• Published 5th Aug 2013
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The Titan's Orb - Old Man Dusters

Callum lives a sad, violent life in the human world... But that is soon to change as he meet some unexpected visitors that will change his life.

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Chapter Five - Dying to be Free.

"Oh yeah!"

"Yee haw!"

"Woo! Hoo!"


All throughout the house; room to room. Bash, smack, wallop. Glass was shattered, wood was splintered, and metal was bent, we trashed the house to hell.

"Oh my gosh, this is so frickin' fun!" Rainbow Dash yelled as she punched through the dining room window.

Applejack ran past her, and bucked the kitchen door, breaking the top hinge.

"Yee haw! Buck yeah!" She yelled.

I laughed as I whacked the lounge T.V with my cricket bat, I jumped back as the thing made a loud bang, it was hilarious, Rarity, who was next to me, chuckled, but then she looked down.

"I feel bad about breaking things that I don't own..." She started.

I was about to speak, when she used her magic to throw a glass jug across the room and into the wall, smashing it to hundreds of tiny pieces.

"But by Celestia, I love it!"

The two of us started giggling like little children. Oh it felt so good to break all this stuff, it was so wrong, yet it felt so right...

"Watermelon!" Applejack screamed as she head butted the microwave in the kitchen, making it quite literally explode, showering sparks everywhere, making Applejack jump back about ten feet.

At this, Pinkie Pie fell to the floor laughing like a nutcase, snorting repeatedly.

"W-Why, *snort* did you *snort* shout watermelon? *snort*"

She started gasping for air, she was laughing so much that she could barely breathe.

"Ah', ah' really don't know!" Applejack replied, laughing like a maniac as well.

Although I found it hilarious, I was rather worried that AJ had given herself an electric shock, but she seemed ok, and after that little stunt of hers, I had to compete with her to be the biggest nutcase.
I walked up to the French windows in the dining room, a lovely pane of glass that stood over six feet high and eight feet wide. The others watched me, waiting to see what I was going to do.

I tilted my head and pointed at the window, glaring, and in an instant, Pinkie Pie knew exactly what to do.

"This is blasphemy, this is madness!" She shouted, impersonating the Persian almost too accurately.

"Madness...?" I mumbled...

I looked round at the others, I then stared at Pinkie Pie, who gave me the little nod, somehow she knew the reference, it must have been Pinkie logic.

I turned back to the window, and glared at it.

"This! Is! Sparta!"

I raised my knee up to my chest, and I kicked out at the giant pane of glass.
The entire pane of glass screeched with ridiculously high volume, it sounded like a cannon going off. The pane shattered into at least a million pieces, each piece twinkled and made a little 'ching' noise at they hit the floor; and due to the uncountable number of fragments, there was a lot of 'chinging'. It took a good ten seconds for everything to go silent.

After that, everything went silent, nopony spoke, it seemed that they weren't even breathing, you could have heard the scratching of a wasp crawling on a window pane...
It was Rainbow Dash who spoke first.

"Callum... That... Was... ... Awesome!" She yelled, giving a fan-girl squeal.

All the other ponies burst into cheering, Pinkie reared up and kicked her forelegs around in excitement.

"OhmygoshCallumyou'resocoolthatwaslike, Soooooooooo amazing!!!!"

Even Fluttershy did her little, 'woo hoo' cheer.

All good things come to an end eventually, and as expected, it just so happened to be Twilight to cut the lights on the party.

"Are you always this violent?" She asked, giving me me a dull, spiteful look.

Everypony looked round at her, and for once, it was Fluttershy who said something.

"Twilight, I know that you are feeling stressed, and are most probably very tired, which makes you grouchy, but please try to be a bit more friendly... Callum was only playing."

Then Rarity joined in.

"Fluttershy's right Twilight, you are taking this whole thing further than it needs to go. Listen-"

"No!" Twilight yelled, interrupting Rarity. "You listen! You don't understand what is going on, you don't know what these things are really like!" She snarled, pointing her hoof at me.

Rarity gasped, horrified at Twilight calling me a 'thing'. I remained quiet, I wanted to see if Twilight would give me a clue to what Celestia has said, because whatever it was, it wasn't all that nice, to put it lightly.

"How dare you address Callum in such a manner!" Rarity shouted at Twilight, "We may not have known him for long but-"

"But nothing!" Twilight screamed back, "Deep down humans are evil, they are full of hate and a lust for war! This whole nicey nicey facade is all a disguise!"

{Some progress...} I thought to myself, I guessed Celestia must have told her about our world wars.

"Hey! He's not evil!" Pinkie piped, "If he was I'd be getting a Pinkie twitch, twitcha twitch!"

"He is!" Twilight was getting herself into a state now, "Princess Celestia said so!"

And this is where I stepped in.

"And what did Celestia say to you exactly?" I asked, still keeping my cool.

She glared at me.

"It's none of your business!"

She had said this before, but this time I didn't back down and spoke up.

"Actually, I think it is," I retorted, raising my volume a bit now, "if anything, it's more my business than it is yours, seeing as it's about me and my species. If we are going to get along, you're going to have to tell me what Celestia told you, because what she has said is probably wrong, or at least exaggerated."

Her glare became more intense now, she even bared her teeth.

"You dare say that Princess Celestia is wrong?" She barked furiously.

"In this case, yes. Yes I do." I stared back at her.

Oops... Bad move...

Somewhere in Twilight's mind, something snapped. What I had just said had created a spark, that ignited a raging inferno within her. She loved Celestia like a mother, her mentor couldn't possibly be wrong in her eyes, if Celestia said so, it had to be true.
Pinkie Pie's head rotated from facing Twilight, to me slowly, in almost a robotic manner.

"Oooooooohhh golly... You went there..." She said quietly, wincing and ducking in fear.

"You, you... You blood thirsty pig!" Twilight screamed at me before storming out of the doorway I had just shattered.

The other ponies were gobsmacked, shocked beyond belief, Rarity, however, was more angry than anything, she looked as if she was about to snort steam.

"What did you just call-"

"Rarity, drop it." I interrupted, "I don't want any more arguments."

Rainbow Dash walked forward and stood beside Rarity.


"But, nothing." I stopped Dash.

I then turned to Applejack.

"AJ, I know you're good when it comes to calming down enraged demons, do you mind talking to her?"

Applejack, chuckled at my comment and nodded.

"I can try, but don't be expecting any miracles here, I'm no therapist." She said before following Twilight.

"Well this is just perfect! Twilight's once again started a civil war between us!" Rainbow Dash moaned.

"Dash, this isn't a little blow over toddler tantrum, this is something serious." I scolded.

I got the four remaining ponies into a little huddle.

"Listen girls, Twilight is really struggling, she's far out of her comfort zone, and Celestia has evidently told her some sinister things about this world. I'm not going to stand here and tell you that this world is perfect, it's not, and it's far from it. What Celestia has told Twilight, could very well be true, the problem is that Twilight thinks I'm the one that's bad; and there's no use trying to persuade her that I'm good, as we've just seen, so all we can do is progress through this mission and try to avoid conflict with her."

Rainbow Dash looked like she was going to object, but I carried on before she could.

"This mission, is indeed dangerous, as Twilight rightfully mentioned, but danger is different from harm.
Danger means that harm is possible, while harm implies that you are actually being hurt.
This quest may lead you to danger, which I cannot prevent, but I can, and will keep you from harm, and that is a fact."

I could see in the ponies' faces, that they felt a lot calmer and safer for me saying that; and cleverly, I had managed to discreetly change the subject from Twilight, who in all honesty, I was trying to back up here.
I don't quite know why I was on Twilight's side, I guess I felt sorry for her? Either way, I had to make peace with her, somehow...

I was going to say more when Applejack returned.

"Well, Ah've calmed her down to the best of my ability, but ah' can tell you, she don't like you one bit..."

"Tell us something we don't know AJ." Rainbow Dash commented.

I turned to her.

"Dash, can you stop with those comments please, it's not helping the situation." I said.

She looked down, I knew it wasn't in Dash's nature to apologise, but I could tell that she taken what I said on board, which was enough for me.
I looked back to Applejack.

"Thank you Applejack, as long as she's calm it's alright, if she hates me, then so be it, all I care about is helping you six. All I want is your safety, and I will go to all lengths to make sure of that, I will ensure you succeed in this mission, even if it means your hatred in the end, for whatever reason. Because knowing that I've helped you, and possibly even saved you, is more important."

At that, Rarity sniffed and looked away.

"Oh Callum, that is just, beautiful... I can see why the Princess sent us to you, you are such a gentleman."

{Pfft, drama queen, I was only speaking the truth.} I thought to myself, but hey, it was a nice compliment none the less.

"Ooooooooohh, Rarity's got a crush." Rainbow Dash sneered.

Rarity was instantly insulted and shocked, I found it hilarious, it was clear that Dashie was joking, but Rarity took it the wrong way.

"How dare you be so rude! I was simply complimenting him for such saying such a lovely thing!"

"Alright, alright, settle down, let's not have anypony else falling out now, Twilight is enough."

They did as I asked and sat down, although Rarity still looked at the floor, blushing.

"Now, as we've trashed the house, our time is limited, we need Twilight to make the clone, and for him to be killed, then we need to get the dogs to Bruce, then we are ready to hit the road." I said.

Fluttershy took a step back.

"K-Kill the clone?" She whimpered.

I shrugged.

"It has to look real, it has to look like a break in, right?"

She looked down, not sure of what to say. The others did the same, they didn't know what to say or think about killing.

"Callum, are... Are you sure about this?" Rarity asked, rather nervously.

I nodded, killing anything, was bad. But this was a clone we were talking about, it can be made to have no feeling, or emotion. Killing the clone was necessary, if there was just a dead body, with no sign of how he died, there would be large investigations, scientists would examine the body, and who knows what would follow that, I just wanted it smooth with no chances, Twilight would agree.

"I'm not going to watch if that's ok..." Rarity looked down.

{Holy crap, did they think they had to watch it?} I thought to myself, before speaking my mind.

"I never intended for you to see it in the first place, none of you." I said.

"I don't mind," Dash said, "I mean we may have to in the future..."

I whipped around to face her, a face like thunder.

"You are not watching, and don't talk like that, don't even think about killing, anything, ever!"

My sudden change in attitude frightened her, she wasn't expecting it. I was angry, how could she even suggest having to kill, it's nothing like the Dash I know. But then again, how well do I know these ponies?
I've known them since season one aired, yet they have more to them that meets the eye.

"S-Sorry..." She stuttered, "I just-"

"You just, nothing." I replied, "There is nothing nice, or heroic about killing, it's taking away life. That is all."

She looked away, ashamed for saying what she did. And within the blink of an eye, I forgave her, how could I not? I only met the six yesterday, this was all still fresh, I was still buzzed just for knowing of their existence, staying angry at any of them was simply impossible.
I took a long sigh, it was time to get this done, I wanted to get going as soon as possible. I looked to Applejack, I decided that it'd be best for her to get Twilight, and not me.

"Applejack, it's time to get this over with, can you get Twilight?"

She nodded, and left without saying anything; I looked at the others, they all looked rather dull.

"You girls ok?" I asked.

"Yeah," Rarity said, "I'm just thinking about what's going on back in Equestria, I'm just feeling a bit homesick."

The others were clearly feeling the same, as they all had the same expression.

"I'm worried about my little angel bunny..." Sniffed Fluttershy.

I felt sorry for them, they were a very long way from home, and they were going to be for a very long time, but that's when something hit me, when I had read the fan fiction 'My Little Dashie', the times between our world were stretched out from Equestria's, a year in our world was only a day in theirs, we had months to look for the orb, but only mere hours would pass in their world. I smiled at this thought, I looked to the others, beaming.

"I know it feels like you've been away for a long time, and you will be here for quite a while, but I know a little something about the connection between our worlds."

Rainbow Dash tilted her head, the others did the same.

"Turns out," I continued, "a day in Equestria is a whole year in this world, back in Equestria, you six have only been gone for a few seconds."

"And how, do you know that?" An angry voice spoke behind me.

I turned to face Twilight, who had a note floating before her. Before I could speak, she unravelled the note and read it aloud.

"My dear Twilight.
Due to a previous event that I cannot explain to you at the given time, I have come to understand that the working of time is different across universes, primarily between Earth's universe and our own.
A year in their world is but a single day in ours, this plays into your advantage as you will have a lot more time to search for the Titan's Orb.
Good luck, my faithful student.
Princess Celestia."

The others looked at Twilight, then to me, then to Twilight again. Twilight on the other hand was still glaring at me.

"How did you get hold of my notes?" She asked through gritted teeth.

I looked back at her calmly.

"I didn't, I know from other sources."

"What, other sources?" She questioned.

I looked at the others, who were now looking at me as intently as Twilight.

"I can't tell you." I answered.

Twilight was insulted by that, being told that you're not allowed to hear something implies that you are not a high enough authority to know, or not mature enough to know, this made Twilight furious.

"And why is that?"

That's when something clicked in my mind, she wanted to know what I knew, and I needed to know what she knew. Funny that both of them related back to Princess Celestia.

"Well Twilight, it seems we're at a compromise, I want to know what Princess Celestia said to you, and you want to know what I know." I said.

"Don't you dare blackmail me," She snarled, "I am her student, it's within my right to withhold the information that she's given me."

I shrugged.

"Fine, you don't tell me, then I won't tell you. It's as simple as that Twilight."

She growled in frustration, desperate to know what I knew.

"I'm telling you nothing." She spat.

"So be it." I replied, "Now then, are we going to get on with this mission?"

Her glare became less intense, as she actually agreed with me at this point; she finally walked into the room, instead of standing in the broken doorway, and put her note from Celestia back into her saddle bag.

"Do you have the coordinates for your friend's house?" She asked.

"No," I replied, "but I can get them really easily."

"Well I can't teleport somewhere I haven't been yet without coordinates! Go and get them!" She snapped.

With that, I went through the kitchen and into the hall, up the stairs, and into my bedroom, luckily my laptop was still on. I quickly opened up Google Earth and typed in Bruce's address, the globe zoomed in onto his house, I chuckled as I saw Bruce in his garden, semi-nude, lying in a deck chair, luckily Google Earth had taken the satellite photograph at just the perfect time. I jotted down all the coordinates and took a picture of his house on my mobile phone, which was in my pocket, just so I knew what his house looked like when I got there. I rushed downstairs and back into the dining room.

"Here you go." I said as I handed the note to Twilight.

She gave a 'hm' as she memorised the coordinates.

"Do you have a picture of the house? A visual helps the spell to be more accurate, or at least a description." She asked.

{What a nice coincidence.} I thought to myself as I took my phone out of my pocket.

I got the picture of the house up and showed it to Twilight.

"Ok, I should be able to teleport you, Rarity, and your dogs there pretty accurately. What are we going to do first? Deal with the clone here, or get your dogs to your friend?" She asked.

I looked around, not quite sure of what I should do. Rainbow Dash was the first to speak up.

"I'd say you take care of the clone, it'd be better to get it out of the way now."

The others nodded, it would be for the best, and if we took care of the clone first we wouldn't have to come back here.

"Very well," Twilight said, "let's do this in the kitchen, as there are knives there, then it will look more realistic."

As rude and arrogant as Twilight was, she was very observant, if only she were to use her head like this and be nice at the same time, that'd be a treat...

"Twilight, how are we exactly going to deal with this clone?" Rarity asked, "Callum suggested to kill it, like to properly kill it.."

At this, I thought this would make Twilight even more afraid of me, but for once, she was actually on my side.

"Well, duh..." She said bluntly, "How else are we going to make it look dead? Put a sign up that says 'dead guy'?"

I chuckled lightly at that, for the first, and probably the last time, Twilight had said something that was actually quite funny.

"Oh..." Rarity said, taken aback, "Well, how will he... He... Kill it?"

Twilight levitated an orange out of my fruit bowl along with a kitchen knife.

"Knife, plus fake human, equals dead." She said as she stabbed the orange with the knife.

I shrugged, when she put it that way it didn't seem so bad having to stab the clone, it was just like a piece of fruit, like the orange, right?

"Let's get this done..." I said.

Twilight nodded, and walked towards me, her horn glowing; the same purple stream of light began to escape from my body, the same purple ball of light formed in front of me, and just like last time the ball began to stretch out into the shape of a human.

With a white flash, there stood a clone of me, but there was something different about this one, he had no emotion, not even blinking, it was as if he was already dead and was just standing up due to rigor mortis or something.

"Get it done, and get it done quickly, I don't want to be in this house anymore, for all we know your mother could be back in ten minutes." Twilight ordered.

I knew that my mother wouldn't get back for at least another four hours, as it was only midday, but I decided not to argue, for I wanted to get out of here as well. The others left the room, but I stopped Twilight to ask her something.

"This clone won't feel anything right?" I asked.

"No you idiot, I took away all emotion and nervous feeling, this clone is basically a vegetable, or like an orange for that matter." She said as she levitated the orange she had stabbed a few minutes back.

I nodded, picked up the knife, and faced the clone as Twilight closed the door behind me.

"Ok, it's just like an orange, it's just like an orange..." I mumbled to myself.

I walked right up to the clone, and poked him with my finger, his skin was cold.

{Ok, he's not real, he's just like an orange.} I thought to myself, sweating.

My fingers trembled, the knife gleamed in the kitchen light.

{Come on Callum, it's just a piece of fruit, a human shaped fruit full of red juice.}

Then something went through my mind, I once went to a rollercoaster park called Thorpe Park when I was seven, and there was a rollercoaster called Stealth, I remember being terrified of riding it at first, and I found that the only way to get over it, was to simply throw myself onto it without thinking. I knew that getting on a rollercoaster was rather different from stabbing yourself, but it was the same principle, I had to do it without thinking. I closed my eyes, and held the knife tightly. I took a deep breath, I didn't bother counting to three and I lunged as hard as I could at the clone.

There was a small thud as the knife went into the clone's gut, I pulled the blade out, and he fell to the floor with a loud smack as his head collided with the oven behind him; blood oozed out of him, lots of blood.
I looked down at the knife, it was dripping with the stuff, there was some on my fingers and on my palms, I felt like I was going to be sick, I dropped the knife and ran to the sink to wash off the thick, sickening liquid.

It took me a good minute to regain my senses, I couldn't stop shivering, I looked at the body and almost hurled.

{It's done... Let's get the hell out of here.} I thought, almost saying it aloud.

I walked to the door, and opened it, which too quite a lot of force as it was the one Applejack had bucked. I saw the others on the other side, upon seeing me, they looked at me and instantly their faces went dark.

"Callum?" Rarity asked, her eyes full of worry. "Are you ok?"

I tried to talk, but I couldn't, I was in such shock that I had gone mute, but I managed a nod.

"Good, now let's go," Twilight said, "I don't want to stay here any longer. We're done here."

Applejack was already bothered by Twilight's negative behaviour, but her disregard for what I was feeling pushed her over the edge.

"Twilight, show some respect! You can see that he's in shock!"

The purple unicorn bit her bottom lip, and was about to argue back, when I finally managed to find some words in my throat.

"N-No, she's right, we sh-should g, go." I stuttered.

Applejack frowned as she looked from me to Twilight, then back to me, upon looking back to me her eyes grew with sorrow and worry, she took a sigh and looked back to Twilight.

"Fine, let's go then." She mumbled.

I grabbed my rucksack and put it on my back, I then took the dog leads off Rarity, who had already attached them to the dogs' collars. Chilli's tail was wagging franticly, she loved going on walks. Shame this would be the last walk I'd ever have with her...

"While you and Rarity hand the dogs over to Bruce, we'll pack up the camp so we can re-build it later." Fluttershy said as she stroked Archer's neck and gave him her last goodbye.

I opened the front door, and walked outside, the weather was good today. There was no wind, the sun was shining, July was the best month of the year when it comes to weather in England. I stood on the hard stone of the porch with the dogs, along with Rarity.

"You know the teleport spell, yes?" Twilight asked to Rarity.

"For the millionth time, yes; you've planted the memory for the spell into my head at least eight times now." The white mare replied, rolling her eyes.

Twilight nodded, and her horn began to glow; the light was brighter than her clone spell, and it was getting brighter, to a point where it was blinding to look at. A large buzzing noise was coming from it, suddenly there was a huge zapping sound, and an immense heat surrounded my body, it was so hot it was almost painful, then there was a flash of white light.

I suddenly felt weightless, like I was under water, as if I was floating, I couldn't hear anything, or see anything, I went to look at my hands, and there was nothing there.

{Where am I?} I tried to say out loud, but it only came out as a thought.

Then I saw something in the distance, it looked like a black tennis ball, I noticed it was getting bigger, it was coming towards me at an alarming rate, it got bigger and bigger, it came towards me faster and faster, within seconds it had grown to the size of a car, speeding towards me, and the sound, it was the loudest sound I had ever heard! It was like the wind at the top of a mountain, it screamed into my ears, and it only got louder and louder, the black ball was now the size of a house, it was about to hit me, I was going to be obliterated, in my terror I tried to shout out.


The black object collided with me, the deafening noise stopped, and everything went black.

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