot behaviour to mask her nervousness.

“You are early, none of the others are here yet. Please follow me, I will give you the tour.” Sinfonietta turned and slowly trotted towards the way leading backstage. Octavia followed her closely.

“How do you like Manehatten thus far?” she asked and led the cellist past the restrooms further down the hallway.

“It’s different.” Octavia answered carefully as not to possibly offend her new employer.

“I bet.” Sinfonietta chuckled. “When I moved here from Canterlot, I was slightly overwhelmed by this city, so big and loud. And some of the residents took a while to get used to.”

“You didn’t just study in Canterlot?” Octavia knew that the unicorn had studied under her old professor and had assumed that she was just another student from out of town like Vinyl was.

“No, I was born in Canterlot. Got married to a stallion from Manehatten and moved with him here.” Sinfonietta explained and Octavia was slightly relaxing a bit more. The unicorn was friendly enough it seemed, which was refreshing considering that most of the other ponies she had encountered here were rather grumpy.

“Back here are the rooms for the musicians, actors and other staff.” Sinfonietta explained and led Octavia past a few doors, each marked with little signs indicating for which ponies they were. Questions were already burning in Octavia’s mind, but she decided to wait with them for after the tour.

“We have a large room further along for lunch and breaks.” The unicorn explained and pointed a hoof towards the door at the end of the hallway. “Come, I’ll show you where we work.”

The two mares left the hallway by using a door marked simply as “Stage”. A small flight of stairs led up to what Octavia assumed to be the stage, but the director led them past the stairs to another door. Using her magic she opened the door and held it open for the cellist.

“Mind the step.” She warned early enough for Octavia to not trip down a single large step just beyond the door. Sinfonietta led the way again and they finally arrived at a sight that made Octavia’s heart beat faster with anticipation.

A semicircle of seats, each with its own little stand for sheets of music were in front of the stage. Rows and rows of empty seats for the ponies that would attend the show seemed rather high to Octavia’s current position. Then she remembered that they had taken a large step down and were not level with the rest of the floor anymore. Another effect was that the stage now seemed a lot higher than it was to her.

“We call it The Pit.” Sinfonietta explained and navigated the semicircle of seats heading for a particular one. “And this is going to be your place.”

Octavia eyed the seat in the left side of the semicircle. She carefully slid off her cello case once she reached the seat. Momentarily forgetting about the bright pink lunchbox, the movement sent it sliding towards the ground. Before it could hit the floor a beige magic field grabbed hold of it and carefully levitated it next to Octavia’s seat.

“Interesting lunchbox.” Sinfonietta commented with amusement evident in her voice.

“My friend has a strange sense of humor.” Octavia rolled her eyes apologetically.

“It is a rather cute gesture. He must like you a lot.”

Octavia was just about to correct the director’s assumption about her friend, when Sinfonietta turned towards the stage and gestured towards it by waving a hoof in an arc encompassing all they could see.

“This is Smiles and Sorrow.” There was a certain pride in her voice. “Here musicals make or break.”

Octavia settled her cello case next to her seat and paid attention. Thus far her overall opinion was one of slight disappointment, but perhaps it would change once she knew more about the theatre.

“Our little place here is the very first test for any new musical. We help with the music and the script and maybe a new successful musical is born here. Smiles and Sorrow has helped quite a fair number of musicals to fame and glory. A lot of them have been performed on Bridleway. Others are not successful and never got any further than here.”

Sinfonietta turned around and faced the seats for the audience, Octavia copying her movement and staring up the rows of seats. Even from her vantage point she could tell that the small theatre did not have a lot of seats. During her time at the contest she had played for at least twice as many ponies. It was a bit of a letdown for her.

“I know what you are thinking.” Sinfonietta gave the cellist a small smile. “That this little theatre is just that. Little.”

“Oh no, no. I…” Octavia wanted to protest, but was cut off by the unicorn.

“You do. I know, because I had the very same thoughts when I first came here. All of us did.” The mare turned towards the cellist to watch her expression. “I know it isn’t as glamorous as any of the large orchestras and we are just the musical accompaniment for the actors on stage. That’s a tough pill to swallow when you strive for acknowledgement of your musical prowess. Took me a while to adjust.”

“Then why did you stay?” Octavia asked and was surprised at how well the director had seemingly read her mind.

“Because it is a lot of fun. It is exciting to see the ideas of ponies come to life on stage and help them fine tune it to something great.” Sinfonietta was practically beaming now, something that was not mirrored by Octavia. “We are currently in the process of fine tuning a little musical called Hinny of the Hills. It’s rather good and might even make it to the big stages one day.”

“Never heard of it.” Octavia commented and tried to picture her future here. Playing accompaniment was not what she had planned.

“You couldn’t have. It’s never been performed yet.” The smile on the director’s face never diminished even though it was apparent that the cellist was disappointed. “I know that you would rather be on stage than in front of it.”

“I was just lost in thought.” Octavia tried a brief smile, but wasn’t fooling anypony.

“I understand. I know how difficult it can be in Canterlot for classical musicians to get on stage with the large orchestras. Sometimes it helps if you can get some reputation to your name and believe it or not, even though we are out of sight and are not the stars, the critics do take notice of us.”

Sinfonietta gave Octavia a slight encouraging pat on her shoulder. The cellist faintly blushed at how easily the other mare had read her mind.

“Sometimes a few of my musicians are chosen to join the actors moving up in the world of musicals. Quite a fair amount of them playing in Bridleway’s theatres are former members of my little ensemble. From there…..who knows, maybe some are even playing in the big orchestras around the country.”

“You don’t know?” Octavia asked quietly.

“It’s difficult to keep track of all my musicians.” For the first time Sinfonietta’s smile slightly diminished. “I have seen so many come and go, that it would take up all of my time just to keep tabs on them.”

“There are so many classical music graduates in Manehatten?” Octavia was surprised by that. To her knowledge Canterlot alone specialized in the arts of music. Hearing that Manehatten also had that program in its university was news to her. Then again she had been rather unaware of anything going on in other cities apart from Canterlot.

“Oh, our little ensemble is rather mixed. I dare say that you would be our only musician currently working with us that has any kind of musical degree.” Sinfonietta chuckled as she saw the skeptic look on the cellist’s face. “That doesn’t mean that they are bad. Some ponies just never had the chance to study and just like the musicals we put on here, they either make or break. Come to think of it, the last classically trained musician on staff was our old cellist.”

“What happened to him or her?”

“She retired. Had been here for nearly ten years and it was more of a hobby for her than an actual profession.” Sinfonietta explained and perked her ears up as a sound echoed through the otherwise empty building. “Seems like a few more ponies have arrived. Come, I’ll introduce you to them.”


Vinyl had watched the cellist enter the theatre and was now facing a dilemma of her own. What to do in this big city all on her own.

She had briefly toyed with the idea of stopping by Bon Bon’s or Lyra’s places of work, but decided against it. No doubt they would be busy and getting them into trouble by chatting with them wasn’t a good idea in Vinyl’s book.

So she decided to investigate a few of the music shops she had seen near the club district. While she didn’t have any bits on her, it would at least make the time pass until she would pick Octavia up at five.

Getting to the shops meant she would either have to walk around the large central park or go through it. Lyra had told them the park could be unsafe during the late hours, but since it was morning Vinyl decided to go through it.

Vinyl had never had much contact with nature. Having grown up in Las Pegasus she did not have much contact with plants or wildlife. Her hometown was very similar to Manehatten, a lot of buildings, streets and occasionally a tree dotted here and there. Canterlot had also been similar, with the notable exception of the Royal Gardens and several smaller parks. During her student years she had more often than not spent a few afternoons napping under some of the trees when the weather allowed it.

The unicorn casually trotted through the park, despite the early hour it was already frequented by other ponies. Vinyl chuckled at some of the fitness gear they were wearing. Sweatbands, specialized holsters for drinks and some were also wearing sunglasses. So she blended in nicely despite not having come here for exercise.

Vinyl stopped and gave herself a quick look once over. She had most certainly regained her weight, maybe even a bit more, a teeny tiny bit more. The last time she had done anything fitness-related had been longer ago than she cared to think about. Although climbing up the stairs to the fifth floor surely counted, it couldn’t do any harm to maybe do a little extra. So Vinyl decided to enjoy her way through the park by jogging along.

Three minutes later Vinyl decided she would just enjoy the park by trotting along, slowly. She told herself it was best to take it slow and not overexert herself on her first jog. A few ponies gave her curious glances as they heard her heavy breathing while jogging past her. They shared her thoughts that she possibly had done enough exercise for the day.

By the time she had reached the first shop her breathing had become normal again and she wasn’t sweating anymore. Eagerly she entered the first shop and made a beeline towards the section offering records for sale.


About an hour later Vinyl had perused the selection of five different shops. She would have loved to buy some of the records she had found, but without any bits all she could do was look. It was slightly annoying to not be able to buy anything, so Vinyl decided to not go into any more music shops and rather head home.

A few minutes later she found herself back at the club where they had found Neon Lights playing one of her songs. The doors were closed as was to be expected at this time of the day, yet there was one pony currently rearranging the display of the DJ’s that played here.

Curiosity got the better of Vinyl and she decided to investigate what the pony was doing. He was a very light brown pegasus stallion with a dark green spiky mane and tail. Unlike Vinyl’s natural wild mane and tail, his were obviously made so by copious amount of gel or hairspray. A cutie mark of a glass with an olive on a pick inside adorned his flanks.

The stallion noticed Vinyl approach, but apart from a quick glance he continued to rearrange the pictures inside the display. Vinyl watched for a moment, carefully reading the names of the DJ’s. Then she noticed that one particular name was missing.

“Hey, what happened to Neon?” Vinyl asked and succeeded in making the stallion pause in his efforts.

“Why do ya wanna know? Are you a fan of his?” he asked back sounding rather tired.

“Not really what you would call a fan.” Vinyl answered and earned an amused snort from the other pony.

“He quit. Something about being sick and tired of being attacked by rabid fans all the time.” The stallion rolled his eyes, not buying that reason on bit. “But I guess you already know that.”

“I uh…don’t know what you mean.” Vinyl gave the pegasus an uneasy smile. Had they been seen coming into the club that night? Had Lyra been spotted assaulting Neon backstage? Had they seen Vinyl and Lyra together outside? Various thoughts ran through Vinyl’s mind at once and she was just about to make a hasty retreat when the stallion spoke up again.

“I’m guessing you are here for the job?” he asked and resumed his task with the pictures. Vinyl was momentarily dumbstruck and just stared ahead. Where her mind had been racing just moments before, now it had come to a grinding halt. Had she really just been offered a job or were her ears playing tricks on her? The stallion gave her a sideways glance as his question went unanswered. “Or are you here for something else?”

“I…uhn…naaah. I’m here for the job of course.” Vinyl gave him her best smile.

“You any good?”

“I am the best!” Vinyl held a hoof to her chest.

“Yeah, never heard that before.” The stallion stated flatly and stopped his current task to give Vinyl a more thorough look. After a couple of moments he nodded his head in approval. “You look the part at least. Tell you what, seeing that the boss ain’t here right now and I am in charge, I’ll give you a shot. Can you be here at three o’clock with enough material for ninety minutes?”

“You bet! No problem whatsoever!” Vinyl answered with eagerness.

“Then that will be your tryout. No pay for the first time playing, but you get a drink on the house. What’s your name?”

“Vinyl Scratch, sir.” Vinyl’s smile was now nearly splitting her head.

“Geez, drop the sir. I ain’t that old. See you at three, Vinyl Scratch.” With those words he returned to his original task and paid no more attention to the unicorn.

Vinyl couldn’t believe her luck as she trotted away from the club towards home. The smile was still plastered on her face and there was a distinct bounce to her step. At least she now knew how to spend the rest of her morning, she had some tracks to put together.


Octavia barely managed not to frown. The time thus far had been…..underwhelming.

The rest of the ensemble was a mix of all three races across almost all ages. Every one of them was nice and had welcomed her into the group. What was lacking however was the challenge.

Octavia guessed it made sense in a way. The music was only there to deliver a background for the actors on stage, none of which she had seen yet. And as background music the score was not very challenging for her at least. Some of the others did struggle with one or two parts and Sinfonietta did her best to help them along. There was still work to be done here, just not for Octavia. Still it was refreshing to play with others for once.

“Ok everypony.” Sinfonietta put down her conductors baton. “Let’s break for lunch. After that we will play together with the main cast.”

Octavia carefully rested her cello in the stand in front of her and placed the bow on her seat. She earned a few smiles as she grabbed her bright pink lunchbox by the handle with her mouth. The musicians began chatting immediately about the latest news from all over Equestria while moving towards the room for breaks. Octavia listened carefully to the chatting all around her, although there was nothing that really caught her attention.

The ponies settled down in the large room on a long table. A few ponies were on another table talking to each other. Octavia had not seen them before and assumed they were part of the actors. Sitting down beside her fellow musicians, Octavia opened her lunchbox and felt her stomach rumble in anticipation of eating some of Vinyl’s sandwiches. She briefly wondered what Vinyl was doing and if she was having fun or going crazy with boredom.


Vinyl was having a blast.

Ever since she had arrived back at the club with a few tracks in her saddlebags, she had been having a lot of fun. The first time she activated the deck for DJ’s and felt the hum of magical energy bring life to the numerous loudspeakers around the room a pleasant shiver had run down her back.

The deck was different to her one at home. After a couple of minutes she had adjusted it to her liking and awaited the signal to begin her show. The stallion from that morning had said to just start playing, which at first seemed strange to Vinyl as there were no guests in the club yet.

She simply shrugged and used the first couple of tracks to find her groove with the club’s deck. The pegasus hat taken up position behind the bar and a couple of bouncers casually leaned against it. With no guests around there was no need for them right now and they watched Vinyl play her music.

Gradually the guests showed up. At first only a couple of curious ponies being led here by the music heard from outside. Soon more and more turned up and Vinyl finally had a crowd to play and that was exactly what she did. It never was and never would get old to see ponies dance to her beat. As it was rather early in the day, the guests were made up of younger ponies. All the better for Vinyl as the younger ones had more energy in them and she made them expend it fast.

A small flashing light on the deck caught her attention. A quick glance at the clock beside the light told her that her ninety minutes were nearly up. Time had gone by in a flash for Vinyl and with some reluctance she played out her last song for the day. The stomps of approval from the crowd were her own very special brand of music to her ears. With one last wave she packed up her stuff and trotted backstage. Not surprising the bartender pegasus was waiting for her.

“Not bad.” He said once she was near enough. “You got a good three dozen ponies inside. For the first time not bad at all.”

“Thanks.” Vinyl grinned and heard a new DJ set up the equipment for the next show.

“You want the job permanently? The pay is bad, the hours not really suited for big crowds, but you get to play and can have drinks on the house. What do you say?”

“I’m in.” Vinyl did not need to even waste a single second on her answer.

“Alright. You can call me Shakes and welcome aboard.” He extended his hoof and Vinyl gave him a hoofbump in return. He retrieved a camera from a small table beside them and prompted Vinyl to smile. Thanks to the adrenalin still pumping in her veins the smile she gave him was slightly manic, but suited her rather well.

“Great. Your working times will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday at three o’clock for ninety minutes. Keep the ponies coming in and you will be put in a better timeslot eventually.” Shakes told her and put the camera back. “Do you have a stage name or just Vinyl Scratch?”

“Call me DJ Pon3.” Vinyl answered still grinning.

“If you say so. See you Wednesday.”

Vinyl left the club with her stuff secured in her saddlebags. This day had been awesome thus far and she couldn’t wait to tell Octavia about it and find out how her day was. With only half an hour to get to Octavia she set off to meet her friend.


The first sight that caught Octavia’s eye as she left the theatre was a slightly out of breath, but madly grinning white unicorn with purple sunglasses. Smiling herself, albeit less manic, she trotted towards her waiting friend.

“Hey there!” Vinyl greeted her and grabbed the lunchbox Octavia was holding with her mouth with her magic and levitated it towards her saddlebags to be cleared away. “Sooooo…..how was your first day?”

“Hello Vinyl.” Octavia led them a few paces away before answering. “It was…nice I guess.”

“Nice? Just nice?” Vinyl arched an eyebrow. “Did something happen? Was somepony mean to you? Want me to have a friendly chat with them?”

“No, no. The ponies are all very nice. Just the music is….a bit unchallenging.” Octavia said with a smile. Somehow the still grinning unicorn radiated exuberant joy today and it poured into the cellist. “Why are you grinning like that?”

“Just happy to see you.” Vinyl winked. The effect being rather pointless as she was still wearing her sunglasses.

“That’s sweet. Did you do anything nice today?” Octavia trotted beside her friend and noticed the bounce in the unicorns step.

“Oh, just went snooping though some records in a couple of stores, went for a bit of exercise in the park, played a show at a club, got a job, went for some hayfries and a strawberry smoothie. Just that kind of stuff.”

“Wait….what?” Octavia stopped and turned to her friend. “You got a job? When? Where?”

“Went by the club that we saw Neon Lights at. They were looking for a new DJ and I got it.” Vinyl replied nonchalantly.

“Wow! Vinyl that is fantastic!” Octavia’s smile grew wider.

“It was so totally awesome, Tavi!” Vinyl couldn’t keep her enthusiasm contained and even jumped a bit as she let it out. “I total rocked that club. Sure….only a few ponies there, but for my first gig it was groovetacular!”


“It’s groovy and spectacular in one word.”

“Pretty sure that isn’t a word.”

“Yeah! It was so good there wasn’t a word to describe it, so I made one up.” Vinyl was playfully nudged in the side as Octavia giggled.

“Well, I think we should celebrate our first days of work.” Octavia suggested. “Let’s get Lyra and Bon Bon and find a good place to eat.”

“Sounds like my kind of plan!” Vinyl agreed and together they set off towards their friends home, ready for a little bit of celebrating.

Author's Note:

This chapter was actually two chapters at first.
One from Octavia's day and one from Vinyl's day.

I decided to cut a lot of stuff away that was not really going anywhere.
Such as Octavia interacting with her fellow musicians and Vinyl commenting on the records she was looking at.
There would have been a bit of foreshadowing in Vinyl's chapter, but I decided it would work better without.

Next up is a Vinyl only chapter so stay tuned and enjoy.