• Published 30th Aug 2013
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Night of the Living Dummy: Slappy in Equestria - Xx-Sniper_Masters-xX

Slappy the evil ventriloquist dummy has reached Equestria and who else but Fluttershy to get hold of it. Fluttershy says the cursed words to bring him to life. Now every single pony is in danger of being harmed.

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"Put me down you traitor! No! NO! NoOoOooo..." Slappy screamed as one of the other dummies picked him up. The dummy went to the window and threw Slappy out the window. (thunderstorm)

"Ahhhh!!!" Slappy screamed. But Slappy grabbed the side of the roof before falling and pulled himself up. The other dummy stared at him through the window.

"Don't you get it?! I'M INVINCIBLE! Ha ha ha ha ha ha h-" Then at that point Slappy was struck by a bolt of lightning. Slappy screamed one last time before disappearing from the planet completely. Everyone cheered that they have gotten rid of the evil dummy.

10 years later...

"What's this?" Fluttershy wondered. As she picked the weird thing up. It had a strange feeling to it that she couldn't explain. It was wooden pony with a formal suit and had a hole in the back to put her hoof inside. Fluttershy put her hoof in the hole and noticed that there was a lever to control the mouth.

"Hm... Maybe I should ask Twilight about this." Fluttershy said and she put the dummy on her back and went over to Twilight.

'He he he. And now I play the waiting game.' Slappy thought to himself.

"Twilight! Can you come here please?" Fluttershy yelled at the door. Soon Twilight opened the door with an annoyed face.

"You know there is a thing called knocking." Twilight said but she still let Fluttershy in.

"So what is this wooden thing you have?" Twilight asked.

"That was what I was hoping you would tell me." Fluttershy said. Spike then came downstairs.

"Woah! Cool dummy!" Spike said enthusiastically. Then he grabbed the dummy and put his hand in the hole. The mouth moved up and down as he pushed the lever.

"So is that what it's called?" Fluttershy said.

"Yep!" Spike said. He then noticed a pocket on the suit. It had a piece of paper inside it.

"Hey Twilight. Since when do dummies have paper inside them?" Spike asked

"No idea." Spike shrugged and didn't even bother to read the paper. Instead he gave it to Fluttershy.

"Slappy the dummy. Guaranteed to bring smiles... What is this?" Spike and Twilight then crowded over Fluttershy to see what she was talking about. There on the paper said some strange words.

'Come on! Say it you loser!' Slappy thought to himself

"Karru marri odonna loma molonu karrano. Huh? What did that do?" Fluttershy wondered. Then she looked at the dummy. He had gotten up and was staring straight at Fluttershy. His expression on his face had a evil grin saying 'Thank you for being such an idiot.'

"TWILIGHT! SPIKE! THE DUMMY IS ALIVE!!!" Fluttershy screamed. Twilight and Spike turned around but all they saw was the dummy laying down on the table.

"Hah! Nice try." Then Spike put his hand in the dummy's mouth to prove that the dummy wasn't alive. But at that moment the dummy closed his mouth hard onto Spike's hand.

"Owowowowowowowow OW!!!!" Spike frantically tried to get his hand out of the dummy's mouth as it started to puncture his skin.

"Spike!" Twilight then grabbed the dummy's mouth and loosened the grip a little just enough from Spike to squeeze his hand out. Twilight then let go of the mouth.

"Ow.... Fluttershy you need to fix that dummy's mouth so that doesn't happen again." Spike said. Then he went upstairs with Twilight helping him.

"B-b-but I don't want to keep this scary thing in my house!" Said Fluttershy. She was now beyond frightened.

"Just give it to Rainbow Dash or something!" Twilight then went over to the door and closed it. Leaving Fluttershy outside alone with the dummy in her hooves.

"I guess I will give Rainbow Dash this dummy.. Er.. Slappy." Said Fluttershy. She started to take flight when Slappy started to talk.

"Hey you. Your making a BIG mistake if you give me to someone else! I'll keep coming back no matter what!" Slappy said in his raspy voice. Fluttershy just ignored him pretending that he wasn't alive. But she knew Slappy had something big in store for her. She just didn't know when.

Author's Note:

This story happens after Night of the living dummy 3.

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