• Published 22nd Sep 2013
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Uncharted: Secrets of the ancestors - Cloud Thunderhoof

The ponies are forced to ally themselves with a strange new creature in order to stop a plot that threatens the lives of everypony in equestria.

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Chapter 1: The Big Bang

When all has been said and done, when the dust has settled and the rubble has been cleared, I only hope that the ponies who come after me will look back and say I made the right decision”
~Starswirl the bearded


-Nathan Drake-

“Goddammit kid get up here and help me!”, Sully yelled as he pulled the trigger on his revolver. Drake swam back to the surface of the water he had fallen into and looked up. A cliff face stood before him and he could hear gunfire coming from the top. Drake moved over the cliff face and grabbed onto the rocks which jutted out. The pain from the grenade blast that had sent him over the cliff came back to haunt him as he climbed. As he neared the top, the sound of gunfire became louder and more distinct.

As he reached the top he saw a figure running along the edge attempting to flank his friend. With one swift motion Nate pulled the man off of the cliff and grabbed a rolled up piece of paper from his belt. “That’s mine asshole”, he said before pulling himself up. He was in a tropical forest on some remote island, men in raggedy cloths ran from the beach towards his entrenched friend. Each one of them was armed to the teeth and only wanted to kill the two treasure hunters.

Drake ran towards the sound of gunfire, knowing they would get Sully sooner or later. A pirate with a sniper rifle sat on a tree limb but his finger was off the trigger. Static crackled from his radio and he began speaking in a language Nate did not recognize. Better do this quietly, Drake thought as he climbed the tree. The pirate never saw it coming; Drake reached up for the pirate’s rifle and pulled at it, knocking the pirate off balance and making him fall backwards. The fall broke the sniper’s neck and Drake took his place on the branch.

Nate looked through the scope of the sniper and zoomed in on his target. An older man with a blood stained shirt sat in the center of his crosshair. The man was struggling with a taller armored foe wielding a knife. The older man was struggling to keep the armored assailant from burying the knife in his chest. A radio sat on the branch and Nate picked it up hoping that all the others carried radios too. “Hey Sully You might want to duck”, he said through the device. The grey haired man in the scope dipped down, probably hearing the warning through the armored pirate’s radio. Drake held his breath and pulled the trigger; the armored pirates head snapped to the side and a large red mark appeared on his temple.

Sully shoved the body off and looked in the direction the gunshot came from; sure enough Nate was sitting there waving to him. Sully yelled at him “Get over here and give me a hand!”. Drake slung the sniper rifle over his shoulder and bolted through the forest, dodging gunfire while closing the gap between them. The young treasure hunter dove behind the cover Sully was using and pulled out his pistol.

“Have I ever told you how much I hate pirates!?”, Drake asked Sully as they fired at their assailants.

“Eh, you may have mentioned it once or twice”, Sully replied semi-sarcastically as he ducked behind the stone wall and reloaded his weapons.

Drake pulled a grenade from his bandolier and threw it without looking. He could hear the screams of the pirates it had landed near over the crack of gunfire. 3, 2, 1, Boom, he thought and as if on cue the grenade detonated; killing three pirates instantly. Even though he just killed another man, he felt no remorse or grief; they weren’t people to him, just enemies. A pirate got too close to their position and the treasure hunter put a bullet in his skull, the body fell with something clutched in his fingers. Drake didn’t notice it at first, but green smoke poured out of the object in the dead pirate’s hand.

Suddenly the pirates stopped firing and ran back to their ships on the beach. “Yeah that’s right, run away assholes!” Drake shouted while firing at the fleeing enemies. He didn’t even notice the dark shadow and the rustling trees.

“Uhh…Nate, what do you hate more: pirates or helicopters?”, Sully asked trying to get Drake’s attention.

Nathan Drake’s stomach dropped and he heard a high pithed whirring noise from above. He looked up to see a soviet era attack helicopter preparing to fire.

“Run!”, he shouted at Sully. Just as they cleared their cover, rockets rained from sky. The shockwave sent both of them flying. As they flew through the air the amulet drake had stolen began to glow blue.

-Apple Jack-

“Come on Fluttershy, we have to find the girls before something else does”, Applejack called to the butter yellow pegasus as they ran into the depths of the forest. “I should have known that silly little filly and her friends would run off sooner or later. I should have stopped them as soon as I heard them say ‘cutie mark crusaders treasure hunters’”, the orange mare said to nopony in particular.

“Applejack, the manticores, cockatrices, serpents, and a few other things shouldn’t be in the forest at this time of year”, Fluttershy spoke in an uncharacteristically determined voice.

Applejack slowed her pace and looked up at her hovering friend. “So they're safe?”, the orange pony asked, a glimmer of hope coming to her voice.

Fluttershy couldn’t meet the earth pony’s gaze as she spoke in a whisper “Its hydra season”.

AJ gave her friend an angry look which made her shrink back. Then the two of them took off deeper into the Everfree. Everything began to look the same after a few minutes and Applejack feared they were going in circles. Every passing minute made the orange mare more and more worried; she feared her sister and her friends would be lost forever. “Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, ya’ll come back here!”, she called as loud as she could, not doing anything to mask the desperation in her voice.

Applejack knew her sister was smart, but she acted reckless with her friends. Usually the Cutie Mark Crusaders would just get into trouble around town, but this time they had heard the stories about the Everfree castle and decide to go exploring.

The two ponies came up to a mossy rock and Applejack realized something. “We're going in circles” she said and hung her head from both exhaustion and sadness.

“I’ll fly up and see if I can see anything”, Fluttershy said as she ascended above the tree tops. Apple jack leaned against the stone and caught her breath. She calmed herself and her thoughts stopped racing. The mare hoped he sister would remember what she had been taught about being lost and stay in one place. They’ll probably end up camping out in a clearing, or building a fire. Then again if Applebloom builds a fire then we’ll be able to see the smoke from a mile away, the orange farmer thought to herself. Something red flickered across AJ’s vision, derailing her train of thought. She could have sworn somepony or something was watching her. She looked around and saw a glint coming from something in the distance.

Suddenly the ground shook violently and there was a blinding blue light. The tremor rattled Applejack’s bones and knocked her over. Then she earthquake and light stopped as suddenly as it began, and Applejack picked herself off of the ground. She looked around and made sure all of her body parts were intact. She placed her hat back on and looked around. Fluttershy swooped back down and checked on her friend.

“Applejack, there was a big explosion, and a bright light; are you ok?”, the yellow pegasus said as she landed.
To Fluttershy’s surprise her friend had a massive grin on her face. “Whadda ya’ bet that the girls went to investigate the source of that light”, the orange mare said in a triumphant voice.

The two mares made their way towards ground zero of the explosion in hopes that the curious foals had gotten the same idea. Neither of them spoke, Applejack kept her silence out of determination to find her sister, and Fluttershy kept quiet out of fear. However they both kept quiet due to the mutual feeling of being watched.

Luna’s moon was high in the sky when the two mares finally reached their destination. The sight shocked them, the trees were blackened and the leaves had been burned off. It was eerily quiet, all of the crickets and birds had gone silent in the aftermath of the explosion. Everything in the blast radius was charred to the core, except there didn’t appear to be any damage to the ground itself. As they drew closer to the center of the blast Applejack heard something. It was still distant, but it sounded like children. The orange mare’s heart raced and she ran towards the source of the voices, there was no mistaking the tones of Applebloom and her friends’ voices, but to the farmer’s surprise, they sounded excited and there wasn't a trace of fear.

“Come on Fluttershy, were almost…”, Apple jack trailed off and her eyes widened at a grizzly sight before her.

Fluttershy caught up and saw what her friend was staring at, there was a young hydra lying dead. Despite what most ponies thought, Fluttershy handled death better than most of the royal guards. She understood that everything died eventually, which was especially true of her animal friends. The only time the pain of loss ever lingered was when there last bunny, Lucifer, had been hit by Carrot Top’s cart. All life was precious to her, but she knew how to let go when she had to.

The hydra was young and only had one head. The wound was deep and seemed to pass through the entire head since some scarlet blood pooled under it.

“Looks like somepony punched a hole straight through this thing’s skull”, Applejack stated bluntly.

“I’ve never seen anything like it”, Fluttershy said as she inspected the bloody wound in the creature’s forehead. It stared off into the distance with unblinking eyes and its forked tongue lolled out of its gaping maw.

“Whatever did this is still out there, that means the girls are still in danger”, Applejack said before resuming her sprint towards the source of her sister’s voice.

When the two mares finally found the three fillies, they were sitting around something neither of them could make out at first. Applejack was about to reprimand her sister when she saw what they were looking at. There was a large creature lying unconscious in front of them. The animal at first appeared to have white fur on its torso and blue fur on its hind legs, but the neck, face, and forelegs appeared to be bare. The creature also had what appeared to be a spiky brown mane on the very top of its head.

Applebloom turned around and saw an orange mare standing over her. She poked her friends and they looked at Applejack. Each of the fillies forgot their curiosity and guilt took hold.

Sweetie Belle began to apologize, “When we heard about the Everfree castle we decided to go adventuring…”, but AJ cut her off with a wave of a hoof.

The creature behind the fillies stirred, Applejack swept the children behind her and every muscle in her body tensed. She was ready in case the monster tried to hurt her sister. However what happened next shocked her. The creature opened its mouth and spoke in a raspy voice, “Help me”, but before Applejack could say anything it passed out again. Fluttershy landed next to the creature and moved one of its forelegs off of it’s torso, revealing a long splinter of wood imbedded in the flesh and blood oozing out.

“Im going to fly back and get Twilight and Rainbow Dash, we need to get it back to civilization before it bleeds out. Put pressure on the wound until I get back”, The yellow pegasus commanded being unusually assertive. Then she flew off back towards the town.

Applejack wanted to ask why this thing’s life meant anything to her, but she had learned not to question Fluttershy when she started giving the orders.

Applejack gave her sister a disapproving glance before putting pressure on the spot where the wood had impaled the animal. The red headed foal shrunk back and spoke in a small voice, “Im going to gather firewood”.

“This is gona be a long night”, Applejack announced before continuing with her task.

Author's Note:

So this is my first attempt at a crossover and having multiple POVs in the same chapter so i would like to have some feedback on it. I feel like it went well, but i would still like to hear what you thought of it.

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